Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



12. Chapter 12

*** Evening June 11th ***

"Where are we going to sleep tonight?" Harry asked as he looked up at Hermione. They had remained in the Room of Requirements when Luna and Neville had left after another dinner together. Currently, Hermione was sitting on the sofa, studying Arthimancy. Her book was magically propped on the arm of the sofa, while Harry had his head in her lap. As she read the text of her book, she absent mindedly was running her fingers gently through the unruly locks of Harry's hair.

"What...oh?" She replied as she looked down into Harry's emerald eyes. She sighed. "As much as I want to sleep with you, I think we need to be in the dorms. Even with Neville covering for you, we can't keep staying in here every evening," She smiled as Harry attempted his best puppy dog eyes. "But I still have a bit of studying to do."

"True," Harry agreed. The fell back into silence again for a few minutes until Harry saw the time on Hermione's watch as her wrist made a another path across his face as her fingers worked their magic through his hair. "One week from right now and it will be almost time to go to the Ministry."

That caused Hermione to look at her watch also. She closed her book and looked back down at Harry. "Nervous?" She asked though she knew he was.

"I keep seeing you getting hit by Dolohov last time," Harry admitted. "If anything were to happen to you..."

Hermione could see the concern in his eyes. "Not this time love. I'm not the same girl who was there last time," She smiled. "They'll never know what hit them. Dolohov, Lestrange...all of them. We'll never have to fight them again."

The two of them stared into each other's eyes for a several seconds, both thinking of that night two years ago. "I should have listened to you," Harry admitted finally. "We should never have been there..."

"And I should have listened to you earlier in the year about Snape. I believed in Dumbledore too much I guess," Hermione replied. "If only we'd had this then," They both knew she meant their soul bond.

They both started thinking of the years that had gone by, of all the things that might have been different, finally Harry shook his head. "Let's not regret it now, let's just make it right. I just want to kick the Death Eaters' butts next week and then spend time with you."

"I want that too," Hermione replied. "But when are we going to be together this summer?" She asked. "Are you going to go to the Dursleys?"

"The Dursley's can rot in hell for all I care," Harry grumbled. "But I'll wait to see what Dumbledore says."

"If he tries to force you to go?"

"What do you think he'd do if every time I get put back there, I end right back up at Grimmauld place again within a day?" Harry asked. "I know how to apparate. Only Mad-Eye can see through my cloak, so just have to wait until he isn't there…"

"I might enjoy the show," Hermione replied with a smile as she thought of Dumbledore's reaction to Harry walking through the front door of Twelve Grimmauld again and again. "As long as they don't realize we can talk in our minds, we can really have fun with him. If he tries to force you stay there magically I'll take it to the Ministry especially if we have Fudge on our side then."

Harry smiled at his wife. "I want you to spend time with your parents," He said. "It's been almost two years since you spent any real time there and even then it wasn't a lot," Harry frowned. That had been this summer, the summer right after his fifth year. Hermione had made it to the Burrow before he had and it had been his shortest time ever at Privet Drive. "Whose idea was it for you to come to the Burrow?"

Hermione thought back two years. "I was invited by Ginny," She finally said. "She sent me an Owl and said you were coming and..." She stopped. "That's when it started last time wasn't it? I wonder when though. I wasn't jealous of Ron's attitude toward Fleur. I thought it was stupid."

"And I wasn't jealous of Ginny when she mentioned to Fred that she had started dating Dean at Diagon Alley, but I did feel something on the train when she said she was going to meet him."

"And Lavender's giggle when Ron took that kid's Frisbee annoyed the heck out of me."

"So last time it happened between Diagon Alley and the train," Harry replied. "Looking back it is pretty obvious though, I mean how did she go from Corner to Dean? She dumped Corner after the Quidditch match less than three weeks before the end of the school year and was already dating someone else before the next year even begins? Especially since Dean was studying for his OWLs all the time after the match. After the OWLs we were all dealing with the Ministry battle."

"Do you think she dosed him with a love potion?"

"Possibly," Harry replied.

"At least they'll be no Burrow this year," Hermione said.

"You'll come to Grimmauld sometimes right? You can take the Knight Bus," Harry asked. "Or apparate."

"Maybe you can come to my house and formally meet my parents," Hermione suggested with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Harry took his wife's left hand and ran his finger over the ring on her finger. He looked into Hermione's eyes. "Is your father going to kill me because of this?"

