Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



11. Chapter 11

Ginny Weasley shuddered once again as she pulled the covers over her head in an attempt to hide from her own memories. She remembered looking up from her bed to see Millicent Bulstrode staring at her from the dorm doorway. Of her confessing her love as she pinned Ginny's body against the wall with her while insisting that a kiss would reveal the love. "The hag could have at least brushed her teeth before the kiss," Ginny thought as another shudder ran through her. She'd been fortunate that Millicent had loosened her hold during the kiss allowing Ginny to duck out of the embrace and escape.

But soon those memories were replaced by the anger brought on by worst thoughts. "Now Harry and Hermione are out patrolling together," Ginny fumed. Her brother had shown her the updated prefect's schedule. He had been ticked off to have been assigned to patrol with Anthony Goldstein. Ginny knew why of course; she knew that Ron would now have to actually do something instead of waiting for Hermione to do it all.

With each second that passed, Ginny continued to envision Harry and Hermione holding hands as they patrolled the halls. "I've got to do something, but what? It can't be potions; not again. Not with the current suspicions in the air," Ginny remembered the feeling of elation she had felt when Umbridge had accused Hermione and threatened her expulsion. "Even that had ended up going against me with Harry now being a prefect," She grumbled to herself.

"No definitely can't use potions again at school, but..." An idea popped into the ginger haired girl's head. "What if I give him a potion as he is heading toward his relatives' house again?" She remembered how Dumbledore had prevented anyone from communicating with Harry the previous year. "No one will be able to tell that Harry has been influenced for weeks and by then..." She smiled as she started thinking. "I'll write to him and he'll be grateful and with the potions... yes that'll work. I can do something similar to Hermione. She'll be out in the muggle world with no contact; no one will catch on to her being under potions. Ron can write her..."

"I am going to need a much stronger love potion though. Something that lasts for months," She finally thought after her mental cackle had settled down. "Maybe the jealousy potion again as well...but then I will need a new boyfriend to write Harry about and make him jealous," Her thoughts turned to who she should ensnare this time. "If it has to go on into next school year, someone in his dorm would be best. Someone he would have to see each and every day," Of course her brother was out. She thought of Neville and then remembered who he was currently interested in. "Becoming the girlfriend of someone who can only interest Loony Lovegood would really not be good for my popularity," She thought. "Besides I don't want to be covered in that sap again," That left only Seamus or Dean. Ginny knew Seamus was currently seeing Pavarti Patil and she didn't need someone else angry at her. "Dean it is then," She thought.

With her plan firmly in mind she turned over in her bed and quickly drifted off to sleep where she dreamed of her Harry holding her in his arms. The dream turned into a nightmare when he morphed into Millicent Bulstrode right in the middle of a kiss. She awoke from her dream coated in sweat and her heart beating rapidly. She was too terrified to return to sleep in case the nightmare returned.

The next morning, Ginny set out immediately to get what she needed. First she paid a trip to Hagrid's hut where she easily convinced him that she needed a pass to the restricted section of the library to prepare for his end of the year test. She remembered the book that Hermione had mentioned she had found the Polyjuice Potion in and started there. As she perused 'Moste Potente Potions' in the back of the library, she came across several potions she could use. The Elixir of Devotion, Draft of Desires, the Elixir of Envy and Jealousy, and Draught of Disgust. The latter one piqued Ginny's curiosity since it makes a person disgusted with another. "That will work to separate those two," She thought. "I don't know what she did to my Harry, but I will show him I'm his heart's desire, no matter what it takes."

She quickly jotted down the complex instructions of each of the potions, double-checking each of the steps to make sure it was written correctly and then put the book away. She did not want anyone to know she had even looked at the book. She then studied the required ingredients and a feeling of despair sunk in. "I can't get these ingredients, not here at Hogwarts," She was most of the way back to her dorm lost in trying to find another solution when a plan came to mind of how to get the ingredients she needed.

