When One Door Closes, Two More Open

On the first day of his journey with his rebellious starter, Ash befriends a Spearow and a Rattata. Ash is seriously injured by Pikachu after saving the young spearow from a Thunderbolt, but the Spearow, her flock, and the Rattata save his life. With not one but two new starters, a strange new ability to understand Pokémon, and a calmer and smarter attitude, a new journey begins.



14. Tentacool and Tentacruel

Brock sighed. "I can't believe we missed the boat." he said, flopping down on the dock. The gang had gotten up late that morning due to an alarm clock that had neglected to go off and got to the dock just in time to see the ferry to the mainland pull away.

"And now we have to wait three hours for the next one." Misty groaned. Loki, who was outside his Poké Ball, sighed and flopped down next to her.

Ash sat down with Trevor in his lap and petted the Rattata. Judy sat beside him and Ash wrapped his other arm around her. Aidan didn't like being so close to the water, so he had asked to be returned to his Poké Ball. Trying to pass the time, Ash picked up his Pokédex and typed in "Moves a Rattata can learn." He looked at the list that came up.

"Wow, Trev, this says you can learn Shadow Ball." Ash told Trevor.

"That will be great for the psychic gym, though I'll have to work hard with it." Trevor replied. "Since I'm not a Ghost Type, it won't be as strong as it would with a Ghost Type using it. Does the Pokédex say how to learn it?"

"Let me see." Ash said. He typed in "how to teach a Normal type Shadow Ball" and came up with a list of step-by-step instructions. His respect for the Pokédex was definitely growing. "Yes, it does." he told Trevor, reading the instructions to his Rattata.

"Is there any good moves I can learn?" Judy asked eagerly.

"Let me check." Ash told her, typing it in. A list of moves a Mankey could learn came up. "Oh, cool! You can learn Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch! I think the gym after Sabrina's is Grass Type, so if I teach you Fire Punch you could fight in it."

Judy's eyes lit up. "That would be great!"

As Ash was looking up how to teach her the move, Brock spotted something out in the water. "Hey, what's that?"

Ash put his Pokédex down. "What?" he asked, looking where Brock was pointing. He saw a tiny blue seahorse Pokémon approaching them.

"It's a Horsea! How cute!" Misty cooed.

Ash noticed it had a black eye. "Oh no, I think it's hurt!"

Misty pulled a Super Potion out of her backpack. "C'mere, little one, let me fix that up for you." The Horsea came up to them and Misty reached down and gently pulled it out of the water. "This might sting a bit." she warned before spraying the Super Potion on its wounds. The black eye began to fade away.

"Nice lady, you and your friends have to leave here! You're in danger!" the Horsea exclaimed. "Oh, right, you can't understand me!" He jumped off Misty's lap and shot some ink into the water in what looked like the shape of two jellyfish.

"They look to be Tentacool and Tentacruel…" Trevor murmured. Judy rushed to the end of the dock and looked into the water.

"How are we in danger, Horsea? What's going on?" Ash asked and Horsea looked at him in shock.

"My friend can understand Pokémon, Horsea. Just tell him what you're trying to tell us." Misty explained.

"You need to get out of here before it's too late! The Tentacool are…" Horsea was suddenly cut off by the sound of an explosion. The group turned and gasped in horror as they saw a boat on fire and men jumping off of it.

"We have to act fast! Go Mel!" Misty called, releasing her Gyarados.

"Levi, go!" Ash called, letting Levi out of his Poké Ball. "We need to save those men!" he told his Gyarados, and Levi and Mel rushed over, diving under the men and lifting them out of the water. The men screamed, but soon realized the two Gyarados were helping them. Mel and Levi rushed their passengers to shore, and Ash, Brock, and Misty helped them onto the dock.

"They look to be paralyzed." Brock said worriedly as he checked the men over. Ash grabbed his Xtransceiver and called 911 as Trevor dug a Cheri berry out of Ash's bag and carried it to Brock. Judy and Loki ran to the main road to guide the paramedics to the dock.

"It's terrible! Terrible!" one of the men murmured.

"What happened to you out there?" Misty asked.

"The paramedics are on their way." Ash said soothingly.

"The boss! I got to tell the boss…what happened!" the man said shakily. Just then, Judy came running up with Loki and the paramedics behind her. The men were quickly treated. Two of them were taken to the hospital, while one was cleared to go. He asked the group to come with him to meet the boss.

