Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



13. Chapter 13

"Now Harry," Neville whispered from under the invisibility cloak. He was there with the Marauder's map waiting for Professor Snape to get within hearing range.

"Hermione," Harry started immediately. "Voldemort's got him...I saw it...He's torturing Sirius."

"That's silly Harry," She retorted. "How could he have captured Sirius? He's at Grimmauld Place."

The footsteps they had heard approaching stopped. Neville could see the little dot labeled Snape pause on the map. He continued to make sure no one else was around.

"I don't know, but that's not important," Harry continued.

"Let's just go tell Professor McGonagall. I'm sure she'll contact Sirius."

"It would be just like first year Hermione," Harry stated in a feigned angry voice. "She'd just tell us that it's preposterous and send us away."

"You don't know that Harry."

"I can't take the risk can I?"

"What else can you do?"

"I'm going. I'm going to find him," Harry stated. "I know he's in the Ministry…in that room."

"And how do you plan on getting all the way to London tonight?" Hermione asked sarcastically. "Fly your broom?"

"That's an excellent idea," Harry said with his voice rising excitedly. "Yeah I can fly my broom."

A nudge on the side of Harry's shoe allowed him to know Snape was moving again.

"You can't be serious," Hermione exclaimed.

"What can't Potter be serious about Miss Granger?" Said the oily voice of Professor Snape.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL…" Harry yelled to Hermione.

"I'm sorry Harry but it's for your own good," Hermione said and turned to Snape. "Sir he thinks Sirius was captured by You-Know-Who."

Snape glance over to Harry. "Oh he does, does he?" A sneer appeared on his face. "I wouldn't worry too much Potter," He said in a voice filled with scorn. "Black's too much of a coward to have left Grimmauld Place."

"COWARD?" Harry yelled again. "YOU'RE THE…"

Snape's eyes flashed dangerously. "I wouldn't finish that sentence if you know what's good for you," He said quietly. "Thirty points from Gryffindor. Now get out of my sight before it becomes much worse."

Hermione pulled Harry's arm and pretended to lead him away as Harry glared at Snape. "Let's see if he follows us," She said to him.

To keep up the appearance they kept talking to each other.

"I still think you should tell Professor McGonagall," Hermione said.

"I can't," Harry replied. "If she doesn't take me seriously she might try to make me stay here. I have to go and rescue Sirius."

"You're just going to go fight You-Know-Who?"

"I've done it before," Harry muttered.

"And barely escaped," Hermione reminded him loudly, hoping Snape was still listening.

"Don't you understand Hermione? I don't have a choice," Harry exclaimed. "Now leave me alone and let me go."

"You can't go alone," Hermione said. "I'll go with you."

And so it continued. When they returned to Gryffindor tower Harry retrieved his Firebolt from his room, ignoring Ron's questions about it. At the same time Hermione grabbed her bag from her dorm. As they started out of the common room, Neville and Luna arrived.

"What do you have your Firebolt for?" Neville asked. That told Harry and Hermione what they needed to know. Neville would say 'Firebolt' if Snape had followed them and 'broom' if he had not.

Harry locked eyes on Neville for a short time before Hermione chimed in. "He thinks You-Know-Who has captured someone he knows. He's planning on running off to London to try to help him," She looked at Harry with a hint of exasperation. "I don't think it's true, but I'm going with him."

"I told you that I don't need your help Hermione," Harry retorted and started to walk past her.

"You're not going alone," She stated plainly grabbing his arm.

"I'll go too," Neville said. "I…I can help."

"Neville is pretty good at acting isn't he?" Harry said to Hermione who agreed.

"I'll go too," Luna said. "It's a pretty night to see London. Besides you can use all the help you can get."

"Look guys I'm not asking you to come," Harry exclaimed. "It's going to be dangerous and I don't want any of you hurt."

"That's too bad, since we're going anyway."

"Do either of you have a broom?"

"Well no…" Neville admitted and looked at Luna who was shaking her head as well. Then Luna's eyes lit up. "But I know what we can do," She grabbed Harry's arm and started pulling him after her. Down to the main level and out of the castle the four teenagers went.

