The Next Generation

(Note: though this movella includes heroes and villains from the Marvel and DC Universes, this is not centered around those characters, so I didn't label it as a "fanfiction" in the category.) There comes a time in everything when you need to take a break and let others take over. It is no different for superheroes. It is now time to train the next generation of heroes...and villains. (Based off of a roleplay made by Pretty Little Nightmare with role players: W O O S H, B U T T E R F L Y, Pretty Little Nightmare, and Beauty&theFeast. And myself, of course.)


1. Chapter One

Robin chuckled, shaking his head as he jumped up onto a higher ledge. A dark-headed instructor by the name Paige was on the ground, training the newbies. She was entertaining them by transforming into different animals. Paige looked over to Robin, turning around. When her back was completely turned from the group, a girl called Penelope created a fire and started to play with it. Robin turned his head away when he saw Paige looking at him and jumped onto the roof.

Paige turned back to the class trainees, but every once in a while she would glance up at Robin.


Harley Quinn was standing on her desk, twirling. "The voices are loud tonight!"

A dark-haired girl with a bun in her hair, formally known as Serena, leaned on a wall next to the Joker. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at Harley.

Harley giggled and jumped off of the desk, landing with a cartwheel. Serena rolled her eyes slightly. The Joker laughed.

Silence fell, then Serena yawned. "I'm bored. Wanna go blow something up?"

"Let's go blow something up!" Harley squealed.

Serena smirked and rolled her shoulders. "I vote a big building. They're the most fun."

"Wayne Enterprises?" Joker suggested, a smile forming.


Cher Hearland set her face and looked across her room. A plush bear sat on the other side of the room. She bounced the knife in her hand a few times, getting a feel of theweight and the grip. She looked at the bear. She would stick her knife in the wall above the bear.

One more bounce, and then Cher looked at the bear. She readied her arm, and then let the knife fly.

There was a soft thunk as the bear's head fell onto the floor, completely devoid of a body.

Cher cursed. She would have to get another. It was her little sister's bed.

Cher walked over to the decapitated bear, grabbed the knife out of the wall, grabbed the bear and its head, and then walked out of the door to the town.

Back at Wayne Enterprises, Paige saw something move outside of the window. Paige cocked her head and walked over to the window. 

Paige suddenly frowned. "Robin....there's someone running through the streets. looks like Bloody Valentine."

Cher was walking through the streets, bear and bear head in hand.

Robin didn't respond. Cher disappeared from the sight of the window.

Paige looked up at Robin. "Do you think she's up to something?" she continued.

Seeming to have just heard the first sentence, Robin looked down at Paige. "Bloody Valentine? She's never out this late!" 

Paige set her face. "Exactly."

Cher came into view in the window again, and Robin jumped from the roof, doing a somersault in the air. Paige quickly followed, a little more gracefully, in the form of a bird.

Cher looked up. "Hey, Little Birdy." She walked past Robin. "No crime for me tonight. This is for my little sister."

Robin stopped her again. "Where'd you steal it from, sweety?" Robin drawled sarcastically. 

She shrugged. "The Toy Barn. But isn't this a job for the police, not some guy in a mask?"

"We are partners," growled Paige. "It's not just him."

Robin ignored Paige. "Some guy in a mask?!"

Cher chuckled. "You heard me, Birdy?"

"You really need to work on those nicknames," said Paige, rolling her eyes.

"Robin is a type of bird."

"Robin is a hero," Robin corrected.

"Or maybe he's a guy in a mask with a stick."

Paige looked up at Robin, ready for a signal to pass.

Cher started walking home, ignoring them. "Thanks for the chat birdy."

Robin connected eyes with Paige momentarily and nodded.

Paige pounced, turning into a tiger in mid-air. Cher dropped the bear out of surprise and was pinned to the ground. Cher, the shock of the attack quickly sauntered away, and Cher grinned. "Aww, cat got your tongue?" She drew a dagger and stabbed Paige in the right side. She hissed in pain, digging her claws deep into Cher's skin. Cher groaned and lodged the dagger into Paige's other side. Robin jumped to help, yanking the blade from Paige's side. 

Cher's face contorted. She yelled, between curses, "I JUST WANTED MY LITTLE SISTER TO BE HAPPY!"

Paige rolled off Cher, to get out of Robins way, bleeding from the two deep cuts. Seizing the moment, Cher jumped up, ripping the knife from Robin's hand, and grabbed the teddy bear. She ran off and was out of sight in seconds.

