Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



28. Chapter 28 Ovaries?

July 1st Continued.

As Harry watched Sirius disappear out the door on the way to the Grangers, he turned and started back toward the steps. As he passed the doorway to the downstairs, he could hear voices coming from the kitchen. Though he could not make out the actual words, he could definitely here Ron's and Ginny's voices. He could also hear the French accented voice of Fleur.

"I think I'll join them for breakfast this morning," Harry thought. He wanted to see how much Ron and Ginny were being punished. As he entered the kitchen a few seconds later, the voices all stopped instantly as they looked at him. Arthur and Molly were sitting at the far end of the table, while Ron and Ginny sat near them. Away from the others sat Fleur.

"Bonjour, 'Arry," The beautiful voice of Fleur said finally. "Eet is good to see you zis morning. Can I make you somezing to eat?"

"Nonsense," Molly said with a sniff as she broke her own silence. She rose from her seat and pulled out her wand. "Harry needs a proper ENGLISH breakfast. Now Harry, have a seat and I'll have you something ready in a minute."

"Actually Mrs. Weasley, it's been a trying couple of days for you I'm sure. I don't mind if Fleur makes my breakfast though I can do it myself as well," Harry replied.

"It isn't..." Molly started but a smiling Fleur had already moved past her.

"What would you like 'Arry? Eggs? Bacon?"

Harry was about to say 'anything' but then he remembered a breakfast pastry she'd made in Shell Cottage when they had been staying there. "You wouldn't know how to make...I think it's called," He acted like he was trying to remember something. "Pain au chocolat? It's a pasty with chocolate in it."

Fleur's smile broadened. "Oui, and 'ow do you know of pain au chocolat? Eet is one of Bill's favorites."

"I had it somewhere before," Harry replied truthfully.

"Zen you shall 'ave it again. Eet will take about fifteen minutes."

"That's fine. Thanks," Harry replied and gave Mrs. Weasley a side glance. She had sniffed again but sat back down. Her eyes were on the slight frame of the French witch who was now busy moving about the kitchen pulling out ingredients and dishes. Harry eyed the other people at the table. Mr. Weasley was pretending to read his paper but his eyes darted between his two youngest children and Harry ever so often. Ron was stabbing at his eggs as if trying to kill them while Ginny had flushed red but Harry could see her eyes flicker toward him ever so often between bites of her breakfast.

"Tonks told you of the trials?" Arthur asked finally.

"Yes sir."

"Well I'm sure Dumbledore will want to escort you personally this time," Arthur continued.

Harry decided not say the words he was thinking about Dumbledore.

"You children need to finish eating," Molly said to her two youngest. "You will be cleaning the bathroom on the second floor this morning. I expect it to be spotless," She gave a significant glance at Harry as if to say this is their punishment.

Ron stabbed his plate extra hard but Harry could hear him mutter, "At least I'm not stuck in my room studying all summer."

Harry had to fight to keep the smirk off his face but he ignored his old friend.

"What are you plans for the day Harry?" Arthur asked.

"Hermione," Harry started but had to pause when Ginny's cup hit the table extra hard then continued. "Hermione will be here in a while. Sirius went to get her."

"You'll be in your room again?"

Harry couldn't resist the temptation and replied. "Yes my wife and I will stay in my room. We're going over potion detection spells."

Ron's chair was over in an instance as he stood up. As he started toward the door Harry heard him mutter "That bitch."

This time Harry did not ignore him; his wand was out in an instant and under Ron's chin. His eyes, dark green, bore into Ron's who had stopped. "Did you say something about my wife Ron?" The voice carried a very sharp edge.

"BOYS!" Arthur said sharply.

"You can't touch me," Ron said as he collected himself. "You can't do magic."

"Do you remember when Hermione created the birds?" Harry asked in a low but deadly voice. "No ministry owls showed up did they? You see," Harry's wand dug slightly deeper into the soft flesh under Ron's chin. "Madam Bones has given us permission to do magic."

Ron's face paled.

"Harry, put away you wand," Arthur said urgently as he got to his feet and started toward them.

Harry relaxed the wand a bit but continued, "If you EVER say something else like that about Hermione..." He left the threat hanging in air as he lowered his wand and then put it away.

"HARRY POTTER!" Molly Weasley said finally recovering from the shock. "HOW DARE..."

