Hearth Of Dream

Crystal is the ordinary teenage girl. Good girl by morning. Drugo by school. She is constantly bullied. Constantly mistaken. And not who you would expect her to be. Listen to her story and wait for the moment you realise that some have it hard.

(Also a trailer will be made ASAP)


4. "Think Twice Before Approaching Me Next Time!"

“You little bitch!” Blaire slapped her one more time on the other side of her face, but still she was upright. Blaire snarled and went for a puch to the head. Crystal raised her hand and arm up in time, blocking Blaire's attack.
“I've had enough of your insults!” Crystal gave her a hard stare in her eye's.
“Is that suppose to intimmerdate me?!” she growled.
“No” Crystal smiled with hatered “But this is!” Blaire's eye's widened as Crystal pulled Blaire's arm down and kneed her in her stomach. Blaire's group backed up in shocke. Blaire fell to the ground as Crystal picked up her bag. “Think twice before you approach me next time!” Crystal spat on Blaire and walked off giving everyone around her a stare 'You want to have a go to?!'. Everyone backed out of her way as she walked off.
Crystal was enjoying her thrid class. She got to blow up some chemicals.  She was about to mix some Sodium with Vinegar to see what would happen, when an Office lady came to the door looking for her. Crystal groaned and removed her lab coat and safety goggles.
Crystal sat in a chair waiting to see the Principle.
“Great that bitch dobbed me in!” she said to herself as she sat there with her arms crossed and leaning half her back on the back of the chair and dragged herself down. The Priciple came down the hallway and signaled her to come through and follow him. She grabbed her bag and got up, slightly stomping her feet on the ground.
She was just pissed as she was when she was dragged out of Science.
“Crystal!” he said, when ever he said her name, it would send shivers down her spine, “It has come to my attention that you assulted a student this morning-”
“Yeah! In self defence! She's been fucking doing it to me for years so I finally fucking did something about it!” she said in her defence. He looked at her with shock.
“Then why haven't you dont anything about it before?! We could have helped yo-”
“I've fucking tried to get your help! I put it on paper! I put it on the bullying sites! EVERYTHING! But you don't seem to fucking do anything about it!” she grabbed her bag and stood up “This is why I fucking hate you! This school! And my life!” she stormed out of the office and out of the front gate. She pulled out her phone and went through her contacts. Jonny. She smiled and called him. Three buzzes.
“Hey Cryssy. Whats up?” a muffled voice on the other side on the line said.
“I'm going to the greenhouse” she said in response.
“I'm on my way!” and with that they hung up.

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