The trip

Abby took a trip to visit her family in Montana, but what will happen when her old family friend gets murdered. The clock is ticking, will she be able to find the killer before she gets killed herself. Read to find out?


3. Finding the killer

I had to atleast pretend. So I went looking through his stuff to find someone who hated him enough to kill him. Later that day I went looking for someone who saw what happened. I didn't find anything except someone who committed suicide. It was one of the kids Daniel knew he used to cut himself and he was very depressed. The doctor said that he was getting better, but Daniel's death set him back. So I got questioned again. The cops find it very supspicious that right as my family arrived Daniel got killed. I did find that there was a girl who was in love with Daniel but he didn't like her like that. Maybe I could pin it all on her to me from being questioned I mean why would I kill Daniel? I'm not mentally unstable. Right?

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