When One Door Closes, Two More Open

On the first day of his journey with his rebellious starter, Ash befriends a Spearow and a Rattata. Ash is seriously injured by Pikachu after saving the young spearow from a Thunderbolt, but the Spearow, her flock, and the Rattata save his life. With not one but two new starters, a strange new ability to understand Pokémon, and a calmer and smarter attitude, a new journey begins.



12. An Overseas Adventure, Part 2

Ash was jolted to consciousness by someone shaking his shoulder. "Ash, Ash, wake up!" he heard Misty say.

"He's coming around." Brock said.

Ash groaned and opened his eyes. He felt like he had been run over by a Rhyhorn. And had he hit his head or was everything upside down? "What happened?" he murmured. "There was this storm and people were running for the lifeboats….Someone knocked into me….Did we get off the ship?" He got up and ran to the window before Brock and Misty could answer. To his horror, he saw nothing but water and fish swimming outside. "Fish swimming? It can't be! That means…that means the ship's sunk and we're trapped inside!"


Meanwhile, Jessie and James were relaxing on a tropical beach.

"To protect the world from devastation…" Jessie sighed happily.

"To unite all peoples within our nation." James added, smiling.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach to the stars above." they both said together.


"And James, with a perfect tan."

"There's nothing like a tropical vacation." Jessie murmured, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

"The blue sea." James agreed.

"And the white sand."

"And that blazing sun…fiery and burning…and burning…burning…" James opened his eyes, suddenly feeling pain. "AHHH! Something really is burning!" The tropical beach disappeared and Jessie and James found themselves in the kitchen of the St. Anne, lying right under an upside-down stove. They saw Meowth's face right in front of them.

"You picked a bad place for a nap!" Meowth told them.

Jessie and James ran out from under the flaming burners, yelling and trying to beat the flames off themselves. Finally, they managed to douse the flames with water that was coming out of a broken pipe.

"Why is everything upside down?" Jessie wondered, realizing that they were walking on the ceiling.

"The ship capsized and sank while you two were sleeping!" Meowth answered. Jessie and James gasped in horror.

"We've got to abandon ship immediately!" James exclaimed.

"I'm afraid it won't be so easy to get off while the ship's underwater!" Meowth retorted.

"AAAHHH! The ship's sunk! We're doomed!" James screamed.

"Calm down, James!" Jessie yelled, shaking him. "I've already thought of a plan to get us out of here." She took out a Poké Ball and enlarged it. "Ekans!" she called, releasing her snake Pokémon. "Use Acid to make a hole so we can escape!"

"Wait!" Meowth cried, but it was too late. Water came through the hole and Jessie and James tried desperately to cover it. "Didn't I tell you numbskulls we were sinking? We don't need any more holes on this ship!" A spout of water came through the hole, knocking Jessie and James into the air and filling the corridor. Trapped underwater, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Ekans tried to hold their breaths as long as they could.


"What do we do?" Ash asked worriedly as they exited the room they were in and came out into the stairwell, much of which was below water. "The ship's leaking everywhere!"

"We've got to keep calm." Misty said. "As long as there's air in here, it'll take time for it to fill up with water."

"Sure, but we better not waste any time escaping." Brock added.

"Well, we can either go up or down." Misty told them.

"Well, if we're sinking, up would definitely be better." Ash said. "And if the ship is flipped upside down…"

"The deck would be below us and the hull would be above our heads." Misty finished.

"If we dive down to the deck and there's a dead end, we're done for." Ash said. "But I'm not sure if we could break through the ship's bottom."

"I know what to do." Misty told him. She took out a Poké Ball. "Go, Bella!" Misty called, releasing her fish Pokémon. "Bella, we're trapped aboard a ship and it's underwater." The Goldeen's eyes widened in horror. "We need you to go down to the deck and see if you can find an escape route. If you do, come back and tell Ash."

"On it." Bella assured. She looked at her trainer in worry. "Stay there and be careful." She then dived down into the water, searching for a way to get her friends to safety. Swimming through the corridors, she came upon a dead end and her heart sank. Suddenly she heard something behind her and turned to see Team Rocket floundering in the water. She gasped in horror, then pushed them to the surface, not about to let someone drown.


"What's taking Bella so long?" Ash asked.

"Maybe she can't find a way out." Misty replied, though she was worried about her Goldeen.

Suddenly, a blue face broke the surface and the group screamed in horror, thinking someone had drowned. With a hard shove, Bella pushed Jessie, James, Meowth, and Ekans out of the water.

Ash gasped. "It's Team Rocket!"

"They look terrible!" Brock exclaimed

They coughed up water and started muttering their motto before turning to see the "twerps" looking down at them. "You twerps again?!" Jessie exclaimed as she and James grabbed their Poké Balls. Brock reached for Geodude's Poké Ball, but Ash stepped in between them.

"Look, you guys don't like us, and we don't like you. But this isn't the time for fighting! We are aboard a sunken ship; do we need to make any more holes with a Pokémon Battle?! I don't know about you, but I don't want me, my friends, or my Pokémon to die!" Ash yelled. Brock and Misty looked at their normally timid friend, stunned.

"I'm with Ash." Misty said, standing next to her friend and putting her hand on his shoulder. "If we want to get out of this ship, we need to work together."

Jessie, James, and Meowth glared at them but reluctantly nodded. Unless they wanted to die aboard the St. Anne, they didn't have much of a choice.