Harry saw Neville's eyes float down to a piece of parchment he pulled carefully out of his robes. He knew Neville was looking at the map. "What do you have in mind Luna that can keep up with Harry's Firebolt?" Neville said as he looked back up.

'Firebolt' again. Snape was still tailing them.

Luna didn't reply until they were near Hagrid's hut. For the sake of listening ears Harry said. "Luna we can't tell Hagrid. He'll try to stop us."

"I'd never tell Hagrid, Harry," She replied. "But he keeps…" She reached behind a tree near his hut and pulled out a covered pail, "some blood around just for calling them." She finished.

"Calling what?" Harry asked, trying to make his voice sound like it was running out of patience.

"Thestrals of course," Luna replied.

"WHAT?" Harry whispered loudly.

"Neville and I can ride Thestrals," Luna replied. "Hermione too if she doesn't want to ride with you on your broom," Luna had started into the forest and the other teens followed. They no longer needed to pretend their voice was filled with nervousness, though there was still plenty of light; it was still dangerous enough to keep them on their toes.

"But…but I can't see Thestrals," Hermione said as the question she had asked herself when she had seen the Thestrals in the memories came back to her.

The sun was starting to sink lower in the sky when they reached the spot Hagrid had originally shown the Thestrals to the class. Luna started putting blood around on the ground in various spots and then waited. It wasn't long before two sets of white eyes appeared between the trees. Hermione at once had her answer. She could see the eyes and the rest of the beasts as they walked into the area.

"I can see them this time," Hermione said to Harry. "But I have to pretend I can't. I'm not sure what Snape knows," She acted like she noticed everyone else was staring at something. "What? Are they here?" She asked continuing to look around.

"Are you going to ride a Thestral or with me?" Harry asked her.

Hermione remembered the last time she rode one of the winged horse like creatures. Though they weren't going very far this time, it still wasn't something she wanted to do again. "Uh…you, at least I can see the broom."

Within a few minutes Harry and Hermione were aloft on the Firebolt, followed closely by Luna and Neville each on their own Thestral. The air rushed through their hair as they flew away in the last light of the setting sun. Twenty minutes later they landed in a field and after thanking the Thestrals, Luna sent them back to Hogwarts.

Harry pulled out the mirror and a few seconds later Sirius was staring at him again. "Did Snape contact you?"

"Yeah, though he didn't mention you at all."

Harry face turned dark as the anger for the Potions Professor increased. "Of course he didn't," He snarled. "He most likely didn't last time either. Dumbledore only said he made sure you were there," He thought about it for a few seconds before continuing. "If you didn't know what was going on tonight like last time and Snape had told you I thought you had been taken by Voldemort or that Umbridge was taking us into the Forbidden Forest what would you have done," He asked Sirius.

"I'd have ripped Snape a new arsehole if he wasn't going to look for you that instant, Umbridge or no Umbridge. I'd at least have sent Remus to start searching for you at Hogwarts."

"Thought so," Harry replied. "So again he contacted you just so he can tell Dumbledore later he did something when he overheard us, but nothing to actually try to prevent us from going," Harry grumbled. "I wonder if I should throw this up in Dumbledore's face later."

"Let's worry about Snape after we deal with the Death Eaters," Hermione said as she laid a hand on Harry's arm.

Harry nodded at her and then to Sirius. "We're headed for Diagon Alley."

"Sounds good, see you in a few hours," Sirius replied and he disappeared from the mirror.

"Dobby, Winky!" Hermione called and immediately the two elves were there.

There was no need for words as the elves knew immediately what to do. Dobby took Harry and Neville's hands and the three of them disappeared while Winky did the same with Hermione and Luna. The four teens and two house-elves appeared in Diagon Alley. By using the elves they were able to go directly to the Alley instead of having to pass through the Leaky Cauldron and being seen.

