Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



26. Chapter 26 Fun and Potions

** June 29th 1996 **

It was well before six am on a chilly Saturday morning when the Granger's car backed out of their garage. A yawning, grumpy Richard Granger was behind the wheel as they started the four hour journey to Alton Towers. The weather was unseasonably cold. Though Harry and Hermione knew why, they'd decided it was not something they were ready to share with her parents. Remus, who'd come back from his mission to the werewolves had mentioned the constant presence of the Dementors was causing the reduction in temperature, even if they weren't close enough to cause the draining of happy feelings. It was one of the biggest concerns of the Order currently; getting to Dementor attacks and driving them away.

As the car started north toward Staffordshire, Hermione pulled out several books from her bag, opened one and started reading. Harry stared out the window at the passing scenery. He'd never been on a long car ride except when his uncle had been fleeing the Hogwart's letters. Then he'd been too scared to really enjoy what was to be seen. After an hour though, he finally started to lose interest at the various towns, fields and automobiles filled with other families going wherever they were going. He turned to Hermione who was deeply engrossed in her book. He reached over and picked up one of her other books and flipped it open.

Two hours into the drive, they stopped to stretch and to relieve themselves. Harry threw on his invisibility cloak and apparated back to the Granger's garage where he climbed into the Cabinet and shortly afterwards made his morning appearance at Grimmauld Place. That was their plan for the day; every couple of hours Harry would apparate back and make the Weasleys and the rest of Dumbledore's order think he was locked away in his room, when actually he was hours away having fun. Soon he was back in his room, two minutes later a small crack let Hermione know her husband had returned. He whipped off the invisibility cloak and they climbed back into the car for the rest of the journey up the motorway.

It was an excellent day to visit the amusement park. Not only was the chill in the air keeping many people away, but there was also a major benefits concert underway in Hyde Park for the Prince's Trust. With Eric Clapton and The Who leading the acts at the first open-air rock concert at Hyde Park in twenty years, many of the people who would have spent the day riding roller coasters were instead, headed to London to brave the cold to enjoy the concert. Of course, along with the hundred and fifty thousand people expected, almost the entire Auror department would be there as well, as would the Order. With that many people celebrating and having a great time, it would be like a flame to the Dementors.

After all that he'd experienced in his life, walking through the entrance of the park and down Tower Street was like a dream to Harry. It was more magical than magic itself was. Everything in this park was meant for one thing, fun. The music, the characters in costume, everything contributed to that feeling. Hand in hand with his wife, along with her parents he started exploring.

From that moment on, it quickly became one of the best days of Harry's life. A day he could forget about Voldemort, Death Eaters and all the memories of his friends' deaths that he shared with Hermione. It was a day that Harry Potter (wearing a hat to hide his scar) was just another young man enjoying time with his girlfriend and her family. By the end of the day, he couldn't believe Hermione had ridden the Nemesis with him, not once, but twice. In fact she'd ridden all of the roller coasters and other thrill rides, including Thunder Looper, Runaway Mine train, and a ride called Energizer that swung riders in a very nauseating fashion. He knew she was doing it for him and he paid her back by riding all of the rides she'd wanted to ride as well. Galloper's Carousel, the Swan Boat ride and the children's Squirrel Nutty's ride. They'd even took the time to wander The Gardens hand in hand. Jean Granger had had her camera out many times during the day, capturing rare pictures of her daughter smiling without a book in her hand.

Hermione had been relieved to see her father mellow toward her husband as the day went by. Within a couple of hours of entering the park, the two of them had been conversing, stiltedly at first, but over the course of the day it had developed into friendly banter. By the late afternoon when they'd ridden the teacups, they actually worked together in trying to make her and her mother sick by spinning the teacup as fast as they could; congratulating each other when Jean and Hermione swayed dizzily getting off the ride.

By the end of the day, they were all exhausted and they slowly walked toward the car. Hermione had her arm in Harry's and was clutching the teddy bear he'd won her in her other arm. She had plans to change the color of the eyes of the bear to a vivid green when she could.

"Sir, Ma'am," Harry said to the Grangers. "Thank you. I know this was for me and...and I appreciate it greatly. It...well it's been one of the best days of my life."

"You're welcome Harry," Jean replied with a smile. "It's been a while since we've had a family outing ourselves and I think we all enjoyed it. Maybe we'll have to go other places this summer as well."

"I'd like that."

They stopped at a small family restaurant for dinner before the long drive home. Four hours later, as they pulled into the garage, Jean looked in the backseat to see her daughter leaning up against her boyfriend clutching her teddy bear sound asleep. It had to be the most endearing thing Jean had ever seen. She then noticed Harry was still awake and just holding her. When he saw Mrs. Granger looking back at him, he smiled.

Harry gently shook Hermione awake. "We're back," He said to her when her eyes fluttered open.

When Mr. Granger disappeared into the house and Harry went as well to use the bathroom, Hermione stopped her mother. "Mum, I want go with Harry tonight."

Jean studied her daughter for a long second before nodding. "Your father will be asleep within a few minutes anyway. Go tell him goodnight and make your escape."

Hermione reached for her mother and gave her a hug. "Thanks mum. You're the best."

"Just try to be back for breakfast," Jean replied. "It's Sunday so we won't be up too early."

Harry and Hermione were exhausted too. It only took them a couple of minutes to slip into their pajamas and collapse into the bed once they exited the cabinet. Hermione was still clutching the teddy bear as the two of them fell into a very deep sleep. Neither of them checked to see if the door was locked.

*** E E ***

The same day Harry was enjoying himself at Alton Towers, Severus Snape entered Dumbledore's office upon being summoned. Dumbledore was sitting at his large desk writing something on a piece of parchment.

"You wanted to see me sir?" Snape asked as he brushed his oily hair from in front of his face.

"Yes Severus, Have a seat," When the Potions Master had situated himself in the chair in front of the desk, Dumbledore continued. "I just received word that young Draco Malfoy is missing. Have you heard anything about where he might be?"

"You think he might have joined with the Dark Lord?" Snape asked. "He is much too young to be of any use."

