The trip

Abby took a trip to visit her family in Montana, but what will happen when her old family friend gets murdered. The clock is ticking, will she be able to find the killer before she gets killed herself. Read to find out?


4. The Threat

Sometimes people do things they don't even know why they did it. They found the killer when they went through her room and found the gun and found her fingerprints on the handle of the knife. But who? Let's jump back to 15 hours ago. The cops were searching for the killer so I happened to have blood all over the tree in front of my house so I decided to use it to write her a threat. The threat said," You have 24 hours to confess to killing Daniel before I pin it all on you." I mean come on I just want this to be over for me and my family. I realize that they could figure out I wrote the threat but that's why I wore gloves. So they can't arrest me thinking I wrote that to make her confess so I don't go to jail.

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