"Thank you," Harry said to both elves. "Dobby I'll call you when we get to the Ministry. Remember, you're to do nothing there, just wait until Voldemort shows up and then get to your old Master's house. If you can, look and see if you can find the snake and Pettigrew. Do not endanger yourself though. That's an order Dobby," Harry said gently. "Do...Not...Endanger...Yourself." He repeated slowly to emphasize the order.

"Dobby understands," The elf replied. "Dobby will not endanger himself."

Harry smiled at the house-elf and nodded. Dobby and Winky apparated away with a crack and the four teens started walking down the empty street. Though still lit by gas lamps, there still was a stillness that felt disquieting. They passed a couple of people on the way, no one seemed to indicate any recognition, nor even glance their way. Finally they arrived at the destination. Number ninety-three. A rap on the door brought a quick answer when George opened it up.

"Harry?" George asked and stopped as Harry and Hermione along with Neville and Luna made their way into the store.

When they were all in the back room away from the windows, Harry finally turned to George and Fred who had joined them. "Thanks guys. I presume you got the message from Sirius?"

"Yeah, but can you tell us what's going on?"

"Let's just say we're about to prank Voldemort," Harry replied.

"WHAT?" Fred exclaimed. Sirius had sent a message saying Harry and some friends would be arriving and would need additional supplies. "YOU-KNOW-WHO? You're joking right?"

"No, but don't tell anyone and I do mean anyone including your mother or Dumbledore," Harry said. "You're going to hear things tomorrow that don't match what's happening now. Just let it be. We'll try to explain later."

Fred and George looked at Harry then at the rest of the teens in front of them. Finally they raised their hands in unison. "Fine Harry. Is there anything we can do to help?"

"Pranking is our game," George reminded him.

"If you have all the things Sirius mentioned, especially every single bit of Peruvian Darkness Powder that you have; that is all we need. Oh and a place to stick around for another couple of hours. Currently Voldemort thinks we are headed toward him on a broom and Thestrals."

"Thestrals?" Fred asked confused. "Why would you be riding Thestrals?" He asked as he started handing over bottles of Instant Darkness Powder and other items.

"It's a long story, and though we do have time, I'm not ready to explain it yet," Harry said. "Are you two in the Order now?"

"Nah," George responded. "Mum would kill us, besides we're busy trying to get this place up and going."

"Though business has been going great," Fred added.

"Well if you want to have some fun tonight, head to Grimmauld place when we leave," Harry said and then pulled out his mirror. "Sirius Black."

It was a few minutes before Sirius finally appeared. "Yeah pup? Sorry it took so long but I've got quite a few Order people here. I'm throwing a little party tonight. If things go wrong, you'll have a rescue party ready to go."

"I understand," Harry replied. "We're with Fred and George. Mind if they drop in when we leave?"

"Heck no. The more the merrier," Sirius said. "What do they know?"

"Only that we are going to be pranking Voldemort tonight."

"Yeah send them over but make sure they know it could be dangerous."

"See you at the Ministry," Harry replied to his Godfather.

"Ministry?" Fred asked.

"What's happening there?" George questioned.

"You'll find out," Harry said. "Remember not a word to anyone except to Sirius, especially that you've seen us. How much do I owe you for all of this?" He asked.

"Our pleasure Harry," Fred replied and seeing the look on Harry's face. "Really, business has been great and we owe it all to you. Besides if you're using this against You-Know-Who, then it's the least we can do."

The next couple of hours passed slowly. The hands of the clock seemed to never move as Harry looked at the clock time and time again. Finally it was one o'clock and time to start toward the Ministry. After a quick pepper up potion for each of them, Harry and Hermione disappeared under the invisibility cloak as Fred and George walked out with them, Neville and Luna. The Leaky Cauldron now was deserted except a sleepy barmaid behind the bar who only nodded at Fred and George before going back to reading her copy of the Witch Weekly.

The Ministry of Magic was within walking distance of the Leaky Cauldron and the four teenagers, after saying good bye to the twins, slowly made their way to the correct street. When Harry spotted the vandalized telephone box on the dingy street he stopped.

