Hearth Of Dream

Crystal is the ordinary teenage girl. Good girl by morning. Drugo by school. She is constantly bullied. Constantly mistaken. And not who you would expect her to be. Listen to her story and wait for the moment you realise that some have it hard.

(Also a trailer will be made ASAP)


5. Jonny

The greenhouse was her main hang out spot. She would go there just to hang out, or even just for a puff. She opened the warm and broken glass door. Jonny was already waiting in there for her. His shoulder length hair was muffled, and he was wearing his usual. Baggy grey jeans and high top sneakers. Bulky ones. And his black hooded jacket unzipped with no shirt on underneath. She was use to it. He handed her a rolled bit of paper.
“Thanks!” she said as she grabbed a lighter on the bench. She lit it and took a breath, in hailing the smoke. He chuckled. “What?” she said as she breathed out the smoke.
“Nah nothing” he looked her in the eye. “It's just that...” Jonny was one of her old friends ex boyfriends. She wouldn't say she had a crush on him, but she did find him attractive with his snake bites, and his eyebrow piercing above his left eye.
~~He smiled at her slightly.
“It's just what?” she said as she took another puff of the weed in her hand.
“Well I have always found you so pretty” a small blush appeared on his pale face, which made her blush.
“Your just saying that cause you know I come here after Blaire does the usual routine.” she looked away and had another breath in. He came closer to her and cornered her. “Ah, Jonny?” she backed up as far as she could. He placed his  arms on glass walls around her.
“What's the matter gorgeous? Your not scared are you?” he lifted her chin to look her in the eye. Hers widened and his, were filled with dominance and strength. His face came closer to hers, he smiled as their lips lightly brushed together. She pulled her lips back in anger and pushed him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” she yelled at him.
“Me! All I'm trying to do is be nice to you!” he grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the glass, making her drop the weed on the ground. “You know what? I've tried to be nice to you by giving you weed, being nice in any other way, I've even gotten you a Vape! And I'm not waiting any longer for you!” he pushed his face onto her in a fast motion, she flinched slightly. She will admit though, she had always wanted to know what he tasted like, and he was sweet. She slowly kissed him back, he started to glide his lips along hers, he let go of her wrists and slip his hands to her waist, she brought her hands to his back when her phone buzzed. He pulled back to let her answer it. He held her waist.
“Hey Mum!” she said calmly, he pulled her close and started to kiss her neck.
“Why do I have to get a call saying that you attacked a student and ran out of school when you were meant to be with the principle?!” her mother yelled over the phone.
“It was Blaire who fucking started all that shit!” Crystal replied with a harsh tone. Jonny pulled away from her neck and looked at her.
“Watch your language young lady! I don't want you coming home until you deal with all this drama!”
“Then don't ever expect me to come home!” Crystal hung up and looked at Jonny.
“You...okay?” he asked her.
“Just shut up” she leaped onto him and locked their lips again. “She can go get fucked!” he chuckled and pushed her up to the glass gently again.

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