"Ere is your breakfast 'Arry, but maybe you should eat it upstairs," Fleur said cutting off Molly as she handed a plate and glass of pumpkin juice to him.

"Thank you," Harry replied as he looked at the delicious looking breakfast with a bit of chocolate seeping from the pastry. "It looks perfect."

"Non," Fleur replied softly as she guided Harry toward the door. "Thank you."

Harry had just finished the pastry when Hermione entered his room a few minutes later. "What did you get angry about?" She asked after the hug and kiss. She'd felt the anger but had been busy seeing her parents off.

"What else? Ron," Harry replied and quickly told her what had happened.

"You shouldn't have," Hermione chided him. "You should have ignored him."

"No one is going to insult you," Harry said determinedly. "Not Ron, not Draco, no one."

"You can't hex everyone who calls me a name," Hermione argued. "But thank you. Sirius was a hit with my parents as Padfoot," She went on to explain how Sirius had fooled her father. "I ended up telling them more things. When we go over this evening, we're going to get a lot of questions I think."

Harry shrugged. "Whatever you want."

"What I want is another evening and night in the Room of Requirements with my husband," Hermione replied.

"We could see if Dobby and Winky could take us?"

Hermione sighed. "No...we might run right into Dumbledore and even your cloak wouldn't work against him. If not him, then one of the elves or portraits. We can't take that chance."

"Then how about we go back out to eat soon? We still owe that squib...uh..."


"Maria...yeah. We owe her our autographs."

"True," Hermione agreed. "At least she was wrong, or at least her roommate was," Hermione had not been on the cover of Witch Weekly this week. "Though since that was one was already written, it very well might be this week."

"Skeeter will be at the trials tomorrow. We'll talk to her then," Harry suggested. "I'm sure she'll want to ask about my reactions to the trials. I'll make it conditional on her letting you see any articles going in Witch Weekly. I don't think we can stop it altogether though. Even if Skeeter didn't write something, someone else would."

"True," Hermione agreed as she sat down on Harry's bed. "Did you have any plans today?"

"We could go visit Luna and Neville?"

"Not today," Hermione replied. "I think the whole matter of Dumbledore and McGonagall is still too much up in the air. Either of them might stop by and we need to be here or at least at my house so we can get back quickly if they do."

"Studying then?"

Hermione smiled at her husband. "We can take breaks every so often, so you can be properly rewarded."

"This is the rune for shield right?" Harry asked a few hours later. He and Hermione had been studying with intervals of 'rewards' for most of the morning.

"No that is protect," Hermione replied as she looked at where he was pointing.

"What's the difference?" Harry asked.

"The protect rune is more general. You can protect anything, while shield is more defined in safeguarding a person," Hermione explained.

At that moment, Harry's stomach let out a growl.

"Maybe I need to be shielded from that monster," Hermione smirked.

Harry shrugged. "I'm hungry."

Hermione looked at her watch. "It is past lunchtime. I can dash back to my place and make us something, or at least have Winky and Dobby do it."

"No...let's go downstairs and see what's up," Harry replied. "I want to know what happened after I left this morning."

"Are you sure?"

"It's Sirius' house," Harry said. "Why would we be afraid to go out?"

They heard voices as they descended the steps that led to the kitchen. It was obvious that Arthur and Molly were having an argument.

"Stop, I want to hear what they're saying," Harry said to Hermione.

"It's the only way Molly," Mr. Weasley was saying.

"We can't. We can't just leave Harry unprotected. Dumbledore needs us to be here," Molly replied.

"What are we going to do about Ron and Ginny if we don't? Keep them locked in their rooms? You saw what happened this morning. I'm truly afraid that one of them is going to say the wrong thing and we're not going to be there."

"It will," Harry agreed to his wife. "Wonder what Arthur is wanting to do?"

"Nonsense," Molly replied. "They were best friends. Surely Harry and Hermione will get over it soon. You heard Dumbledore; if Harry and Hermione had just been forthcoming about their marriage, none of this would have happened. Ginny would have turned her interest elsewhere and Ron would have been delighted for them."

Only a firm grip on his arm and a "Harry No!" from Hermione kept Harry from entering the kitchen and telling Molly what he'd be delighted in seeing.