"Maybe, but it might not be Voldemort, it might be one of the families who were Lucius' friends," Dumbledore sighed. "I presume from your response though that you haven't heard anything?"

"No, do you wish me to ask around?"

"Not yet, I do not want to call attention to his disappearance. He is in a particular poor mindset at the moment."

"Which is?" Severus asked.

"It seems Draco blames his father's incapacitation on Harry Potter," Dumbledore explained. "Narcissa is reportedly concerned he might try to extract revenge upon him."

"We can't have the Golden Boy's day ruined can we?" Snape sneered. "Might do Potter's ego some good to be deflated a bit."

"Severus," Dumbledore said. "You know the importance of Harry."

Snape bowed slightly, "I will listen and if I hear anything, I'll let you know."

"Thank you."

*** Jun 30th 1996 ***

Ginny Weasley had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take what was supposed to be hers, and the moment was finally at hand. Every day she'd watched the bitch come over and disappear into her Harry's room. It had been frustrating beyond belief as she tried to figure what they were doing. She'd often walked past Harry's door, trying to listen to any conversations, but it was always very quiet. "Probably making him do homework," She thought. "I just need an opportunity to show him what a real girlfriend is like." She remembered how handsome he was in his new clothes, especially the tight t-shirt he'd worn two days prior. "It's time," She mumbled to herself as she moved around the kitchen setting out food to be cooked. "It's time for me to take what is meant to be mine."

Last night's Order meeting had lasted late into the night. The concert or whatever they had been dealing with had brought numerous Dementors, and it had taken them a long time for them to help the Ministry in turning them away. By the time it had been over, it was well past midnight and they had met back at Grimmauld Place to discuss what had happened. About the only decision that had been made was for Kingsley to approach the Prime Minister (he was currently working as his secretary to protect him) and suggest any further festive actions should be cancelled for the time being.

A noise broke through Ginny's thoughts and she turned toward the door. As expected, she saw her bleary-eyed mother come in to start preparing breakfast.

"I'll do it mum," Ginny said with a smile. "I've already started, see," She pointed toward the food. "I knew you'd be tired and want to sleep late, so go back to bed. I'll take care of breakfast."

"Oh, thank you," Molly replied wearily. "You're such a wonderful daughter."

"Thanks mum," Ginny responded and accepted the hug from her mother. She watched her stumble out of the kitchen as she headed back to bed. "Now it is time for my Harry to realize how much he wants me," She thought. She'd always dreamed of Harry Potter, but from the moment she'd awakened in the Chamber of Secrets and seen him standing there with the Sword of Gryffindor in his hand having slain the giant monster, she knew it was fated to happen. It was just as those Harry Potter books her mother had read to her always ended; he'd save the damsel and they'd eventually marry and live happily ever after. She'd had to fight her own battles of course, but wasn't that the way the stories sometimes went? The Damsel had to fight her way to her prince? Rescuing him from the clutches of some vile creature? This was one of those times.

As the food started cooking, she poured a glass of pumpkin juice. She then went to her room and took out three of the bottles hidden at the bottom of her trunk. When she got back to the kitchen she added several spoonfuls of lust potion and then one more just to make sure, as well as a hint of the love and jealousy potions. "Nothing that will be obvious, and when the lust potion takes effect, well what happens, happens," She thought with a smile. "Even if he doesn't immediately come to me, our time together this morning will be on his mind, and a bit of love potion here and there; maybe another breakfast in bed in a couple of weeks, one that maybe is timed with my most fertile time of the month..." She knew as the daughter of Molly Weasley she was probably very very fertile. She would have preferred to have waited to have their first child until after she'd left Hogwarts, but it would be more proof of her love for her Harry as compared to the Know-It-All. She put a hand on her stomach as she thought of their child growing there. The thought scared her some. "But I'll be fifteen and many women have had children at that age. Mum will watch our child until we finish at Hogwarts and then we'll have a home of our own."

She packed the bottles back in her trunk and returned to the kitchen where she finished cooking the food. When it was done, she loaded a plate with all of Harry's favorites. This she placed on a serving tray along with the cup of pumpkin juice. Her parents' room was on the level above Harry, so she left the tray by his door and walked quickly up the steps. She knocked on her parents' door. "Breakfast is ready mum; I'm going to take a tray to Harry this morning."

"Thank you dear," Came the reply from her mother. "That is so thoughtful of you. Did you remember his juice?"

"Most definitely," Ginny replied as her lips lifted into a smile. "I definitely remembered his juice."

When Ginny returned to Harry's door, she first tried the knob. Surprisingly she found it unlocked. She'd been prepared to knock until the appreciative Harry had answered, but she accepted the unlocked door as further proof that what was to occur was fated. She quietly opened the door and bent down to pick up the tray. As she entered the dimly lit room she could hear the rhythmic breathing of her true love and knew he was still sleeping. She sat the tray down on the dresser and reached back to shut and lock the door. She definitely didn't want to be disturbed for the next hour, "or possibly longer," She thought as she wondered what their first time would be like. She, of course knew it was supposed to be painful, but she also knew her Harry would be gentle. Ginny studied herself in the dresser mirror. She wanted to be perfect for her future husband. She was nervous she had to admit, but she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. With a final glance at herself, she turned toward the bed to awaken Harry and tell him of his breakfast. It was then she noticed the brown hair just visible on the other side of her Harry and that his arm was around...

The scream that pierced the household woke everyone who was still asleep. Harry and Hermione had been the closest and quickly sat up in bed, wands in hand as the covers slipped off of them. Footsteps could be heard pounding up and down the steps.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Ginny cried out in anguish and anger as she pointed at Hermione.

The doorknob rattled and Arthur Weasley's voice was heard yelling "ALOHOMORA" a second later the door flew open. Molly was right behind Arthur, while Sirius, Fleur (in an extremely sheer nightgown), Bill, and Remus all stormed into the room with their wands out.

"WHAT IS IT?" Sirius yelled still looking around for the threat.

"HER!" Ginny screamed. She forgot herself as she continued. "She's in my Harry's bed."