"This is just a temporary truce until we get off this ship." Jessie told Ash.

"Fine with me." Ash replied.

"So it's agreed. We work together." James said.

"Bella, did you find a way out?" Misty asked her Goldeen. Bella sadly shook her head.

"So how do we escape?" Ash asked, his earlier determination and anger replaced by a sinking feeling.

Misty smiled. "Leave it to me. I built my own St. Anne once." Everyone looked at her in confusion. "It was a model." she explained. "But it taught me about the structure of the St. Anne. Since the way to the deck is blocked, we need to travel to the bottom of the ship. We can cut a hole in the hull to escape."

Ash, Brock, and the Rocket Trio looked around, wondering how they were supposed to do that. "At least it's a plan." Ash said.

Brock saw a staircase. "We need to get up there. Go, Onix!" His Rock Snake Pokémon came out, looking at Brock in confusion. Onix saw Team Rocket and his eyes narrowed. He started to go into a battle stance, but Brock stopped him. "Onix, we have a temporary truce with them because we've got a bigger problem. We're trapped aboard a ship and it's underwater. I need you to make a staircase to get us up to the next level so we can get out of here."

Onix looked incredibly worried, but nodded, stretching up and resting his head on the staircase. Brock and Ash hurriedly climbed up him.

"C'mon guys, move it or lose it!" Misty yelled to Team Rocket. They nodded and followed her up.

"Thank you, Onix." Brock said.

Onix reached up and nuzzled Brock. "Be safe, Brock; please be safe."

Brock couldn't understand Pokémon like Ash could, but after six years of being with Onix, he could read his starter pretty well. "It's alright, buddy, I'll be fine." he reassured Onix, stroking his starter's head before returning him.

After leaving the staircase, they entered a pitch black hallway. "The lights are out; I can't see a thing." Brock muttered, feeling around and hoping they didn't fall into a hole.

"Hold on; I'll get my flashlight." Ash said, fumbling through his backpack. Finally, he found his flashlight and turned it on, lighting up the hallway.

"Thanks, Ash." Misty said. She was grateful that Ash had the foresight to pack a flashlight for his journey.

"You're welcome. Where does this hallway lead us to?" Ash asked.

"This corridor leads straight to the engine room, where the hull is the thinnest. With a little luck, we should be able to cut our way through." Misty told them. But when they stepped into the doorway, they realized the bottom of the room(actually the top) was on fire. "Oh no! Now what do we do?" Brock asked frantically.

"Calm down. Kiara can fly us across." Ash said, pulling out Kiara's Poké Ball. He released Kiara, who looked around in confusion, then saw the flames.

"Ash, what's happening?" Kiara asked, frightened.

"Kiara, the ship sank." Ash explained. "We need you to get us to the engine room so we can cut a hole in the hull to get out." Kiara looked even more worried, but she nodded, lowering herself so Ash could get on her back. She flew him across, then returned for the others, even Team Rocket.

The group entered the engine room, Kiara behind them. "How do we get through the hull?" Ash asked.

"Maybe Aidan can melt a hole in the ship's hull." Brock suggested.

"Brock, if the water puts Aidan's tail out, he'll die!" Ash protested. Then he had an idea. He took out Aidan's Poké Ball and released Aidan, who smiled at Ash, then released he was inside an upside down ship. "Aidan, we're trapped aboard the St. Anne and it's underwater. I need you to melt a hole in the ship's hull so we can get out. Get on Kiara's back so you don't get hit by the water."

Aidan looked frightened, but he nodded. Jumping on Kiara's back, he used Flamethrower, cutting a hole in the hull.

Misty turned to the others, grabbing some extra rope she had just found in the engine room. "Okay, here's what everyone needs to do. Strap onto a Water Pokémon and swim to the surface." She tossed Brock Staryu's Poké Ball and took out Loki's as Ash took out Levi's.

"What about us?" Jessie asked.

"Grab onto a Water Pokémon." Misty told them.

"Water Pokémon?!" Meowth screamed in horror.

"You guys don't have Water Pokémon?" Misty asked.

James finally remembered his newest Pokémon. "I have my Magikarp!" James said, pulling out his gold colored Poké Ball.

"I don't have a Water Pokémon!" Jessie yelled frantically.

"Neither does Meowth!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Take Starmie and Goldeen, but don't try anything funny, or you WILL be on the receiving end of my Misty Mallet." Misty warned, releasing Starmie and Goldeen.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Jessie and Meowth both cried.

"It's almost burned through!" Ash warned. The hole broke through and water started pouring in. Kiara and Aidan flew closer to Ash and he quickly returned them, both of them telling him to be safe as they entered their Poké Balls.

There was no time to waste. Ash quickly released Levi. "Levi, the ship sank and I need you to get me to the surface." Ash quickly told his newest Pokémon. Levi nodded as his trainer tied a rope around him. He knew Ash's life was in his hands, well fins, and he would not let his new trainer down. The others did the same with their Water Pokémon. They all took a deep breath and held it as they jumped into the water that was pouring down, their Water Pokémon pulling them towards the surface.


Staryu, Starmie, Bella, and Loki quickly got their passengers to the surface. Levi, a strong swimmer, would have gotten Ash safely to the surface too, if a school of Tentacool hadn't suddenly slammed into them, not seeing the child and Magikarp in their hurry.

The first of the school hit them, sending Levi spinning and snapping the rope connecting him and Ash. "Ash!" he screamed, frantically trying to swim to his floundering trainer, but being knocked around by the school of Tentacool.