A moment of silence followed by a slurp from a cup followed by a clatter as the cup was placed back in its saucer before Arthur answered. "I'm not so sure. They both knew they were at least boyfriend and girlfriend and still they tried to come between them. No, I think it's best for us to leave and go back to the Burrow for the rest of the summer. As long as they are all in this house day after day, the animosity will never go away."


"Sirius, Remus, Tonks, even Bill and Fleur are all on Harry and Hermione's side in this," Arthur continued. He took another sip of tea before continuing. "No, we need to get them out of this house. Besides, at the Burrow you have a wider range of chores to have Ron and Ginny to do in punishment. It's just too dangerous to do the same thing in this house."

Harry heard Molly give a sigh, "But what about protecting Harry? We're needed here."

"I'm sure after last night, it won't be difficult to get Tonks to move in here on a more permanent basis," Arthur replied. "With Bill and Fleur.." Molly sniffed but said nothing as Arthur continued, "here, that gives five wands when Remus is around and we saw that Harry will protect himself and Hermione."

"They are only kids Arthur," Molly argued.

"Molly look at what Harry has done and tell me you really think he is too young? He took on You-Know-Who.."

"But..." Molly didn't have an argument and silence fell on the two adult Weasleys. Finally Molly found another line of argument. "Who'll cook for them and make sure they keep this place clean?"

"Kreacher has been doing much better," Arthur said. "He's been cleaning a lot more and I think he can cook for them as well," Arthur said.

"I don't trust him," Molly protested.

"Well Fleur can cook," Mr. Weasley said.

"French cooking you mean. Harry is a growing boy and needs real food."

"Harry seemed to like her cooking this morning," Arthur said and continued before his wife could retort. "Tell you what, we'll go back for a couple of weeks and check back in here every couple of days and see how it's going. If you're needed here, I'll stay with Ron and Ginny at the Burrow and you move back."

"Well..." Molly replied hesitantly but finally, "I guess, but shouldn't we ask Dumbledore?"

"We will tell him of course, but if he is truly concerned then we can see if Fred and George will stay here as well," Arthur said. "Molly we have to get Ginny and Ron out of this house at least for a while."

"He should be sending Ginny to St. Mungos," Harry said. "And Ron out into the wilderness in a tent with only mushrooms to eat."

"And do you think any of them will prevent Harry from just walking out the door?" Molly asked.

"Harry hasn't given us any trouble since he got here," Arthur argued. "He's acted rebellious but that's to be expected from a teenager. I think he understands the gravity of the danger. Especially after we got attacked," Arthur sighed. "I still can't believe Yaxley was a Death Eater."

"Let's go," Harry said. "I don't want Molly to see me and think of any reasons to stay."

When they were back in Harry's room, Hermione dove into the cabinet and within five minutes had returned with a plateful of sandwiches and chips prepared by the house-elves.

**** E E ****

It was early afternoon when Minerva McGonagall sat down wearily at her desk. She had just returned from a prearranged escort of a first year muggleborn student to Diagon Alley. It seemed every year the children she escorted had more and more energy while she had less and less. The shopping district had transformed in the last few weeks since the Ministry had recognized the return of Voldemort. Aurors were everywhere while several stores had closed their doors as their owners, having lived through the last war, fled for safer places. Wands had become a most troublesome commodity to obtain for the students. Without Ollivander, the new students were forced to shop at lesser wandmakers whose products could be less than satisfactory.

It was only after McGonagall had pulled out a quill to mark the student's name off of her list that she noticed an envelope sitting on her desk. She instantly recognized the clear handwriting that appeared on the front. McGonagall immediately opened the envelope and pulled out the parchment.

Professor McGonagall,

I apologize for interrupting you during the summer, but I felt it was imperative that I inform you of my intentions if Professor Dumbledore continues in the misguided efforts to keep Ronald Weasley as prefect in defiance to what you had stated your desires to be. Due to the animus which exists between Ron, Harry and myself, I would find it impossible to continue in the position of authority that you have entrusted in me. Not only would I be unable to work with Ronald, but would in fact consider it an insult to be considered his equal.

