When One Door Closes, Two More Open

On the first day of his journey with his rebellious starter, Ash befriends a Spearow and a Rattata. Ash is seriously injured by Pikachu after saving the young spearow from a Thunderbolt, but the Spearow, her flock, and the Rattata save his life. With not one but two new starters, a strange new ability to understand Pokémon, and a calmer and smarter attitude, a new journey begins.



11. An Overseas Adventure, Part 1

After breakfast the next morning, Ash, Misty, and Brock headed down to the harbor to see the luxury cruise ship Misty had wanted to see so badly. All of Ash's Pokémon were out, as was Loki, who hated being in a Poké Ball for long periods of time.

Immediately after they were let out, Kiara and Venom had wanted to know about the gym battle. Ash told them about both battles and the talk he had with Lieutenant Surge, but he downplayed what had happened after the first battle a little, not wanting either of them to worry.

As soon as they reached the harbor, they noticed a beautiful cruise ship and ran over to it.

"Wow…" Brock said, looking at the massive ship.

"It's beautiful." Misty breathed.

"I'd love to travel the world on a ship like that." Ash agreed.

Brock nodded. "Yeah, just think of all the Pokémon we'd see along the way."

Misty sighed happily and closed her eyes. "It would be so wonderful to go aboard that ship. Just sunbathing on the deck all day and having a nice, relaxing cruise."

"Too bad we could never afford it." Brock said sadly.

Misty sighed. "Yeah. It's nice to imagine it though." She brightened up a little. "At least we get to see it. C'mon guys, let's get a closer look. I want to take some pictures."

Brock was looking at a group of beautiful girls. "I'll meet you guys over there in a minute." he said distractedly.

Misty shrugged and grabbed Ash's hand. "Okay. C'mon Ash, let's go check out the ship."

They walked up to the cruise ship and looked at it admiringly. Misty took several pictures of it, then turned to Ash. "Hey, Ash. I want to get a picture of you and your Pokémon with the ship. Call Kiara and Venom down and stand right there. Loki, you get in the picture too." Ash called for Kiara and Venom and they landed on either side of him. Judy, Trevor, Loki and Aidan stood in front of them. Misty backed up so she could get a good picture. "Now, smile!" she said. "Loki, Venom, stop making faces at the camera! I want this to be a nice photo! Okay, hold still…"

"Guys, you won't believe what just happened!" Brock yelled, running up to them. Ash and the Pokémon turned to look at Brock just as the camera's flash went off.

"Brock, you ruined my photo!" Misty complained.

"Forget the photo!" Brock exclaimed. He held up three tickets for the St. Anne cruise ship.

Misty's eyes widened in shock. "Brock, how did you get these? I thought they were really expensive."

"You remember those girls I was talking to? Well, they all had boyfriends." Brock said sadly. But then he brightened right back up again. "But their boyfriends are taking them out on a big date tonight, so they couldn't use their tickets and they gave them to me!"

"That was nice of them." Ash said with a smile.

"Yay! Now we get to go aboard the St. Anne!" Misty cheered. She grabbed Ash and Brock's hands and dragged them towards the St. Anne.

"Looks like we got another three victims." one of the girls Brock had talked to, a lovely Japanese girl with long black hair, said with an evil grin as she saw Misty, Ash, and Brock run by.

"I hate this job. It's humiliating; having to parade around in these little bathing suits and having jerks hit on you. And then you have to give said jerks free tickets. Why Giovanni doesn't just have people pay for tickets is beyond me. He'd get rich folks with rare Pokémon, rather then these stupid newbie trainers with common Pokémon that you can get anywhere, like the ones following that kid with the black hair. Plus, he'd have all the money from the ticket sales and I wouldn't have to wear this hideous suit!" the second girl, a pretty red-head, grumbled.

The third girl, who had blond hair that was pulled into two pigtails, glared at the red-head. "Don't insult the boss! He knows what he's doing!"

The black-haired girl nodded. "Plus, we're getting paid really well for this, so don't ruin it!"

"C'mon, Domino, can't you see the flaws in this plan?" the red-head girl argued, looking at the blond.