Underneath the dock, Horsea watched worriedly.


"I'm the boss! Nastina!" an old red-haired woman who was surrounded by young men in Speedos said, and the gang backed up in shock. She looked identical to Brutella. "I understand you helped to save the men on my ship. Thank you very much!"

"Now I need some brain bleach." Trevor muttered as the young men surrounded Nastina, fanning her with paper fans.

"How do you erase an image that has just been burned into your retina?" Loki asked, covering his eyes.

Ash laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Um, you're very welcome. Could you give us a ride to the mainland, please?"

The old woman glared at him. "You didn't think I'd let you get away that fast, did you?" The group flinched and Judy moved between Nastina and Ash protectively. Loki stood in front of Misty, prepared to unleash a Hydro Pump. Then Nastina smiled. "Not until you see my new resort."

"Resort?" Ash asked, relaxing a little.

Nastina turned to a model on the table beside her. It was a Ferris Wheel with several colorful buildings beside it. "It isn't finished yet, but it will be spectacular! The world's biggest luxury resort!"

Misty saw a huge, unfinished building in the middle of the ocean. "Is that it out there on the ocean?"

Nastina smiled. "That's it. That's Nastina's paradise! The super luxury hotel! The hotel to end all hotels! It'll have hundreds of luxurious suites, surrounded by the world's most beautiful coral reef." Then her expression darkened. "But only if those Tentacool stop interfering with construction!"

"The Tentacool?" a shocked Misty asked. Was this what Horsea had been trying to warn them about?

"I get it." Brock said. "The Tentacool paralyzed your sailors."

Nastina nodded. "Because of all those Tentacool, the tourists have been staying far away from here." she growled. "I don't know why such despicable creatures even exist!"

Misty lost her temper. "Did you say despicable?" she growled.

Nastina glared at her. "They're disgusting, you can't even eat them, and they're hurting my profits!" she ranted. Standing up on her red stage, Nastina looked at them and smirked. "I was hoping the three of you could help me with my little problem. Do you have the skill it would take to handle a Tentacool extermination project?"

Ash, Brock, Misty, Judy, and Trevor looked at her, shocked and horrified. Finally Ash spoke. "E-Exterminate? You mean kill?"

"That's exactly what I mean, you nitwit!" Nastina snapped.

Judy glared at her. "Never insult my trainer, you old fleabag!" she screeched.

Nastina, of course, couldn't understand a word she was saying and continued on. "Of course I'd pay you well!" She pulled back the curtain to reveal an enormous buffet. "You'd get all you can eat luxury dinners for one year, one million dollars in cash and vouchers for…"

"No." Ash cut her off. "I am not killing Pokémon! I don't care how much you offer me; I'm not doing it!"

"And neither am I." Misty said angrily. "Killing Pokémon…you're disgusting."

Brock glared at her. "Same here." The three began to leave.

"Where are you going?!" Nastina screeched.

"Away from you." Ash said coldly as they walked out the door.

Nastina glared at the door as the three walked away. "There's three kids that can't be bought." she muttered to herself.


"I can't believe that old hag wants to destroy all the Tentacool!" Misty ranted as they left the building.

"Neither can I." Ash murmured, thinking of the kind colony they had met a few days ago. "We have to find a way to stop this!"

"Yes, we do!" Misty replied passionately. "We can't let her hurt all those cute Tentacool!"

"But what can we do?" Brock asked.

"Maybe I should try to warn the Tentacool." Ash suggested.

"I don't know, Ash. You saw what happened to those sailors." Brock said. "They're angry and definitely not hesitant about attacking humans. And telling them someone's out to kill them might make them even more aggressive."

Ash sighed. "They're going to find out anyway when Brutella, I mean Nastina, tries to attack them. There has to be some way to solve this before someone gets hurt."

"If the Tentacool are attacking people, there has to be a reason." Misty said. "If we can figure out that reason, we might be able to settle things down."

"Nastina said they were interfering with the construction of the hotel. So there has to be something with either the hotel or maybe even the noise of the construction that's bothering them." Ash mused as they walked onto the dock.

"She said the hotel is being built on the coral reef, which sounds very unsafe by the way. I have the feeling I know what's happening. The hotel is being built on top of their homes!" Trevor realized.