I should pause for a moment to disclose all that has happened today which brought about this revelation for I am sure you will be presented with a differing or less detailed version from Professor Dumbledore. This morning, that is thirty June, with the expressed permission of my mother and Sirius, I was sleeping in my husband's bed. Ginevre Weasley entered the room without our permission under the guise of bringing Harry breakfast in bed, but in truth she was attempting to provide high level attitude modification potions to Harry. We know that she had four potions in her possession, including love, jealousy and even lust inducing ones (see attached list for the names of the potions). She had laced the cup of pumpkin juice with some combinations of those potions.

"No," Minerva gasped but then continued to read.

When Ginny discovered I was in Harry's bed, she proceeded to scream loud enough for the entire house to be awakened. Everyone currently residing in the location responded to the scream expecting trouble. In the ensuing pandemonium, Harry and I felt it necessary to disclose our marriage to the Weasleys, for nothing else would quell the vulgarities being used against me by Molly Weasley. As you can imagine, this caused further issues with Ginny which ended in a physical confrontation between the two of us. I do understand her mother was able to correct her bloodied nose.

As the Headmaster is sure to inform you, Harry and I knew of Ginny's intentions. Professor Dumbledore argued that we should have brought the matter to his or your attention. Harry and I felt otherwise. Just bringing the matter to light would have allowed Ginny to deny any involvement or claim other means of defense. We felt the only way to ensure the matter was properly handled was to expose her in an attempt. Adding to this certainty was the fact that her mother had also used love potions when she was young.

Unfortunately we also knew that Ronald was helping her. He had attempted to administer potions to me as well. As you might surmise, the incidents which led to the disruption of the Charms OWL were in fact a direct result of Ginny and Ron's actions. Harry and I apologize for the diversion of those potions but felt that it was a way to deal with two issues at once. Had we brought it to Umbridge's attention, it is likely we would not have been believed due to the persecution Harry was enduring and even if we were, Arthur Weasley would have suffered greatly for his children's misdeeds. We also had hoped that Ginny and Ron might forgo any additional attempts if they were humiliated by their own potions, while at the same time undermine the Inquisitorial Squad effectiveness. Unfortunately Ron and Ginny chose to continue their efforts with stronger potions after that failed attempt.

This brings me back to my intentions and Professor Dumbledore. We discussed these matters with the Headmaster earlier today, but he seemed intent on Ronald continuing in his role as prefect. With Professor Dumbledore's single-minded focus on that intention, I am concerned he has other issues besides what is best for Hogwarts and Gryffindor in mind. If he truly thinks Ronald Weasley represents those Professors I respect so highly, then I no longer wish to be considered the same.

In conclusion, I have a single question to ask of you. Could you, knowing what I have explained, endorse Ronald Weasley to continue being the authority of Gryffindor? Of being YOUR authority? If you can, then perhaps the esteem I have for you is as misplaced as that which I had for the Headmaster when I arrived at Hogwarts.

I await yours and the Headmaster's decision on this matter. I will admit that if compelled, my resignation would be given with heavy heart but it would be given. I truly hope it will not be necessary.


Hermione J. Potter

As Professor McGonagall finished the letter, she couldn't help but smile at the signature, but the smile quickly disappeared as she thought of the content. She quickly flipped to the second sheet and studied the list of potions. A wave of disgust ran through her as she recognized the names.

"How can one of my lions do such a thing?" She asked herself with dismay. "Two of them actually," She knew she needed to wait until she heard the Headmaster's side of the story before she should draw definitive conclusions, but she had no reason to believe Hermione would lie in such a situation.

"If it were purely Ginny or Ron's word against hers, I know who I'd believe," McGonagall thought. She rose from her seat with every intention of storming into the Headmaster's office for a complete explanation, but then she reconsidered. "No. Let him come to the lion's den. If he doesn't know I have already heard of the incident and the Potters' side, I might be able to catch him unaware."

Minerva sat back down and pulled out a new sheet of parchment and a quill.

Mrs. Potter,

Per your letter concerning the events transpiring yesterday which I received this morning, I wish to state unequivocally that I have not consented to the continuation of Ronald Weasley as Prefect. If the allegations which you state in your letter are factual, I could not imagine any excuse provided by the Headmaster which would allow me to consider even the possibility of his retaining prefect duties.

Please inform Mr. Potter that it is still my intention for him to permanently step into that role next year.

M. McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

After she sealed and addressed the envelope, she called a Hogwarts house-elf.

"Please take this to the Owlry and send it out immediately."