"Last chance guys," He said to Neville and Luna. "You don't have to do this. Just because you came last time doesn't mean you have to this time. You know what we're up against this time."

"You're not getting rid of us that easily Harry," Neville said.

"The Wrackspurts are starting to nest in your mind again," Luna said. "Remind me tomorrow to make a funnel for you."

Harry smiled at his friends as he silently hoped no danger came to them. "Then you know the plan," He said. "Put on your hats now so we don't forget later."

The four of them donned their Weasley's protective hats and made their way to the telephone box. With only the four of them in the box this time, it wasn't nearly so bad. Harry had made sure he was closest to the phone. He quickly dialed six-two-four-four-two and as the last number dialed the female voice started. "Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business."

"Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood… we're here to save someone," He stated the same reason he had used before in case someone checked the entry.

"I'm sorry but one of the names is incorrect," The voice said. "Please hang up and try again," The phone went dead.

Harry looked at Hermione and they both realized the mistake. Harry quickly dialed the number again. The voice again asked the same question.

"Harry Potter, Hermione Potter, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood. We're here trying to save someone."

"Thank you," said the cool female voice. "Visitors, please take the badges and attach them to the front of your robes."

Harry once again saw his had the reason 'Rescue Mission' again.

"Visitors to the Ministry, you are required to submit to a search and present your wands for registration at the security desk, which is located at the far end of the Atrium."

"Okay," Harry replied and the floor of the telephone box started sinking into the ground.

As the elevator finished its downward trip, the female voice from the phone spoke up one more time. "The Ministry of Magic wishes you a pleasant evening."

As the doors opened Harry looked around. He and Hermione were remembering the last time they had been in this Atrium several months prior, trying to find Umbridge and the locket. He looked at the Fountain of Magical Brethren that stood in the center and remembered the Black Stone thrones that had been erected in the Voldemort led Ministry. A chill ran through him. He turned and looked at Hermione. "Not this time."

Hermione only nodded before moving down the hall past the fountain. Once again the security desk was empty. Another silent gaze at Hermione, they both knew that meant the Death Eaters were below. They turned and looked at Neville and Luna and a flick of their eyebrows toward the security desk, they too knew what it meant.

A sudden thought came to mind. "Do you think they killed the guard? Someone we could have saved?"

Hermione looked again at the security desk before returning her eyes back to her husband. "I don't know, but we'll save a lot more lives by eliminating the Death Eaters," Both of their eyes returned to the desk as any last doubts of what they were about to do left them.

"This would be a good place for Dobby," Harry said quietly. "He can hide behind the desk until Voldemort shows up," He turned to face an open spot and called. "Dobby," Softly and the little elf appeared with a crack.

"Stay behind this desk until Voldemort shows up," Harry said indicating the spot. "Try to not let the Order see you when they arrive."

"Dobby understands."

Harry gave the elf a pat on the shoulder and a smile. He then turned back to his friends and with a jerk of his head indicated they should proceed on. The continued on until they passed through the golden gates that led to the lifts. They entered one of the lifts and the grilles clanged noisily shut as they had before. Harry pushed the button labeled nine and the lift began its descent.

As the elevator crawled to a stop the female voice said. "Department of Mysteries."

They left the lift and moved down the torch lit corridor and stopped just short of the plain black door. "Everybody ready?" Harry whispered as he looked at his friends and wife. Two nods and a mental "Yes," answered him. Harry took a deep breath and let it out and then closed the distance and the door swung open in front of him.

"Remember to close your eyes once the wall starts spinning," Hermione reminded everyone unnecessarily as they entered the circular room. Before she closed the door, she reached into her bag and removed a simple muggle crayon and wrote a small 'x' on the door. As before, when the door closed the wall started to spin.

When it stopped they all started toward a door. Having studied the memories carefully, they were able to instantly recognize each room.

"Brains," Hermione whispered and wrote a small B on the door she was holding open.

"Time," Luna added softly about her door and she too wrote a small T on the door. Soon every door was labeled with a small letter. As the last door was labeled that entered the one marked with a small 'p'. The 'P' stood for portal.