"And they're just trying to protect their territory." Judy added.

"That's what I was trying to warn you about before they attacked that boat." a soft voice said. Ash jumped and looked down to see the Horsea from earlier looking at them from near the dock.

"Hi Horsea. Are you feeling better?" Misty asked. The Horsea came closer and she lifted it gently out of the water.

"It looks like the Super Potion did the trick." Brock commented, noticing that the Horsea's wounds were completely healed.

"Were the Tentacool the ones that hurt you?" Ash asked softly.

The Horsea nodded. "The leader is angry. He wants revenge for their home being destroyed and he wants that human building gone. I told him that not all humans are bad and that there had to be a better way, but he got mad and threw me and I hit a rock."

Ash winced as he translated to Misty and Brock. This felt like the situation with Pikachu all over again. He didn't want to see the Tentacool hurt, destroyed, or to lose their home, but he wasn't sure the leader could be reasoned with.

"If we can convince Nastina to stop the construction and build her hotel either on the shore or out of the way of their homes, would the Tentacool calm down?" Ash asked Horsea.

"Yes, I think they would." a voice said, though all Brock and Misty heard was a soft grumbling sound. They jumped and turned to see a small Tentacool looking at them. "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear."

"Are you the leader of the Tentacool colony?" Ash asked a little bit nervously. Judy moved beside him, watching the Tentacool for any signs of aggression.

The Tentacool laughed. "No, not even close, Speaker. I'm pretty low in the hierarchy. I just came to check on my friend Jeffrey." He nodded to the Horsea. "Jeff, I'm sorry about what the boss did. He was just really upset. His mate was seriously hurt when part of the reef collapsed because of that human building." He looked up at Ash. "The entire colony is in a frenzy right now. I don't like the way they're going about it, but that hotel needs to be stopped somehow before someone gets hurt worse." Concerned, Ash translated what he had said to the others.

"Your colony is in danger." Ash warned the Tentacool. "Nastina, the lady building the hotel, wants to…"

A loudspeaker crackled. "Citizens of Porta Vista, listen up!"

"Nastina!" both Ash and Misty said angrily.

"Effective immediately, I am recruiting volunteers to exterminate the Tentacool terrorizing our town."

"Exterminate?!" the Tentacool said angrily. "Speaker, is this what you were trying to warn us about?"

Ash nodded, but the loudspeaker went off again. "I will award one million dollars to anyone who can exterminate the Tentacool." Nastina boomed. "Isn't Nastina generous?"

"No, she's just annoying and creepy." Loki muttered.

"She'll do anything to destroy them." Brock murmured.

"Anyone who wants money and wants to help the development of our town, come to the yacht harbor immediately!" Nastina called.

"No one could do something that cruel just for money! How ridiculous." Misty said, trying to reassure the Tentacool, but there was a hint of doubt in her voice.

"Apparently, it's not ridiculous to them!" Ash said, his hands shaking as he pointed at a mob of people rushing towards the yacht harbor. He pulled Misty out of the way as someone nearly ran into her.

"This is bad. This is really, really bad." Jeffery muttered, shaking as Misty held him.

"We have to stop this!" Misty said frantically. "We need to get to the yacht harbor, maybe we can reason with them."

"Right." Ash and Brock replied.

"I'll go to my colony." the Tentacool told them. "I'll try to talk to the boss and tell him there are a few humans on our side before he does something drastic and one of us or one of you gets hurt. Hopefully, he actually notices me this time… Jeff, come with me." Ash translated quickly to Misty and Brock as they ran for the harbor and Tentacool swam towards his home, followed by Horsea.


Ash, Misty, Brock, Judy, and Trevor managed to push their way through the crowd of people, all clamoring to be the one to exterminate the Tentacool so they could get the reward. They found Nastina sitting on a huge tank in the middle of the street.

"So who wants to be the one to win the million dollar reward?" Nastina called, a crafty smile on her face. Suddenly a suction cup rose flew towards them, hitting the tank, and Nastina gasped and dropped her megaphone. "Huh?"

The gang looked and saw a large white boat on the water. Team Rocket was standing aboard and started to go through their motto.

"Damn, can't hit them with Hydro Pump when they're way out there." Loki complained. He looked at Trevor and Judy. "Do they always do that dumb motto?"