Paige changed back into a human, nursing her wounds and putting pressure on them. Robin walked over to her and offered her a hand. She took it and stood up. "C'mon, let's get you inside."

No sooner had Robin hobbled into the training area with Paige leaning on his arm, there was a loud beep. Nobody had time to even wonder what had just happened when there was a deafening blast.

Rubble flew, as did broken glass. A dark-headed, blue-eyed, pale-skinned boy named Rumor was in the crowd of trainees. He managed to be unscathed, but he was freaked out. He had a slight admiration for the villains. But now was not the time to think about them. There were people bleeding around him.

He darted over to Paige. "Need any--"

He thought that she was handling herself fine. He walked up to the girl called Penelope who was messing with fire. "Be careful, girl," he warned. "You could seriously hurt yourself."

"I'll be fine..." Penelope mumbled, holding flames in her fingertips.

"Sure, fine, whatever. Go ahead and get yourself killed. What do I know?"

Penelope rolled her eyes, putting out the fire with her bare hands, then lighting it again with a single breath. 

Rumor walked away angrily, back to Paige. "You need some help, there?" he said, bending down next to her.

Paige was rather stubborn. "I'm fine." She was unwilling to admit defeat. 

Rumor considered going away. He caught a glance of The Caterpillar-- Serena herself-- and realized that she had caused this. But this person was more concerning now. He looked back at Paige.

"I don't think you are, unless bleeding out gallons is alright to you?" he said, raising an eyebrow and gesturing towards the wounds.

She removed her jacket slightly, glancing at the two deep gashed across her torso. "I think it's more like liters, not gallons."

"Like it's any better to die slowly than quickly? You need help."

"I'm supposed to be helping people, not myself."

"You aren't helping yourself. am helping yourself," he said, looking at the gashes.

She rolled her eyes, and pulled her jacket tighter around the wounds. "Fine."

He pulled a first-aid kit out of his utility belt and smiled. He pulled out a peroxide bottle and a large bandage roll. "A hero has to always be prepared," he said with a smile and a few cotton balls with peroxide. "Could you take off your jacket and raise your shirt up? It make it easier for me to bandage the wounds."

Paige did, muttering under her breath. 

He cleaned the cuts carefully and grabbed the bandages. He taped her up tightly, taping her around diagonally at least fifteen times. He cut it off and patted the end of it to make it stay put. "Okay, I think it's good. Try not to breath too deeply. It'll break them."

She nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he said. "What's your real name and what's your pseudonym?"

"Paige Thomas. Know by most people as the Changer. And yourself?" She stood, dark hair swinging.

"Rumor Sheave. Know by most as Rumor. My name was a pretty good name for a hero name, I thought. Your power?"

"Nice to meet you. Shape-shifting's my power." She changed from herself into a tiger, to an eagle, to a raccoon, and back again to demonstrate.

"Impressive," he said.


"Let me show you mine. Come closer."

Paige took a step closer and waited.

Rumor concentrated until he could feel Paige's brain waves. He sent the message, "Yeah, I'm in your brain, pretty much," in her own wave pattern. He smiled and looked at her, waiting for her reaction.

Her eyebrows flew up her forehead and her jaw dropped. " head?" Paige asked. 

"Yes," he thought, not moving his mouth, just sending brain messages. "I can't control you, but if I can convince you that my thoughts that I'm transmitting are your own, then... If I send them at the right wave length and style, then you can't tell the difference. Listen." He focused harder and sent her a message at exactly her wave frequency and wavelength. "This thought is mine, not yours," he said. "Can you tell the difference?"

"That's pretty cool," she told him. "Yeah. I'm actually an instructor for the newbies at the academy....." Paige blushed.

"Hard to do in crowds, though. Too many interrupting brain waves. And I can't hear thoughts-- well, at least not other than the thoughts that are used to respond to my messages. So it's not exactly as great as telepathy. Anyway... have you gotten to use your power yet?"

"Yeah. I'm actually an instructor for the newbies at the academy....." Paige blushed.

Rumor's eyes widened. "Oh? That's so cool! I'm one of the trainees. So you're one of my instructors?"

She nodded. 

"Ah. Well. When's the training going to continue? Because I just don't like sitting here and watching people yell and get bandaged up."

She smirked and out her hands on her hips. "We can continue right now if you want."



(by Provolone Before Peeps)

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