The Next Generation

(Note: though this movella includes heroes and villains from the Marvel and DC Universes, this is not centered around those characters, so I didn't label it as a "fanfiction" in the category.) There comes a time in everything when you need to take a break and let others take over. It is no different for superheroes. It is now time to train the next generation of heroes...and villains. (Based off of a roleplay made by Pretty Little Nightmare with role players: W O O S H, B U T T E R F L Y, Pretty Little Nightmare, and Beauty&theFeast. And myself, of course.)


4. Chapter Four

"How long until we're there?" said Pennesive. Serena, Cher, and she had been walking to the villain headquarters for the past long while.

"Not long," answered Cher.

Pennesive whined, "How long is not long?"

"Like five minutes," Serena growled. 

Cher started to walk faster. Pennesive had to run to keep up.

Serena glared at Cher. "What's the hurry?"

"I just don't want to be attacked."

"A true villain shouldn't worry about attacks," said Pennesive forcefully.

"How would you know!?!" retorted Cher.

"Because a true villain isn't always a trained one," Pennesive said.

"A villain should never be scared about attacks because only fools attack them," Serena stated.

"See? She gets it!" Pennesive said.

Serena smirked.

"What's that smirk about?" Pennesive said, still running to keep up.

"I'm liking you more and more by the minute." Serena laughed and they reached headquarters.

"What can I say? I'm a likable person," she said, slipping out of the shadows and resuming her actual color and shape.


"I'm gonna go work out..." said Cher. "Call me when Harley gets here." She walked off to the punching bags. Seconds later, her screams could be heard throughout the building.

Serena and Pennesive ran towards Cher's voice. Cher was just punching a bag.

"Jeez, Cher. Don't ever scream like that again. I thought you were being bloodily murdered."

"Sorry. You should know I always scream when I work out," Cher said.

"You work out?" said Pennesive, teasing. She twirled her long, light-green hair between her fingers.

"More than you do. You need to work some fat off."

She growled. "Look who's talking," she retorted.

The corners of Serena's mouth twisted upward at the bickering. She tried not to laugh.

"You're just jealous of my body."

Pennesive hissed. "Why would I be jealous of that?" she asked.

Cher turned back around to the punching bag and resumed attacking it.

Pennesive decided to prove a point and punched the punching bag as hard as she could, throwing her weight into the punch. It shook a little bit, but not as much as it did when Cher had hit it.

Pennesive hissed and punched Cher slightly. Cher laughed. Serena laughed quietly.

Pennesive got a grumpy, childish look on her face. "Oh, do you WANT me to punch harder??" she said.

Serena put a hand over her mouth to hide her mad giggles.

"Try as you wish," said Cher.

Pennesive punched Cher in the gut like she had punched the punching bag. Cher laughed. Serena burst out laughing. 

Pennesive glared at them. "Okay, look, I'm not the strongest. Alright?"

"You got that right." Serena smirked.

Serena nodded.

Cher frowned. "Then you can't get mad at me for training.

Pennesive hissed. "When does training start?"

"When Harleen gets back," answered Serena. "She's the best trainer I know."



(by Provolone Before Peeps)

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