"Yes." both told him at the same time.

Ash grabbed the megaphone that Nastina had dropped. "Listen everyone, there is no need to exterminate the Tentacool! This can be solved peacefully if we just move the hotel to…"

James shot another suction cup rose at Ash, narrowly missing hitting him in the face. "Shut up, Twerp, and stop interrupting the motto!" James yelled.

Nastina angrily grabbed the megaphone from him. "Little boys should be seen and not heard. Get out of the way and let the adults handle this." she said in a sickly sweet voice. People in the audience began glaring at Ash and Judy glared back at them.

Misty started to protest, but Brock grabbed her and Ash's arms and pulled them away from the crowd. "They're not going to listen to us." Brock whispered. "We need to think of a plan B."

"What do we do since they won't listen to us?" Ash asked, worried.

Misty snapped her fingers. "I know who they will listen to. Ash, didn't you tell us that Tentacool said that the construction had collapsed some of the coral reef?"

Ash nodded.

"Well, I know a lot about the ocean and the laws protecting it. Damaging a coral reef is illegal." Misty told him. "I'm calling the Pokémon Rangers. They'll stop this. Look up the number in your Pokédex. " Ash quickly looked up the number and gave it and his Xtranciever to Misty, who dialed the number and explained the situation to the Ranger who answered the phone. They agreed to send some Rangers over right away.

"Sounds good." the group heard Nastina say, and they turned to see her talking to Team Rocket. "If you exterminate the Tentacool completely, the million bucks is yours. Isn't Nastina generous?" The men surrounded her with fans again and Loki made retching sounds.

Jessie waved her hand. "Yeah, we heard you the first time."

"Just get the dough ready for us." Meowth said and the boat sped off before the group could protest.

"They're headed out to exterminate the Tentacool colony right now!" Misty said frantically into the Xtranciever. "What do we do?"

"Stay there." the ranger who had answered the phone told her. "The Rangers will arrive as quickly as we can, but don't confront them, especially the Team Rocket agents. We don't want you kids hurt." Misty hated to admit it, but the ranger was right. There was nothing she, Ash, or Brock could do right now. They didn't have a boat and Mel and Levi weren't fast enough to catch up to the quickly moving speedboat Team Rocket had. She hated how helpless she felt right now, and by the looks on their faces, so did Brock and Ash.


Team Rocket laughed as their boat sped through the water. "We're gonna make a million!" Meowth cheered.

Jessie grinned. "Just for getting rid of some jellyfish."

James nodded. "And it's going to be so easy with our…"

"Super Secret Stun Sauce!" the three cheered together.

"We'll just pour it into the ocean all over the Tentacool…" Jessie started.

"Then we'll catch 'em and open up a fish market." Meowth said.

"And we'll make even more money!" James added, not realizing that Tentacool were completely inedible.

Jessie sighed dreamily. "There's nothing like making money…" Her blissful thoughts were interrupted by something pushing their boat backwards.

"Wh-why are we going backwards?" Meowth asked nervously.

James looked down and saw the glowing gems of thousands upon thousands of Tentacool. "T-T-Tentacool!" he stammered.


On the shore, Misty began pacing. "I hope the rangers make it on time before any Tentacool are hurt." she murmured. Suddenly everyone gasped.

Ash pointed out on the water. "Um, I don't think the Tentacool are the ones in danger right now." he said, his voice shaking. "Not if all those things are Tentacool…"

"They are." Brock said grimly.


"Drop the stun sauce! Drop the stun sauce!" Meowth screamed, climbing on Jessie and James's heads as the Tentacool surrounded the boat.

"We don't have enough of it!" Jessie yelled.

"There must be ten thousand of them!" a frightened James said as he grabbed a barrel of stun sauce.

Suddenly, the leader Tentacool sent a red beam of light from his gem, destroying the ship and sending the Rocket Trio flying. The barrel smacked the leader in the head, making it growl in pain. It began to glow and grow to gigantic proportions as it evolved into the most massive Tentacruel anyone had ever seen, taller than a skyscraper.

"AHH!" Jessie screamed as the Rocket trio was clutched in a massive tentacle. "We super-sized it!"