"I might not be able to get them, but I do have a large family. As long as I don't ask for all the ingredients from one person..." With her heart lifted once more, she dashed back to her dorm and started writing notes.


I am working on an end of the year project in potions and I lost the Fluxweed that was given out. I'd prefer to not tell Professor Snape since it might affect my final grade. Could you send me some?


I am working on an end of the year project in potions and I screwed up the stewing step of my lacewings. I am desperate. Snape will fail me if I don't get this done correctly. Can you see if the apothocary in Diagon Alley has some already stewed and send them to me?


I am working on an end of the year project for extra credit just like you used to do. Guess you made an impression on me. Unfortunately I think I might have undertaken a project more complicated than I thought. The potion I am trying to make needs Powdered Graphorn and I didn't realize it until it was too late. If I don't add it within two days, the potion is going to be ruined. Can you send me some?


How's my favorite big brother. I need your help. I am helping a friend complete an end of the year potion and she realized she didn't have any Alihotsy leaves. Is there any way you can send some?

After completing the notes, she quickly ran to the Owlry and sent each of them off to the various people. As she watched the owls disappear into the distance she turned and smiled as she thought of her plan again.

**** E E ****

After breakfast the next morning when Harry and Hermione were doing some last minute studying with Neville for the Defense OWL, Winky popped in beside them.

"Master..Missus," She said when she saw no one else was around.

"You can call us Harry and Hermione," Hermione said.

Winky didn't acknowledge the statement but continued. "Yous wanted to know if Misses Weazy did anything with potions?"

That statement made Harry and Hermione quickly pay a greater attention to the elf. "What did she do?" Harry asked.

"Winky only saw her reading potions book," Winky admitted. "Does Master and Misses want to know about that?" Winky asked nervously.

"Her schoolbook?" Hermione asked to clarify.

"No misses, Miss Weazy was in the other part of the library where students aren't normally allowed to go."

"The Restricted Section?" Hermione asked but immediately knew that was what Winky was talking about. "What book was she reading?"

"It was this book," Winky replied and with a snap of her fingers 'Moste Potente Potions' appeared in her hands.

Hermione's eyes flew open wide. She instantly recognized the book from their second year, but something far more important had just happened.

"You...you can take books from the restricted section? How...I mean...it..." Words failed her as she stared at the book.

"Misses asked what book," Winky replied. "Winky only doing what she was told."

Neville explained. "Hermione, you asked her what book. Now that you are her Mistress, she will obey you. There is very little that can stop a house elf's magic in response to their master or mistresses request."

Hermione was still staring at the book as a whole new world opened to her. The actual implications of what just happened were still being processed in her mind. The restricted section of the library was now completely open to her without a need to get permission, but it was also against the authority structure she believed in.

Harry could feel the conflict and decided to break her out of her thoughts. "Just remember that we need every resource we can get and we just found another. We don't have to go to a professor every time we need a book in the restricted section. But right now we have a bigger problem," He nodded at the book, "we know the level of potions that book contains and if Ginny was looking at it, I'm very concerned."

"True," Hermione turned to Winky. "Did you see what she was looking at in the book?"

"No Missus," Winky replied sadly. "Winky did not do a good job."

"Winky, you did wonderfully," Hermione said softly. "Besides Harry and I are protected from love or jealousy potions. Just keep an eye on her and if she starts to brew anything while we are still at school, let us know where she is brewing it."

"Winky can do that," Winky replied. "Winky will do a better job this time," As soon as she finished saying that she apparated away.

Hermione looked at Harry but before she could speak he said. "It will take some getting used to having elves. We have to figure out how to talk to them."

"But now she thinks she didn't do a good job when she..."

"Time Hermione, it will take time," Harry replied. "Praise her first the next time."

*** E E ***

The written portion of Defense OWLS passed very quickly. It was a subject Harry got an O in the last time and still remembered everything he did for it. As they were leaving the Great Hall Madam Bones herself was waiting for them.

"Good morning Mr. Potter," She said curtly.