Hermione laughed. "You're going to battle Voldemort next week and my father is the one you're concerned about?"

"I can't fight back against your parents," Harry replied truthfully. "I don't ever want to put you in a position to choose between us."

"I've already chosen Harry," Hermione replied. "I chose you even before our soul bond. Through jealousy potions and everything else, I've always chosen you," Her eyes were dampening. "I want my parents to love you Harry and I am sure they will, but always know that there will never be a choice to make if it were to come to that."

Their lips met softly, tenderly. A kiss that showed the love they shared with one another. Harry pulled Hermione into his arms and they slipped into another silent gaze as Hermione felt herself wanting to fall into Harry's eyes. It lasted until another thought caught up to Hermione. "Harry…your link to Voldemort. How are you going to let him show you Sirius?"

Harry eyes widened. "I...I don't know. I need to figure out how to loosen my Occlumency don't I?"

"True, but are you going to fall asleep in the History OWL again?" Hermione asked. "Voldemort could only make you see things when you were sleeping….." Hermione remembered Harry screaming out in their OWL two years previous. Then a strange thought appeared; questions that wouldn't quite settle into something that could be answered. "But… but how could Voldemort expect you to find a way to London in the middle of the school year from a school that was locked down by the Ministry? Wouldn't he expect you to go tell someone?"

"I tried remember? I tried to tell McGonagall."

"Exactly!" Hermione exclaimed as the pieces started to come together in her mind. "But Voldemort still had his Death Eaters there waiting and…and…" She stopped and caught her breath, "Voldemort has been sending you images since Christmas trying to get you into the Department of Mysteries."


"So this time he changed tactics and added Sirius," Hermione explained. "But how could he know you fell for it and you didn't tell someone? Or that you didn't make contact with Sirius. I know he had Kreacher make up a lie, but he had no way to know if it had worked. Sirius might have been near the fireplace getting food or something, or Sirius might have heard the floo and ordered Kreacher to tell him who it had been. If you had told someone or found Sirius, his Death Eaters could have walked into a reverse trap."

"So he knew that I hadn't told anyone or…." Harry stopped as the answer came to him. "He must have been reading my mind."

"I…I don't think so," Hermione replied. "Well maybe…" Hermione's lip disappeared under her teeth as she concentrated, "but if he had been reading your mind, wouldn't he have known Dumbledore was at the Department of Mysteries? Your memory clearly showed Bellatrix had to tell him he was there. Besides wouldn't Voldemort have shown up as soon as you had the Prophecy instead of waiting for us to battle with the Death Eaters? If we'd known how the doors work, we could have escaped fairly easily," Then thoughts of that night came back vividly. She remembered what Lucius Malfoy had said that night. 'the Dark Lord wondered why you didn't come running when he showed you the place where it was hidden in your dreams.' "No if he could read your mind that easily he'd have known you didn't know about the Prophecy. Remember Lucius said Voldemort didn't know."

"He...he knew I didn't have the prophecy when he arrived though. He said he could see it in my mind."

"Oh..." Hermione replied, as her mind getting ready to dismiss her idea then until she remembered. "Were you looking him in the eyes at that time?"

"Yea...of course, Legilimency," Harry realized. "When I was looking at him he could read my mind."

Hermione nodded.

"So what are you suggesting…someone told him?"

"I think so," Hermione said. "And I can think of only one person who knew we were concerned about Sirius at the Department of Mysteries and who knew we hadn't been able to tell anyone."

Harry sat up and stared at Hermione. "Snape?"

"When did your scar start hurting more that night?"

Harry thought back to two years previous. "It was like it was on fire when I first woke up from the vision," Harry said as he winced and his fingers went to his scar as he mentally felt that pain again. "But then it settled into a low ache until..." He looked at Hermione, "until after we were with Umbridge."

"More importantly, after you told Snape. It would have taken him some time to communicate with Voldemort."

"But…but he told the Order."

"You pointed out the other day that it is most likely he was really working with both sides. He probably covered his tracks by contacting Sirius…but then he had that window of time. Harry we were on those bloody thestrals for hours.*"

"Next week's sunrise is supposed to be around four-thirty," Hermione continued, "but with the mountains around us, it's closer to five. I checked because the timing was important. Now you said you got back to Dumbledore's office right at sunrise correct?"

