Hearth Of Dream

Crystal is the ordinary teenage girl. Good girl by morning. Drugo by school. She is constantly bullied. Constantly mistaken. And not who you would expect her to be. Listen to her story and wait for the moment you realise that some have it hard.

(Also a trailer will be made ASAP)


3. Wednesday Prt.2

Crystal skipped her own way down the street. Even at 15 she loved to walk past the playground and have a quick swing on the swings. She loved it. It was her childhood that she still loved apart from her mother. She was grateful for what she got. Unlike other kids. Who whine for a new phone, or for their nails to get done, or their eyebrow’s. She didn't care about how she looked, she never wore make-up. But she wasn't a perfect kid with money to bail their way out of anything. She would sometimes skip school and go to the abandoned greenhouse 20 minutes away from school and get quick high with some other kids from neighbouring schools.
As Crystal entered the school, she was immediately targeted from the 'Popular' girls. Which in her opinion were just a bunch of Bitches who bitched about everything.
"Hey freak!" said one of them, she had perfectly blonde hair with a cake face. Crystal's hair was in a ponytail. And her face was clean from pollution.
"What is it now Blaire? Are you here to blackmail me? Or to kick me down? Make me feel bad about myself like I always already do?" Blaire snarled at her, her little posse of Bitches made their way behind Crystal, they knocked her bag off her shoulder and kicked it away. She's used to this, threats, a couple of slaps and punches and they were on thier way. But for some reason today was going to be different. But Crystal didn't know that though. All she knew was that she was in for a beating. Crystal stood there silently as the girls circled her, other students were surrounding the area, like everyday, they always hope to see a fight. Hoped that she would fight back. Blaire smirked and slapped Crystal clear across the face. Making her turn her face, but she kept her balance on her feet, she slowly turned her head to face Blaire with a straight face, and a red hand mark on the left side of her face. Blair's smiked disappeared.

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