Hearth Of Dream

Crystal is the ordinary teenage girl. Good girl by morning. Drugo by school. She is constantly bullied. Constantly mistaken. And not who you would expect her to be. Listen to her story and wait for the moment you realise that some have it hard.

(Also a trailer will be made ASAP)


1. HELP!!!

The hospital ward was in chaos. Doctors and nurses rushing in and out of Crystal's room. Crystal's mother was crying waterfalls and yelling at the nurse who tried to get her to leave, throwing her arms around and screaming at her daughter to open her eyes. She was dragged out. Crystal's hearts monitor went from a small timed beats to a long scream.
"Whats going on?" a doctor said as he walked into the room and shut the door.
"She was okay for a few minutes until she went out of reach" a nurse said as she placed on gloves and an apron. Another nurse was pressing against Crystal's chest hard to get her heart going. The oxygen tube in Crystals mouth was flowing a smooth breeze through Crystals throat into her lungs.

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