The trip

Abby took a trip to visit her family in Montana, but what will happen when her old family friend gets murdered. The clock is ticking, will she be able to find the killer before she gets killed herself. Read to find out?


2. The long night

I had a peaceful sleep until I heard a gunshot and I ran out the door. I went to see what happened and there he was, Daniel, hanging from the tree in front of my house with a knife through his chest and and gunshot through his head. I was on the side of the road crying and calling 911. After the police arrived I went to the station to be questioned. I mean can u believe they thought I killed him? He was my best friend and I loved him maybe more than a friend. After they finally let me go I had to convince them that I didn't kill him so I had to pretend that I was looking for the killer so they wouldn't think I killed my best friend.

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