Domino gave her a dirty look. "The only flaw to this plan is that Jessie, James, and Meowth are running it. The boss gave those idiots one last chance to prove themselves."

The three girls looked at Jessie and James, who were handing out free tickets, both of them dressed as teenage girls. They winced when James said, "Coool!" in a high squeaky voice that was obviously intended to be female.

"Yeah, we're screwed." the black haired girl muttered.


Just before they boarded, Ash reluctantly recalled Kiara and Venom. The ship was too crowded; Kiara would have no room to fly, and someone could bump into Venom and get hurt by one of his stingers.

"What an awesome ship…" Ash murmured, looking around in awe.

Misty nodded. "I could travel the whole world on a ship like this."

"Welcome aboard the St. Anne." the man at the gate said. Brock showed him their tickets and he motioned them inside. "Right this way."

They entered a gigantic room with orange carpeting. There were hundreds of people there, and a lot of booths selling Pokémon products. Like Ash and Misty, a lot of others had their Pokémon out as well.

"It's like a giant Pokémon convention." Ash said.

"It looks like everyone here is a Pokémon trainer." Misty replied.

They passed two kids who were holding their Charmanders. "Look at the smooth skin on my Charmander. That shows how healthy it is!" a boy bragged.

"And look at my Charmander's tail! There's orange mixed in with red!" the other kid said. "Cool, huh? Check it out!"

"And there's weird mixed in with pointing out the obvious." Loki muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Wait, look how hard the shell is on my Squirtle!" another boy said, running up to them. "Tough, huh?" The other two nodded.

"Hey, look at that kid's Charmander!" one kid exclaimed, pointing at Aidan. They ran up to the group, all talking at once.

"He's so cute!"

"Not as cute as mine, though!"

"He has a nice strong flame on his tail."

"What moves does he know?"

A nervous Aidan backed up as they moved closer. One of the strangers reached down to touch him, and Aidan prepared to shoot a Flamethrower at them, but Ash scooped him up, holding Aidan against his chest, and the Charmander relaxed a little bit.

Ash glared at the kids. "Go away. You're making Aidan nervous by crowding around him like that!" There were disgruntled murmurs from the kids, but they turned and left.

"I don't like this…" Aidan whispered.

"Would you like to go in your Poké Ball so you can rest and they won't bother you any more?" Ash asked gently. Aidan nodded, and Ash returned him to his Poké Ball.

Ash mumbled about idiots ruining Aidan's first cruise, then turned to his other Pokémon. "Are you guys okay? Do you need to go back in your Poké Balls too?"

They shook their heads. Trevor hopped into Ash's arms, then climbed onto his shoulder. "They're not going to bother me. I'm just a simple little Rattata."

"And I'm not going in the red and white sphere of boredom." Judy added. "Not when there's so much fun stuff to do."

"Same here." Loki put in. "Plus if any idiots bother us, I can soak 'em." He grinned mischievously as Ash quietly translated what he had said to Misty. Misty just shook her head.

"C'mon guys, let's check out the booths!" Misty said,

Brock was eyeing a beautiful girl sunbathing on the deck. "You guys go on. I'll meet you in a few minutes." he said, walking towards the deck. Misty just shrugged and grabbed Ash's hand, dragging him in the direction of the booths.

Ash and Misty walked around, checking out the booths. There was special Pokémon food, herbal medicines, evolution items, customized Poké Balls, toys, and clothes for both humans and Pokémon. It was a Pokémon lover's paradise.

"Oh, look at that, it's so cute!" Misty squealed suddenly, pointing to a booth.

Ash, who had been buying some Poké Puffs for his Pokémon, turned around to see what Misty was talking about. "What is?"

"That stuffed Tentacool in the game booth! Isn't it adorable?" Misty said happily.

Ash looked over to see a carnival type game where you had to knock over a three bottle pyramid to win a prize. One of the prizes was a stuffed Tentacool plushy that was nearly as big as Judy. "Um, sure…"

"Tentacool are one of my favorite Pokémon!" Misty told Ash, not really hearing his response. "I'm going to try to win it." She ran over and gave the game operator, a sleazy-looking man with a handlebar mustache, a dollar and he handed her a baseball. She threw the ball at the bottles, but they didn't fall. The man asked her if she wanted to try again, a smug smile on his face, but she shook her head and walked away, a disappointed expression on her face. "The game's probably rigged." she muttered to Ash, before going over to another booth.