As they entered the room, Harry felt a wave of emotion pass over him as he stared at the archway twenty feet below him. The battle and Sirius' death flowed through his memories.

"We need to hurry," Hermione said softly to him finally. He turned to look at her and she found wetness in his eyes. "This is the whole reason we came back Harry, to save Sirius and our friends. The real fight starts right now."

Harry nodded at his wife and small half smile appeared. "Let's find those doors."

"They are to the left according to your memories," Hermione said nodding toward a couple of doors in the correct direction.

They ran over and opened one of them carefully. In front of them was what they hoped to find, the giant tank of Brains. Leaving it for now; they quickly went back to the Veil Room. He nodded at Neville and Luna, "You know the plan. Seal every door in here but the main one and this one," They quickly spread out around the room and started casting "Colloportus" on every door. Each door also had a Wheezy firework attached to it which would explode if the door was forced open. Harry hoped it would prevent anyone from sneaking up on them. Finally they covered the area in front of each door with Darkness Powder. When they finished securing the doors they started setting the room up.

From the main door they started making a path down to the Dais and the veil. From her bag Hermione pulled out several dozen rocks which she aligned on each step to the bottom. She grew each of them to boulder size with enlargement charms. While Hermione was busy with the rocks, Luna, Neville and Harry brought out containers of dirt and pebbles. They copied and enlarged the items and then dumped it down the steps to even them out. In doing so, they created a downward path to the Dais that hid any signs of the steps. Neville brought out a bottle of some kind of liquid from Herbology that gave off an earthy outdoors scent. He poured it down the path. From the Brain room they brought in a desk and transfigured it into a door and frame which they placed three feet in front of the Veil and bordered by more boulders. Finally they took out a couple of bottles of Instant Darkness Powder and started darkening the area behind the boulders and also between the door and the Veil. All in all it took them twenty minutes but they had a trap. Anyone entering the room would only see a downward sloped boulder lined path with a door at the far end. All they had to do was make sure the Death Eaters entered the correct door. If everything went as planned, they'd be able to truthfully say they didn't kill anyone. Though if necessary, they were willing to do just that.

The final thing they did was the most dangerous. From her bag, Hermione brought out six shrunken small jars which she enlarged to double their normal size. They re-entered the brain room and finding a spot in the tank where there were no brains currently, she quickly filled each jar with the green liquid.

"Cover me," she said nervously as she looked back at the tank. The other three teenagers quickly had their wands out and pointed at the tank. Hermione levitated a brain out of the tank and just as it was starting to uncoil she quickly put it in a jar and sealed it. She quickly did the same for five more of the brains, one per jar. Four of the jars were prepositioned where they would be needed later. Harry and Hermione each had one of the remaining two jars. As they left the Brain room, they sealed that door as well.

They finally left the Veil room and re-entered the circular room. Once it stopped spinning, Harry pulled out a portable swamp. Fred and George had told them how to make it the exact size you wanted it to be and within a minute the circular room had a swamp in the middle with only a foot of clear space round the room.

"Let's go meet Malfoy and company," Harry said and led his band of fighters into the door marked with the small 't'.

They found themselves in the room filled with clocks of every size and shape imaginable, each ticking. At the far end of the room was a familiar sight. Harry and Hermione had seen it before two years ago, and Neville and Luna in the pensieve memories. The twinkling of the large bell shaped jar called to them as it sat twinkling in the torchlight. Luna found herself entranced by the small hummingbird and egg transformation that was in it.

Hermione looked around and found the cabinet with the hourglass necklaces in it. She stared at it for several seconds before gently opening it and removing one of them. "We need to destroy this cabinet again when we come back through," She whispered to her husband who nodded in return. She quickly threw the self-sizing chain over her head and tucked it completely out of sight, hoping they would not need it tonight.

Harry looked at the door that was past the jar. "This is it," he called loudly to his friends. "This is the door," He turned to look at them one more time. After making sure each had their protective hats in place, he gave them a quick smile.