Ash struggled to swim back to Levi, but another Tentacool slammed into him, knocking the rest of the air out of his lungs. Water flooded into his mouth and he began to sink. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was a bright white light….


I have to save him, I have to save him! Levi thought frantically, breaking free of the school and desperately swimming towards his sinking trainer, terrified that he wouldn't make it in time and Ash would drown. Suddenly a bright white light covered him and he rapidly increased in size as he became a Gyarados. Levi got to his trainer in seconds, gently scooping up Ash with the crest on his head and rushing him to the surface, praying that he wasn't too late.


One of the Tentacool turned, having felt herself bump into something. To her horror, she saw a drowning boy and a terrified Magikarp that was frantically rushing towards him. "We hit a human! He's drowning!" she screamed to her colony. They rushed towards the child, but stopped as the Magikarp evolved into Gyarados, scooped up the boy, and swam towards the surface. Feeling both guilty and worried for the child, the colony followed. One saw another Magikarp frantically dragging her unconscious trainer and rushed over, grabbing the rope and helping her pull the human to the surface.


"Where's Ash?" Misty asked worriedly. "He should have made it to the surface by now.

"James isn't here either." a frightened Jessie said.

"I really hope they're okay." Brock murmured, scared that his friend had drowned or been trapped aboard the St. Anne.

Suddenly, the water near them began bubbling. They screamed as a huge Gyarados popped out of the water and started heading towards them. Then Brock and Misty realized the Gyarados had Ash on its crest. A second later, the water bubbled up again, and an unconscious James appeared, his Magikarp and a Tentacool holding him up.

"It's Ash!" Misty cried. "So that Gyarados has to be Levi!"

Levi rushed over and dropped his trainer on the raft, a little more roughly than he had meant to. But the impact made Ash start coughing up the water he had inhaled, and he began breathing again. Jessie and Brock pulled James aboard and he coughed up water and opened his eyes. "James, you're alive!" Jessie cried as she and Meowth hugged him. Misty and Brock ran over to Ash, hoping he was okay. Levi lowered himself to Ash's level, gently nosing him to wake him up.

Ash felt something nudge him. He let out a soft groan and opened his eyes, nearly jumping a foot in the air when he saw the face of a huge Gyarados inches from his own.

"Ash, don't be afraid. It's me; it's Levi." the Gyarados said soothingly.

Ash sat up, a little bit woozy. "Levi? What? How?" Then he remembered. The Tentacool slamming into him, sinking, and the white light. Levi must have forced his evolution to save him. Standing up shakily, he threw his arms around Levi. "You saved my life. Thank you. Thank you…"

Levi gently nuzzled his trainer, being careful not to knock him over. "You're welcome. I'm just glad you're okay. You had me scared for a few minutes there." Actually, scared was putting it mildly. He had been terrified that he was going to lose Ash, the only human who had ever cared about him.

Misty ran over to Ash and first punched him in the arm, then hugged him tightly. "Don't scare me like that again, you hear?" she whispered in his ear. Brock joined the hug, wrapping his arms tightly around his friends, relieved that they were all alive and together.

Levi suddenly noticed that the colony of Tentacool that had hit them had come to the surface. Instinctively, he growled, placing himself protectively between Ash and the Tentacool.

"We're really sorry about running into you guys." the female Tentacool that had first seen them said softly. "We were racing off to help a neighboring colony and didn't see you. Is your trainer all right?"

Levi relaxed a little. "Yes, he is."

The Tentacool sighed in relief. "That's good. We were worried we had really hurt him."

"Thank you for coming to check." Levi said. The Tentacool colony nodded and dived back under the sea.

"We need to get to some dry land." Brock said.

"I see nothing but ocean." Misty said worriedly. Had they escaped the St. Anne only to be lost at sea?

Ash took out Kiara's Poké Ball and released his Fearow. Kiara went over to Ash and nuzzled him, relieved that he was safe. Then she saw Levi and her eyes widened. She turned to Ash, but he didn't seem frightened.

"Kiara, this is Levi. He's our newest teammate." Ash explained. Kiara relaxed and nodded, giving Levi the Fearow version of a smile.

"Can you fly up and see if you can spot any dry land?" Ash asked.

"On it." Kiara replied, lifting off. She quickly disappeared into the distance.

Ash attached a rope to the raft and connected it to Levi as they waited. He sat down on Levi's back and gently scratched the Gyarados's neck, making Levi rumble softly. Jessie, James, and Meowth sat on one side of the raft as Brock and Misty sat on the other. James's Magikarp went over to her trainer, but James glared at her, then pointedly ignored her, making Magikarp look down, hurt. Misty glared at James, then went over and sat next to Magikarp, petting her scales. Magikarp cooed, leaning into the touch.

After half an hour, Kiara came back. By then, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, and Meowth were asleep on the raft, Misty's arms around Magikarp, and Ash was asleep on Levi's back. "I can see some islands over to the west. I'm guessing they're several hours away by the distance." she told Levi.

"Tell me where to go and I'll get them there." Levi replied.

Kiara nodded. "Follow me." She took to the skies again, though she remained in sight. She began to head west, and Levi carefully turned the raft, following her.

The movement woke up Ash. "What's happening?" he murmured.

"Kiara was able to find land and I'm taking us there." Levi explained. "Go ahead and go back to sleep."