Ash hated to see his best friend disappointed. He took a dollar out of his pocket and walked over to the booth. Maybe he could win that toy for her. Trevor cautioned him that it probably was a scam, but Ash whispered that he wanted to try to get the toy for Misty anyway and that it was only a dollar to play, so he wasn't losing much. Judy followed, munching on one of the Poké Puffs Ash had bought.

"I'd like to play." he told the game operator, who grinned and handed him the ball. Ash took Trevor off his shoulder and placed him on the ground so he could throw easier.

Trevor and Misty had been right; the game operator WAS running a scam. As Ash prepared to throw the ball, the operator stepped on the pedal that put the bottles up, making them nearly impossible to knock down. But he needn't have worried; Ash threw the ball too high and missed.

The game operator gave a smug smile and stepped off the pedal. "Too bad! Do…"

But his words were cut off as the ball ricocheted off the back of the booth and hit the bottles, knocking them over. Ash cheered. "Yes! I did it!"

"Okay, what toy do you want, kid?" the operator sighed.

"The stuffed Tentacool, please." Ash told him. The shopkeeper handed it over and Ash thanked him before running off to find Misty, Judy and Trevor right behind him.

"At least all he wanted was that ugly thing…" the shopkeeper muttered, watching the kid who had somehow beaten his booth run off with his prize.

Misty was checking out one of the booths that sold T-shirts and saw one Ash might like; a black T-shirt with a white tribal design of a Spearow on it. "Hey, Ash, what do you think about…Where'd he go?" she asked, looking around. She turned to her Squirtle. "Have you seen him, Loki?" Loki just shook his head. "He must have stopped at one of the booths. Let's go find him."

But before they got too far, she heard Ash's voice calling her name, and he ran from around the corner and up to her, his Pokémon behind him. He was hiding something behind his back and grinning mischievously. "What have you got behind your back?" Misty asked, trying to look around him, but he shifted so that she couldn't see whatever he was hiding.

His grin grew wider. "Close your eyes and hold out your hands." he told her. Misty gave him a strange look, but did it. She felt Ash place something soft and fuzzy in her arms and opened her eyes, seeing the Tentacool plushy she had wanted.

"Aww!" Misty squealed, hugging the Tentacool tightly. "Did you win this for me?" Ash grinned again and nodded. "That's so sweet! Thank you, Ash; you're the nicest guy ever." She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, making Ash turn red as a Tamato Berry. "C'mon, I want to show you something."

Ash reached up to touch the spot Misty had kissed, a goofy grin starting to appear on his face. He began to dreamily follow Misty, not seeing the pole that was right in front of him.

Judy's eyes widened. "Ash watch out for the-"


"-pole." Judy sighed. She and Trevor ran over to check on their trainer, who was holding his nose in pain. Misty turned around and ran back over to Ash.

Loki burst out laughing. "What happened, Ash? Too busy watching my trainer to watch where you were going?" he teased.

"He went love-blind." Trevor joked. Ash went so red they thought steam was going to come out his ears, and hid his face.

"Guys, quit teasing him." Judy sighed, though she was doing her best to hide her own laughter.

"Sorry." Trevor said sheepishly. "You okay, Ash?"

Ash nodded.

Misty checked him over. "I don't think you broke anything. How do you feel?"

"I'm fine." Ash told her. He felt more embarrassed than anything.

"I think we need to buy you a helmet." Misty joked and Ash blushed again. "Now let's go. I found this shirt I think you'll love." She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the booth.

"It's this one." Misty said, shifting her Tentacool to one arm, then picking up the T-shirt and handing to him. "What do you think?"

Ash looked closely at it, tracing his finger over the white Spearow. He loved the look of it; beautiful but powerful. "I like it." he said.

"Good, because I'm buying it for you." Misty replied.