"Yes Professor Ma'am," The small elf said with a happy smile.

*** E E ***

"Ma'am?" Tonks said to Madam Bones as she entered her office.

"Potter got the word about the trials?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And you can't tell me where he's staying?"

"If I could I would ma'am," Tonks replied honestly. "Even Harry can't tell you."

"Fidelius then," Bones guessed correctly. "I presume that means you're my only link to him that I can trust now that Shacklebolt is assigned to the Minister's office?"

"I'll do whatever you need me to do ma'am."

"I'm glad to hear that," Amelia answered. "I think the first thing to do is reassign you."


"I'm taking you off active patrol and putting you on my staff," Amelia explained. "If I need to get word to Potter, I can't wait to track you down. Besides, you've made some good observations and think you'll be a great addition to my staff."

"Eh...thank you ma'am," Tonks replied nervously. "Before you do, I'd like to say something that's more...eh...personal but might influence your decision in this case."

Amelia bushy eyebrows came together as she studied the young witch. "Oh?"

"Uh...I'm hoping well," Tonks swallowed hard. "I'm hoping to start dating a werewolf and I...I don't want it to reflect badly on you. He's already reluctant just because he's concerned about my career."

The fact that Tonks had been married to Remus Lupin in the future had come out in the memories Harry and Hermione had shared, as well as the fact that both of them had died in the final battle. Amelia hadn't thought of that as an issue, but then an idea came to her. She could use Dumbledore's own tricks. She'd use Dumbledore's own people. "Who may I ask?" Bones asked already knowing the answer.

"Remus Lupin."

"The man who taught Defense at Hogwarts a few years back?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Susan had good things to say about him. A member of the Order I presume?" Again Amelia knew the answer but was trying to get to a point.

"Eh…yes," Tonks admitted.

"What does he do for Dumbledore?"

"Ma'am?" Tonks hesitated but then remembered what Madam Bones had said about loyalty. "He reports on the werewolves. He tries to get information if he can."

"Interesting that we, the people who need to fight this war, are not getting that information," Amelia said and then offered the hook. "Do you think Mr. Lupin would be interesting in working for me as well?"


"I need that information, more than Dumbledore I'd say," Amelia said. She had seen the werewolves in the final battle and wanted a more direct approach against those who would ally with Voldemort. "It would have to be unofficial of course, since the ones we need the information on would not talk to an official ministry employee but he'd be paid."

"That's more than Dumbledore is doing," Tonks muttered.

"Run the idea past him. If he's interested let me know. But I will warn you that I'd need the same kind of commitment from him as I do you. I do not mind if he's in the Order of the Phoenix and continues to work for Dumbledore, but he can't go behind my back. I can also suggest that if I make it out of this war alive I can find a place for him, legitimately."

"I'll ask him."

"As for it affecting my selection of you, I'm not concerned," Amelia replied. "I have a war to fight and win. That means I need the best people not the most popular. Do I make myself clear?"

Tonks smiled. "Yes ma'am."

*** E E ***

Three hours after she sent the reply to the Potters McGonagall wasn't surprised when her office door opened and Albus Dumbledore entered. "Good afternoon Minerva, do you have a moment? I'd like to discuss a few matters with you?"

"Of course Albus."

With a wave of the Headmaster's wand, the normally uncomfortable chair that sat in front of her desk became a soft cushioned chintz armchair.

"Well Minerva," Dumbledore said kindly as he settled into the chair. "How are the new students coming along?"

"Without Ollivander, wands are an issue, but they are managing," Minerva said. "The rest of the supplies are readily available though I'm not sure for how long. A lot of the stores are closing. I think we should try to get the muggleborn through Diagon Alley as quickly as possible."

"Yes, that might be best."

"On the other hand, the stores which are closing are selling their wares cheap and students are getting good bargains."

"Excellent, and of course the schedules are completed as far as you can?"

"No more can be done until the OWL results are compiled and the new sixth years have selected their courses.

"Of course," Dumbledore replied. "I knew that would be the case since your dedication to the students and the school has always been outstanding."

Minerva felt the surge of pride she always got when she received such compliments, but this time she grew suspicious and wasn't surprised at the Headmaster's next words.

"Though speaking of the sixth years, I'm very much concerned with your plans to remove Ron Weasley as prefect."