"Thanks, Levi." Ash mumbled. "You guys are the best. If you get tired, take a break. I don't want you to…." Ash was asleep before he finished the sentence. Levi chuckled and continued to pull the raft, following Kiara and occasionally looking back at his trainer, just to make sure Ash was still safely on his back.


Blinding sun in their eyes woke everyone up. Ash's stomach rumbled. "I'm really hungry." he said.

Brock nodded. "It feels like forever since we last ate."

"If I had known I was going to be starving, I would have stuffed my face full on the St. Anne!" Misty yelled.

"Not helping, Mist." Ash told her, digging through his backpack to see if he could find any food. Brock was doing the same thing.

"I want some food!" James whined.

Jessie glared at him. "Stop it!"

"Yeah, your whining is making me even hungrier!" Meowth agreed. They suddenly started staring at Magikarp in hunger. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Levi looked totally creeped out by their behavior.

"Like filleted carp." Jessie murmured. Magikarp looked at her in horror.

James nodded. "Or fried carp." Magikarp started backing away towards the water, terrified.

"Knock it off!" Ash yelled, jumping off Levi's back. Levi glared at Team Rocket and let out a low growl.

"Yeah, leave her alone!" Misty shouted.

"That's it! Dinner is now served!" Meowth yelled, biting into Magikarp before anyone could stop him. Thankfully he broke his teeth on her scales and she was completely unharmed.

"You okay, Magikarp?" Misty asked. Magikarp nodded. "She's your Pokémon and she saved your life!" Misty yelled at them. "You're not supposed to try to eat her!"

"She's your loyal Pokémon, not dinner!" Brock exclaimed and Ash nodded.

"That stupid, worthless fish nearly drowned me!" James shouted. "And not only can it not swim, it's not even good for eating!"

"See, I told you buying it was stupid!" Jessie yelled.

"You good for nothing fish! I don't want to be your master!" James growled, kicking Magikarp and making her fly into the water. She began sobbing, shaking all over. Ash and Brock rushed over to her, trying to comfort her, but she didn't even register them in her hurt and sadness. Levi growled and glared at James, wanting to knock him into outer space, but he couldn't without accidentally harming Ash or his friends.

"Magikarp!" Misty cried. She pulled out her mallet and smacked James in the head. "How could you do that to her?" Tears in her eyes, she started to walk over to Magikarp. "Oh, Magikarp…"

James smashed Magikarp's Poké Ball. "Good riddance, Magikarp!"

Magikarp glared at him, her sadness turning to anger. She began to glow.

"Oh no…" Levi murmured. "Ash get back! Get over by me!" he warned his trainer as Magikarp increased in size. Ash grabbed Misty's arm and slowly backed away towards Levi as Magikarp rapidly increased in size, becoming a Gyarados. The newly evolved Gyarados glared down at them.

Levi moved between her and his trainer, Brock, and Misty. "I know you're angry at your former trainer, and you have a right to be, but my trainer and his friends are here too. They stood up for you, they care about you, you don't want to hurt them!" he pleaded. Gyarados's eyes softened and she seemed to calm down a little, but then James stepped forward.

"I'm James, your master. Obey me." he said arrogantly. Gyarados glared at him with pure hatred, her rage quickly returning. She roared and James cowered in fear.

Misty smacked James in the head with her mallet. "Now you've done it!"

Gyarados began trembling and clouds formed overhead, blocking out the sun.

"What's happening?" Brock asked nervously as a strong wind began to blow.

"I've heard sailors tell stories about Gyarados. This must be Dragon Rage." a frightened Misty said.

"No, this is way worse. This is Twister." Levi said frantically. "We have to get out of here. Everyone hang on!"

In the sky, Kiara heard Gyarados's roar. Turning, she saw a second Gyarados near the raft, this one angry and powering up a Twister. Screaming in horror, she rushed back to save her trainer and his friends.

"Grab on to the raft!" Ash called to everyone. "This is a Twister attack and we need to get out of here!" He grabbed Misty's arm and pulled her down, clinging to the raft. Everyone else did the same and just in time as Levi swam away as fast as he could, dragging the raft behind him. But Gyarados chased them, quickly gaining on them as Levi's speed was impeded by the heavy raft he was dragging. Levi had no choice. He began powering up a Dragon Rage, hoping to distract her and buy enough time for them to escape. Kiara, who had finally reached them, struck Gyarados with an Aerial Ace, trying to get Gyarados's attention away from her trainer. Gyarados roared in pain and tried to hit her with a Dragon Rage, but Kiara easily evaded the blue flames.

Misty broke free of Ash's grip and ran to the back of the raft. "Misty!" Ash screamed and Levi powered down his Dragon Rage, not wanting to hit her.

"Gyarados, please stop! Kiara, don't attack her any more!" Misty pleaded. Kiara halted her attack, though she was prepared to strike again at any time if Gyarados tried to attack Ash or his friends. Gyarados's attention turned to Misty, her eyes still showing anger. "Gyarados, I know you're upset and angry and you have the right to be, but this isn't the answer!" Gyarados looked at her, a little calmer now, but not much. "I know how you feel. I've been put down and thrown away too." Misty said softly, remembering all the times her sisters had hurt her. "But I found friends that were there for me. Let us be there for you."