"Madam Bones," Harry returned the greeting.

"Undersecretary Umbridge is due to be questioned in front of the Wizengamot in four hours," Amelia said. "But I suspect Fudge will try to manipulate the time of the questioning to coincide with your practical exams. Though you are not required to give further testimony I would not put it past him to try something against your credibility to prevent Umbridge from having to be questioned. I want you there to prevent any possibility of that happening."

"But don't you have enough witnesses?" Harry asked. "With Flitwick and Snape and..."

"If he moves it up, as I suspect he will, Severus and Filius will be instructing classes," Amelia replied. "Even if I can successfully postpone it, it will allow more time for him to find another way to deflect attention away from her."

"But if I'm going to be in my OWLs..." Harry started.

Amelia nodded toward someone to her left, and Harry realized Professor Marchbanks was standing there. "Griselda will conduct your practical now if you're ready."

Harry nodded and then asked. "Can Hermione do hers as well? I would like for her to join me."

Amelia looked over at Professor Marchbanks who answered. "Certainly. Let me get one of the other Professors," She was back shortly with Professor Tofty.

Harry and Hermione worked flawlessly through the practicals. The defensive spells and counter-jinxes came second nature to both of them by now. When they had finished, Madam Bones who had been standing to the side and watching said. "That was very impressive Mr. Potter. Now I believe last summer you claimed you could perform a Patronus. Could I see it?"

Harry smiled. The last time he had stood in the hall and performed it for his OWL he had to imagine Umbridge being sacked. Now he had the actual event that he could recall. Pulling from that and the love he felt for his new wife...

"Expecto Patronum!"

The Silver Stag shot out of his wand and started cantering down the Hall only to be joined by a silver otter. Harry looked at his wife and winked as both of the Silvery animals faded into a mist.

"Miss Granger as well? Very well done," Amelia Bones replied. "Susan has been telling me about something called the DA."

Before Harry could answer, Hermione spoke up first. "It's not something we should discuss. As I understand it, the Educational Decrees are still in effect."

Amelia Bones nodded and smiled. "I understand. Now if you two are ready?" When they both nodded, she led them to the Headmaster's office where Professor McGonagall was busy looking over paperwork.

"Madam Bones, Mr. Potter and..." She delayed for a second, "Miss Granger."

"Just need to use your floo to go to the Ministry Professor."

"Of course," McGonagall replied. She turned to her two students. "When you return, I'd like a word if I may."

"Yes ma'am," Hermione answered.

It was an hour later while they were sitting in the well decorated office of the head of the Magical Law Enforcement that a small messenger paper plane came through the door. Amelia opened the plane and smiled as she read the note she had been expecting.

"Twenty minutes," She said looking at the two students in front of her. She then looked up at the clock. "Severus and Flitwick both would have had class starting right now," She called for her assistant and started giving directives.

"Make sure the following people have been notified..." She reeled off several names. "Also make sure courtroom ten is available. Right now he has courtroom three being used, but it will never hold the entire Wizengamot."

"Yes ma'am," Her assistant said and hurried out of the room. Amelia turned to Harry and Hermione. "Just a bit of politics being played. Very much like your hearing Mr. Potter. In this case though, he will have only his supporters there and just enough to make a quorum," She strolled over to the fireplace and after a bit of floo powder she said. "Hogwarts Headmaster's office."

"Yes Amelia," The voice of McGonagall said.

"Fifteen minutes in courtroom three," She said. "Can Severus or Flitwick make it?"

"Filius is right here. He rescheduled his class until later. Severus' class will be finished in twenty minutes. I'll instruct him to be there after that."


When they entered courtroom three ten minutes later, Amelia instantly noticed Cornelius Fudge sitting in the Chief Warlock's chair. She immediately raised her voice. "Minister," she said and the room instantly quieted. Amelia became even more disquieted when she noticed Umbridge sitting beside Cornelius chatting with him. "Minister. You must recuse yourself from this trial. I also must insist that Dolores take the position of the accused."

