Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


8. Chapter 8

Ash walked up the trail slowly; it wouldn't be long before he spotted the exit and after that it'd be a further two hours of walking to reach Pewter City. Ash decided to increase his pace so he selected a faster song from his MP3 Player and proceeded to pick up his pace … all the while summarizing the training that both he and his pokémon endured for the last thirteen days.

Ash had drilled his team relentlessly and worked them to the ground, but he never broke them … using his Aura he was able to determine exactly how much energy each of his pokémon had left and more importantly; how that energy flowed. Using the knowledge of how their energy circulated through them he was able to properly adjust his style of training and battling for each individual team member, thus causing the effectiveness of the training to skyrocket. Another benefit was that he now had the opportunity to analyse and determine an appropriate dietary plan for each member of his team so as to help them receive the most nourishment out of their pokémon food; Ash had scouted the forests of Viridian and searched for many berries that he could take without causing harm to the ecosystem and the pokémon that relied upon the various berry locations and soon his pokémon couldn't wait until breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ash smiled softly to himself … Torchic had been relentless in using the renowned 'Teary Eyes' to try to convince Ash to let him begin training as well and after denying the Chick Pokémon for three days it presented Ash with a thought: His Aura should help aid in his pokémon's recovery rates. So three days into the extensive training he began to utilize his knowledge of pokémon massage and used his Aura in conjunction with the massage process for that single goal; to help speed up their recovery … it had an astounding affect. It seemed that like what happened to him with the incident was transferable by using his Aura and as his pokémon were bonded to himself he took advantage of this. Using a very miniscule amount of Aura, Ash was able to treat and condition his pokémon's bodies so they would gain even more benefits to their new training and diets; this increased their endurance, strength and overall performances to astounding levels.

Using this method with Torchic had helped the little guy recover much faster than normal and after a week of 'Aura Massage', Torchic was able to train with the rest of the team and Ash was simply amazed with Torchic's growth; Torchic had easily gained enough experience by simple mock battles, situation awareness training and strategic planning with simulation training that Ash would estimate that a good few real battles would see Torchic evolve. To be honest, while Ash was happy to see his team excel so far in so little time, his inner ten year old often had that small thought of his pokémon getting too experienced and then leaving him; this thought was picked up by Mismagius; after a small reassurance from the Magical Pokémon Ash was back to his usual self.

Ash hadn't been idle in training himself though; Ash knew for sure that he had a lot to learn with his Aura and along with experimenting with the 'Aura Massage' he set about refining his abilities. This led him to another discovery; since his 'possession' he had noticed a stronger resonance to nature around him and that led him to theorize that he could begin to use lesser amounts of his Aura, bit by bit and eventually it would be completely instinctual. This caused Ash a great deal of mental pain and still led him to question as to whether or not he was still human, for as far as Ash knew, even with his copied knowledge on Aura; using nature's ambient Aura shouldn't be possible for humans … legendary pokémon yes … but humans no.

Ash stopped in the shade of a tree to take a drink from his water bottle before pulling his hood down and sighing; shifting his weight he glanced at the sky to calculate the time and after doing so decided to take a breather. After steadying his breath Ash sent out a small pulse of Aura, much smaller than normal but his training had progressed well enough that he now only needed to use about three quarters the amount of Aura to accomplish his task; it made Ash feel like he hadn't dawdled and was on his way to actually being a real Aura Master. Ash concentrated on his pulse but sensed no people or pokémon in the immediate area so he pulled up his hood and continued on towards the exit.


