Luke hemmings Bad boy

Luke Hemmings is a bad boy, fuckboy I should say. Ashley is a girl that has a bit of piercings, but that is as far as she'll get to being bad but everyone has secret don't they? Luke's mom and Ashley's dad get married, and then what'll happened.


1. moving and school

Ugh. Moving day is stupid. I want to stay in America but since the divorce with my mom, cause she made the most money, dad is moving us away literally half the world over so he doesn’t have to see her. She cheated on my dad, her husband.  I have gabs my older brother, its actually gabe but I like to call him gabs, because when he was younger, he would peel his scabs and literally never let them dry he would bleed and he’d never be satisfied. One time he dug in so deep, he could see his bone. Got it stitched up, never picked again but I still call him gabs. So we pack up and move all the way to Australia.

Time skip to when they fully moved in.

I went to my bus stop and saw a guy with a few tattoos and a lip ring. Ice blue eyes. Blonde hair. So hot and a bad boy too.( This is The Luke in the cover the old Luke )  Meanwhile, I had black going to ombre blue hair, nose and lip piercing. Tattoo on my arm of my sister that died when she was born. On the tattoo was written, April born on May, 28, 2015. She would have been two by now. Why is life so unfair. I guess we all have a fate and a day when we are destined to die. But I guess if you think of it one way, we have two eyes two ears two arms two legs two hands and only one heart because you are supposed to find the other one. Life is just the path you take and your story. I stare of into a distance when a girl stumbles into me.

“Im sorry.”

“No its ok.”

“Oh, new to school?”


“You don’t have an accent, I’m guessing you are not Aussie.”


“I am summer. I will be your guide and your I’m guessing first best friend here.”

“Thank you so much, and I’m Katreya or kat.”

“No it is nothing. And cool name"

“Who is that guy?”

“Why? Do you think he is hot?” She whispers

I nod, and she practically screams in my ear.

“That is Luke hemmings. He has slept with every girl in this school, I advise you to not get near to him. He is a bad boy.”


“The only ones he hasn’t got is you and me because I have a boyfriend in america. Online”

“That’s where I came from!”

“Thats cool, also, I know its personal, but are you a virgin?”

“No. “

“What happened?”

“Drunk in a bar with fake license.”

“Oh but…”

“I take birth control pills, ya know to be careful.”


She takes my phone and adds herself as SUMMER:)

“Gotta go to first period.”

“Yeah me too. Um where’s ur locker?”

“Over there its 84577”

“Oh ill meet you there every day.”

“Thanks you’re the best.”

I walk into my class room and sit in a seat kinda in the back. There is one seat behind me.

Just then Luke walks in just before the bell rings and spots me and sits behind me.

“New here, babygirl? I can show ya around.”

I turn around and have to look up because he is a good foot taller than me.

“No thanks, I have a friend.”

“I can be more than a friend, babygirl”

“I have no interest for an enemy.”

“Class, we have someone new so please be nice to her. Will you come up to the front and introduce yourself?”

“Um, ok.”

I walk up to the front. “My name is Katreya but you may call me Kat. I moved here from America.”

I see people snigger at my accent. I walk back to my seat and Luke says,

“Your accent is sexy.”

“Ha, No.”

I turn my attention back to the teacher when she leaves.

“You have a free period but have to stay in this room.”

i snort, “Great, now all I want to do is to leave this room.”

I pulled out my phone when a slut walks up to me.

“Hey bitch”, she says.

Great, Luke is watching this too.

“What’s up slut.”

She immediately lifts up her hand to slap me while I grab it before she slaps me and twist it so she falls on the ground.

“Looks like the slut got a little booboo.”

“You’re going to be sorry, bitch.”

“Oh no, I’m so scared.”

Luke is just smirking at me.

I call summer, “Hey, wanna skip school with me?”

“Yer, I live alone so I don’t care.” She says.

“Kool. Meet me by the-“

I walk to the window and speak back into the phone.

“Um by the parking lot.”

i guess Luke had the same plans because by the time I had gotten my backpack he was at the window.


“I’m leaving, whats got ur panties in a twist?”

I pull my headphones on and push him off the window


“What you get for not being faster.”

I pull myself to the window and jump straight off.

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