"Oh?" Minerva responded as her suspicions were proven correct. "I thought I was quite clear on my reasons the last time we spoke."

"Yes, you mentioned complaints about the young man, but all of them were made at the end of the school year. Surely you see that with the stress of the OWLs along with what he saw as betrayal of his friends, he might have difficulties? Besides, Arthur and Molly would be devastated by the news."

Minerva knew that had she not received Hermione's letters, Dumbledore's argument might have swayed her to some degree, especially following the compliment he'd given her but now she was ready to argue the point fervently. "Yes, the end of the year was definitely filled with challenges, but," Minerva paused. She had been about to say Mrs. Potter since she knew the Headmaster would definitely know if the Weasleys knew, but she didn't want to give away the letter. "Miss Granger said his deficiencies occurred all during the year."

"We both know it is Mrs. Potter," Albus said as he leaned toward McGonagall. "I am very disappointed you felt the need to keep that information from me."

"You have spoken with Hermione then?" Minerva asked trying to put a hint of surprise in her voice. "If you have, then I'm sure she also told you she asked me not to tell you."

"Yes, but matters such as this should..."

"Matters such as what?" Minerva asked sharply cutting off the Headmaster. "She and Harry were not asking for anything that constituted a requirement upon the school. Their biggest concern was to hide the fact of the bonding. Bringing the matter out could have also caused them serious harm with Umbridge. Besides, they asked me point blank if I would tell you if they told me something," Minerva again paused. "Would you have me lie to my students?"

"I...we, I mean, are responsible for the students' safety Minerva..."

"This had nothing to do with safety," McGonagall argued. "This was entirely a private matter between two students."

"Nevertheless, please ensure other matters concerning Harry and Hermione are brought to my attention in the future."

"IF it relates to Hogwarts I will of course do so," Minerva answered firmly. "Now I do believe we have wavered from our original discussion?"

Dumbledore knew she was changing the subject and paused, but finally he nodded. "Yes, Mr. Weasley. Obviously you see that Mrs. Potter's complaints concerning Ronald were probably more from their falling out than any real deficiencies on his part."

"And the other prefects' complaints were because of the end of the year pressures?"

Dumbledore beamed. "Exactly. I'm glad you're seeing the matter for what it truly is."

Minerva stared at the Headmaster for several seconds before she replied. "I used to admire you tremendously Albus, but now I have to wonder how many times you've sat in that chair and lied to me or purposely mislead me? You see, Mrs. Potter wrote me a letter last evening. Were you even going to mention the two Weasley students attempt at potioning the Potters?"

Dumbledore's face lost the smile that had just appeared, but he recovered quickly. "It was just a foolish attempt by an infatuated young girl, nothing of consequence."

"Nothing of consequence?" Minerva was on the attack now as she pulled out the second sheet of the letter from Hermione. "Here are the potions they were attempting to use. There is NOTHING about these potions that suggests foolishness. I will NOT let Ronald Weasley continue in a position of authority over other students when he conspired to use these potions."

"Minerva..." Dumbledore started.

McGonagall wasn't about to let Dumbledore get a rebuttal in until she was finished so she ignored him as she continued. "Last year you argued that Harry Potter had too much happening in his life to be a Prefect and unfortunately, I allowed you to convince me of that. I will do what is right this year and if you try to override my decision on this, I will take the matter to the school board. If I do that, I'm quite sure this matter," McGonagall indicated the list of potions, "will get out and we'll have to expel both of the Weasley children. Would you prefer to tell Arthur and Molly that their youngest girl is going to have her wand snapped?"

Dumbledore sighed as he shook his head. He knew it wouldn't come to that. As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot he could easily move the proceedings away from such dire actions against Ginevra Weasley, but it would be impossible to contain the harm that would befall Arthur Weasley especially if the Minister got word of it being against Harry Potter. Worst would the fact that the matter concerned potions and Amelia would use the events to conduct a full investigation of the potions department of Hogwarts and that would mean Severus Snape. "Very well, I will agree with your actions."

"Thank you Albus," Minerva said in a tone that had no thankfulness in it whatsoever.

"You are going to make Mr. Weasley the Quidditch team captain instead?"