"I'm sorry Amelia but if I were to recuse myself we would not have enough for a quorum. As you can see we have barely enough."

Amelia Bones smiled. "Fortunately you gave me enough time to ensure that would not be a problem," As she said those words the members of the Wizengamot whom she had notified of the change entered.

"I...yes well my schedule is quite full now and...and I had to make certain changes to get this ridiculous questioning completed," Cornelius said. "Madam Umbridge is an outstanding member of my staff and to have to face such a travesty of justice is absurd."

"As you say Minister," Amelia answered. "But Dolores Umbridge does stand accused and we must question her."

"Accused by Harry Potter, a boy who spins fantasies of dead people coming back to life?" Fudge snarled.

"Excuse me Minister, but it's crowded in here now. Shall we move to courtroom ten?" Amelia asked while making no comment on the Minister's accusation. "I made sure it was available before arriving."

Cornelius Fudge looked around and could see what amounted to the entire Wizengamot now in the room, many with no place to sit. "Yes…yes we should move there," He growled with a look of disgust.

The delay allowed Severus Snape to arrive. Just as he entered courtroom three, he immediately had to turn around and move to courtroom ten. It took every elevator to carry the entire Wizengamot to level nine.

As Harry and Hermione exited the elevator, their eyes fell upon the black door at the end of the hall that led to the Department of Mysteries. "We'll be back in a week," Harry said.

"I know," Hermione replied and Harry could feel the trepidation she felt.

Just short of the black door, they turned left and walked down the staircase to the tenth level. Fudge looked around in frustration as the seats of the Wizengamot filled. As his eyes fell upon Harry, Flitwick and Snape all sitting next to Madam Bones, his shoulders slumped in resignation. He stood up and said. "Since it is a member of my department who stands accused, I must recuse myself from these proceedings. I turn the matter over the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones," The look on Umbridge's face at those words was priceless to Harry. She looked like a toad who had just swallowed a very rotten fly.

When Amelia took the spot vacated by the Minister, her first act was to require Umbridge to sit in the chair of the accused. Harry remembered the feeling quite well of sitting in that chair.

"Dolores Umbridge," Bones started. "You stand accused of several violations of the law. Today you have been brought before the Wizengamot..."


"BE QUIET!" Bones interjected with a voice that commanded authority and Umbridge shrunk back in the seat. "You have been brought before the Wizengamot to determine if, under Veritaserum questioning, there is enough evidence to remove you from office. The violations are attempted murder of a juven..."

"I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!" Umbridge cried out again.

Bones lifted her wand and a silencing charm was sent toward Umbridge. "You will have your chance to respond, but I cannot permit you to keep interrupting these proceedings," She said. "As I was saying, you are accused of attempted murder of a juvenile, one Harry James Potter by use of Dementors on August second of last year."

Harry was watching Dolores Umbridge and he could see her eyes widen in fear.

"..you are also accused of excessive abuse to a juvenile that would equate to torture. Again that juvenile is Harry James Potter," She lifted her wand again and reversed the silencing hex. "What do you have to say in response before we administer the serum?"

"Lies," Umbridge replied in her girlish voice. "Nothing but lies from a self-serving brat. Everyone here has read his delusional accounts about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It's just another one of his attention-seeking attempts," She smiled as she noticed a lot of murmuring start among the Wizengamot.

Amelia quickly regained silence as she spoke. "I personally witnessed the testimony given by Mr. Potter under Veritaserum as did Professor Flitwick, Professor Snape and several of my Aurors."

"Dumbledore probably gave him an antidote," Someone shouted from the crowd.

"I will admit we did not check him for counter-veritaserum, I had no reason to suspect it," Bones replied.

The people started once again to murmur until Harry got to his feet. "Ma'am," He started. "I am willing to be tested for any counter-serums and to reaffirm my testimony once again under truth serum if that is what is required."

Hermione got to her feet as well. "Ma'am, I was present when we found out about her attempt and I am also willing to be questioned."