To add to the confusion Kreacher appeared at that time and tugged at Sirius' sleeve. When Sirius looked down he said. "Master's godson wanted to know if certain things were used. Kreacher saw them used this morning. Kreacher was peeking out from Kreacher's room and saw it. Young redhead put them in the cup."

Molly had not heard Kreacher as she was too busy yelling on her own. "You...You SCARLET WOMAN," She screeched at Hermione. "How dare you bring your muggle corruptions into this house..."

Hermione was tired and sore from the previous day, and in the confusion, the insult by Mrs. Weasley was enough to draw her anger. Her wand came up and "AVIS" left her lips. A loud noise and a flock of bird materialized and started circling close to Molly Weasley.

Molly who had her own wand out banished the bird before aiming her wand at Hermione. "STUPEFY!"

"PROTEGO!" Harry yelled as a shield charm came up between them and deflected the stunner.

Arthur saw the look in Harry's eye and remembered what had happened the last time someone had threatened Hermione. He reached over quickly and pulled his wife's wand down. "Stop it Molly," He ordered. "Are you out of your mind? Attacking Hermione?"

The noise in the room rose as everyone started talking at once.

"Everyone just SHUT UP!" Harry yelled. He turned to Hermione, "Have any idea on what's going on?" At the shake of her head, he turned back to everyone. "Why is everyone in my room? And why are you insulting and attacking Hermione?" The last was directly solely at Molly Weasley.

Again everyone started talking at once, but Sirius quieted them down before answering. "We heard Ginny scream and thought there was trouble."

It was then Ron came into the room rubbing his eyes. "What's all the..." He yawned, "shouting about," He then saw Hermione next to Harry wearing her pajamas and Harry in only a pair of sleep pants. He was about to say something but then he caught a glimpse of Fleur and what she was wearing. His face turned red, but his eyes never moved away from her body.

"Will everyone lower their wands?" Arthur asked. "I think it's safe to assume nothing is happening here."

"NOTHING!" Ginny screamed. "She's in bed with my Harry."

"Your Harry?" Hermione replied in a calm voice but she'd turned her wand back to Ginny. That only caused Molly to start another angry discourse.

"Get out of this house," Molly cried out as she pointed toward the bedroom door. "Get out you...you hussy...you strumpet. I should have known you'd be taking advantage of Harry."

Fleur snorted in amusement. "I do not zink she is taking advantage of 'Arry. Eet seems zey both are very, shall we say 'appy," She then saw Ron and his look and realized what she was wearing. "Excuse moi, I need to change," She covered her breasts through the gown and strolled out of the room.

"Mrs. Weasley," Harry started as he tried to calm himself, "Do not insult Hermione, I will not stand for it; do you understand? What we do is of no concern of yours. You try to stun her again and you will not like the consequences."

"How dare you threaten me like that young man," Molly replied shrilly, "you need to listen..."

"I need to listen to you?" Harry asked as his eyes flashed dangerously. "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER! I appreciate the concern you've had for me, but I will not sit here and listen to you insult my..." He stopped and looked back at Hermione, "I'm tired of it. I am really tired of dealing with this. Let's show them."

Hermione stared at him for two seconds before answering. "Are you sure?"

Harry shrugged. "Do you think Mrs. Weasley is going to let this rest? Besides Madam Bones and Professor McGonagall were right, it's going to come out soon enough. Nothing will change except they know."

"I guess, you know that'll mean Dumbledore too," When Harry nodded, Hermione got out of bed and ignored the red-faced Molly Weasley as she brushed past the red-headed woman who was glaring at her. She walked to Harry's trunk and opened it. She dug to the bottom and pulled out the roll of parchment that Madam Bones had given them a few days earlier. She turned to Ginny who was still glaring at her, "You never had a chance you know. We knew about your plans; we knew about the potions, everything. We can even tell you where you brewed them and from what book you got the potions from."

"Kreacher said it happened this morning," Sirius spoke up. "In the juice."

Hermione's wand was up instantly. "Accio cup."

Ginny looked on in horror as the cup rose from the tray and moved toward Hermione. In the confusion she'd forgot about it. She tried to snatch the cup out of the air, but Hermione beat her to it.

"What's in it?" Hermione asked the ginger-haired girl as she eyed the contents of the cup.

Ginny swallowed as her complexion quickly lightened to an almost ghoulish color. Her eyes never left the goblet in Hermione's hand. Again she grabbed for it, but Hermione moved it away. "Nothing...just pumpkin juice, what makes you think something is in it?" she stammered.

"Nothing is in it? Really?" Hermione asked. She shrugged and held the cup out toward Ron. "Want some pumpkin juice Ron?"

"Yeah thanks," Ron said and reached for the cup. "Is anyone going to eat the food?"

"NO!" Ginny wailed and grabbed for the cup again, but Hermione had already pulled it back out of her reach.

"We knew all along," Hermione told the red-headed girl as she handed the cup to Harry who had left the bed and now stood beside his wife. Hermione then turned back to Ginny. With a wicked grin she handed the parchment to her. "Here. I have an Impervius charm on it, so you can't destroy it. Then again even if you did, it wouldn't change anything. As I said, you never had a chance, Harry isn't just my boyfriend; he is my HUSBAND! I am Mrs. Hermione Jean POTTER!"

Ginny's eyes traveled down the parchment, with each line they grew wider and wider. "NO!" She screamed at the end. "IT CAN'T BE! HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE! HE SAVED MY LIFE, HE LOVES ME! I KNOW HE DOES!" The parchment slipped from her hands as she reached for her wand. Before her hand had moved a few inches, Hermione's wand was pointed directed at her, not more than two inches from her nose.

"Leave it or you will regret it," Hermione said dangerously.

"You leave my daughter alone you...you hussy," Molly said as she brought back up her own wand. "I want you out of this house this instant. I don't know what kind of game you're playing but you will stop threatening Ginny."

"Molly, I wouldn't do that," Sirius said from over her shoulder at the same time Arthur pulled Molly's wand from her hand. "Hermione won't hurt her unless she's forced to. As for her leaving, you seem to forget that this is my house. If you don't want to be in the same house as Hermione, you and your family can always leave. I will not stop you."

