The trip

Abby took a trip to visit her family in Montana, but what will happen when her old family friend gets murdered. The clock is ticking, will she be able to find the killer before she gets killed herself. Read to find out?


5. The killer is revealed

So back to 15 hours later which is now when they found the killer; Me. I know, I know you are all probably wondering why I did it? Let me rewind to that night. I met him to confess my feelings for him that I loved Daniel and before I could I found the real reason he wanted to meet up with me. He wanted me to be at........ his wedding with a girl his parents hated and didn't approve of. Of course I was heartbroken so after the wedding I told him how I felt and he was disgusted. So I told him what was going to happen and then I did it I hung him from the tree, shot him in the head between the eyes, and stabbed him in the heart and watched the blood gush out. When the cops found out it was too late, someone had already killed me and started yet another open murder case. But who? Read my next book,  The plane to find out?


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