Severus Snape sighed. He couldn't believe he was actually going to help Harry Potter but he knew he had to. Getting Umbridge out of Hogwarts was necessary if he were to continue to be useful to both Dumbledore and Voldemort. He stood as well. "Members of the Wizengamot," He said, turning to make eye contact with as many of the Wizengamot members as he could. "I am the Potions Master of Hogwarts. Most of you are familiar with my abilities. I can and will attest that when a counter-serum is active in a person's system and they are given veritaserum, there are certain indications that can be observed by a trained eye. I can verify that Mr. Potter showed no signs of those indications. He did answer those questions truthfully."

Amelia looked at the Wizengamot as well. "Members of the Wizengamot, do you concur there is enough evidence as it stands to administer Veritaserum to Dolores Umbridge or do you need further testimony? May I see wands in favor of going forward with Umbridge's questioning?"

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and could feel Hermione do the same when a solid majority of the wands lit up. Again he looked at Umbridge who now looked like a toad getting ready to be run over by a hippogriff. Her wide panicking eyes were looking over at Cornelius Fudge who was looking anywhere but at his Senior Undersecretary. Her looked changed to terror when Bones ordered the administering of the serum.

"NO!" Umbridge shouted and tried to run when the Auror who had the Veritaserum was next to her. A leg locking hex sent her sprawling as she smashed her face on the stone floor. Two Aurors forced the struggling toad back into the chair and the drops of clear liquid were put in her mouth. She struggled for several more seconds, then ceased as her look of terror gave way to an unfocused stare.

"Is your name Dolores Jane Umbridge," Amelia started the questioning.


"Are you the current Senior Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic."


"Were you the one who sent Dementors to Little Whinging Surrey, a muggle neighborhood on August second of last year?"

"Yes," Came the response and an uproar started around the room as everyone started speaking at once.

"QUIET!" Madam Bones bellowed and again the room sunk into silence. She again turned to Umbridge. "Why did you send the Dementors?"

"Harry Potter had to go away," She replied. "His lies were becoming too distracting to the Ministry."

"Did you intend for the Dementors to kill Harry Potter?"

"Of course," Umbridge replied.

"You almost killed another person there as well," Bones said. "Was that your intention as well?"

"The Muggle? Who cares about muggles? They can all die for all I care."

As the uproar started up again, Harry noticed the panicked look on the face of the Minister of Magic. He remembered what Sirius had suggested and Harry knew he had to act or the Minister would face the backlash. He stood up and addressed Amelia Bones. "Ma'am, when I found out about what she had done, I also found out that the Minister knew nothing about it. Could you pose that as a question?" He turned and looked at Cornelius Fudge who had turned his gaze toward him with a questioning look.

"Of course Mr. Potter," Bones said and then speaking to Umbridge. "Dolores Umbridge, did the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, know about this attempt on Mr. Potter's life?"

"No. He was busy trying to find other ways to discredit Mr. Potter."

Harry glanced at the Minister and noticed the long breath he let out in relief. "Fudge owes us one so far," Harry said to his wife.

"Have you killed or attempted to kill anyone else?" Madam Bones asked Umbridge.

"Yes," Came the reply.

Over the next half hour, Dolores Umbridge confessed to the murder of two people including Matthew Corrigan and attempting the murder of another three people who had refused to support Fudge in one method or another. She cleared Fudge of any knowledge of the attempts. She also admitted to the abuse and torture of students at Hogwarts. Further questions gave the names of four people throughout the Ministry who had helped her including one of the sitting members of the Wizengamot who had been in courtroom three but had not come down to courtroom ten.

When the questioning had ended, Amelia Bones looked around the room at stunned faces of the Wizengamot. "Members, I call upon you now to vote on whether Senior Undersecretary Umbridge should be removed from office. Those of you who believe she should be removed, please vote."

The wands were almost entirely lit.