The giant Tentacruel threw Jessie and James away, then began tearing apart the hotel. "This is impossible!" Brock cried. "Even at its greatest height, Tentacruel shouldn't be more than seven feet tall!"

"Anyone have any idea on what to do?" Ash asked nervously.

"Well, considering that there's a giant Tentacruel that's bigger than that building who has an army of Tentacool that outnumber us at least by several thousand, I think we should run for our lives, screaming like little Loudreds." Loki said casually as the Giant Tentacruel held up two huge support beams, waving them around.

"Oh no! Tentacruel's in danger!" Misty screamed, pointing to Nastina's tank.

"How dare that thing crush my hotel?! Commence fire!" Nastina yelled to her boys. Ash, Misty and Brock yelled at them to stop, but they were ignored. The young men picked up guns and shot at the Tentacruel and Nastina fired her tank, but the bullets simply bounced off, having no effect besides making the Tentacruel slowly turn around and glare at her.

Trevor gaped. "Is she suicidal or something?" Ash scooped Trevor up and placed him on his shoulder, prepared for a quick retreat.

"Attack." the giant Tentacruel told the Tentacool colony. The Tentacool stormed towards Nastina, trampling her and knocking her from the tank. Ash gasped as he saw a giant tidal wave come up from the ocean.

"We've got to try to protect Tentacruel!" Misty cried.

"But there's gonna be a tidal wave!" Ash protested, grabbing Misty's and Judy's arms. Brock scooped up Loki and the group ran towards the safety of a large building with all the other residents as the tidal wave hit and thousands of Tentacool entered the city through it.

Jessie and James grabbed onto a pole as the wave swept them along, clinging to it tightly as the waters receded. "Thank badness we survived." Jessie sighed with relief.

James nodded. "We're high and dry."

"Good thing we grabbed onto this pole. It should be safe to climb down now." Jessie said. Then they looked down and realized they were somehow on the top of a very tall building. They immediately began screaming for help.

The giant Tentacruel threw one of the support beams, hitting Nastina's Ferris Wheel. Nastina growled as she saw it through her binocculars. "Good thing I just had that insured!" She grabbed a machine gun and began firing it randomly into the air. "That's the last straw, Tentacool! I'm coming after you!" she screamed, but was swept off her tank by a small wave.

In the building, the residents watched the destruction in horror. "Looks like Jeff and Tentacool didn't have any more luck than we did." Ash murmured.

"I don't understand!" Misty cried. "Why would they do something like this? Now everyone will be against them!" No one had an answer for her.

Ash clung to Trevor and Judy as the Tentacool and the Giant Tentacruel began destroying buildings, praying no one was inside them. He reached for Levi's Poké Ball, but Misty stopped him.

"Leave this to me." Misty said and started to run off, but Brock grabbed her arm.

"Look up there!" Brock told her, pointing to the Giant Tentacruel, who was holding something in one of his tentacles.

From their pole, Jessie looked up at what the Tentacruel was holding. "It's Meowth!" she cried.

"Meowth's abandoned us." James said melodramatically, holding a rose. "It's a Tentacruel world…"

"Quit it with the drama and let's get out of here!" Jessie yelled, slapping him upside the head. Suddenly, the duo were swept off their pole by another wave.

A Tentacool climbed up onto the leader Tentacruel's tentacle, placing a tentacle on each side of Meowth's head and concentrating. Meowth's eyes glowed red and he said in a chilling double voice, "We are Tentacool and Tentacruel; hear us now! Humans have destroyed our ocean home and now we will have our revenge." As he said this, red beams of light shot out of several Tentacool's gems, destroying the windows of several buildings. Charles, the young Tentacool Ash had talked to earlier, tried to stop them, but he was either ignored or pushed out of the way.

Brock gasped. "He's using Meowth as a puppet!"

"Now we will destroy the world, your home, as you have so cruelly tried to destroy ours. And not one of you has the right to complain about it." the possessed Meowth growled. Ash shivered. It felt like they had been sucked into Ethan's favorite alien movie, Independence Day…

"Tentacruel, please stop! We're…" Ash started, but Brock covered his mouth.

"Tentacruel is too angry to listen to us, Ash. Don't draw his attention." Brock warned.

But despite the fact that Tentacruel hadn't heard what Ash said, he turned his attention towards the building anyway. A tentacle struck the window they were at, and everyone dived out of the way, Ash grabbing Trevor and pushing Judy out of the way, almost getting hit himself.