"You don't have to do that…" Ash started, but Misty cut him off.

"I know but I WANT to." she told him. "Is this your size?" Ash nodded and Misty paid the booth owner for the T-shirt.

"Thanks." Ash told her.

She smiled. "You're welcome. Now let's see what that shirt looks like on you." She handed Ash his new shirt and Ash stepped into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later, he came out wearing his new shirt and carrying his blue vest.

"It looks great." Misty told him happily. "Here, give me your vest." He did, and she slipped it on him, leaving it unbuttoned and tucking it back a little so the Spearow design could clearly be seen. "There, perfect." She took a step back. "You know, that look really suits you." Ash blushed a little.

"Hi, guys." they heard Brock's voice say, and turned to see Brock walking up to them. They smiled at him, then noticed that he had a black eye.

"Brock, what happened to you?" Ash asked in concern.

"Never flirt with a girl who has a jealous boyfriend." Brock told him.

"Um, I'll keep that in mind." Ash said, not sure how else to respond to that statement. Loki snickered.

Brock quickly changed the subject. "Looks like you two had fun at least."

"Yeah, we did." Misty said happily. She decided to cheer Brock up a bit. "I saw some booths selling Pokémon food and grooming supplies. Want to go check those out with us?"

"Sure." Brock replied.

As they walked that way, Ash heard someone whisper, "Hey…you there. Come here." Ash turned, just in case someone was talking to him, but found out it was a black haired salesman at another booth talking to a red-haired boy that was near him. Confused, the kid walked over. "I want you to check out this Pokémon." The salesman gestured to a large red fish with long yellow whiskers swimming in a small tank.

"It's a Magikarp. What about it?" the kid asked, looking disgusted.

The salesman lowered his voice, but Ash could still hear him. "Just between you and me, this Magikarp is a Pokémon goldmine."

The kid rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right. I don't know who you think you're kidding. No one in their right mind would want such a pathetic Pokémon." he sneered, walking away.

The Magikarp looked both hurt and resigned, as if it had been getting that treatment all day. Ash felt a pang in his chest, feeling for the poor Pokémon. He knew what it felt like to be called names, to be thought of as pathetic. Sensing someone was watching it, the Magikarp looked towards Ash and their eyes met. Ash knew one thing for sure then; he wanted that Magikarp.

Ash walked over to the booth. "Excuse me, sir, how much for the Magikarp?"

The salesman immediately became excited. "Well, I normally charge more; but for a nice kid like you, it's only one hundred dollars."

"Ash…." Misty said, not wanting her friend to be scammed out of a hundred bucks.

"Deal." Ash said immediately, cutting her off. The price was steep, but he had more than enough from his gym winnings and the Magikarp was worth it. He gave the salesman the hundred bucks.

The Magikarp looked at him in shock. "You really want me?" he asked, and Ash saw a new and much better emotion in his eyes. Hope. Ash smiled at him and gave him a slight nod. The Magikarp's eyes widened even further. "Did you under-" But his words were cut off by the salesman sucking him into a gold colored Poké Ball.

The salesman handed Magikarp's Poké Ball to Ash. "There you are, kid."

Ash smiled. "Thank you."

The salesman smirked. "No, thank you." He was nearly dancing with delight that his Magikarp scam had finally paid off. After Ash and his friends had walked off, the salesman took out another Poké Ball and released another Magikarp into the tank. He saw a purple-haired man that looked like he could be easily tricked. "Boy! Hey, you boy! Come here!"


"Ash, that guy just scammed you out of a hundred dollars!" Misty exclaimed as they walked away.

"I know he tried to scam me." Ash replied. "But I can tell Magikarp is a great Pokémon. He's well worth the hundred dollars."

"You know, if you told me you wanted a Magikarp, I could have caught you one for free." Misty told him.

"I know, but it wouldn't be this one." Ash said, reaching down to touch Magikarp's Poké Ball. "This Magikarp needed me. He needed to know someone cared for him enough to pay one hundred dollars for him. I couldn't just leave him there to be alone or to be picked up by some jerk. He deserves a trainer and a team that will love him."

"And he's got that now." Judy said, smiling. The others smiled too.