Amelia turned back to the toad like lady. "Senior Undersecretary Umbridge, you are hereby removed from your office and will be placed under arrest for the crimes you have committed," She looked over at the Minister of Magic. "Minister, do you wish to say anything at this time?'

Cornelius looked around as he swallowed hard. "Only that my office supports the removal of the Senior Undersecretary and I wish to point out that...that I had no knowledge of the...the things she did."

"Thank you Minister," Madam Bones replied and then re-addressed the Wizengamot. "Based on this testimony I would like to immediately take Oswald Baddock into custody. Since he is a member of the Wizengamot, I need a clear majority to allow me to do that. May I ask for a vote to allow the arrest?"

Again almost every wand lit in the vote.

"Thank you," Bones said. She motioned for the Aurors nearest Umbridge to take her into custody. They confiscated her wand and led her away.

*** E E ****

It was a very happy Harry and Hermione who exited the fireplace into the Headmaster's office. Once Flitwick and Snape had departed the office, Professor McGonagall asked them to take a seat.

"I presume by the happy expressions, there is good news?" McGonagall asked.

"I think we can safely say she will not be back here any time soon," Hermione replied.

"She confessed to..." Harry turned to Hermione, "three murders..."

"Two," Hermione corrected. "And attempted murder of three...four if you include Harry last year."

"She also implicated a Wizengamot member and a couple of Ministry workers who were helping her."

"Well it seems Amelia will have her hands full for the next few days."

"Wait for another week and she won't know what hit her," Harry thought to his wife.

"I just hope she doesn't die this time," Hermione replied.

"Maybe Voldemort will kill Fudge instead."

McGonagall shifted through some parchments on her desk. "I took the liberty of asking the Ministry for an updated list of muggleborn students currently attending Hogwarts," she said as she handed one of the parchments to Hermione. "I thought you would be interested in it Miss...Hermione."

Hermione looked puzzled at the Headmistress, and then started to read the names on the list. At first a puzzled look came over her face and then her eyes lifted to look at the Headmistress.

"If it is in order, I will offer my congratulations Mr and Mrs. Potter," McGonagall said with a smile. "It seems I was wrong last week."

"Th..thanks," Hermione replied. She looked again at the official list from the Ministry of Magic. She had first been confused and very concerned when she had not seen Hermione Granger on the list. Her first thoughts had been that Umbridge had in fact expelled her before she'd been taken away. She'd understood though, when she'd seen her name further down, in the P's. Hermione Potter. She showed the list to Harry and pointed at her name.

"I thought it would be safer to ask for a large list where a name is buried and out of context to what I was looking for," McGonagall explained on her method of delivery. "Of course you are more than welcome to ask for a Marriage certificate and they will provide one. If you do that, I doubt it would be a secret for very long," She looked over her glasses at the two of them. "I am to presume you do still want it to be a secret?"

"Yes professor. We...we aren't ready for that yet," Hermione replied.

"Besides I'm not ready for her father to kill me," Harry said.

"And Dumbledore?"

"No.. we don't want him to know either."

McGonagall studied the two students in front of her for a few seconds before finally asking. "May I ask about the sudden hostility toward the Headmaster? As it is, I will be in a bind when he returns to the school."

Harry looked at Hermione and the two of them discussed it silently for a few seconds until finally Harry responded. "Professor, what do you know of my childhood? My relatives?"

"What I know or what I can deduce?" McGonagall asked. She turned and stared out the window for several seconds and then turned back to her students. "I was there the night Albus left you with your relatives," She put up a hand to stall Harry's reply so she could complete her thoughts. "I spent the whole day there after your parents died. When Albus showed up later that evening, I told him they were the worst people I could imagine," She went on to explain the letter and Hagrid showing up and finally leaving him on the doorstep.

Hermione had been listening to the story and she became more and more confused. "Professor, that doesn't make sense," she said finally.

"What do you mean?" McGonagall asked. "I was there and I know what I did."