This broke the hold the rage held over Gyarados's mind, and her mind flashed back to the kind red-headed girl that had sat with her and petted her as a Magikarp, and how that girl and the raven and brown haired boys had defended her when her trainer had cruelly insulted her. Gyarados felt guilt that she had forgotten their kindness and come so close to hurting them. The wind surrounding her stopped and the clouds cleared, making everyone sigh with relief. Letting out a soft rumble, Gyarados leaned down to Misty and gently nuzzled her. "I am so, so sorry."

Misty reached up and petted her. "Thank you, Gyarados."

Suddenly, the water began to bubble again and several wild Gyarados, angry about their territory being invaded and riled up by the Twister attack, burst out of the water. They all began shaking and the clouds reappeared overhead and the wind blew more strongly than before. Kiara, Levi, and Gyarados moved between them and the terrified humans, but there was no stopping the wild Gyarados. A massive water cyclone built up, headed straight towards them.

Team Rocket was blasted off immediately into the cyclone. Brock and Misty grabbed onto Levi and Ash tried to return Kiara, but the cyclone hit and Kiara was flung from them. "NO!" Ash screamed. He was nearly pulled away too, but Levi grabbed onto him with his tail. Several Poké Balls were torn from Ash, Brock and Misty's belts, and they tried to catch them, but couldn't, and could only watch helplessly as they were flung into the cyclone.

Misty's grip on Levi slipped, and she was pulled away, screaming. Brock and Ash tried to grab for her, but missed. Suddenly, a blue tail wrapped around her waist, catching her before she could be thrown into the sea. Misty looked up to see Gyarados, who pulled her close and coiled around her protectively.

The cyclone stopped as quickly as it began, and the group hit shallow water right next to an island. The two Gyarados carried their human passengers to land, and Ash, Misty, and waded onto the shore.

"My Pokémon!" Ash cried, checking his belt. To his horror, two of his Poké Balls were missing, the ones that belonged to Judy and Aidan. He was still clinging to Kiara's empty Poké Ball, and Trevor, Venom, and the gold colored Poké Ball belonging to Levi still rested on his belt.

Brock and Misty quickly checked their belts too. "I'm missing Onix and Bulbasaur!" a terrified Brock exclaimed.

"Loki's missing!" Misty cried.

Ash collapsed to his knees. "No, no, no…." His small body was shaking. Some of his beloved team were missing! What if they were….? He was so panicked, he was hyperventilating. It almost felt like he was drowning again.

Seeing that Ash was about to go into a panic attack, Levi went onto the beach and gently coiled around him. "Ash, please calm down and take a deep breath. We will find them, I promise." the Gyarados said soothingly.

Frightened brown eyes met Levi's purple ones. "What…What if they were…were flung out to sea?"

"Ash, don't talk like that!" Misty screamed. Brock was in almost as bad a shape as Ash, his normally calm face full of panic.

"They weren't." Gyarados told them. "The Fearow and some Poké Balls landed on the island. I saw them."


Kiara was spun around and around in the cyclone. Desperately, she tried to right herself and fight the cyclone to find her trainer. Suddenly, she was thrown out of it and towards the sandy beach of an island. She managed to spread her wings to slow her fall, but it was still a rough landing.

"Ow…" she groaned as she hit the beach hard. Suddenly, she was pelted by what felt like rocks. She turned to see five Poké Balls lying on the beach beside her. "Huh?"

Carefully, she tapped the release button on the Poké Balls, and Judy, Aidan, Bulbasaur, Onix, and Loki popped out. "Are you guys okay?"

"I'm fine." Bulbasaur said.

Loki groaned and rubbed his head. "I feel like I took a ride in a blender. What happened?"

"And where are we? Where's Ash?" Judy asked, looking around.

"Did our trainers get off the sunken ship?" a worried Onix and Aidan asked at the same time.

"SUNKEN SHIP?!" Judy screeched. She looked at Kiara with frightened eyes. "Kiara, what the hell happened? Where's Ash, Trevor, Venom and Levi? Where are they?"


Ash looked up at Gyarados, hope replacing the fear in his eyes. "You saw them? They're on the island? Are you sure?"

"Yes, I…" Gyarados started before staring at Ash in shock. "Did you just…"

"I can understand Pokémon. Long story. I'll explain later." Ash told her. "Do you know where they landed?"

"I saw them hit land on the other side of the island right before we dropped in." Gyarados told him, gesturing with her tail towards the right.

Ash sighed with relief and smiled at Gyarados. "Thank you." he told her. He translated what Gyarados had said to Brock and Misty, then took out Venom and Trevor's Poké Balls and let them out. Venom and Trevor smiled at Ash, then looked around in confusion. "Where are we?" Trevor asked. "And where are the others?"

"We're on a deserted island. The St. Anne sank." Ash explained, then told Trevor and Venom what had happened. Their eyes widened in shock as Ash told the tale. "Gyarados said she saw Kiara and the others land on the other side of the island. We need to find them." Ash finished.

"I'll circle the island." Levi volunteered.

"I'll help." Gyarados said immediately.

Ash gave a small smile. "Thanks guys." The two Gyarados nodded and swam off. Ash turned to Venom. "Venom, I need you to search the island and see if you can find them."

"On it." Venom told him. He flew up in the air and suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs, "KIARA, JUDY, AIDAN, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?" Everyone covered their ears in pain.

"I think I'm deaf now…" Trevor muttered. "Venom, Ash said search, not scream!" But he was cut off by Kiara's voice calling back to them.


Meanwhile, Kiara was telling the others what had happened.