"Ready?" He asked in a low voice and though Neville swallowed hard, a look of determination settling in his eyes as he nodded with the rest.

"Wands," Harry said as he pulled out his own. When the others all had theirs in their hands, he gave a quick nod and opened the door. The room was just as he remembered it; cold and filled with shelves of blue orbs. Each of them knew exactly what they were.

As they entered the cold room, Hermione tried to keep the scenario the same by whispering. "You said it was row ninety-seven Harry."

"Yeah," Harry replied and he looked at the familiar shelf that showed number fifty-three.

"We need to go right," Hermione continued. "See that says fifty-four."

"Keep your wands ready," Harry said. They had visited this portion of the memory so many times, the wording came naturally.

After they had slowly moved down the aisle, Hermione once again said. "Here it is. Row ninety-seven."

"He's right down at the end," Harry said quietly, again using the same words since he knew they were Death Eaters listening. "You can't see properly from here."

Trying to mimic what had happened last time, they walked down the row until they got to where Sirius had appeared in the vision. "He's around here somewhere," Harry said trying to put a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Harry," Hermione said gently.

"What?" Harry snarled in the same tone as before.

"I don't think Sirius is here," She said. The nervousness in her voice quite real since she knew a dozen Death Eaters were watching them right now.

They had decided to forgo the running up and down the aisles, but had Neville 'find' the prophecy at this time.

"Harry," He called nervously. "Have you seen this?" He pointed at one of the shelves on row ninety-seven.

"What is it?"

"I...I don't know but it has your name on it," Neville said. His voice broke in genuine nervousness though in the dim light Harry could see the determination in Neville's eyes as he quickly made his way back to his friend's side. He glanced at the shelf and felt a wave of disgust at the yellow label that sat under the blue orb that read.

S.P.T. to A.P.W.B.D.

Dark Lord and (?)Harry Potter

"What do you think it is?" Luna asked.

"I don't know," Harry replied as he reached out for it.

"I don't think you should," Hermione said.

"It's got my name on it Hermione," Harry replied. "I've got a right to know."

"Don't Harry," Hermione pleaded one more time, but they all knew what was going to happen.

Harry grabbed the blue orb and pulled it from the shelf. The others moved closer waiting for the voice and a couple of seconds later it happened.

"ʹVery good, Potter. Now turn around, nice and slowly, and give that to me."

Harry whirled around as if surprised and found the expected twelve wand tips pointed at them. Fred and George had assured them that the hats would stop at least two stunners or disarming spells. Even so, seeing that many wands aimed at them was disturbing and Harry felt a trickle of sweat emerge on his brow as he gazed at the masked Death Eaters.

"To me," Repeated the voice of Lucius Malfoy coming from behind the mask of the closest figure.

"Where's Sirius?" Harry asked.

Time repeated itself as several Death Eaters started chuckling. The voice that Harry instantly recognized as Bellatrix Lestrange emerged from the midst of the robed figures. "The Dark Lord always knows!"

"Always," echoed Malfoy softly. "Now, give me the prophecy Potter."

"I want to know where Sirius is!" Harry repeated as he mentally said to Hermione. "Don't think the Dark Lord knew about this."

"I want to know where Sirius is," mimicked Bellatrix.

"I know you have him," Harry yelled trying to show panic in his eyes. "I know he's here."

"The little baby woke up fwightened and fort what it dweamed was twoo," Bellatrix said in the same horrible baby voice.

Harry knew he had to play this out. He needed Lucius to mention the prophecy, but he couldn't wait for the bitch in front of him to die.

Hermione moved up to just behind Harry and he muttered to her. "Don't do anything yet."

Bellatrix let out a peal of laughter. "Yet? You hear him? Giving instructions to the other children as if he's thinking of fighting us?"

"Oh, you don't know Potter as I do, Bellatrix," said Malfoy softly. "He has a great weakness for heroics; the Dark Lord understands this about him. Now give me the prophecy, Potter"

"THERE," thought Harry. "The magic word," He looked at Lucius questioningly. "This thing?" He asked.

"Hand it over," Lucius snarled.

