The trip

Abby took a trip to visit her family in Montana, but what will happen when her old family friend gets murdered. The clock is ticking, will she be able to find the killer before she gets killed herself. Read to find out?


1. The plane ride

Like any other family vacation it began on a plane ride. Once we got to Montana we first went to visit our close family friend, Daniel. He was my best friend. We used to spend all summer talking and having a great time to together. So we went to go visit him. We walked in to find him baking us brownies and cookies. He was handsome and a great baker. After that we came home. I had a weird feeling about this vacation I felt like someone was watching me. I thought that it was just because of the plane ride. The plane ride was so awkward. On the plane was my mom, my dad, my mom's friend, and her friends son who she wanted to set me up with. He kept trying to flirt with me and I had to keep it chill so I said,"What the heck, Justin?", and he was ticked  because he knew I didn't like him like that. Oh well I really don't care it will probably be different tomorrow.


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