Misty had been at the Pewter City Pokémon Centre now for almost a week and she had been giddy to meet up with Ash again but she busied herself with basic training for her pokémon and reading the various magazines available to the trainers. She spotted the Nurse Joy for Pewter City and wondered if she'd have a close relationship with Ash like the Joy from Viridian City. She took a moment to think about the enigma that was Ash Ketchum and found herself blushing, to her; Ash was the epitome of silent, handsome and all round 'cool', even when those Team Rocket members attacked the Viridian Pokémon Centre; Ash had stayed calm and collected. The results of their encounter with the two grunts spoke volumes as she'd been informed by Pewter City's Nurse Joy, who had heard from Viridian City's Nurse Joy that the female grunt had survived but would never be able to use her stumped arm again; she was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. The male grunt however was apparently from a very rich and very influential family; one call to his family had them arming themselves with lawyers and the male grunt was let off on good behaviour … though he'd never be the same again; apparently he was so traumatized by Ash's mind games and what had happened to his teammate that he was later checked into a mental institute to be treated until he could be deemed mentally sound.

At first she'd been alarmed and scared at how easy and effortlessly Ash had dispatched the two grunts but she knew that they would have done worse if the results had been reversed and Team Rocket had completed their unknown objective at the Viridian City Pokémon Centre.

Misty sighed to herself and glanced up at the clock on the wall, perhaps she should call home and see if her parents were there … she dismissed the thought soon after though as they were never home. Misty's parents were a sore subject for her; they were never home and when they were, they still weren't. Always going on about their next adventure and doting on her sisters; the 'Sensational Sisters' and all-round perfect daughters … if only they knew how much they bullied her when they weren't around or how she was responsible for training most if not all of her sisters' pokémon.

Misty sighed and listlessly flipped through the pages of a magazine … Ash should be there soon and she was eager to catch up and try to convince him to show her his pokémon; that Torchic was absolutely adorable and even though it was a fire type, she couldn't help but find the little guy cute … the mental image of Ash holding the little ball of fluff had her giggling and blushing some more … soon Ash would arrive and she couldn't wait.


Ash had finally made it to the exit and stopped at the top of the hill that marked said exit; sweeping his gaze over the new terrain he was quick to spot that the soil was much more dense than the soils of Pallet Town or Viridian's City and Forest. It marked that he was approaching the rockier terrain that made up Pewter City and soon after that; Mount Moon. He was looking forward to Mount Moon; there was an abundance of rare pokémon and the paths were full of jagged rocks and sudden twists and turns that made excellent obstacles for training purposes; in fact his Father's journal mentioned the benefits of training there and that there was something in the air was good for pokémon; perhaps natural minerals from the various types of stone in the air? He'd have to investigate if he could.

Ash took a deep breath before making his way over to a shaded area that had a picnic table; he stopped and making sure to keep them covered by the foliage released his pokémon. After greeting them and making sure they were alright, Ash set about making them all lunch. He watched them eat with a soft smile, it was moments like this that helped him to truly relax; he was proud of each and every member of his makeshift family and he wouldn't trade simple moments like this for anything.

Ash finished his lunch and after an enjoyable 15 to 20 minutes of bonding with his pokémon, he returned them and after re-adjusting his hood and backpack set off towards Pewter City.

It was almost two hours later that Ash noticed the final hill that marked Pewter City's borders and he took a moment to gaze at the blend of houses and rocks that dotted the City; there were small parks full of greenery to offset the rather dull environment and he pondered as to whether or not they were natural or man-made. Shaking his head he trudged down the path and stopped on a large rock to survey the environment for any potential threats; if training in Viridian Forest and his encounter with those two morons from Team Rocket had taught him and his pokémon anything; it was to never to let their guard down.

Ash spied the presence of an older male to his right so maintaining his façade of ignorance he crouched down as if to examine the rock but prepared for anything; the man was simply sitting on a rock out in the open but was hidden from view and everyone's line of sight by a cleverly designed stand for the different types of stone in their various shapes and sizes. Ash was brought out of his thoughts when the man spoke.

"Hey Kid, you're standing on my merchandise" he spoke and turned to Ash with a glare in an attempt to make the kid squirm.

Ash just stared the man down as he gracefully stepped off of the large stone before narrowing his red eyes into a half-hearted glare that screamed bored. The man visibly started and took a half-step back before coughing and gestured to the stand.