It was Minerva's time to sigh. Though that had been the original idea; the latest events made her reconsider. She thought of who else could do the job. She knew though he'd try, Harry Potter could not be both the team captain and Prefect and do either well. Katie Bell was the other choice, and as Minerva had told Harry, Ms. Bell was not the type to be a captain even if she wasn't more dedicated to her studies than the team. Minerva hated the idea of rewarding Ronald Weasley in such a manner, but maybe it could serve a purpose. It would be the carrot, but she'd be ready with the stick just in case. "Yes, but it will be with the understanding that a single toe out of line, or failing grades in any of his classes, and I'll find a replacement."

"I'm sure that won't be necessary," Albus replied. "I'm positive the young man is quite ashamed of what he's done and is eager to make amends," He rose from the chair and started for the door.

"Albus," Minerva said.


"Fix my chair," Minerva nodded toward the cushioned chair Dumbledore had been sitting in.

"Of course," The Headmaster replied and with a wave of his wand the chair returned to its original uncomfortable design.

*** E E ***

"I wished I knew what Dumbledore is going to do about the ring," Harry said as he sat his quill down. "Or if they've had any luck getting into Bellatrix's vault."

"We can ask Madam Bones tomorrow about the vault," Hermione replied, "and about the Thief's downfall. The vault, the downfall, a lot seems to ride on the Goblins right now."

"I know. Can you think..." Harry started when a non-stop clanging could be heard down the steps. That was followed by screams and yells of the Walburga Black from her painting started up at once.

"Who do you think it is?"

"Most of the Order knows not to ring the bell," Hermione replied. "Mundungus maybe."

"You'd think after the earfuls Molly has given him, he'd learn by now."

Do you think maybe he does it on purpose?"

"Ring the bell? Why?"

"Well, while everyone is trying to quiet the paintings down he'd have a chance to filch something else wouldn't he?"

"Probably. We should definitely tell Sirius that idea."

Twenty second later a knock came on the door.

"Harry," Mrs. Weasley's voice could be heard. "You have guests downstairs."

"Who.." Started Harry but then he smiled. "Luna and Neville."

They yanked open the door and raced down the steps to see their friends. When the got to the bottom of the steps, Sirius was fighting to get the curtain closed while Luna had her wand raised at the portrait.

"Don't you say things like that to Neville. He has never met you."

"Traitors to the blood are all the same," Walburga said nastily. "How far the Longbottom name has fallen since dear old Harfang died. If only my dear niece had rid the world of the Longbottoms..."

"Bellatrix?" Harry asked as he stepped in front of Luna and glared at the painting. "She's dead you know? Neville did it. He is responsible for killing that foul bitch."

That stopped the rant for a few seconds, but then the painting continued. "YOU LIE!"

"No, I don't. Many of them are dead. Followers of Voldemort, of blood purity," Harry continued.

"Harry, it does no good to argue with her. She's a painting."

"She's evil...almost as evil as a..." Harry's thoughts trailed off as another thought came to mind. He looked at the painting. "I even killed Goyle last week and if you don't SHUT UP you will be next."

"You foul boy," Walburga sneered. "You think that scar makes you special. Go ahead and try to destroy my painting. Even the great Albus Dumbledore finally admitted it was impossible," The last said with almost a smirk.

"Sirius, if I can destroy this painting would you mind?" Harry asked.

Sirius leaned over to Harry and whispered. "She wasn't lying. Even Dumbledore couldn't get rid of it, what makes you think you can?"

"I think if Basilisk venom can destroy a Horcrux, it can destroy her," Harry whispered back.


Sirius glanced at the painting for less than a second before answering. "Give it a try."

"Hermione, you want to do it?"

"Gladly," Hermione replied and reached into her mokeskin bag and pulled out her knife. She unsheathed it and stood in front of the painting. "Any last words Mrs. Black?"

"A MUDBLOOD DARES SPEAK TO ME? KREACHER, KREACHER GET..." The painting never finished the sentence as the small paring knife sunk deep into the body of the woman in the portrait. A look of surprise came over the woman's face as the edges of the hole started to smoke. Hermione jerked the blade downward slicing a large gap.

"NO!...NO!...IMPOSS" Was Walburga's final words as the edges of the rip curled up upon themselves and in a cloud of acrid smoke, the painting of the foul woman disappeared.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!" Mrs. Weasley said as she reached the bottom of the steps. Hermione quickly sheathed her small knife and slid it back into her mokeskin bag before Molly could see it.