"Yes, a little before but not much."

"How long did the battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort last? Ten minutes or so? twenty at the most?"

"Definitely not twenty," Harry replied as he remembered the epic battle.

"How long before that did the Order show up?"

"Not very long, but it could have been thirty minutes."

"So we know the Order came immediately when Snape told them, so they must have been told around two or three am? Definitely not earlier than that," Hermione explained. "Can you imagine Snape waiting up until two am to see if you were fine after going into the Forbidden Forest? FIVE hours after we disappeared with Umbridge? And then it is the Forbidden Forest and it is the middle of the night…do you remember our first year? If we didn't come back would your first thought be 'Oh Harry Potter must have found some way to get out of the clutches of Dolores Umbridge and flew off to London' or would it have been 'The Forbidden Forest is really dangerous. More than likely Potter has got himself in some kind of trouble in there?' "

"But Snape did notify the Order and possibly Voldemort so he must have had a reason to believe we did go."

"Like he followed us? Or at least maybe followed Neville and the rest when they caught up to us?" Hermione asked. "Either Snape is a damn good Seer or he had reason to believe we had left Hogwarts on a relatively slow transportation system," Her eyes widened. "Didn't you tell me that Dumbledore said Snape suggested that Sirius stay at Grimmauld place?"

"Yes, so he could tell Dumbledore."

"I don't think that was the real reason," Hermione replied darkly. "If the Order had found us before we got to the Ministry and Sirius hadn't been with them, would you have believed them that Sirius was fine? Or would you have insisted on going into the Ministry, especially wanting to know about the orbs you kept seeing in your dreams."

"I... probably," Harry admitted reluctantly. "But why would Snape do that? What would he gain?"

"The more Death Eaters that died or captured, the better his position is with Voldemort." Hermione suggested. "Look what happened last time. Lucius lost his place as Voldemort's most trusted person. If Order members died, then Dumbledore would need Snape even more."

Harry contemplated that night and it made sense. His eyes made contact with his wife's again. "I'm going to gut the bastard," Harry said dangerously.

"We know he's not to be trusted but we might be able to use him as well. It's possible we can use him to get information to Voldemort and Dumbledore," Hermione replied. "But he is a slimy git and I do think it's safe to assume we won't be naming any of our children after him."

The last statement caught Harry off guard and he looked to find Hermione smiling. It wasn't long before they found themselves laughing at the thought. Finally they caught their breath only to have Harry start them back up by saying:

"Maybe we should name one Albus Severus."

It was one of those laughs that just looking at the other person set the laughing going again. It was ten minutes before the laughing ended that time. Finally Hermione returned to the serious discussion. "It does mean we are probably going to have to let him know that we are going. If he is the one who relayed it to Voldemort he'll need to again," She said.

"One more thing to do next week," Harry sighed.

*** June 12-14th ***

The next day and the weekend passed rapidly. Hermione completed her Arithmancy OWL with no troubles while they both started working with Luna and Neville on the spells they were going to need in the battle. They decided that they had to keep the spells to typical fifth year spells to prevent any suspicions if their wands were checked after the battle. Harry had remembered something else that had happened in the previous timeline that allowed them better use of their spells.

"Last time Umbridge tried to capture Hagrid and McGonagall went to defend him. She was hit with four stunners at once. That required her to spend several days in St. Mungos and Pomfrey was surprised it didn't kill her," Harry explained. "So if we are going to stun anyone, we're all going to hit the same person at once. That should keep them from just being revived again. If we get a chance we can also follow up stunning with a nice 'Reducto' to their ribs or arms. Remember if you are in danger, don't hold back," They all knew the plan and knew most of what they were going to be doing was shield work unless their lives were in danger.

"Sirius suggested we need a couple of them alive to prove we were tricked there," Hermione added. "I agree, but there are some of those Death Eaters that are going to die," Harry and she had discussed it. All of the Lestranges, Dolohov, Rookwood and McNair were on that list. They were still in disagreement over Malfoy. Harry wanted the man dead for all of the things he had done, while Hermione argued that with him being very senior to Voldemort, he would have the most information to give.

"It didn't happen last time Hermione," Harry reminded her. "They had all twelve of them and it did no good."

"True," Hermione finally agreed.

Harry had also worked on his Occlumency and it came as no surprise the knowledge of how to allow thoughts in was there waiting. "Thank you Miranda," He silently said into his mind.

