Dragons speak Parseltongue too, you know

Harry befriends the dragon in the first task, and this makes all the difference. Watch as Harry rebels against the ministry, forms a bond with a dragon the likes of which hasn't been seen in centuries, and goes up against Voldemort! And he might just fall in love along the way... some Dumbles bashing, temporarily bad Ron, and Harry/Hermione/Luna for the pairing!



12. Planning

"And more importantly," Hermione added seriously. "How do we stop it?"

"Hermione," Harry said, resignation clear in his tone "I don't think we can stop it."

"Harry!" Hermione said, completely shocked. "How can you say that?"

Harry just sighed and tried to push up his nonexistant glasses before he realized that they weren't there anymore. Really it was shocking how almost no one had commented on his 'new look'. "Hermione, we're just students; no one would listen to us. Remember the incident with McGonagall and the Sorceror's Stone in 1st year? And how about last year, in the Shrieking Shack with Snape? None of the teachers actually listen to the students, and if we confronted the imposter, the best scenario we could hope for would be the imposter only trying to obliviate us like Lockhart."

"Harry's right." Luna interjected.

Hermione gaped. "Doesn't it bother either of you at all that this person kidnapped Professor Moody?!"

"Of course it bothers us. But, Hermione, we can't just go rushing into this without a plan like a stereotypical Gryffindor." Luna said somewhat reasonably.

"Hey!" Harry yelped indignantly. "I resent that."

"No, you represent that, but that's a whole other matter." Luna managed to giggle slightly, despite the tense atmosphere. "The point is, this man has been fooling everyone in the entire castle all year, making them think that he's the actual Moody. There's no way that he's going to slip up on his own." She said, waiting for Harry and Hermione to reach the same conclusion as her.

Hermione slowly nodded. "So, what you're saying is that we have to trick him into messing up."

"But how?" Harry asked simply. "It's not like we can just expose him without evidence, even if the professors were to listen to us."

"And when? If we wait too long, he might kill the real Professor Moody!" Hermione said in horror.

"No, we don't have to worry about that." Luna said firmly. "There are only a few ways to transform into another person, and they all require something from the person that you're imitating, which means that Moody has to be alive."

"But what is he using that works so well and doesn't arouse any suspicion...?"

"Polyjuice!" Harry exclaimed. "The imposter is using Polyjuice Potion. It would make sense, wouldn't it? I mean, he's always drinking something out of his hip flask."

"Of course!" Hermione exclaimed. "That really would make sense, but we've got to make sure before we do anything drastic."

"Tomorrow night at dinner we'll watch him." Luna said simply. "Every time he drinks from his flask, we'll mark down the time on a sheet of parchment. If he ever goes longer than an hour, we'll know that it's not polyjuice, and if there is a correlation between the times that he drinks, we'll know for sure that it is."

"In the meantime, I'll start researching Polyjuice antidotes. Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be a spell to do that. But if that were the case, would the spell need something from the person who's transformed into Professor Moody to ground it? No, it-"

"Hermione!" Harry shouted.

The girl in question blinked. "Yes?"

"You were rambling."

Hermione blushed. Earlier that year she'd asked Harry to tell her when she started rambling on about something or other. She knew that it wasn't always exactly a good trait to have, especially when trying to make friends, but still, this was important! "I was just thinking about the practicalities of the spell! If there is one, that is..." She defended herself. "After all, who knows who it could be? It could be another Death Eater who escaped from Azkaban!"

"Hey!" Harry yelped indignantly on Sirius' behalf. "Sirius was not a Death Eater."

Hermione sighed impatiently. "I know that, Harry! But if he could get out, doesn't it stand to reason that another inmate could have escaped too?"

"If they had, it would have been in the papers."

"Not necessarily," Luna interjected. "What if they don't know he escaped? What if he faked his death?"

"But he would need outside help for that." Harry protested. "And who would help someone escape from Azkaban?"

"Maybe another Death Eater?" Luna asked thoughtfully.

"No," Hermione protested. "That would be too suspicious on their part. A Death Eater goes to visit his buddy for the first time in 13 years, and then the inmate just drops dead? That's entirely too transparent."

"Then who would care enough to break him out of prison?" Luna asked, trying to solve this new mystery.

"Of course!" Harry exclaimed. "It would have to be his family! After all, to most wizards family is the most important thing."

"And it wouldn't be suspicious at all, would it? His family would have likely visited him many times over the years, him 'dying' after one of their visits wouldn't cause people to react in the slightest. Actually, his family would be even more inclined to visit him if he were supposedly ill!" Hermione exclaimed triumphantly.

"But who is it?" Luna questioned simply.

"Hey Luna," Harry said suddenly. "If you knew who the Unspeakable from earlier was, then how-"

"Don't I know who the fake Professor is?" Luna sighed deeply, weariness settling into her bones. "The sight chooses what it wants to reveal, and can only show so much."

Harry just sighed and nodded. "I know Luna, you've told us before. I was just hoping that once, just once, life would be easy and we could be normal for a while." He looked up with a sad smile. "But this is us we're talking about." His smile turned defiant. "But hey, I guess that Potters just don't do normal!"

"Normal is boring." Luna and Hermione quipped at the exact same time. They looked at each other with wide eyes and burst out laughing. Harry couldn't help but join in. As he laughed with his best friends, he couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe this wouldn't be so bad. He smiled. They would pull through, they always had.

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