"But..." Molly started.

"Want to know what is in that cup?" Hermione cut off Molly with the question. "Give it to Arthur," When Harry held the cup out to the Weasley Patriarch, she continued. "Sir, we are sure there is either love, jealousy or lust potion in that cup. Maybe a combination of them."

"NO!" Ginny screamed out again and tried to lunge for the cup again.

"Want us to send it to Bulstrode?" Harry asked as Mr. Weasley took the cup.

Ginny's eyes instantly reflected her understanding. "YOU! YOU did it," The rage and desperation she felt surged up and she lunged at Hermione.

Harry had seen it before, but was still surprised when Hermione's fist connected with Ginny's nose. The smaller girl was stopped instantly and looked up in surprise as blood trickled out of her left nostril.

"THAT was for trying to steal my husband," Hermione said.

Molly made a move to physically defend her daughter, but Arthur's voice stopped everyone as he yelled. "STOP!" It was so different from his normal tone, it took everyone by surprise and the room instantly quieted as everyone stopped in their tracks.

"Molly, get Ginny out of here and fix her nose," He commanded as he handed his wife her wand. "Harry, what exactly do you think my daughter has been doing and what's in this cup?" He asked in a no nonsense voice.

"Obviously this is some sort of thing that strumpet..." Molly started again as she went to her daughter.

"MOLLY!" Arthur started. "PLEASE be quiet and take care of Ginny. I want to know what is going on and you insulting Miss..." He looked at Hermione, "is it true? What you said?" He nodded at the parchment that had fallen on the floor. When Hermione nodded, he continued, "MRS. Potter, isn't getting us anywhere."

"She can't be; I mean..." Molly argued but stopped as Hermione picked up the parchment from the floor and handed it to her.

"It was a magical bonding," Hermione explained.

Molly recognized the document for what it was and looked at the two teens. "You...you can't be. I mean you're too young for this," Then as she realized it was true she continued. "Why...why didn't you say something?"

"No, we're not too young and we told Professor McGonagall when it happened. As for everyone else, it's because we didn't want it out," Harry exclaimed. "We are still working at being boyfriend and girlfriend..."

"NO!" Ginny exclaimed as she wiped the blood from her face. "HE'S SUPPOSED TO MARRY ME! HE LOVES ME! HE...he saved my life, I saw it then...he was standing there with that sword and his wand...he'd slain that monster just to save me. It was just like the stories..." Ginny now had a desperate look on her face. "I was his...his damsel and we'd live happily ever after," She looked at her mother. "It was just like the stories...they were coming true just like you said they might. I...I just needed to get him to notice me...like you did dad. It...it was meant to be..."

"Oh dear..." Molly said. Her eyes looked sadly upon her daughter.

Arthur looked at Molly. "Molly, take Ginny out of here. Get her nose fixed, we'll discuss it later."

Molly swallowed and nodded. She put her hand on Ginny's shoulder and tried to turn her, to guide her out of the room.

"NO!" Ginny screamed again as she turned to Harry, her eyes wide in desperation. "We were meant to be, can't you see that? I...I just want you to love me like I love you. Just give me a chance..."

"I don't love you Ginny, not like that," Harry replied. "You are the sister I never had. Hermione and I, we..." He looked at his wife and they exchanged looks, "we were the ones destined to be together. I'm sorry."

The fire left Ginny at that; tears emerged and she slumped against her mother who guided her out of the room.

"We know your part as well Ron," Harry said as he looked at the boy who'd been his friend at one time. "We know you were trying to potion Hermione."

"Uh..." Ron looked nervously around the room but found no help or understanding in anyone's eyes. "I...I.."

"Just get out of our sight," Hermione ordered. "We know you're jealous and we don't care."

"Just remember that if you ever do anything to hurt Hermione, you will regret it," Harry added. "Do you understand?"

"Uh...yeah," Ron replied as his face reddened. He quickly left the room.

"Why didn't you mention this earlier?" Arthur asked Harry and Hermione as he lifted the cup. His face reflected the anguish he felt for his daughter.

"Sir, we were concerned...well we wanted to wait until you could deal with it," Harry replied honestly. "The first potion she tried to use was only a mild two day one, so we pranked them a little."

"But the last ones; the ones you'll find in that cup are a lot more powerful," Hermione continued. "They came out of a restricted section potions book. She had them stored in her trunk and they're probably still there."

Arthur sighed as he looked at the cup still in his hand before looking back at the teens. "You could have said something since you've been here, why didn't you?"

"Would you've taken it seriously sir? Even if we told you she had the potions in her trunk? Would you've believed her or us?" Hermione asked. "We felt we really had to catch her in the act of using them. Even then we were concerned. I mean Molly told us about how she potioned you and we were afraid it wouldn't be taken seriously."

Arthur nodded. "What do you want done? Do you plan on reporting her?"

"Sir, the whole reason we didn't bring it up at the school was so you could deal with it. Even with Mrs. Weasley, well, being herself; I still have nothing but respect for you and your family."

Arthur let out another deep sigh. "Thank you. Now what is the deal with Ron?"

"He's been cooperating with Ginny, trying to get a potion to Hermione so she'd fall for him," Harry explained. "We think he's just so jealous of me, he wanted the one person who meant the most to me to make it...seem like he's better than me to himself."

"Bill," Arthur said to his eldest son. "Go see what you can find out from Ron and let me know. I need to figure out how to deal with him. Have Fleur check Ginny's trunk."

"Of course," Bill replied. He looked at Harry. "I'm sorry Harry and you too Hermione, sorry that Ron or Ginny would do that to you," He held out his hand. "But congratulations on finding a great wife. Magical bonded marriages are rare you know and are a sure sign of true love."

"Ours might even be a bit more rare than that," Harry replied as he took Bill's hand. "Thanks though."

"And you too Mrs. Potter," Bill said with a smile and a smirk.

"Thank you."

"Mrs. Potter?" Fleur's voice came from the doorway. She now had a silk housecoat on over her gown.

"Yes, they are married love," Bill said to his fiancée. "Seems our two lovebirds had a magical bonding. Beat us to it."