"Want to buy one?" he asked and gulped at the red eyed gaze of the intimidating child before continuing "Pewter City Souvenirs … and at the best price in the city too at only fifty pokédollars!"

Ash slowly turned his gaze over the rocks and gently pulsed his Aura to scan them … imagine his surprise when one of the larger ones had an armour or shell-like shape inside of it … interesting … did this man know that it had what looked like a fossil in it? One way to find out … Ash pointed to the stone that held the object and pulsing his Aura once more, sensed the minute trace of a life force emanating from it … so it was a fossil … excellent.

The man followed the finger and saw which one the strange child was pointing at … it was one of his older rocks from his collection but there was nothing particularly special about it aside from its age but the kid wouldn't know that.

"Name's Flint kid" the now named Flint spoke "And that one is actually $350PD (Pokédollars) …"

Ash blinked but he stood there staring at Flint for a few moments whilst still pointing at the fossil ... all the while contemplating as to whether or not to tell Flint about the fossil. Flint didn't know that though and he started sweating; he tried to ignore the feeling of being like a Rattata facing down a Legendary Pokémon for a few extra minutes before croaking out "Okay … okay; for you kid … $175PD … that's half price."

Ash finished his inner debate regarding the fossil before nodding to himself and pulling out his wallet. Ash had won quite a substantial amount from various bug type trainers on his way out of Viridian Forest but money was never an issue for the Ketchum Family. Taking out $200PD he gave it to Flint and nodded in gesture to his hand.

" I am Ash Ketchum and $200PD for the stone." He coughed in reply.

Flint's eyes widened almost comically before nodding and happily exclaimed "SOLD!"

Ash sighed at the man's over dramatic response before coughing a reply "I shall need you to bring it to the Pokémon Centre please Mr. Flint."

Flint nodded and assuming that Ash didn't possess a pokémon strong enough to move the stone, took out a pokéball and called out a Rhyhorn. Ash noted that the Rhyhorn was female and that she was a perfectly healthy specimen; that certainly belayed Flint's meagre and dishevelled appearance. Ash chanced a closer look at Flint from the corner of his eye and began to spot the holes in his appearance.

'His beard is obviously fake … the fibres don't match his natural hair colour and the red blotches indicate that it's causing an irritability to his face.' Glancing down at Flint's clothes he continued 'The clothes he wears are old however the cleaner shade to some of the thread is indicative of his clothes being expertly repaired … but why repair them? Why not buy new clothes? Hmmm … of course; his current attire clearly hold sentimental value … perhaps gifted by someone of importance … family or lover? I would believe it to be the former but whoever it was or they were hold importance and are close by.'

He did resemble Pewter City's Gym Leader: Brock Slate; eyes, cheek bones and skin and muscle tone matched perfectly, so that meant familial ties to the Slate Family so the conclusion based on the evidence pointed to Flint being the Father of Brock.

Nevertheless Ash approached the Rhyhorn and ignoring Flint's frantic whispers and warnings, gently placed his hand on the base of Rhyhorn's horn at eye level for the pokémon. Flint waited for the inevitable head-butt from Rhyhorn but was amazed when Rhyhorn, instead of ramming the weird child; started purring her name in pleasure to Ash's ministrations. Flint gaped at the scene in front of him, apart from his family there was only one other person who was able to elicit that kind of a response from Rhyhorn: Red Ketchum. Not many people knew Red on a personal level and Flint was a close acquaintance of Red's; and consequently the one to challenge Red the most. It was Red's final piece of advice (before his disappearance) that led Flint to return home but in an act of shame and cowardice, he never announced his presence and watched Brock struggle from afar. Flint never relied on his wife … ex-wife as she left him after his constant rants about his new 'secret weapons' or 'unbeatable plan' to take Red down once and for all. It was by Flint's actions that his family fell apart and he didn't want to destroy what Brock had made by returning.

