The Next Generation

(Note: though this movella includes heroes and villains from the Marvel and DC Universes, this is not centered around those characters, so I didn't label it as a "fanfiction" in the category.) There comes a time in everything when you need to take a break and let others take over. It is no different for superheroes. It is now time to train the next generation of heroes...and villains. (Based off of a roleplay made by Pretty Little Nightmare with role players: W O O S H, B U T T E R F L Y, Pretty Little Nightmare, and Beauty&theFeast. And myself, of course.)


2. Chapter Two

A skinny girl slipped through the shadows, getting closer to the noise. She stepped onto a board and crashed through it. She landed on the ground on her butt. "Ugh. What the...hell is this place?" she asked, pushing herself off of the ground.

She looked around and saw that she was in an underground lair. The computers had been ripped out of the wall, the wires exposed. There was a large platform with an painted on it. It must've been another hero or villain's emblem. She walked around, her footsteps echoing through the large room. She looked across the room. There was a ladder. She used it to get out of the lair and tried to remember that that lair would be hers later.

She started to dart through the shadows. She heard wild screams nearby. She ran towards the direction of the screams.

She darted towards a house, rammed the door down with her boots, and burst right through the door.

She was not face-to-face with Cher. 

The girl yanked a knife out of her back pocket, planning to have to kill Cher, when she saw daggers lain in front of the girl and a Robin plushie across the room. She saw tears in Cher's eyes.

She laughed and looked at the pink-haired girl. "Why are you trying to stab a stuffed animal?"

"I'M NOT!" Cher screamed. She pulled a dagger at the girl and held it to her necklaces.

There came a knock on Cher's back door. "You missed all the fun!" It was Serena.

Cher glanced at the door, then looked back at the girl. "Okay! You can tell me about it in a minute! Can you give me a hand? You can come in!"

The Centipede walked in, red lips blowing a bubble gum bubble then popping it. "Woah! What's going on here?" She lowered her black sunglasses to reveal her pretty brown eyes.

"She walked in on me and tried to kill me!" Cher pointed to the girl.

Serena smiled excitedly. "Ooh! I love doing that to people. It's very exciting." She straightened her face. "But it's not when other people do it to my friends."

"It's fun regardless," said the girl.

The Centipede leaned forward. "I think I like this chick."

"Yeah, I like me too. And I'd also like to live. Get the knife away from my neck before I put mine in yours," she said.

Serena popped the bubble in her face. "Yep, I like her. Feisty. We should take her back to headquarters to get trained up."

The girl pointed to Serena. "See? She's got it right. I was bored and exploring this place. It's always my ambition to be a villain. My power just makes it easier to be one."

Serena and Cher spoke at the same time. Serena said, "Your power?"

"Still, you don't need to attack a girl who almost died earlier," said Cher.

Serena looked over at Cher. "You almost died?"

"Yeah...." She grabbed a nearby pillow and hugged it. "Just from stealing a teddy bear!"

The girl impatiently tapped her foot. She huffed. "Um, attention back to me!" she said. "My power is blending in with shadows. Not complete invisibility, but... I can blend in. Name's Pennesive Jackson. Most call me Blackjack-- at least, those who live through an encounter," she said, grinning.

Cher rolled her eyes. She hugged the pillow tighter. "Wanna sleep over Serena? I wanna talk to you about earlier, and I wanna be able to get into the lair for once!"

"Sure. " Serena nodded at Cher then turned back to Pennesive. "Nice to meet you and cool power. I'm Serena Graymark, better known as Centipede. Now, my question is, would you like to come back to the academy to be trained? Harleen would be happy to have you."

Pennesive nodded without a moment's hesitation. "I would love it," she said.

Cher looked back at the Robin stuffie.

Pennesive coughed. "So, what's up with Robin and the daggers?"

"I just really want Robin dead," she lied.

"The reason?" She looked at Cher's face and grinned. "...Or are you hiding something?"

"He's the one that almost killed me. He orders a girl around to do his bidding!"

Pennesive looked at Cher, suspect. 

Serena broke the silence. "I'll take you to headquarters, then, Pennesive." Serena smirked.

Pennesive nodded and walked up to Serena. "Lead that way."

"Can I come?" Cher asked.

"'Course." The Centipede said. 

Cher stood up and grabbed her knives while Pennesive pocketed her dagger.  Pennesive walked outside, the shadows shading her. "Now you can lead the way," she said.  

They began walking to the headquarters, and Pennesive leaned closer to Cher. "So...what's your name?" she said quietly.

"Cher...slash Bloody Valentine." She had been herd all over the news recently.

"I've literally been living under a rock. Should I know you?"
"Eh. Depends."

They then started to trudge towards the headquarters.



(by Provolone Before Peeps)



(by Provolone Before Peeps)

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