"Harry and Hermione destroyed the painting that even Dumbledore couldn't," Sirius replied with a smirk.

"But how...I couldn't...and...Dumbledore...I mean..." Mrs. Weasley was staring between the frame and the Potters. She had a nervous look on her face as thoughts from her discussion with her husband earlier and her youngest children came to mind. "Well...," She said finally. "I...I guess it will be quieter around here now."

Kreacher appeared with a crack. Everyone stared at the house-elf waiting for him to react. Harry and Hermione as well as Sirius had their hands on their wands.

"My Mistress..." Kreacher said as he looked at the empty frame.

"That wasn't my mother Kreacher, it was only a painting," Sirius said. "She said foul things about our guests and Hermione."

Kreacher turned his large eyes onto the Potters. Tears were now evident in them.

Hermione knelt in front of the elf as she tried to come up with something to comfort him. "That wasn't your mist..." She started when Harry suddenly said. "Wait here..." as he turned and dashed up the steps. Everyone, including Kreacher heard the racing footsteps as he dashed up one set of steps and then another. A pause and then they heard the steps racing down now. When he finally returned he was holding a picture frame.

"Does anyone know if there is a way to get an individual out of a group photo? Or if there is a better picture of Regulus in the house?"

"Master Regulus?" Kreacher asked.

"Wouldn't a large picture of Regulus be perfect in this frame?" Hermione asked immediately understanding what Harry was doing. "Remember he, along with Sirius, were the first to be Pure of Heart," She added to emphasize the new Black family motto.

Kreacher's eyes dried immediately as he first looked at the frame where Walburga Black had been and then back at Hermione as he nodded.

"I know the spell to separate a group photo," Molly Weasley offered. "Which one?" She asked as she took the photo from Harry.

"I'll help you Molly," Sirius offered and then gave a knowing smile to Harry and Hermione. Then he turned to Kreacher. "Then we'll make it as large as the frame."

Kreacher's eyes had tears again but his attitude was much different. "Kreacher would like that Master."

"Come on," Harry said to Luna and Neville. "We'll go to my room."

"Will they be staying for dinner?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"No, we can only stay a short time," Luna replied. "Neville is most curious about my ovaries."

WHAT?" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed as she whirled around to face the two teens.

"My ovaries," Luna explained thinking Mrs. Weasley didn't understand. "He's positive they are being pollinated well, but they aren't producing."

"Neville Longbottom," A very red faced Molly Weasley exclaimed. "I will be having a word with your grandmother!"

"But...but.." Neville was stammering. "She's...she's talking about.."

"I know EXACTLY what she's talking about young man," Mrs. Weasley said cutting him off. She grabbed Neville's arm. "I think you need to come down to the kitchen so we can have a long talk. Then we'll go see your Grandmother."

"You don't need to ask his Gran," Luna said. "If your ovaries are having trouble producing as well, I'm sure Neville will be glad to help," She turned to Neville. "Do you think it might be a widespread infestation of Gulping Plimpies?"

"MY ovaries are just..." Mrs. Weasley started them stopped.

Harry and Hermione could only gaze in amazement at Neville and Luna.

"Do you really think.." Harry started but Hermione finally realized what was going on. "Of course, plants," She mentally exclaimed and then repeated it out loud. "Plants! Luna are you talking about a plant?"

"Of course," Luna replied. "What else would I be talking about? My Dirigible Plum trees are not growing plums yet though it's late in the growing season."

"Tree?" Mrs. Weasley asked in a confused tone while Sirius had started laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath.

"A fruit tree's ovaries are what grow into fruits," Neville explained as he pulled free of Mrs. Weasley's slackened grip.

Hermione moved over to Luna and whispered. "You remember what we talked about in the Room of Requirements? About what happens between boys and girls? That's what Mrs. Weasley thought you were talking about."

"Oh!" Luna replied as her eyes widened even further. She turned to Mrs. Weasley. "Neville and I are not having sex Mrs. Weasley, but I think he is a great kisser though I don't really have anything to compare him against. Are you wanting to have sex with Neville?"

"NO! Uh..."

Harry and Hermione were still chuckling over Mrs. Weasley's expression two hours later when Neville and Luna left to catch the Knight Bus back to Ottery St. Catchpole and Luna's home.

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