"But...WHY were you there to start with?" Hermione asked. "If you didn't know the Potters had died, I mean you just said it was only rumors and you also said you were surprised to learn that they were Harry's only relatives. So WHY were you there all day watching them?"

McGonagall was lost in her own confusion as she tried to think what made her go to Privet Drive to start with.

"Also as I understand it, the reason Harry is safe there is because of the wards surrounding the house are based on his Aunt's blood?" Hermione continued.

"Yes, that's right," McGonagall replied. "Albus explained that to me later when I started asking about protecting Harry."

"So when did Dumbledore put up those wards?" Hermione asked. "According to your story, he showed up that night and then proceeded to leave Harry on the doorstep and then left. I would have presumed putting up the wards would have been the biggest priority to protecting Harry."

McGonagall stared at the young witch in front of her but could not find an argument.

"Didn't the Potters live in Godric Hollow?" Hermione asked. She of course knew the answer since she and Harry had been almost killed there their last Christmas. But that was two years in the future.


"But you said Hagrid took Harry from the Potters' house before the muggles showed up. If something happened that destroyed the house, they would have arrived fairly quickly. Why did it take Hagrid almost a whole day to travel a very short distance on a flying motorcycle?" She also knew that Hagrid and Harry had flown from Surrey to the Tonks' house which was even further away in just a short time the night they had 'escaped' from Privet Drive.

"I…I don't know," McGonagall answered truthfully.

Harry had never known exactly what had happened that night he had been left at the Dursleys. Now it seemed like someone else didn't either. "Professor, there has been a lot of things that do not make sense," As he cast around looking for a good excuse, he realized the perfect one had just happened. "Hermione has been going over some of the things I've described and finding problems with them as well. Everything seems to go back to the Headmaster."

"Albus…but..." McGonagall again was trying to figure out that night as well. "I remember that day and night very clearly."

"I..." Hermione had started to reply but then stopped as she looked sharply at the Transfiguration Professor. "Clearly...like it just happened?"


A paragraph from a book came floating into the memory of Hermione. It was the book she studied before modifying her parents' memories. "Professor...isn't one of the first things you learn when it comes to memory modification spells is that the new memory being implanted must be more defined because..."

"It needs to override any possible echo of the memory being modified," McGonagall finished. "Albus changed my memory of that day? Why?" She asked mostly to herself.

"I don't know what the Headmaster is doing, but a lot of things don't add up," Harry said. "Until he is willing to give me answers that make sense, I will not trust him," Harry could see the confusion on the Headmistress's face. "You said you didn't like my relatives, did you ever wonder what my life has been like with them?"

"I've often wondered," She admitted. "You see, I remember your father exceptionally well. He...he how can I say this.."

"Professor, I know my father was a bully for most of his time here."

"That might be a little harsh, but he definitely had some moments, especially when it came to a few students, one in particular."

"Snape," Harry muttered.

McGonagall lifted an eyebrow. "You are exceptionally well informed."

Harry shrugged. "It came up and Sirius verified it."

McGonagall nodded her understanding. "Well your father did like to strut, shall we say, but he was always dressed very well."

"And I'm dressed not so well?"

"That would be an overstatement sometimes. Where do you get your clothing?"

"Hand-me-downs from my cousin," Harry replied. "The Dursleys have never bought me a single item of clothing," Harry looked again toward his wife and after a couple of seconds she nodded. Harry got up from his seat and pulled off his robe. Then he pulled off his shirt, revealing the various scars that crossed his body. "This is what life with the Dursleys has been like," He said as he put his shirt and robe back on. "So as you can see, I have very little reason to trust the Headmaster right now. Next week he will once again insist I need to go live with the Dursleys. Now I will admit they haven't dared touch me since I told them that Sirius, who they believe is a mass murderer, is my Godfather, but the hatred is there still."

"Does that answer your question to why we don't trust the Headmaster?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. I guess it does," McGonagall sighed.

As Hermione and Harry rose from their chairs to depart, they both saw something that made their blood freeze. The portraits. All were awake and staring attentively at them.