"What is it?"

"Just hand it over now or we'll start using wands," Lucius said.

Harry's wand came up instantly as did the others.

"Go on then," Harry bluffed again this time. He knew, or at least hoped the Death Eaters would react the same, though they were all ready to bolt if necessary. He wasn't surprised when no spell from the Death Eaters was forthcoming.

"We only want the prophecy Potter," Lucius replied. "Give it to me and you and your friends won't get hurt."

It really was funny and Harry laughed as he did the last time. "Yeah right. I give you this and you'll let us leave peacefully will you?"

He was waiting for Bellatrix and wasn't disappointed as she started the summoning charm. "Accio Prophecy."

Harry's 'Protego' was in plenty of time and the orb didn't even quiver in his hand.

"Oh, little bitty baby Potter knows how to play," she said, "Very well, then ‐"

"I TOLD YOU, NO!" Lucius Malfoy roared at the woman who had started another spell. "If you smash it…"

Bellatrix repeated the past as Harry remembered it by stepping forward and removing her mask. Harry remembered the hollowed skull like sunken face and he would always remember her eyes. Eyes that showed a fanatical determination. "You need more persuasion?" She asked. She again turned to the Death Eater beside her and order. "Get the blonde girl. We'll let him watch us torture her. See if he can withstand her screams."

Luna immediately stepped behind Harry.

Harry glared at Bellatrix. "You'll have to go through me and this thing before you'll touch my friends," He said. "Do you think your Boss would appreciate you being the reason this is lost?"

There was a silence between the two groups. Harry could see the hatred and insanity in Bellatrix's eyes.

"So," He asked. "What is so important about this thing...prophecy did you call it?"

"Surely you jest Potter," Bellatrix said.

Harry was feeling more confident as he knew once again they were not ready to attack. "No I'm not," He said. He decided not to push Bellatrix's anger just yet and kept away from using Voldemort's name. He was waiting until later for that. "What does your Master want with this thing? Why did he send all of you to make sure he got it?"

"Do not play games with us, Potter," said Malfoy.

"No games," Harry replied. "I really want to know what's so important."

"Dumbledore never told you about the prophecy? That the reason you have that scar was buried here in this room?" Malfoy asked disbelieving.

"This?" Harry asked, nodding at the orb. "This is the reason I lost my parents?"

Several of the Death Eaters were laughing now. "Dumbledore never told you?" Malfoy repeated. "The Dark Lord wondered why you didn't come when he showed you this place. He thought curiosity would bring you to hear the exact wording…"

"Why did he need me to come get it then?"

"Enough," Lucius said. "Give me the Prophecy."

Harry realized it was different this time. Lucius was willing to give less of an explanation. Harry needed one more thing to happen before he put the rest of the plan into action.

"Going to kill us now?" He asked. "Twelve of you against four of us? While hiding behind your masks? To afraid to bare your faces? It isn't like I don't recognize most of you. It was just last year I beat your master in the graveyard."

"LIES..." Bellatrix screamed and brought up her wand.

"NO!" Lucius cried out to the psychotic witch.

"You do have a temper don't you Bellatrix," Harry said calmly as he looked at her. "It's a shame you weren't there to see it. Now let's see if I can remember your names," Harry said. Then he started naming the rest of the Death Eaters. "McNair…Nott…Crabbe…Avery…" he continued naming them until he turned to the one closest to him. "..and of course Lucius Malfoy."

"It doesn't matter," Malfoy said as he removed his own mask. Following his lead the others pulled their own masks off and leered at Harry. "Even if some miracle was to happen and you survive this night, Fudge would never believe you."

"You're probably right," Harry agreed. "Tell me do your bribes go directly to him?"

"Of course not boy," He sneered. "Fudge is too much of an idiot to bribe, but he did anything Umbridge suggested and she could be easily approached."

Lucius had barely finished the sentence when Harry said "Go!" silently to his wife.

Lucius and Harry stared at each other for a few seconds before Lucius started "Now give me that..." He never finished the sentence before utter mayhem occurred.

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