The Next Generation

(Note: though this movella includes heroes and villains from the Marvel and DC Universes, this is not centered around those characters, so I didn't label it as a "fanfiction" in the category.) There comes a time in everything when you need to take a break and let others take over. It is no different for superheroes. It is now time to train the next generation of heroes...and villains. (Based off of a roleplay made by Pretty Little Nightmare with role players: W O O S H, B U T T E R F L Y, Pretty Little Nightmare, and Beauty&theFeast. And myself, of course.)


3. Chapter Three

"What's the next part of training?" Rumor asked as he helped Paige stand.

"Defense," she answered.

"Niceee," said Rumor, a half-grin spreading across his face. "Where will we train? Please tell that it's not here..."

"Headquarters." She jerked her head towards the tall building. "Let's go."

He followed her as she went to the building. "HQ? You mean we actually get to go into HQ?!" he asked excitedly.

Paige nodded. "That's where I do all my training. Right this way." Paige continued walking. Rumor followed, and they soon reached the headquarters.

Rumor opened the door and walked in, leaving the door open for her to come in as well. Paige followed. 

Rumor let Paige in front of him when she came in. Rumor was looking only at the ground. "I have no freaking idea how to navigate this plac--" He cut himself off, gasping as he looked up. "THIS PLACE IS SO COOL!" he said.

Paige smiled and nodded introducing him to famous superheroes around the building as she led him to the training area. Rumor was being a total fanboy and squealed every time he shook their hands while Paige watched, amused. 

He spun around. "Okay, okay! Okay! Okay!" He let out a little breath after each okay. "Okay, so why don't we go to the place where I am supposed to train before I pass out?" said Rumor.

She laughed. "Alright. Let's go." She led him to the training area. 

The door shut behind them, and Rumor spun around and gasped. "WOAH." The place was huge and amazing.

Paige laughed. Inside the room was every price of training equipment imaginable. There wrtr practice dummies, weapons, and so much more. 

"This is amazing! What will we start with?" he said, giddy.

"Whatever you want. We could even do weapons of your powers. You pick." Paige waited for Rumor's response, running her fingers over a sword.

"..............................................I've always wanted to use a bow......................................................."

Paige smiled. "Alrighty. It's good for you that I'm good at archery. " She picked up a remote and pressed a purple button, archery targets and bows suddenly appearing on a blank wall. 

"Woah," he said. " awesome."

Paige laughed. "That's nothing. "

His eyes got even bigger, and he said, "Show me your skill, Master."

She laughed. "Okay." She got down two bows and many targets. "This way."

He followed, gawking at the place around him.

Paige lead him to one of the corners and set up the targets. She handed Rumor a bow. "Do you have any knowledge in archery? Or do we need to start from the beginning?"

"I have no knowledge in archery whatsoever," he said.

"Okay, Just hold this." She handed him on of the bows.

He held the bow like it was a baby.

Paige got behind him and wrapped her arms around his, positioning the bow. "It's your friend, not a baby," she chuckled in his ear. 

"I knew that!" he lied. "So how do I shoot thi--" He released the arrow and it hit a light.

She chuckled and slipped another arrow onto the string. "Aim a little beneath where you want it too go. You can close an eye if you want, but I prefer to keep both mine open, " she whispered in his ear, helping him shift the bow with her arms around him. 

He aimed at a target and released. It went to the floor.

"You have to pull the feathers back to your cheek. It adds the most force," she advised.

He obeyed. This time the arrow barely hit the side of the target.

"Try again. But this time move the bow over so it will hit the target," she suggested.

Rumor sighed and did as he was told. This time it made it in the fifth ring. He put both of his fists up. "Yeah!" 

She nodded. "Good. You're getting better. Now adjust over from that shot. "

He did, shooting again and again and again until he finally made the center target. He threw the bow and quiver to the ground and yelled, "YESSSSSSS!"

Paige applauded him.

Rumor bowed then laughed. "Okay, what's next?"

Rumor sighed and did as he was told. This time it made it in the fifth ring. He put both of his fist up. "Yeah!" 


(by Provolone Before Peeps)

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