"Shit," Harry mentally exclaimed.

Turning back to McGonagall Hermione asked. "Professor, are the portraits going to tell Dumbledore what we just told you?"

McGonagall looked up at the portraits and realized it was something she should have thought of them. "Portraits, as the official acting Headmistress, I order you to not discuss anything said in this office in the last twenty minutes with anyone, including Albus Dumbledore or myself. That also includes anyone where you have other portrait frames."

"Will that work?" Hermione asked.

"I hope so."

**** E E ****

A little while later Harry and Hermione met up with Neville and Luna in the Room of Requirements. They quickly brought them up to date on what had happened in the last few hours with Umbridge and McGonagall.

"How'd your Defense practicals go Neville?" Hermione asked.

"I...I think I did okay," He replied. "I had a couple of problems with the counter jinxes but I think I passed."

"Excellent," Harry said. He turned to Hermione. "Let's tell Sirius what happened today and see how he's coming with the plan," He pulled out the mirror and was staring at Sirius a few seconds later.

"How's it going Pup?" Sirius asked.

"Well we think it was a great day," Harry quickly explained what happened at the Ministry and in the courtroom. "So Umbridge is going to be facing some very serious charges."

"Sounds like it. So McGonagall is in charge now?"

"Yeah and she knows we are married, but she isn't going to tell Dumbledore."

"Still want to be there when Albus finds out and Ginny and Ron...heck I'll take Molly."

"By the way, the night my parents died...what happened?" Harry asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

Harry and Hermione explained what McGonagall remembered.

"Hagrid and I were at your parents' house very soon after it all happened. He left on my motorcycle not long afterwards, while I went searching for Peter," Sirius said. "And McGonagall said he didn't get to the Dursleys until the next day?"

"That's what she remembers."

"I don't know," Sirius replied. "Something happened. That trip is only a couple of hours at the most."

"Maybe he spent the day there putting the wards up and making the deal with the Dursleys," Hermione said. "And then he modified McGonagall's memories for some reason."

"Wait," Harry said as the conversation he had had with Dumbledore two years previous came back to him. "He said he put the spell on me and she sealed it by taking me in."

"But Professor McGonagall didn't mention Dumbledore casting any spell on you, so when did he do it?" Hermione asked. "Supposedly you came via Hagrid directly to Privet Drive and those few moments were the only time Dumbledore saw you."

"Another Dumbledore lie?" Harry asked.

"Looks that way."

"If he survives this war, I am going to kill him," Sirius snarled. "Lies and memory charms. What is that old fart playing at?"

"We know he made a deal with the Dursleys. Miranda told us that," Harry said. "So he didn't want anyone to remember that deal or whatever else happened that day," Harry felt more anger rise in him at the Headmaster. He remembered how Dumbledore had played his anger and sorrow over losing Sirius perfectly to keep him blindly following his directions leading toward Harry's death.

"Let's figure that out later Harry," Sirius said. "Want to know how we're going to kill all of the Death Eaters next week. Personally I think it's brilliant in its simplicity," He started telling them what he thought needed to happen. "So what do you think?"

"Brilliant Sirius," Hermione said. "That is brilliant."

"What about Dumbledore," Harry asked. "I just wished we could do this without him, but with Voldemort..."

"We can," Hermione said. "As long as...yes it will work."

Sirius and Harry both were looking at the witch with questioning glances.

"Remember what you just told Ollivander? Voldemort still doesn't know what happened between your wands," Hermione explained. "He has no reason to expect it to happen again. Lock his wand up dueling him again. You can keep him like that until the Minister and half the Ministry is there; not only will their opinion of you rise if you can out duel Voldemort right in front of them, but it will crush snakeface's ego to lose to you instead of Dumbledore, especially in front of people."

"Brilliant Hermione," Harry said. "And if he does get lucky and hits me with the killing curse again, I can rise from it a second time and still cause problems for him."

"It looks like we have a plan."

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