"Zat's wonderful," Fleur said then looked questioningly at the Potters. "Isn't eet?"

"Very much so," Hermione replied as she took Harry's hand in hers. "Though we're still working through boyfriend and girlfriend now, I know that this man is and will be a great husband."

"Oh...Gabrielle ees definitely going to be 'eartbroken."

"Tell her that we still plan on having a real wedding someday, and if she'd like, she can be one of my bridesmaids."

"C'est vrai? I mean is zat true? Oh she'd love it. My little sister loves ze attention."

"Maybe you too?" Hermione suggested. "I don't have many real female friends. Last year, I'd have thought Ginny would have been beside me if the day ever came but..." She shrugged.

"If you still want me when you 'ave ze wedding, of course I would be 'onored, but I am sure you 'ave a Maid of 'Onor in mind already?"

"Thanks, yes...though it might be a very strange wedding if Luna is my Maid of Honor," Hermione replied with a smile. "But it's not going to happen too soon. You'll still get your wedding in before ours."

When everyone had left the room, Harry closed the door and looked at Hermione. "Well it's over. Our marriage is now out and Ginny is no longer a threat."

"How long before Dumbledore is here to tell us what we should do?" Hermione replied.

"An hour, maybe less," Harry said. "But you know what we have to do don't you?"


"We have to tell your parents."

Hermione sighed her acknowledgement. "Yes we should. Mum wanted us to come have breakfast anyway."

"Let me tell Sirius so he can let us know when Dumbledore shows up. Then we'll get dressed and head over," He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. Even without perfume she smelled good. "I love you Mrs. Potter," He whispered.

"I love you too," Hermione replied.

Hermione left first. She'd get showered at her home and Harry would join her as soon as he was ready. It was thirty minutes later that they were all sitting down to a house-elf made breakfast in the Granger's dining room. Dobby and Winky had places for themselves as well.

"Well did you sleep well last night," Jean asked Hermione with a hint of a smile.

"Very well thank you," she replied. "I was very exhausted and fell right to sleep."

"I'm sure you did."

They started discussing the previous day; taking about what they'd had fun doing and such. Finally Harry broached the subject that they needed to talk about.

"Sir, Ma'am," Harry started cautiously. "There is something we need to tell you and we're not sure how you'll take it."

Richard's eyebrows rose immediately. He could only think of one thing that a boyfriend of his daughter could want to talk about that would start with that sentence, but he forced himself to remain calm and not to jump to any conclusions. In an attempt to portray being calm, he picked up his teacup and took a sip. "And what might that be?" He asked finally as he sat the cup back down.

"Hermione and I...well you know things work a little differently in the magical world right?"

Richard allowed himself to relax. If it was about the magical world, then it wasn't that Hermione was pregnant. "Anything else, I can handle," He thought.

"Yes, of course," Jean replied as she eyed her daughter trying to get an idea of what was so important.

"Well Hermione and I... the way we fell in love..." Harry looked at his wife. "Miranda?"

"I think so, we don't have to mention the future part, just that we met her."

Harry nodded and continued, "We...we have a magical love. Something that is very rare even in the magical world."

"What do you mean, magical love?" Richard asked.

"Mum, you know all the books about mythology and gods?" Hermione asked.

"Yes?" Jean responded. She was now very confused. The conversation didn't seem to be connected at all.

"Well, what if I were to tell you that there are actually gods and goddesses and...and we met one, a real goddess I mean?" Hermione asked. The looks of incredulity told her their answer. "I'm not sure how to proceed unless you believe that part, but I'll try. We met the Goddess of Love, the real Goddess of Love and found out that...that Harry and I were fated to be together."

"Dear," Jean said. "You were just telling me the other night that people in the magical world can control others, are sure this isn't something like that?"

"No, but I...I don't know how to convince you of what I'm saying, but it's real," Hermione said.

"Well keep going and we'll try to follow along," Jean said. "So your love was fated? What exactly does that mean?"

"The Goddess, her name is actually Miranda, well as she explained it, sometimes she sees that love is very important in the future events and finds the love of a person who matches the person in need's love perfectly and binds their love together. We found out that Harry and I...well our lives and love have been bound together before we were even born. The bonding was just waiting for one last thing to happen."

"That sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it?" Jean asked. "But I'll ask the question, what thing to happen?"

"A kiss mum, a kiss to seal our soul bond," Hermione explained. "It happened several weeks ago and when we shared our first kiss, we..." she paused as she remembered the white room and the Goddess, before she continued, "we found ourselves in another place, a place where Miranda could meet with us and explain things."

"It sounds more like you fell asleep and dreamed it all," Richard commented.

"No, but again I'm not sure..."

"Let's tell them about this..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! That way we can prove it if necessary."

"Maybe we do have a way to prove it, but let me finish first," Hermione said. "As I said we have what's called a soul bond. As Miranda explained it... well have you ever heard the expression love in heart, mind and soul?"

"Of course, there is even a bible verse similar to that and course many poems suggest such a theme, but what does that have to do with this?"

"That's what a soul bond is. It's a connection of our hearts, our minds and our souls."

"What exactly does that mean?" Richard asked.

"Heart, well that's our love for each other," Hermione reached over and took Harry's hand.

"And the rest?"

"Mind, well would you believe we can talk to each other telepathically?" Hermione asked. Again her parents displayed looks of incredulity. "I'm serious, we truly can. In fact that's what proof we can offer. Try us, whatever you want, take us to separate rooms and ask us questions, show us pictures, anything."

Jean remembered the dinner and how they seemed to always know what the other was going to do. It seemed so impossible but... "Ok, so let's presume you can really do that, what is soul?"

"Mum, would you consider yourself linked to Dad? I mean if you were to die, do you think you'd see each other again?"

"Science has never proven anything, but each person has their own religious beliefs, but yes I think we'd be together when the times comes why?"

"What formed that...that connection?" Hermione asked as she took the parchment out of her bag and handed it over to her parents. "Understand that we don't think we truly are but in the magical world..." She swallowed nervously and looked at Harry before looking back at her parents. "Souls being connected is...well it's marriage. We...we're married."