If Ash was the son of Red Ketchum then he hoped that the kid was an imbecile because if he did take after Red at all then Brock wouldn't stand a chance.


Ash and Flint arrived at the Pokémon Centre with Rhyhorn happily trotting along behind Ash; it caused Flint to grumble about 'Pokémon Stealing Brats' as both Red and Ash had an uncanny ability to 'seduce' his temperamental rock/ground type. Once they arrived at Nurse Joy's Station Rhyhorn unloaded the Fossil for Ash and was treated with another pleasurable petting from the red-eyed Aura User. Flint bid Ash goodbye and returned a disgruntled looking Rhyhorn before leaving with a quicker than normal pace.

Once Flint was gone, Ash turned to the hunk of stone that encased the Fossil and using his Aura to pinpoint the exact location and size marked on a mental map. He took a few deep breaths before simply slapping his hand down whilst sending a powerful pulse of Aura into the slap itself; in an instant the slab of stone crumbled into dust revealing a perfectly cut-out and intact Fossil.

As he placed it securely in his backpack's fragile section he heard a grumpy cry from behind him and he turned to see the Chansey allocated to Pewter City, upon revealing his face though Chansey squealed in joy and bounced up to him with a smile. Ash responded in kind with his own smile before murmuring his apologies and greetings. In a complete 180 of her personality, Chansey dismissed his apology as unnecessary and bounced off to find Nurse Joy for Ash.

Moment later, Pewter City's Nurse Joy appeared and with a quiet squeal and mimicking Chansey before her; bounced up to Ash before engulfing him in a soft but warm hug.

"Oh Ash, when did you get here?" she asked happily "Joy from Viridian called and told all the Joys in Kanto, who have probably told the Joys of Johto and so on and so forth about what you did in Viridian … we're so proud of you and no-one in our family will hesitate to help you with whatever you ask."

Ash gently petted her back and she beamed at him as she let go; taking a pokéball tray from the bench next to him, he placed all seven of his pokéballs on the tray before passing it to Nurse Joy.

"Please treat my team Joy." He asked softly and she mock saluted before taking the tray from him and walking off.

Ash watched her go before turning to the direction of the entrance, he mentally counted down from five and right on number one Misty entered the building. When she saw Ash she smiled at him and practically bowled him over as she ran up to him.

"You made it Ash" she chirped "I was getting worried that you might've gotten lost"

Ash shook his head before gesturing to the cafeteria, Misty nodded and they made their way to the surprisingly empty eating area. Ash prepared some Tea for them both and returned to the table Misty had selected before adding his powdered anti-biotic and taking a long sip. Ash sighed in contentment and ignored Misty's giggling as he did so … he liked Tea … why was it so funny to see him drink it? Heaving a mental sigh he turned to face Misty and caught her staring at him, she blushed before beginning the inevitable conversation.

"How was the Forest? The bug types weren't too much trouble I hope" she asked softly.

Ash shook his head before responding "No … they didn't bother me at all. You might not be happy to know that I now have a bug type on my team."

Misty paled but refrained from complaining as she knew Ash wouldn't be happy about her say anything negative in regards to his team … he sure was possessive and protective of them and that's what made a small smile appear on her face … he was protective of anyone that he held dear and she hoped one day he would see her in that light. Regardless of her feelings towards bug types though she shook her head and responded with a clear "If the bug type behaves then I will try my best to get along with him or her"

Ash stared at Misty for a moment before nodding in approval of her answer and she beamed at him. Ash glanced up to the clock on the wall ... it was evening already?

"I'm very tired" Ash coughed out "When my pokémon are healed I need to contact my Mother and then I will need to sleep before challenging the Pewter City Gym. I promise to go sightseeing with you tomorrow if you haven't already done so …"

Misty was honestly touched by Ash's forethought … no one had ever asked her what she wanted to do before but that was because she was either just the youngest sister of her family or because everyone did everything for her without her needing them or asking them to.