"Please stop!" Jeff begged, rushing up to the giant Tentacruel. "They've learned their lesson! You're not a killer, don't do this!"

The giant Tentacruel glared at the tiny Horsea. "It's too late, Horsea!" Meowth growled. "No matter what you think, we cannot turn away! We must teach humans the pain of having their homes destroyed!"

"Violence isn't the answer! There are humans that are on our side, they tried to help us, I know you heard them too! This can be resolved peacefully!" Jeff begged.

"A spineless attitude like yours will only allow humans to be more cruel and inconsiderate in the future!" Tentacruel yelled through the possessed Meowth.

Jeff lost his temper. "You are the spineless ones!" he yelled.

"Jeff, you are going to get yourself killed…" Charles muttered to himself, trying to push his way through the colony to make it to his best friend.

"You say we are the spineless ones?! For that you must be punished!" Tentacruel yelled, still using Meowth as a mouthpiece. He slammed a tentacle at Jeff, sending the tiny Horsea flying.

"Jeff!" Misty screamed.

Ash threw a Poké Ball. "Kiara, grab him!" he called to his Fearow. Kiara quickly caught Jeff and carried him back to Misty's outstretched arms.

"Ash, what's happening?" Kiara asked. As Ash quickly explained the situation to Kiara who moved between her trainer and the angry Tentacruel, Misty held the little Horsea in her arms.

"I'm sorry, Jeff." Misty said sadly. "You got beaten up and you did it all for us humans. Thank you." She hugged the little Seahorse Pokémon tightly, tears in her eyes.

"Ash, we're going to have to fight them. We don't have a choice." Kiara told him softly. Ash nodded, whispering what Kiara had said to Brock and Misty. He grabbed Venom and Levi's Poké Balls. "Go! Venom! Levi!" The Beedrill and Gyarados popped out of their Poké Balls, saw the destroyed city and Giant Tentacruel and quickly went into attack mode. Judy and Trevor jumped on Kiara's back, and then Judy jumped onto Levi when Kiara had gotten her low enough.

"Staryu! Starmie! Mel! Alex!" Misty called, releasing her three Water Pokémon and her Butterfree. Loki leapt onto Alex's back, asking him to take him down to Mel, which Alex did.

"Zubat, get ready!" Brock cried.

The Tentacool shot red beams of light at Kiara, Zubat, and the two Gyarados, but they quickly evaded them. Zubat hit a wave of Tentacool with Supersonic as Kiara used Aerial Ace. Trevor shot a small Thunderbolt into the water, zapping some of the Tentacool that were close to the building. One tried to hit Levi, but Judy grabbed it and threw it into some others with Seismic Toss. Mel made a barrier with Dragon Rage while Levi used Hyper Beam and Venom and Alex used Twineedle and Sleep Powder respectively to fend off the next wave.

Ash turned around, noticing Misty was missing. "Where's Misty?" he asked frantically, looking around. What he didn't know was that Misty had went out the window and was quickly climbing up the side of the building, hoping she would be able to get to the top and reason with the giant Tentacruel before anyone got hurt.

"You are all Pokémon! Why are you protecting the destructive humans?" the giant Tentacruel asked through Meowth. He tried to hit Kiara with a tentacle, but Trevor hit the tentacle with a small Thunderbolt, making the Tentacruel flinch a tiny bit and giving Kiara time to get out of the way. Staryu, Starmie, Mel, and Levi were all hit at once, and Judy was sent flying, but she landed on a small island and quickly got up. Ash gasped in worry from the window, and only Brock grabbing his arm kept him from running down to try to aid his Pokémon.

"Because our trainers are in that building and we will not let you harm them!" Kiara yelled. "You are the cruel, destructive ones, not them! You would kill my trainer, a child who has never harmed anyone and goes out of his way to help those who need it, without a second thought!"

"Want to know something else?" Judy yelled from Levi's back. "Three of those so-called destructive humans, our trainers, did everything they could to protect you from being exterminated or having your homes destroyed!"

"I can confirm that!" Charles yelled, finally managing to push his way to the giant Tentacruel.

"Who are you?" the giant Tentacruel asked.