"Our trainers were able to get off the St. Anne." Kiara said and everyone sighed in relief. "But something bad happened." She told them about James's Gyarados evolving, Misty calming her down, then about the other Gyarados starting a Twister attack. "I was flung away from them, and I'm not sure where they are." Everyone gasped in horror.

"No…" Onix murmured. Judy and Aidan looked like they were about to have a panic attack, Bulbasaur was shaking, and Loki was fidgeting anxiously.

"I'm sure they're all right." Kiara tried to soothe them. "Levi was there with them; he'll protect them. And if the cyclone brought us to the island, they're probably somewhere here too. We need to find them. Judy, Aidan, get on my back and we'll search the air. Onix, can you take…"

But she was suddenly cut off by Venom's voice, sounding far away, but clear, calling their names and asking them where the heck they were.

"Is that Venom?" Judy asked.

"Has to be." Kiara replied. "No one else yells that loud." She then screamed into the air, "VENOM, I CAN HEAR YOU! IT'S KIARA! CAN YOU HEAR ME? WHERE ARE YOU? ARE THE OTHERS WITH YOU?"

Loki covered his ears. "Okay, apparently no one else but her…"


Ash, Venom, and Trevor jumped as they heard Kiara's reply. Everyone else heard only the distant shriek of a Fearow.

"It's Kiara!" Ash said excitedly. "Kiara, it's Ash! Are you okay? Are the others with you? Are they okay?"

"Ash, you are not nearly loud enough." an amused Venom told him. "KIARA, I CAN HEAR YOU!" Venom yelled. "ASH, TREV, LEVI, BROCK, AND MISTY ARE HERE WITH ME! THEY'RE ALL OKAY. ASH WANTS TO KNOW IF THE OTHERS ARE WITH YOU AND IF YOU ARE ALL OKAY!"

"Geez, could Venom get any louder?" Trevor muttered as Venom screamed the message to Kiara.

Ash turned to Trevor. "Did you say something, Trevor?"

"What?" Trevor shouted, not hearing a word Ash was saying.


Across the island, everyone sighed with relief as they heard Venom's voice confirming that their beloved friends and trainers were all together and okay. Kiara hollered to Venom that Judy, Aidan, Bulbasaur, Onix, and Loki were all with her and completely safe, and a minute later, Venom called back that everyone else was with him, or in the case of Levi and Gyarados, searching for Kiara's group.

"STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, GUYS!" Kiara shouted. "WE'LL COME TO YOU!" Venom called back that they would, and Kiara turned to the others. "Judy, Aidan, get on my back. Onix, can you carry Bulbasaur and Loki?"

Onix nodded. "Of course. Hop on, you guys." he told Bulbasaur and Loki.

Bulbasaur used his vines to pull himself up onto Onix's back. Loki tried to climb on, then started to slip, but Bulbasaur caught him using Vine Whip and pulled him up. "Thanks." Loki told him.

"You're welcome." Bulbasaur replied, and the six set off to find their trainers.


As Venom relayed Kiara's last message, Ash sank to the ground, sighing in relief. Against all odds, his entire team was all right, and soon they would all be together again. Trevor hopped into his lap and Ash smiled and petted the Rattata.

"They're on their way, guys." Ash told his friends. "And they're all right."

Brock sat next to Ash, letting out a sigh of relief of his own. "Phew. For a few minutes, I was scared they were…" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"I know. I was too." Ash told him. "But they're safe and will be with us soon."

"It's a miracle, how we all made it through a shipwreck and a cyclone basically unharmed." Misty said. The boys both nodded.

Ash remembered something. "Venom, can you go get Levi and Gyarados- I have got to ask for her name- and tell them that the others are safe and on their way back?"

"Sure." Venom said, his voice a little hoarse from yelling. He then flew off.

Brock saw some fruit trees and his stomach grumbled. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving. I'll pick us some fruit." Ash and Misty nodded eagerly and went to help. They were coming back to the beach with big armfuls of fruit when they suddenly heard loud thumping sounds.


Jessie and James had somehow managed to land headfirst on the beach with their heads buried in the sand. A curious Krabby poked at their legs, then gave them a hard pinch, making them shoot out of the ground, screaming in pain. They landed hard on their bottoms.

"Could it be…" Jessie started.

"Does this mean…" James continued.

"We survived again!" they yelled together, hugging each other.

"We're the completely invincible…" Jessie added.

"Unbeatable…" James said.

"TEAM ROCKET!" they yelled together.

"Wait, I don't hear any annoying complaining." Jessie said, looking around.

"Where's Meowth?" James asked.

"Look above you, numbskulls!" Meowth said from the tree they were next to. They looked up and saw him hanging from the top of the tree. Suddenly, the branch he was clinging to broke, and he fell, bouncing off branches before landing on top of Jessie and James.

"I just decided to drop in." Meowth joked.

Suddenly they heard loud footsteps behind them. "What was that?" Jessie asked shakily.

"I don't know, why don't you check?" James asked.

"Me? What about you?" Jessie exclaimed.

"Oh for Pete's sake!" Meowth grumbled, taking a look, then turning back to them. "Calm down, you cowards! It's just a cute little giant Pikachu!"

James sighed in relief. "Oh, that's…." Then they all registered what Meowth had said. "GIANT PIKACHU?!" they yelled, turning to see a Pikachu the size of a house about to step on them. They dived out of the way just in time.

"Run for your lives!" James screamed.

"Don't have to tell Meowth twice!"