"I haven't gone sightseeing yet Ash" she mumbled with a blush "I just trained my pokémon for a little bit before reading a few magazines. I was going to go to the Museum tomorrow by myself but now that you're here we can go together!"

Ash nodded once more before finishing his tea with a calm sigh "I shall challenge the Gym tomorrow morning and if my strategy is effective in defeating Brock then we'll be able to go there tomorrow afternoon after lunch. I need to see an acquaintance of the Professor and I there anyway."

Misty voiced her agreement and they sat there and spoke about random things (Misty attempting to get Ash to reveal his pokémon team).

"Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum … Please report to the main desk as your pokémon are ready for pickup" Nurse Joy's voice spoke over the PA.

Ash stood slowly and made his way to the desk; after collecting his pokémon he walked over to the Video Phones and dialled the Lab. After a few rings the phone was picked up by Professor Oak and he seemed genuinely happy to see Ash.

"Ash my boy; how are you?" he asked happily before continuing "It's been two weeks and I was waiting to ask you about your most recent captures"

Ash automatically activated the keyboard function to reply.

:You mean Vespiquen?:

"Yes, just where did you find one in Viridian Forest?" Oak asked quickly

:With all due respect Professor … none of your business Professor: he typed quickly in response :I promised not to disclose the location as it was a sacred place to the pokémon that reside in Viridian Forest.:

Oak nodded in response "Very well Ash … I shall respect your wishes and those of Vespiquen."

:Thank you Professor … who knows, if you can gain her trust she may give me permission to tell you:

Professor Oak nodded once more before an alarm buzzed in the background of the Lab, sighing he responded "The Tauros are running loose again … it's times like these I wish you were still here Ash; they always listened to you but not me."

The Professor hung up before he could tell the Professor about the Fossil so he decided to call his mother. Ash dialled his mother's phone number and waited … it was picked up by Meowth and he jumped in surprise at seeing the red-eyed gaze of his trainer.

"Ash, you've called at last" Meowth chirped "Your mum was going frantic"

Ash winced and felt horrible, yes he knew that there would times like this but he just assumed his Mother would be fine.

:Can you please get her for me Meowth?:

"Sure Ash, just give me a second." Meowth responded before bustling off to find Delia, he returned soon after with Delia and then left again to give them some privacy.

"Ashy, you're okay … NEVER do that to me again young man! I was so worried, you've never taken this long before calling and I thought that something might've happened and … and …" Delia shouted at first but it died before she trailed off as tears welled up in her eyes and Ash felt even guiltier.

:Mum … I was training my pokémon … I-I'm sorry … I just wanted to bond and train with my pokémon but I forgot to tell you before I left Viridian City … I didn't mean to worry you … p-please forgive me … :

Delia immediately sobered up at seeing the horribly pained expression on Ash's face and she kicked herself mentally; Ash would never not call for no reason at all … she was just so worried and she took it out on Ash.

"Oh Ashy, I'm sorry for shouting at you I was just scared" Delia spoke softly "I-I'm sorry Ash … my little Ashy."

Ash nodded softly but she could still see the pain in his face, they continued to chat for about half an hour longer before he yawned softly.

:I need to go now Mum … I love you and I promise to tell you if I can't call for any length of time next time … okay?:

"Okay sweetie, I'll speak to you soon then?" she asked hopefully.

:Of course Mum … : he stopped before lightly clearing his throat "I love you mum … take care"

Delia beamed at him before hanging up and Ash just sat in the chair for a little bit longer; after enjoying a moment of silence he stood up and walked up to the wall that hid the secret room and scanned his pokédex over the access panel. It granted him access with a beep and the wall opened to reveal the room … this one was much more simple compared to Viridian's one but that hardly mattered now; Ash released his pokémon once he'd secured the room and informed them of his plan for the Gym and the afternoon.

They all cheered in delight over the plan before Ash decided that sleep trumped everything else and crashed on to the bed. He decided to forgo the shower and soon drifted off.

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