The Tentacool sighed. No one ever remembered his name and when they did remember he had a name, they always got it wrong, calling him everything from Chuck to Chad to Conner, but never by his real name. "Charles, and they're telling the truth. I met their three trainers, one of whom happens to be a Speaker, and they warned me about that human woman's plan to exterminate us, and even tried to stop her. My group even heard them trying to convince the others to not exterminiate us and to move the hotel."

A few of the Tentacool began muttering amongst themselves, remembering hearing some kid trying to convince the other humans to stop right before the boat came to destroy them. The giant Tentacruel just glared at them, not believing them, and was about to raise a tentacle to hit Charles when a voice rang from on top of the building.

"Tentacruel, please stop!" Misty called, standing on the roof of the building. "Please, take them all back to the ocean!"

Charles looked at her in admiration. "That girl has some serious spunk…"

Ash and Brock gasped. "Misty?" Ash ran for the stairs, running up them as fast as he could and Brock quickly followed. A helicopter headed towards the area. It was the Pokémon Rangers.

"Please listen, Tentacruel, this is enough!" Misty begged. "We humans understand that we've hurt you!" The Tentacruel looked around, seeing the frightened humans, men, women and children, all staring at him pleadingly. Ash and Brock made it onto the roof; Ash running to Misty and placing an arm around her shoulders. "We won't destroy your homes any more. We're sorry." Misty whispered. "So please…" Ash, Brock, and everyone that heard her nodded. Kiara rushed to the roof, and Trevor jumped from her back to Ash's shoulder.

The giant Tentacruel sighed. The little Horsea was right; he was not a killer. He gave the group on the roof a warning look. "If this happens again, we will not stop." he said through Meowth. "Remember this well!" He chucked Meowth into the destroyed resort, and the Scratch Cat Pokémon landed on top of Jessie and James.

"Meowth! Where am I?" Meowth asked, unable to remember what had happened while he was being used as a meat puppet.

"For the moment, we have our feet on the ground." James said dazedly and the three collapsed from exhaustion.

The Tentacool began heading out of the city, followed by the Giant Tentacruel. Ash, Brock, and Misty ran out of the building, where they were greeted by their Pokémon. Ash hugged all of his Pokémon tightly, as did Misty and Brock, relieved they had survived yet another life-threatening adventure. Ash then returned Levi, but left the others out as Brock and Misty returned all their Pokémon but Loki.

Nastina burst out of a pile of rubble as the Tentacool and Tentacruel passed her. "You think you can get away that easily, do ya? Take this!" she yelled, picking up a bazooka and firing it at the giant Tentacruel. The bullet bounced off, and the Tentacruel turned and glared at her. "I'll capture you, put you in a tank and charge admission!" Nastina switched to a pair of pistols and kept firing and yelling insults, only to be hit by a squirt of ink from Horsea. Nastina turned to see Misty, Brock, Ash and their Pokémon, a group of men in Ranger's uniforms behind them.

"We'll take this from here, kids." one of the Rangers said. He cuffed Nastina. "You're under arrest for violating building codes, Pokémon abuse, and using military weapons without a permit. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can be held against you in a court of law." Nastina was led away, cursing and yelling threats. Satisfied, the giant Tentacruel nodded once to Misty, then slipped away into the water.

"We're sorry we didn't make it in time." one of the remaining Rangers, a young blond haired man, said. He turned to Misty. "You did a good job of calming that giant Tentacruel down before anyone got hurt. We'll make a sweep of the city to make sure everyone's accounted for and start helping them rebuild."

"From what we heard, all the buildings the Tentacool attacked were empty." another ranger, a woman with green hair, told them.

"Phew. That's a relief." Ash said. "So everyone's okay?"

"We think so, but we're going to make sure." the first ranger told him.

"What will happen to Tentacruel and the Tentacool colony?" Misty asked.

"Due to their agression, we're going to keep this area under surveliance. If an unprovoked attack is made on the city again, we will have to capture the colony and take them to a safe area." the green haired woman said.

"As long as no attack is made on their homes, I don't think that will be a problem." Misty told her.

"I hope you're right." the female ranger replied before setting off with her partner to help the residents of the city.

The group began to head back to the dock, but a Tentacool suddenly pulled itself out of the water and landed in front of them, making them jump.