"You're welcome Harry," The Goddess replied. "Be careful and take care of your soul mate next week."

"Next week and every week for all time," Harry replied.

*** June 15th ****

On Monday morning they were preparing for their potions OWL. Though Neville was doing very well making the potions in the Room of Requirements, he still had a hint of green in his facial color.

"You'll be fine Neville," Hermione said in encouragement. "You've been making the potions near perfection in practice."

"I...I know but this will be for real and I…I keep thinking of Snape," Neville admitted nervously.

Luna leaned over and whispered something in Neville's ear. The young man immediately blushed and his eyes went wide as he turned to stare at the blonde-haired witch, but he slowly nodded and a determined look appeared on his face along with a far away look and grin.

As they were leaving the Great Hall Hermione whispered to Luna, "What did you tell Neville?"

"I noticed how Harry seems fascinated with your breasts, so I told Neville I'd show him mine if he did well on his OWL," Luna said casually. "Though I'd show him anyway if he asked."

"Oh..." Hermione replied surprised.

"Yes, Neville is very smart and he very well might get an O with the right encouragement," Luna stated. "If showing him a part of my body helps him do well. Then it would be silly of me not to."

Hermione looked at the younger girl. "Do you like Neville?" She asked. "I mean as more than a friend type like? I don't mean to be rude but I don't want you to think Harry and I are pushing you two…The last time you two didn't…"

"Neville is very nice and yes I do like him," Luna replied truthfully and then smiled. "He and I might be becoming closer because of your friendship and trust, but not because of you. Were we with other people the last time?"

"No…no you weren't."

"So maybe we were going to be together and now it's happening earlier, or maybe it's not going to happen at all," Luna said matter-of-factly. "I've never been close to a boy or been on a date so..." Luna shrugged.

Hermione smiled at her friend. "You know, you went on a date with Harry next year. Well as friends anyway."

"Oh really," Luna asked as she took Hermione's arm. "Tell me all about my date with your husband."

"Next year there was a new Potions Master named…" Hermione began and the rest of the story unfolded. It wasn't much of a story, but Luna couldn't help but tease Harry when they caught up to him and Neville.

"So I understand we were an item next year Harry," Luna said taking his arm. "You took me on dates and everything. Peeves was even telling everyone how much you loved me."

"WHAT?" Harry exclaimed and looked at Hermione who was giggling.

"I told her about you taking her to Slughorn's party," Hermione said still trying to control her laugh.

"Oh," He looked at Luna and gave his saddest eyes. "I'm sorry Luna but this time I'm a married man, we'll just have to let it stay in our memories."

"Well if we must, we must," Luna replied. "Though since I don't have that memory, you're going to have to give it to me."

"Of course, though it's not much. I was busy doing other things," Harry admitted.

"Yes, you left me to go follow Draco," Luna said. "You could have just asked him to go with you. I know we both have blond hair..."

Three teenagers were laughing at a sputtering Harry for a few minutes.

The written portion of the Potion's exam wasn't nearly as brutal as it had been two years ago after Hermione precise studying preparations. The practical was even easier. Half way through the brewing Hermione said. "Look at Neville."

Harry looked over to the next table where Neville was wearing a look of intense concentration as he carefully worked through each ingredient.

"Luna promised him a reward if he does well in this exam," Hermione explained.

"What kind of reward?"

Hermione told her husband the agreement and he almost spilled his vial of liquefied tubeworms he was holding as he had to contain his laugh.

"So what do I get if I do well?" Harry asked.

"Well if you do poorly, I doubt I'll share my bed with you for a while," Hermione replied.

Harry's own eyes widen but for the rest of the exam it would have been interesting to see who was concentrating more, Harry or Neville.

**** June 16th ****

"Missuss…Missuss." Winky said quietly to Hermione the next morning.

Again Hermione was awake instantly but stopped herself before rolling off her bed. "Winky?"

"Yes Missus, it's Winky," The little elf had blood shot eyes and was weaving on the spot. But she was holding out a sheet of parchment. "Winky got this for you. Winky's not slept until she could fix what Winky did wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong Winky," Hermione said quickly as she took the parchment. She instantly realized it was in Ginny's handwriting. It was a list of various potions and the steps to making them. She looked down at the little elf. She was about to chastise the little elf and explain that she didn't need to do what she did but then reconsidered. It had actually been her own fault for not explaining things properly. She carefully gathered her thoughts. "Winky, this is wonderful. You did a great job. Let me jot these down and you can return this to where you got it so she doesn't know," She quickly pulled out parchment and wrote the names down. She could get the books later and look up the rest of the information.