"I wonder if there's a pool I can let Magikarp out in. I want to get to know him a little bit better." Ash mused.

Brock checked a map he had found on the wall. "This says there's a pool for Water Pokémon on this level. We just go straight ahead and then to the right."

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at the pool, which was almost empty because everyone else was getting ready for dinner. Ash let Magikarp out of his Poké Ball, then sat on the side of the pool. "Hi, Magikarp. I'm Ash and this is Judy, Trevor, Loki, Brock, and Misty." he told the red fish, pointing to the others as he said their names. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine." Magikarp replied, a little bit shyly. "Um, back there… Did you understand what I said?"

Ash nodded. "Yes."

"Wow…" the Magikarp murmured.

"Do you have a real name?" Ash asked. Magikarp shook his head. "Would you like a nickname then?"

"Yes, please."

"Brock, can I borrow your laptop again so I can find a good name for Magikarp?" Ash asked.

"Sure." Brock said, taking out the laptop. He typed "Names for a Magikarp" into the search engine. Ash, Misty, and Brock peeked at the laptop to see if they could find any good names.

"These names are horrible!" Misty shouted in disgust. "Especially THIS one! Who in their right mind would name their Magikarp-"

"Don't say it out loud!" Ash exclaimed.

"Maybe we should try looking up Gyarados names. There might be better names there." Brock suggested, typing it into the search engine.

"These are a lot better." Misty said when the page came up. "Except for this one. Who in their right mind would name a Gyarados "Nice Boat?"

"I don't even WANT to know what that person was thinking." Brock said with a sweat drop. "How about Poseidon?"

Ash looked to Magikarp, who shook his head. "No, that one's out."

"Leviathan?" Misty suggested.

"I'm not even sure how to spell that and I can barely pronounce it." Ash replied. He took a look at the page. "How about Levi?"

"I like Levi." Magikarp said softly.

"Levi it is, then." Ash said with a smile. "Is it okay if I scan you with my Pokédex to see what moves you know?" Levi nodded, and Ash took out his Pokédex, turning the volume off just in case the Pokédex decided to be an insult machine again.

Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. Because all Magikarp seem to do is splash around, some consider them weak, but they're actually a hardy Pokémon that can survive in water no matter how dirty it is. This Magikarp is level nineteen, male, and knows the moves Splash, Tackle, Flail, and Bounce.

"Bounce? What's Bounce?" Ash wondered. Words appeared on the Pokédex's screen.

"Bounce is a Flying Type move where the Pokémon leaps high in the air, then lands hard on the target. This move can sometimes paralyze the target." the Pokédex replied.

"Wow, you have some great moves, Levi." Ash told him.

"Thank you." Levi murmured, not used to compliments. For most of his life, all he ever heard from trainers was that he was a pathetic, weak Pokémon. But this boy, his new trainer, was treating him with respect and kindness. He almost felt like he was dreaming.

For a few more minutes, Ash, Judy, Trevor, Loki, Brock, and Misty talked and played with Levi. Ash gave Levi a Poké Puff, which the Magikarp ate eagerly, and told Levi about his other Pokémon and some of the adventures they had had. Levi had never been happier. He finally had a place where he fit in and teammates and a trainer who cared for him. He had everything he had ever wanted.

All too soon, the intercom announced that the Pokémon Pool was closing and that it was fifteen minutes until dinnertime. Ash reluctantly recalled Levi, and the group headed towards the dining hall.

Just before they reached their destination though, they spotted a huge crowd. "What's going on over there?" Ash asked, unable to see over the crowd.

"It looks like a Pokémon battle." Brock said.

They went to a gap in the crowd and watched as an older gentleman's Raticate knocked out a young boy's Sandshrew. "Sandshrew!" the boy cried in worry. "Are you okay?" He scooped up his Sandshrew in his arms, hugging it tightly.

"Don't worry son, it was only a practice match." the older gentleman said soothingly. The kid nodded sadly, handed the gentleman his prize money and walked away. "Is anyone else brave enough to challenge my Raticate?" the gentleman called.