"Hey, trainer. The one with the red hair. Wow, that sounds awkward… What's your name?" the Tentacool asked, and Ash recognized the voice as the Tentacool they had befriended earlier.

"Her name's Misty." Ash replied. "And I'm Ash, and that's Brock, Trevor, Judy, and Loki." He gestured to each of them as he said their names.

"I'm Charles." the Tentacool said. "Misty, I'd like to challenge you to a battle." he added, taking a battle stance.

Ash translated this to Misty, who nodded. "Okay, but if I win, I'd like you to come with me and be my Pokémon and friend."

"Deal." Charles said, looking to Ash to translate, which the raven-haired boy did. That had been what he wanted anyway. Misty had a lot of spunk and she would make an excellent trainer.

"Go, Alex!" Misty called, releasing her Butterfree. "Use Confusion!" Alex hit the Tentacool with a weak telekinetic force, sending him backwards. But Charles got up quickly and countered with a Water Pulse, stunning Alex for a second. Charles took the opportunity to wrap his tentacles around the Butterfree's body, starting to constrict.

"Alex, use Confusion to make him let you go!" Misty called, and Butterfree grabbed Charles using his telekinetic powers, throwing him off. The Tentacool landed hard on the beach, then shot another Water Pulse.

"Dodge and use Sleep Powder!" Misty commanded. Alex flew over Charles, covering him with the light blue powder. Charles fought the effects of Sleep Powder for a few minutes but was soon fast asleep. Misty reached for the Lure Ball the head of the volunteer fire department had given her as thanks for giving him the rest of the Squirtle Squad and tossed it at the sleeping Tentacool. It rattled once, twice, three times, then clicked shut. It then teleported to the Cerulean Gym.

"Yes! I caught a Tentacool!" Misty cheered, dancing around. She hugged Alex, thanking him, then hugged Ash in her excitement as he came up to congratulate her. Both turned red as they pulled out of the hug.

"You lovebirds better hurry up before we miss the ferry again!" Brock called, noticing the ferry in the distance.

"We're not lovebirds!" Ash and Misty yelled. Brock just shook his head, and Loki and Ash's Pokémon laughed. They were about to run for the dock, but Jeff leapt into Misty's arms before she could go.

"Please, take me with you." the little Horsea pleaded.

Ash translated this to Misty, who smiled. "Of course. When I catch you, you'll be sent to the Cerulean Gym, but I'll get you transferred to my team as soon as I can." The little Horsea nodded and Misty touched his head with a Poké Ball. He was sucked in without a struggle and the ball teleported away after capture.

The group arrived at the dock just as the ferry pulled in. Ash returned Kiara and Venom before boarding and they soon set off for the mainland. Misty found a PC on board the ferry and called Cerulean Gym. Daisy picked up, telling her that they had gotten her Pokémon. The sisters talked a few minutes and Daisy asked Misty if she and Violet could borrow Misty's Butterfree that Lily had told them about for a few weeks along with her Starmie, as they needed a Butterfree and Starmie for The Enchanted Garden, a new water show Violet had written. Misty let the two Pokémon out and asked them, and both agreed, so Misty sent them over in exchange for her Horsea and Tentacool. She let Jeff out and cuddled the little Horsea as she walked back to her friends.

Ash sighed as he looked at the destroyed city. "You okay, Ash?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. Wish all of that could have ended better for everyone, though. The city was destroyed and the Tentacool colony will be looked at with suspicion from now on. Thankfully, no one was hurt, thanks to you guys and Misty."

"Everything else can be fixed." Judy reassured Ash, standing beside him. "I know this didn't work out like we all wanted it to, but sometimes that happens. We tried our best to help and did everything we could."

Ash gave a small smile. "I know."

Brock stood next to Ash and looked out over the water. "Hopefully, this will be our last weird, dangerous adventure for a while."

Misty scoffed, holding Horsea in her arms. "With our luck, we'll have to stop Team Rocket again, solve some weird mystery, or save the day at least once a week."

"Don't jinx us!" Ash complained.

The ferry sailed towards the mainland, carrying our heroes to the next stop, Saffron City, where new friends and new adventures awaited them.

Yes, yes, I know. Misty now has three more Pokémon than Ash. I couldn't resist giving her a Tentacool too as they're her absolute favorites. Ash will be catching a few more Pokémon, just in his own sweet time.

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