"Now you return this and then go to sleep. Sleep until you are no longer sleepy," Hermione said. "Do you understand?"

"Winky understands missus. Winky is happy Winky could fix her mistake," And she popped out.

Hermione shook her head as she stared at the spot where the elf had been and gave a sigh. "It really is going to take time understanding house-elves," She looked down at the list and shook her head again. "Ginny is really getting annoying," She thought. "Dangerous too. I wonder if we should tell someone."

*** E E ***

"What should we do about Ginny?" Hermione asked Harry. It was Tuesday evening and she had looked up the potions and what they did.

Harry closed his eyes as he thought of the youngest Weasley. "Does she really think she can get away with using a love potion again this year? I mean after the last time..."

"It's Ginny," Hermione replied in answer. "She has a singular focus and that focus happens to be you."

"I know," Harry muttered. "Can she have any of them done by Friday?"

"No, they all take over a week and that's if she can find the ingredients already prepared."

"Then let's concentrate on the Ministry until then," Harry declared. "One issue at a time. Dobby and Winky can keep watching out for her. We'll want to know where she's brewing them."

"Thinking of doing something?"

"Maybe we can have someone catch her or at least find the potions brewing before they are finished."

"If she is caught, she could face criminal charges," Hermione said. "I don't care so much about her, but it'd look bad on Mr. Weasley and he got a promotion this summer last time."

"We have to do something," Harry replied. "We can't just wait for her to hex or poison you."

"I know, but let's wait until the summer and deal with her away from school."

Harry sighed. "We'll discuss it again next week."

Hermione nodded and both of them turned back to the star charts they were studying. At least this time the Astronomy practicals shouldn't be interrupted. They studied in silence for several minutes before Harry's thoughts turned to the battle that was coming up and Voldemort in general.

"Have any thoughts about the Horcruxes," He asked his wife.

Hermione put down her quill and she looked up. "Not really," She admitted. "The diadem is easy enough, though not sure how to find it for Dumbledore if he tells us about them," She said. "I wonder why Riddle hid it amongst all of that garbage and not somewhere like the Cham..." Hermione stopped as an idea came to her. "Let's get the Diadem and put it in the Chamber," She said. "Then if and when Dumbledore tells us about them, we can suggest we search the Chamber and it can be found easily by him."

"Does that really gain us anything?" Harry asked.

"Don't you see? If we were to stumble across the Horcrux in that huge room filled with junk a couple of days after him telling us about them, it could seem very suspicious," Hermione explained. "But for it to be in the Chamber of Secrets...in fact the Chamber is exactly where I'd expect the Horcrux to be if I was Dumbledore, why hasn't he gone to look?"

"Maybe he did," Harry suggested. "I mean you and Ron got in."

"But only because Ron was able to mimic you," Hermione said.

Harry remembered that night. The search for the diadem and then Hermione and Ron showing up with the fangs. He remembered Hermione saying what Ron did and then it struck him. "No," Harry said. "That's wrong."

"What is?" Hermione asked.

"I didn't think of it then, but when Ron tried to show me what he had done, I only heard him making a horrible hissing sound."

"So? That's what it sounds like."

"Don't you see? I should have heard him speak Parseltongue," Harry explained. "I should have heard him say open. I've never been able to tell when something is speaking Parseltongue since I hear the words."

Hermione was also remembering that night. The smug look of triumph on Ron's face when he finally had done something equal to Harry. "You're right," she finally said. "What does that mean?"

"I think it means Dumbledore has already returned to the Chamber," Harry replied.

"But he couldn't..."

"Once he knew exactly where it was, he could easily have removed that whole sink." Harry explained. "And for some reason only his logic would ever understand, he probably tried to hide he'd ever been there. When he replaced the sink, he probably had to make it open to any hissing type of sound since he can't speak Parseltongue. Same thing with the Chamber itself, he could have easily removed the locking mechanism or blasted through the rock itself," Harry shrugged as he thought about the Headmaster. "As fixated as Dumbledore has been on Tom Riddle, could you imagine him not going into the Chamber? Especially once I laid a horcrux down in front of him? I mean he tracked down and took memories from house elves looking for clues."