"WHAT!" Richard said in reflex as he grabbed for the parchment lying in front of him. He unrolled it and with Jean, they started reading. "This...this is nonsense. You can't just...just be married," He exclaimed when he'd finished.

"In the magical..."

"Damn the bloody Magical World, you're our daughter."

"Sir, ma'am, we didn't want it like this," Harry said nervously. "We...I mean it's something that is part of the soul bond. We aren't, I mean we're really only trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend until, well until we're ready. I'm not sorry for it though. As I've told you before, your daughter is everything to me."

"This isn't a joke of some sort?" Richard asked lifting the scroll. "Not some sort of game?"

"No sir," Harry replied as he ran his hand through his hair. "Miranda, the Goddess, she said that I needed Hermione's love to...to do what is needed."

"And what exactly would that be?" Richard asked his voice rising.

"We think it's to defeat Voldemort," Hermione answered. "Mum, dad, don't be angry at Harry. He didn't do this; I was even the first to ask for the kiss. I love him and he loves me. We're still just us, two teenagers who will someday get married."

"Sir," Harry said. "Let me do this, maybe I should have done it first but we really didn't plan on revealing this to you until later. Unfortunately we had an issue this morning that forced us to tell several people and we didn't want it to get back to you except through us. But sir, I'd like to ask your permission to marry your daughter. I promise to love her not for a lifetime, but for an eternity."

"Wouldn't do much good for me to say no would it?" Richard snapped. "I have no say in this, just like everything else since she went through that bloody wall at Kings Cross. She goes off into that world and...and..." He didn't finish but just threw the parchment scroll back at Harry and Hermione.

Harry could feel Hermione's sadness, and he squeezed her hand. "Sir, you do have a say in this. I...I mean until you give your blessing and we have a proper marriage in the muggle world, I won't consider us married. I want Hermione to have her wedding day, one where her parents are happy for her. I hope by then I can prove that I am worthy of her love and your acceptance."

Richard looked at him sharply but Harry continued. "Sir, I can't change the fact we're considered married in the magical world, and I'm very glad that Hermione loves me and we share our connection, but you are her family. I want you to share in her, and our happiness. Until you can really do that, then I will just keep trying, but can you really ask for more than having a marriage and love blessed by the very Goddess of Love herself?"

"Dad even if you do give your blessing, we're not going to run off and get married tomorrow," Hermione explained. "We're not sure when, but it would probably be in two summers or at least our final year at Hogwarts."

"Boy he's an ornery one isn't he?" Miranda asked.

Harry caught himself in a smile and apologized. "I'm sorry, but..."

"Miranda just called you ornery," Hermione finished.

"This goddess person is talking to you? Right now?"

"She pops into our heads every so often. She says she has special connections with soul bonded couples."

"SAYS?" Miranda asked pointedly, maybe a bit loudly.

"Ok, ok, she DOES have a special connection. She gets a bit ornery herself if I question her," Harry explained.

"Well we goddesses do get our way don't we?"

"So that's why?" Jean said. "I wondered, but I didn't want to ask why Dobby and Winky call you Master and Mistress."

"Yes ma'am, they are bonded to us as a family."

"That's also why you said Harry would insist on paying for your school isn't it?"

"Yes mum. He...he insists that everything he owns is now mine as well."

"Richard…" Jean said as she looked at her husband.

Richard Granger shook his head and looked out the window of the dining room for a few seconds. He wasn't ready for this. He could still see his little girl as she was ten years previous in her cute dresses reading her books on the floor. He remembered her losing her first tooth and teaching her to ride her bicycle.

"And where did the time go?" Richard asked himself. "Now's she a young woman who trying to tell me she's married?" He swallowed as he realized he really didn't have a choice in the matter. He'd seen the look in his daughter's eyes and knew the young man had truly replaced him in her life. He glanced at his wife and knew what she was thinking, knew that if he wanted to be a part of his daughter's life, he only had one thing he could say. Finally he turned back toward the teens. He could see the unhappiness in his daughter's eyes. He sighed and then continued. "I...I can't say I'm happy that it's like this, but fine, you have my blessing."

Harry could feel the sense of relief and happiness that swept through Hermione as he watched her rush over to the other side of the table and hug her father.

"Thanks dad," she said.

"Two years right?" Richard asked the green-eyed young man who had won his daughter's heart.

"Yes sir, but understand that any communications from the Ministry will probably say Hermione Potter."

*** E E ***

Amelia Bones sat at her desk reviewing the reports from the last few days. Until the return of Voldemort, it had been unusual for her to be at her desk on a Sunday, but she doubted she'd get a day off anytime in the near future. She'd even started sleeping in her office on occasions. Her whole department was now on a seven day rotational schedule to ensure the work was accomplished in a timely manner.

The information from Harry and Hermione's memories had helped a great deal. They'd known that a major attack had occurred that involved giants, but neither had been able to tell her exactly when or where. She'd prepared her people for a giant attack and when it had occurred, they'd been able to respond quickly and decisively with a minimum loss of life. At the moment though, she was still considering what could be done to sever the giant's support of Voldemort. She'd seen the memory of the final battle, several times now in fact, and she knew the giants had been the major obstacle. Too many resources had to be concentrated on them allowing the Death Eaters to kill those who fought.

Albus had proposed an envoy of peace to the giants. He'd sent one the previous year and it hadn't met with much success but he was positive with the right gifts another attempt would be successful. Amelia scoffed at that idea. "Didn't the man read the books taught in his own school?" She wondered. Giants were a belligerent race, prone to killing each other and anyone else for that matter. Even if you made peace with one giant, it only meant he'd be killed and replaced, besides what Voldemort could offer them, the chance to kill and to spread out amongst the land of the muggles, was too attractive to the nature of the giants and was something the Ministry could never match. Scrimgeour had proposed sending the heads of the giants they'd killed back to the giants' enclave as a warning. That suggestion had definite potential no matter how gruesome and unsettling the idea was. It was definitely the type of response the giants would respect. Unfortunately there was the possibility that such an act might lead to an outright war against the giants.

