Hearth Of Dream

Crystal is the ordinary teenage girl. Good girl by morning. Drugo by school. She is constantly bullied. Constantly mistaken. And not who you would expect her to be. Listen to her story and wait for the moment you realise that some have it hard.

(Also a trailer will be made ASAP)


2. Wednesday

~~~ 2 Days Earlier ~

Buzzing from the alarm awoke Crystal from her long sleep. She stretched her arms to the ceiling, as if she could float through it. That all she wished for, a time where she can just float way to the heavens above her. She kicked off the sheets with hate. Her window was closed, and her room was dark. She looked at the clock. 7:28 Am. Why such a time? You ask. She liked to be different. She dragged her own body out of bed. She groaned as she noticed her calendar. Wednesday. Why of all days must it be her mother’s birthday? She had completely forgotten to get her a present.
After about ten minutes to get dressed, she came down stairs to greet her mother and kiss her a Happy Birthday kiss. Her mother pulled down her newspaper she was reading and looked at her frail daughter.
"You forgot again. Didn't you?" her mother smiled. Crystal gave her a nervous smile that said 'Yeah Sorry Mum' her mother laughed it off. "It's okay. I know how forgetful you are sometimes" Crystal made a coffee and placed next to her mother on the table and kissed her cheek one more time that said 'I'm Leaving Now' and grabbed her bag from the couch on her way out. Her mother always packed her bag for her. Even on days like this. Her mother was a single mother. Crystal's father was thrown in jail for man slaughter. And her older brother died last year from an overdose.

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