"Very true," Hermione agreed. She smiled at her husband. "You should have seen the smug look on Ron's face when he made it open. He'd thought he had done something spectacular."

"He still had that look when you two showed up," Harry replied trying not to remember the two of them kissing.

Hermione knew what Harry was thinking of. "Like I said, it was a pretty horrible kiss. Nothing like the kisses you and I share," she then proceeded to remind him how well their kisses worked.

"So back to the Horcruxes, I do like the idea of maybe putting the horcruxes in places easier to find," Harry said after a few minutes of enjoying Hermione's lips. "We can't go near the ring. I don't think we are strong enough to get around the protections on it."

"I agree," Hermione concurred. "Hopefully Dumbledore has told us about the Horcruxes and we can help him, otherwise I'm not sure what we can do. We should try to think of a plan if he doesn't."

"Bellatrix's vault?" Harry asked. "Any ideas?"

"Go to the goblins?" Hermione suggested. "Maybe offer the Sword of Gryffindor to them?"

"That might work," Harry said. "We need some more guidance before doing that. Maybe we can ask Bill in a manner not to raise suspicion."

"Maybe Bill can do it for us?" Hermione suggested. "Maybe we can let him on the secret."

Harry stopped and considered a few moments. "Maybe, but I'm not ready to go there yet. I'd prefer to wait until the summer and talk to him."

They named the horcruxes again, ring, cup, diadem, Nagini, locket and Harry.

"I wonder if we can get to Nagini earlier this time?" Hermione asked.

"Do you know where Voldemort is right now?"

"Malfoy Manor?" Hermione suggested.

"Maybe. I wished there was a way..." Harry started before his eyes went wide. "There is and I think I know what we can do."


"Dobby," Harry said. "On Thursday a lot of the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself will be at the Ministry," He explained. "We can see if Dobby will pop over there and see if there is any evidence of Voldemort."

"But Harry..." Hermione exclaimed with a shocked look on her face. "The last time Dobby went there..."

"I know Hermione, but I think this is important," Harry explained. "But it will be his choice."

"It doesn't matter Harry. Dobby will do it just because you think it's important whether he wants to or not. Winky stayed awake for days trying to fix a mistake she only thought she had made."

Harry sighed. "I know, but I'm also thinking about Wormtail. If we knew he was there we might be able to do something about Sirius in case Fudge doesn't agree to help."

"Let's think about that some more," Hermione said and again they lapsed into silence. Each of them started thinking of the small grave near Shell Cottage. From the death of Dobby the deaths of so many of their other friends came to mind. "Not this time. This time Malfoy and Bellatrix will die Thursday. Bellatrix will die..." She mentally repeated. "Harry... it's going to change. We have to figure something out."

"What?" Harry asked confused.

"Bellatrix's vault. Hopefully she's going to die in two days. When she does, what will happen to her vault?"

Harry thought about the question before answering. "Sirius' gold was put in my vault," He said. "So it seems whoever inherits her vault will have the cup moved to their vault."

"So who would inherit from her if her husband and his brother die at the same time?"

"Narcissa and Andromeda are her sisters," Harry offered.

Hermione eyes widened as she remembered something that had happened almost a year ago to them. "It's not important Harry. I just remembered that the Ministry can waylay items considered dark by the Decree of Justifiable Confiscation when being passed on in an inheritance. Remember Scrimgeour used it to look at the stuff Dumbledore left us."

"That's right," Harry exclaimed excitedly. "No breaking into Gringotts this time."

"If Dumbledore is back as head of the Wizengamot, he should be suspicious enough to look...or maybe we need an excuse for him too," Hermione said.

"Have anything in mind."

"Yes, that is if we can get him to tell us about Horcruxes," Hermione replied.

*** E E ***

With his Occlumency lowered, Harry could feel the attempts by Voldemort to send him images. The familiar burning of his scar occurred when he did. It took a lot of willpower to overrule the Occlumency and allow it to happen. Harry ended up waking from a sound sleep twice to scenes of the Ministry of Magic and of Blue orbs.

Thursday finally rolled around and the four friends gathered for breakfast in the Room of Requirements. Very little was said, but eyes glancing around the table said a lot. It was made even worse because Winky had told them the previous morning that Ginny had started brewing four different potions after receiving ingredients from owls. Harry and Hermione agreed to figure out what to do about her after the Battle that night.