"A Raticate? Let me fight him, Ash!" Trevor said eagerly. Ash nodded and walked towards the gentleman with Trevor.

"I'd like to challenge you, sir." Ash said.

The gentleman grinned. "As you wish. Raticate, go!"

"Go, Trevor!" Ash called.

"Raticate, Hi- Jump Kick!" the gentleman called.

"Trevor, dodge it, then use Hyper Fang!" Trevor easily got out the way, and the Raticate crashed to the ground, doing some damage to itself. Trevor rushed in and struck it with Hyper Fang before dodging away again.

"Raticate, Hyper Fang attack!" the gentleman ordered, not looking as confident as before.

"Trevor, dodge, then Super Fang!" Ash called. Trevor got out of the way by inches, then sunk his fangs into the Raticate once again. "Now finish it with Hyper Fang!"

The gentleman ran onto the field and scooped up his Raticate. Trevor's claws skidded on the floor as he tried to stop before he hit the man. "That's enough." the gentleman said. "I forfeit." He handed Ash two hundred dollars in prize money before walking away with his Raticate.

Ash picked up Trevor and hugged him. "Amazing job, Trevor."

"Wow, that was amazing." Misty breathed. "How did Trevor take out that Raticate without taking a single hit?"

"Raticate are built for attack and not speed." Trevor explained. "So we used my speed to our advantage to strike and get away before that Raticate could hit me back.. Plus, with moves like Hyper Fang and Hi Jump Kick, it's hard to hit a small, quickly moving target. Which is why I love being a Rattata. I can still learn all the moves a Raticate can, but I have much better speed." Ash quietly translated what Trevor had said to Misty, who nodded.

Ash's stomach rumbled and he blushed. Brock laughed. "Let's go get something to eat. I'm starving too."

Their eyes lit up as they walked into the dining hall and saw(and smelled) the enormous buffet of delicious food. They piled their plates, Ash and Misty making sure to grab some food for their Pokémon too, and sat at one of the tables, eating their dinner happily.


But what Ash and his friends did not know was that danger was lurking aboard the St. Anne. Many miles away, Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, was watching through the security cameras on the St. Anne. "It won't be long now." he told his pet Persian, smiling evilly. The Persian screeched as Giovanni pressed a button and all the doors on the St. Anne slammed shut and locked.


Everyone in the dining hall screamed as the door suddenly shut and locked and the lights went out. Some of the waiters and vendors tore off their costumes to reveal Team Rocket uniforms. They were wearing machines on their backs that looked like vacuums. Jessie, James and Meowth, the leaders of this operation, leapt on top of the tables and began to say their motto, but it didn't seem like James's heart was in it. He seemed depressed about something.

"To protect the world from devastation!" Jessie shouted.

"To unite all peoples within our nation…." James groaned despondently

"These guys AGAIN?!" Judy yelled, taking a battle stance. Loki fired off what was supposed to be a Water Gun, but it was much stronger and more pressurized, sending Jessie, James, and Meowth off the table and into a wall. Loki had just learned Hydro Pump.

The Rocket Trio got up, groaning. "NEVER interrupt the motto!" Meowth yelled.

"Forget the stupid motto!" a random grunt yelled. "Let's just start with the actual plan!"

"Team Rocket will now take possession of your Pokémon!" Jessie yelled. People began to mutter to themselves in fear and confusion. The Team Rocket members turned on their vacuums, and everyone's Poké Balls started flying towards the machines. Ash's Poké Balls started to come off his belt, but he grabbed them out of the air, screaming in rage and charging the nearest grunt, hitting the grunt in the gut with his head. The grunt fell to the ground, groaning, and Ash stole his vacuum, sending it into reverse and pelting a wave of grunts who were trying to grab him with Poké Balls.

A grunt tried to grab Ash from behind, but Judy and Trevor quickly took him out with Karate Chop and Hyper Fang. "We've got your back, Ash!" Judy called. Loki hit a grunt with Hydro Pump, Misty punched one in the face, knocking him to the ground, and Brock grabbed a dinner tray and slammed it into another grunt's head. Then Brock released Bulbasaur and Misty released Alex, both of whom used Stun Spore on the approaching grunts.