"Get outta my way!"

"Look out!"

The giant Pikachu started sparking, then unleashed a bolt of lightining that hit near Team Rocket and sent them blasting off. "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they screamed. The giant Pikachu took no notice and calmly continued on its way.


Ash, Misty, Trevor and Brock turned at the thumping sounds and gasped in shock as they saw a Charizard that was bigger than a mountain heading straight towards them.

"It's a Charizard and it's huge." Brock said in both awe and fear.

"And it doesn't look too happy…" Ash said. The Charizard suddenly shot a Flamethrower at them. They all dived behind a rock before it hit them.

The Charizard roared as it came towards them, and Misty grabbed Ash's shoulder. "What's it saying? Maybe we can calm it down!"

"I can't understand it!" a panicked Ash told her. "All I can hear is gibberish!"

"That's all I can hear too!" an equally panicked Trevor added.

"Alex, I need your help!" Misty called, releasing her Butterfree. "Use Sleep Powder on that Charizard!"

"Zubat, go!" Brock yelled, releasing the bat Pokémon. "Use Supersonic!"

Butterfree hit the giant Charizard with Sleep Powder and Zubat used Supersonic, but the giant Charizard just kept moving forward, completely oblivious to them and their attacks.

"RUN FOR IT!" Misty yelled, returning Butterfree and taking off running. Brock did the same thing with Zubat and Ash scooped up Trevor and ran.

They ran as fast as they could, the giant Charizard gaining. Suddenly, another giant Pokémon flew in front of them. It was a huge Moltres.

"Levi, Kiara, someone….HELP!" Ash screamed as the two giant Pokémon closed in.


"Do you see them, Kiara?" Onix called from the ground.

"Not…" Kiara started to tell Onix, but she was cut off by the sound of Ash's voice somewhere nearby. "Levi, Kiara, someone….HELP!"

Judy gasped in horror. "Ash is in trouble!"

"Hang on guys; this is going to be a rough ride!" Kiara warned, flying as fast as she could towards her endangered trainer. Onix followed quickly behind, carrying Bulbasaur and Loki. Venom, Levi and Gyarados, who were following the shoreline, also heard Ash's cry for help and followed the sound of his voice.


Cornered, the group searched desperately for an escape route, but there was none. The Charizard started towards them and the group instinctively dropped to the ground, Ash throwing himself over Trevor to shield him. Trevor tried to wiggle free, desperately wanting to protect his trainer. He felt completely helpless. He was supposed to be protecting Ash, not the other way around!

Ash braced himself for the attack, but a familiar voice shouting his name made him look up. It was Kiara; Judy and Aidan on her back. Behind her was Onix with Bulbasaur and Loki. Kiara's wings suddenly glowed, a metallic coating covering them, and she slammed one into the giant Charizard, tearing its chest open.

Aidan winced. Note to self, don't get on Kiara's bad side. he thought.

Kiara was more stunned than Aidan. "Did I just…" she started before noticing wires and gears coming out of Charizard's chest as it started sparking and crashed to the ground. "What the heck…"

The giant Moltres let out a screech and was about to fire a Flamethrower, but a huge burst of water stopped it. Everyone turned to see Levi, Gyarados and Venom. Like the giant Charizard, the giant Moltres immediately started sparking and crahed to the ground, landing on a giant Blastoise no one had seen coming towards them.

Snapping out of their terrified state, the humans ran towards their Pokémon, nearly crying with joy. Brock threw his arms around Onix, then picked up Bulbasaur, hugging him tightly. Misty picked up Loki, hugging him so hard the poor turtle could barely breathe.

"Easy, Red, you're squishing my shell." Loki said, though he was hugging her back just as tightly and had a huge grin on his face.

They turned to Ash, who was now under a huge dog pile of Pokémon and trying to hug them all at once- a completely impossible feat, considering Kiara and Venom were as big as he was. Ash checked all of them over, spraying a Super Potion over Kiara, who had some cuts and bruises from her rough landing. Levi went up and gently coiled himself around the group, and Ash hugged them all again, half afraid they'd disappear if he let go.

Gyarados remained a little apart from the group, unsure of what to do. After what she had nearly done, what if they didn't want her around? But Misty noticed and went over to her, giving her a hug. Gyarados gently nuzzled her.

Brock let go of Bulbasaur and Onix and cautiously went over to the giant Charizard, Onix close behind him. "It's a robot!" Brock exclaimed, seeing the wires and gears poking out of the spot where Kiara's Steel Wing had hit.

"That must be why Ash couldn't hear it and why the Sleep Powder and Supersonic didn't work." Misty realized. She walked over to the giant Moltres and Blastoise. "They're robots too."

"What if there's more around?" Brock asked nervously.

"We better get out of here." Misty said. "But where do we go?"

"I saw the mainland while checking around the island." Levi told them. "I'd estimate that it's about an hour's journey from here."

Ash translated what Levi had said to Brock and Misty. "Are you okay to take us there?" Ash asked Levi. After everything the Gyarados had been through, Ash was worried he'd be too exhausted to take a further trip.

"Of course." Levi told him. Ash sprayed a few Super Potions on him just to be safe and then gave him some Sitrus Berries after Trevor confirmed that the fruit on the island was safe to eat.

"Gyarados, can you take me?" Misty asked. Gyarados nodded. "I forgot to ask. Do you have a real name?" Gyarados just shook her head sadly. "Don't worry. I'll think up one for you." Misty reassured her, gently stroking her scales. The group headed off towards the beach, the Pokémon remaining out just in case any more giant robots showed up.