"I think we have to see if Dobby will try Hermione," Harry said finally. "We might not get another chance with so few people guarding the place. Draco will be home in a week."

"I agree Harry," Hermione replied. "But his first order is to be careful."

When Dobby next appeared to serve breakfast, Harry asked him to sit with them.

"Dobby," Harry began. "You know what we are going to do tonight right?"

"Dobby knows," The elf replied. "Doby has Harry Potter's pepper up potions ready to go."

"We want to ask if you would do something," Harry said and before the elf could speak up he continued. "This falls under your order of if you don't want to do it, you must tell us. Do you understand?"

"Dobby understands," The elf replied. "What can Dobby do to help?"

"We want to know if, while your old Master and Voldemort," Dobby winced at the name, but he had been getting better at hearing it, "are fighting us, if you could go to Malfoy Manor and see if you can tell if that's where Voldemort is hiding. If it is, can you find out if Nagini, Voldemort's snake and Peter Pettigrew are there?"

"Dobby can do that," The elf replied nervously.

"You are to be careful Dobby. That is an order. If you are in danger, you have to leave no matter what," Hermione added. "You remember what we told you about what happened in the future."

"Dobby will do what needs to be done."

"Then you'll go with us to the Ministry and as soon as you see Voldemort, you go to Malfoy Manor," Harry instructed.

"Dobby nodded that he understood.

They had realized there was no way Voldemort could have expected Harry to fall asleep during the History exam. He just took advantage of it when it had happened. So they were going to finish the History OWL and then Harry would lie down shortly after dinner. A trip to Madam Pomfrey had supplied them with a simple sleeping potion. The Pepper-up potion would counter-act the effects when Harry awoke from Voldemort's influenced vision.

It was shortly after dinner when Harry took the potion and laid down. Hermione, Neville and Luna were all gathered around him. As he drifted off to sleep, the visions came almost instantly. It was a vision he had replayed in his mind many times after the last Battle of the Ministry and Sirius had died. Nothing changed in what Voldemort sent. An image of Sirius racked in pain but still defiant as he told Voldemort to kill him. Voldemort suggesting it would be hours before he would get around to killing Sirius.

Harry woke up with his scar on fire and looked around wildly. He felt his heart rate lessen as he saw the concern on Hermione's face looking at him. He concentrated and brought the occlumency barriers back up, hoping that Voldemort would not get too suspicious of that. They were certain though that Snape had told Voldemort of the Occlumency skills Harry now had, but the lack of focus could have easily been explained to weariness due to OWLs.

"Did it work?" Hermione asked when Harry opened his eyes again.

"Yeah…exact same vision as before," Harry answered. He pulled out the mirror and said. "Sirius Black."

"Yeah pup," The answer came almost immediately.

"I presume you are not currently being tortured by Voldemort in the Hall of Prophecies?"

"Nope, definitely not," Sirius replied. "I presume everything is working so far?"

"Yeah and we hope it still does," Harry replied. "There was one thing we thought of," Harry quickly relayed their suspicions on what Snape might be doing.

"So we'll see when he thinks to tell us," Sirius said. "It will tell us a lot though."

"I shut my mind back down to Voldemort," Harry said. "If the Death Eaters are there, it will mean that either Snape told Voldemort or Voldemort is a real idiot. If he does contact you earlier, call us on the mirror, but make sure the Order doesn't get there too fast."

"Good Luck Harry!" Sirius said. He knew they had a good plan that should keep the risk down after the initial confrontation but he still had a look of concern.

"See you soon," Harry replied. He put away the mirror and looked at Hermione, Neville and Luna. "Everyone ready for this?" He asked. As everyone nodded he continued. "Then let's make this happen."


*They took off for the Ministry as dusk. Give them an hour once they landed to find the Hall of Prophecy, an hour to battle the Death Eaters, heck give an hour for the Dumbledore/Voldemort Battle and the portkey trip back to Hogwarts and it is dawn. On June 18th 1996 Sunset in Edinburgh was at ten pm and sunrise was at four-thirty…even giving three hours for all the other stuff to happen (and it didn't take that long) and a pretty short night that still means at least a 3 hour Thestral ride and Snape telling the order between 1:30-3am.

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