"Are we Pokémon Trainers or aren't we?" Ash yelled at the other trainers aboard the St. Anne. "I don't' know about you guys, but I'm not letting them take away my Pokémon! Who's with me?" He sent out Kiara, Venom, and Aidan, who saw the grunts and quickly began attacking.

The other trainers cheered, then released their own Pokémon. Aidan got with another group of Charmander and they hit the grunts with a group Flamethrower. Kiara led all the other Spearow and Fearow into a group attack and Venom did the same with the other Beedrill. Judy and the other Fighting Types, as well as a group of Psychic types, quickly disarmed the grunts of their vacuums and released the Pokémon trapped inside, who quickly joined the battle. Trevor stood guard at Ash's side, making sure no grunts could get near his trainer.

A quick-thinking older man broke through one of the windows of the ship and ran to the control room, unlocking and opening the doors. The grunts were chased through the ship and onto the deck.

A brown-haired boy with a Pidgeotto yelled, "Group Gust!" to all the Pidgeotto The Pidgeotto's attacks combined to make a massive tornado, blowing all the Team Rocket grunts off the ship.

Everyone cheered, happy they were now free from Team Rocket. Some people clapped Ash, Brock, and Misty on the back, congratulating them for their quick thinking and courage.

They went back inside to the dining hall and Ash sat down, taking deep breaths as the adrenaline faded away. Ash's Pokémon clustered around him. Aidan and Trevor climbed on his lap as Judy sat by his side and Kiara and Venom nestled next to him. They watched as the other trainers sorted out their Pokémon, making sure they had all of their teams back.

"You did amazing out there, Ash." Trevor told him. "You really got everyone into the fighting spirit and saved the day."

"I still can't believe you tackled that guy, then stole his vacuum and took out those other grunts." Judy chuckled, putting her arm around him. "Looks like those self-defense lessons really paid off. I'll have to teach you some more fighting moves."

"Ash did what now?" Venom blurted out. Judy told him and Venom looked impressed. "Wow…just wow."

"Sounds like someone's Spearow side came out again." Kiara teased. She nuzzled Ash. "We're very proud of you." Ash reached over and hugged her.

"By the way guys, we have a new teammate. He's…." But Ash's words were cut off by the ship swaying violently, sending Ash's chair tipping and him falling to the ground. Kiara caught him before he could slide into a wall.

"What's happening?" Aidan asked nervously.

Misty ran to the window. "It's a huge storm!" she cried.

"The ship is going to have a tough time getting back in waves like this." Brock said, worried. Ash and Misty quickly began recalling their Pokémon, just in case an evacuation was necessary. They didn't want any of them to get hurt in what probably would be a mad scramble to get to the lifeboats.

No one knew it, but Jessie, James, and Meowth were still aboard the vessel too. The ship swayed, knocking James into a wall and making him drop his fake golden Poké Ball containing the Magikarp he had been tricked into buying from the Magikarp Salesman. The ball rolled down the hall, and James, wanting to get his money back from the Magikarp Salesman, rushed to get it.

The passengers rushed over to the captain's deck clamoring in fear. "There's no need to be alarmed! The waves just pushed us a little off course!" the captain said, though everyone could tell he was nervous. "And the ship's supposed to be unsinkable, so there's no need for alarm!" A massive wave rocked the ship, making everyone look around in terror. When they turned back, they noticed the captain was missing. Looking around, they saw him lowering himself down on one of the lifeboats. "Like I said, no need to panic! I'm just testing out the lifeboats!' the captain called.

Everyone began to panic, rushing for the lifeboats. Someone slammed into Ash, sending him flying into a wall and knocking him out. Brock and Misty rushed to help their friend and were also knocked into the wall by a group of frightened trainers. The ship tilted violently, throwing Ash, Brock, and Misty down the hallway and into another room. They were unnoticed by the other passengers who all got out in time just before another huge wave hit the St. Anne.

The St. Anne began slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea, an unconscious Misty, Brock, and Ash still trapped inside along with Jessie, James, and Meowth, who had also been knocked out. Can our heroes make it out of this adventure alive?

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