"Okay, we had to get out of a sunken ship, survived a giant cyclone, then faced an attack by giant robots. Sounds like one of the bad B movies Ethan likes." Ash muttered to himself as they walked.

Misty heard him and burst out laughing, mostly out of relief that they had survived this crazy adventure. "Yeah, you're kind of right about that."

Brock nodded. "Don't think anyone would ever believe this adventure."

"My mom's going to freak when she finds out." Ash said.

They reached the beach and Brock gave Onix and Bulbasaur one last hug before returning them(Thankfully, Judy, Aidan and Bulbasaur had remembered to pick up the Poké Balls and bring them to their trainers). Misty was about to return Loki, but he refused, saying he wanted to stay out with her.

Aidan and Kiara very reluctantly consented to return to their Poké Balls, as Aidan was afraid of water and Kiara was exhausted from her ordeal. They did tell Ash to let them out when he got to shore so they knew he had arrived safely. Venom wanted to fly there with them and Judy flatly refused to go in her Poké Ball. She had nearly lost Ash several times over the last twenty four hours. It had been way too close for comfort and she wasn't ready to leave Ash out of her sight yet. Trevor too refused, wanting to remain by Ash's side.

Ash lifted Judy up onto Levi, then put Trevor under his vest and buttoned it up to keep him secure, Trevor poked his head out of the top of Ash's vest as Ash climbed aboard Levi and sat behind Judy. Brock climbed on after him, and Misty and Loki climbed onto Gyarados. The group then set off for the mainland.

As they were leaving, Ash turned and saw another giant robot crossing the beach; a giant Pikachu. Glad that one didn't attack us too. he thought with a shudder. He turned back to his Pokémon, scratching Trevor's head and Levi's neck before wrapping his arms around Judy. He was exhausted and sore. We're going to need a vacation from this vacation…


What Ash and his friends didn't know was that the "deserted island" they had been on was actually a newly opened theme park called Pokémon Land, created by the notorious boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni, and that the robotic Pokémon they had encountered were the parks main attractions. A tour boat had come in not fifteen minutes after the group had left and discovered the damaged robots. The security cameras had not been set up yet, so it was just assumed that the robots had malfunctioned and collided with each other. The park's grand opening would be delayed for a week while the robots were sent in for repairs.

Despite his initial annoyance, Giovanni was soon relieved that the robots had crashed, as during the systems check, a malfunction was discovered in all the robots that had caused them to randomly emit the attacks they were only supposed to use during battle shows in carefully controlled conditions. If it hadn't been for the robots colliding, they may have started attacking guests during the grand opening. Ash, Misty, and Brock would never know, but their little escapade on Pokémon Island may have saved many lives and Giovanni millions, if not billions, of dollars in lawsuits.


An hour after leaving what they decided to call the "Island Of Giant Pokémon," the group arrived to a beautiful beach resort. Some tourists on boats gave Ash, Misty, and Brock strange looks as they entered on their Gyarados, but most just shrugged, used to trainers coming in using Water Pokémon.

"We're lost." Brock called to an old man coming in on his boat. "Can you tell us where we are?"

"You're in the lovely beach resort of Porta Vista, my friends." the man called back.

"Thanks." Brock told him. "Do you know where the Pokémon center is?"

"After you enter the port, go straight, then take the first street on your right and it's the second building there. You can't miss it. And if you guys are feeling hungry, I have a resturant right across the street from there. It's called Moe's and we have the best food in town."

Ash's stomach grumbled at that and Brock chuckled. "We'll definitely stop by." The old man smiled as they pulled into the port.

"Thanks, Levi." Ash told his Gyarados, scratching the crest on his head as Levi bent down to his level. "I'll get you to the Pokémon Center so you can take a rest." He recalled Levi to his Poké Ball then let out Kiara and Aidan like he had promised once they were on dry land. Kiara nuzzled Ash, and Aidan jumped into his arms, nearly squishing Trevor, who was still under Ash's vest.

"Hey! Watch it!" Trevor complained.

"Sorry, Trev, I didn't see you there." Aidan said sheepishly. Trevor wriggled free of Ash's vest and took his usual place on Ash's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Misty was talking to Gyarados. "I thought of a good name for you. How about Malestrom? Mel for short?" Gyarados nodded, letting out an affectionate rumble. "Would you like to travel with me or would you rather be free?" Misty asked.

"I'd like to be with you." Mel said immediately. Ash translated for Misty and Misty smiled, scratching Mel's neck, then tapping her gently with a Poké Ball. Mel went in without a struggle. The ball then teleported away.

The group then headed to the Pokémon Center where they had their team healed, and Misty called her sisters and swapped her Goldeen for her new Gyarados, which they were all too happy to do, as they were terrified of Mel. Ash went with Misty to make the call, just in case her sisters were nasty, but thankfully, they weren't. Daisy and Violet even wished Misty luck on her journey, and told her Lily had started off on a journey of her own with her new boyfriend a week ago.

After their Pokémon were healed, they all grabbed dinner at the Pokémon Center's buffet and ate outside with their Pokémon while watching the sunset. After dinner, they checked into a nearby hotel for the night. Ash collapsed into his bed, only managing to take off his shoes before falling asleep; Judy, Trevor, and Aidan cuddled around him.

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