"Though if we have to fight them, I'd prefer it to be without the support of the Death Eaters," Amelia thought. She abhorred the idea of killing the giants, but the potential loss of life if they didn't get them out of the war was too great to not consider it. "Could I get help from the ICW?" She wondered and then sighed. "No, not with Dumbledore back as Supreme Mugwump," She thought.

Amelia felt a headache coming on, but there was still so much to do. There was one other thing that needed to be done very quickly. That final battle showed another dangerous foe, one that could not be ignored. The Acromantula colony that Dumbledore had allowed to grow unchecked near his castle. She called for her receptionist.

"Yes, ma'am?" The receptionist said a few seconds later.

"Have the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures report to me immediately and have him bring someone who's familiar with Acromantulas."

"Yes ma'am."

When the door closed, Amelia sighed. She reached into a drawer and removed a headache potion. After quickly downing it, she picked up another report from her desk and started reading. The investigation into Yaxley had resulted in several other people being arrested and many others who never returned to work like young Mr. Flint. The suggestion to make the Unforgivables taboo had been started, but it'd be another week before it was fully implemented. It'd been Tonks who'd suggested making 'Morsmordre' taboo as well as several other darker spells that were often used by Death Eaters. Scrimgeour was working on the response plan they would use. The inherent risks to the response teams had to be considered. If Voldemort caught on to what they were doing, he could arrange ambushes against the teams, but Amelia felt it was worth the risk.

That brought her mind to the other issue that had come out of Harry and Hermione's future revelation, the Goblins' ability to disarm polyjuice potions and Imperius curses. She'd tried to approach the goblins directly but had been refuted. They'd claimed to not know anything about such defenses. "Damn, I hate trying to deal with the Goblins," She thought. "If there is no gain for them, they have no desire to cooperate and in this war, they're refusing to take a side."

*** E E ***

Voldemort was pacing the floor of the room he considered his throne room, deep in concern. The attack by the giants had started out as planned, but they'd quickly been overwhelmed by a responding Ministry force. It was if they'd known giants were coming but not exactly where or when. "It's probably not Potter then," He thought. "The Ministry would have been waiting if he'd seen the plans through our connection. It's just the Ministry is proving to be a formidable enemy," The loss of Yaxley had been critical Voldemort knew. His ability to tell of the Aurors' plans and defenses was something Voldemort had come to depend on, but now that advantage was gone. Voldemort was especially disappointed in the lost opportunity to eliminate the head of the DMLE which would have sent the department into confusion and allowed further penetration of his agents.

"It will take time, but I'll rebuild my connections and control of that department," The Dark Lord thought. But for now, he had another issue he must deal with. He sat down and with a wave of his wand the door at the end of the hall opened. After a couple of seconds a person entered and walked defiantly toward the throne. When he neared, he bowed and went to a knee where he stared at the floor just as he'd been instructed to do.

Voldemort sat staring at the blond-haired boy who knelt before him for several long seconds. He was the son of a man who had been loyal and clever until his failings at the Ministry. "What do you wish young Draco? Why did you ask for this audience?" He asked in his high-pitched hissing voice. He was annoyed by the defiant manner the boy had strutted up to his thrown and the slight hesitation he'd seen before the boy had knelt.

Draco had been instructed not to look up. He stared at the floor and could just see the robes of the Dark Lord in front of him. He'd entered the chamber with confidence and purpose, but as he knelt before the Dark Lord himself, beads of sweat formed on his brow and one of them slipped down his cheek. Still he'd asked for this audience and he was determined for the revenge that burned in his heart. He'd practiced what he wanted to say and now the words came just as he'd recited them to himself a multitude of times. "M'lord, I want to serve. As my father before me, I want to serve. I want to avenge my father and reclaim the honor that is the Malfoy name."

"Eloquently said," Voldemort replied softly. "But what does a sixteen year old child offer that I can use?"

Draco wasn't prepared for such a question. He'd expected the Dark Lord to accept him immediately. The Malfoy name in itself was evident to what he offered. He frantically started searching for a response, one that would be of use, only one came to mind. "Potter."

"Potter?" The Dark Lord asked. "Harry Potter? Are you suggesting that you can do something my other servants can not?"

"I...I know him sir," Draco replied, still staring at the floor. "I know his weaknesses."

"You know his weaknesses do you? Tell me young Malfoy, what do you think his weakness is?"

"His friends my Lord," Draco replied without hesitation. "Especially the mudblood; the way to Potter is through her."

"Tell me about her?" Voldemort commanded.

"She's nothing sir, just a mudblood as I said," Draco replied. "She's a teacher's favorite, always trying to prove she's better than everyone else. Professor Snape calls her a know-it-all. Potter is dating her now, though I don't know why he'd lower himself to such filth."

Voldemort rose from his chair and started another thoughtful pace while ignoring the kneeling boy. Finally he sat back down and commanded. "Look at me young Draco," As the young man's eyes rose to meet his, he continued. "Yes, I think you are deserving of your father's place. After you take the mark, I have just the plan for you."

"Yes M'lord," Draco said. "I will do whatever you command."

"That was never in question, at least if you wish to live," Voldemort declared softly. "You will be the cornerstone of my plan. You will find a way to capture this mudblood of Potter and bring her to me. I want you to do it from Hogwarts, under the very nose of Albus Dumbledore," Voldemort knew doing that would drive Potter away from Dumbledore so that even if he couldn't be coaxed away to save his precious mudblood, he'd be easier to capture and kill away from the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Draco's grey eyes reflected the confidence he felt. This was truly a way to reclaim the name of Malfoy in the eyes of the Dark Lord. "Yes M'Lord. I am thankful of the confidence you place in me."

"As you should be," The Dark Lord said. "You'll need a little help I think. Find a way for your soon-to-be brothers to get into the castle and they will provide the distractions necessary for you to capture her with little danger to your safety."

"Yes M'Lord," Draco replied. "I'll find a way."

"You will stay here for the rest of the summer," Voldemort continued. "You'll be taught what you need before you return to Hogwarts."

"Thank you M'lord."

When Draco had been dismissed, Voldemort next called his spy in the midst of Dumbledore's order. Severus arrived several minutes later.

"M'lord, how may I serve?" Severus asked as he knelt before his master.

"Severus, my faithful servant," The Dark Lord started in his smooth hissing voice, "What news can you tell me of the Order?"

"Albus continues to be concerned about Potter's safety," Severus replied. "He thinks Black's influence is causing the boy to disregard his opinions. Frankly it's the same recalcitrant attitude he's always shown that Dumbledore has blithely overlooked."

"Interesting," Voldemort said. "Anything else?"

"Dumbledore is doing something that occupies a great deal of his time but he is not forthcoming about what it is," Snape said. "He disappears for long periods of time and never offers a reason."

"Inform me if it is anything of importance."

"Yes M'lord," Snape said. "Is there anything else?"

"There is one other thing," Voldemort said after a moment. "What has been the Order's response to the Dementors?"

"As you'd expect; they try to get there if they can, most of them are proficient with the Patronus Charm. They helped the Ministry disperse them last night."

"Do they deploy in groups or individuals?"

"Depends on the number of Dementors; individually to cover more area if they need to."

"That's very informative," Voldemort replied as he sat back in his chair and thought. It was a full minute before his thoughts returned to the man kneeling before him. With a dismissive gesture he said. "You may go."

"Yes M'lord," Snape rose and bowed, backing away. As he neared the door he remembered who he had seen when he had arrived. "M'lord, if I may? I noticed Lucius' son when I arrived."

"Yes, but he is none of your concern."

"My apologies, I should not have asked, but..." Snape hesitated knowing he was treading on very thin ice, "if his mother does not know where he is, she is sure to ask my assistance. What can I tell her?"

"You are to tell her nothing," Voldemort commanded. "He will arrive home shortly before he is to return to Hogwarts with a satisfactory excuse. Why he is here is none of your concern."

"Forgive me," Snape said as he bowed. "I shall not ask again," He backed out of the door and was gone.

** E E **

"Are you alright Moony?" Sirius asked. It was early evening and that night was the full moon. The two of them were sitting in the lounge working their way through a bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhisky. They each were on their third glass of the potent liquid. Sirius had waited until now before starting the conversation he wanted with his old friend.

"I guess," Moony replied. "Wolfsbane always makes me feel a bit melancholy."

"You still have a few hours before the moon's out," Sirius said as he looked at his watch. "Can you believe the kid is married?"

"It is remarkable isn't it?" Remus replied as he swirled the brown liquid in his glass before downing a swallow. "Have to admit, Hermione does remind me a lot of Lily."

"That she does. She's got the same brains and did you see that punch? That was definitely like Lily in temper," Sirius shook his head as he continued guiding the conversation to where he wanted it. "Can you believe we've seen both James and now Harry married and we're still a couple of old bachelors?"

Remus took another sip of his Firewhisky and studied the glass for a few seconds before replying. "I'm sure someday the great Padfoot will fall for a beautiful woman and settle down to have a litter of puppies."

"I've actually been thinking of that," Sirius replied. "Remember James when Harry was first born, that look he had?" At the nod from his friend he continued. "I've been wondering what it'd be like to hold a kid of my own."

"A worrisome thought for the entire world, let me assure you," Remus smiled as he glanced at his friend. "No, I'm sure you'll make a great father if, and it is a big if, you can find someone to actually marry you."


"Just kidding my old friend. I am sure someday you will make some fine lady happy and you will have that child or puppy to carry on the new Black motto."

"What about you?" Sirius asked. This was the crux of the conversation. He'd started it just to get Remus talking about women and marriage.

Remus shrugged. "You know I can never marry. I can't be that close to anyone, to endanger someone I care about..."

"Oh, so you're saying you didn't care about me and James all of those years?"

Remus shook his head. "You know how dangerous that was; we should never have done it."

"But you now have wolfsbane," Sirius reminded his friend. "Find yourself a nice woman who'll make sure you take it like a good werewolf. She'll fluff the pillows you curl up on and then stroke your fur until you fall asleep."

"No, I could never do that to her, she des..."

"Her?" Sirius pounced. "You have someone you like don't you?"

"Just drop it Sirius," Remus pleaded. He took a sip from his glass. "Even if there was someone, I...I could never... no just drop it."

"I already know who it is," Sirius told his friend. "And you know she likes you."

Remus glanced up, a little slower than he normally would considering he had almost three glasses of Firewhisky down. "You're lying. You're just trying to get me to tell you," He settled back down and took another sip. "Like I said, just drop it. It can never happen."

"Why?" Sirius asked as he took his own swallow of alcohol.

"Because I could never do that to her, not being what I am," He took a large swallow of the liquid and looked over at his friend. "She...she deserves much better than anything I can..." Lupin ended with a shrug and a shake of his head.

"Tell me Moony," Sirius began in reply, "what did you think of yourself when you got to Hogwarts? Did you think you deserved the friendship of three kids who decided the person you were was what was important and not what you were?"

Moony swirled the liquid in his glass but said nothing.

"Not for a single moment in my life since, have I ever regretted being your friend. Don't you think this woman should have the same chance?" Sirius drained his glass and got up. "I'm going over to an old friend's house to see how her review went. Do you remember Isabelle Grealsom?"

"Yeah, I remember her," Lupin replied. "She married someone though...Thomas Edgecombe I think."

"Yeah, Thomas died a few months back. Anyway I ran into her at the Ministry and she wasn't doing so well. I thought I'd drop in and see how she's holding up."

"Comforting a widow?" Remus asked.

"Looked like she could use a friend," Sirius replied.

"Tell her I said hello," Remus said as he lifted his glass.

"I will," Sirius agreed. He got up and walked toward the door. When he got there, he turned back to his old friend. "I wasn't lying you know, I do know who it is. Remus if it's me that's holding you back, you and Tonks have my full blessing. I couldn't think of anyone better for her," He turned and walked out the door leaving Remus staring open-mouthed at the spot he'd left.

It was another minute before Remus recovered enough to mutter, "That Son of a Bitch," Only to remember that's exactly what Sirius was.

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