Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


7. Chapter 7

Ash trudged slowly through the dense forests of Viridian making his way to the river that was so deep into the Forest that it deterred most trainers. The denser the Forest became, the more dangerous it was for trainers so the Pokémon League issued a trainer's warning to not venture too deep without high level pokémon for defence. Along the way into the Forest, Torchic had been jolted and woke up very quickly once he realised that they weren't in Viridian City any longer, so as Torchic was still tired Ash asked if he'd like to return to his heal-ball. Torchic nodded his consent and Ash returned the Chick Pokémon back to his heal-ball with a murmured see you soon from him.

Ash pulsed his Aura in a bastardised version of a sonar to locate his position and that of the river's; he spotted it a further 2km due east of his position so Ash changed directions and started heading east when he spotted the tracks of the mysterious bug type pokémon.

'The patterned grooves and scratch marks face north east … that means that this bug types path crosses the approximate location of the Pidgeotto … this is fortunate; perhaps too fortunate.' Ash thought to himself as he approached the scratched up tree, it was then he smelled something sweet, a smell that shouldn't belong in Viridian Forest 'Honey? No, upon inspection it's not a liquid but a visible powder … so raw sweetened pollen then … this piece of information narrows down the bug type's identity to one single choice … a Vespiquen but what's a pokémon of that level or rarity doing here in Kanto in the first place?'

He touched the tree before he pulsed his Aura once more; he spied a hollowed out tree that was hidden by vast overgrowth, the problem was that it crossed directly and intersected with the Pidgeotto's territory. Ash narrowed his eyes … it was clear to see that they were baiting him, both these pokémon were highly intelligent and both tracks of these particular pokémon were leading him into that precise location … was it a trap? Doubtful, so why that area? Ash's eyes widened … it was a test! Both the Pidgeotto and Vespiquen must've felt his Aura's residue and if it matched or resonated even slightly with their own Aura then they were leading him to them …

Ash smirked 'My kind of pokémon. They show an incredibly high level of intelligence and resourcefulness … definitely baiting me with their actions by leaving tracks' … that indicated that they were giving him permission to attempt capture but wouldn't bow down without testing his capabilities and skills.

After trudging for a further two to three hours he finally came to the river's location and decided it would be best to rest and feed both his pokémon and himself; releasing all of his pokémon he smiled softly as their attention was immediately on him.

"We shall rest and eat here before moving on … there's even the river to cool down in. This Forest is much more humid than I originally thought it would be" Ash spoke through his Aura before movement passed through his field of Aura enhanced vision, it was coming from directly behind him and advancing at a moderate pace "Seviper use Dig and follow my location underground; await further orders while there"

Seviper acknowledged the order and silently dived into the moist soil of the Forest. Ash activated his Aura sight and waited patiently as if he hadn't noticed the presence.

'Pokémon? No human … male; older than me but still younger than a full adult so teenager … larger than I am too, he appears to be carrying a weapon of some kind … a sword judging by its length and general size. Hostile? Judging from the angle of the sword it is unknown but from his grip, it is clear that he has experience with it' Ash narrowed his eyes in concentration before the corner of his mouth twitched slightly 'His stance however; is off'

As the unknown male approached, his pace picked up and Ash was able to deduce more in greater detail.

'Yes … definitely male, and his size is attributed to …some kind of armour? Samurai armour to be precise so that means that his sword is likely a katana … his armour isn't a complete set though' Ash's eyes began to glow brighter 'Weaknesses to exploit are … the shoulders, the exposed wrists and the un-plated lower legs … utilized in that order attributes to the swiftest and most accurate method of incapacitation … "Seviper, wait for my signal, a pulse of Aura and emerge quickly. Prepare for scare tactics … intimidation works better in cases of a failed attack no?"

Seviper hissed his reply and waited patiently whilst preparing himself for combat. Ash waited until the last second and when a cry of attack was announced by his foe he moved. Suddenly spinning on his feet he used his right hand to hit his attacker's nerve cluster that was located on his right shoulder, exactly under the armour covered shoulder strap. Ash, using the momentum of his spin, smacked the blade away from its intended path before hitting a pressure point on his foe's wrist where he had over extended his reach and with a not so gentle shove to the person's torso whilst he simultaneously used his left hand to grip the handle of the katana in a reverse style; he used his right leg to forcibly shift his foe's weight causing him to hit the ground with a metallic sounding thud.

The armour covered teenager grunted as his breath was forced from his lungs before screaming in pain as Ash dealt a harsh blow to his now exposed stomach area.

"Now Seviper!" Ash shouted using Aura and in an instant Seviper emerged with a vicious sounding hiss and with a flip of his body pressed the blade of his tail against the armour clad boy's neck whilst Ash did the same with the other boy's own sword.

Ash's eyes glowed and growled a single word to the boy "Yield!"


The teenager simply known as Samurai watched the strange hooded youth that was effortlessly making his way to the river, how was this boy finding his way so quickly? Samurai had been there for three years and still couldn't navigate so well in the dense Forests of Viridian so how had this boy that he'd never seen before? Samurai watched as the boy stopped and released his pokémon … some of the hooded youth's pokémon were extremely rare … yes; this hooded trainer would be a worthy opponent.

Samurai made his way behind the youth and approached with caution … wait? Where did his snake pokémon go? It didn't matter … Samurai raised his sword and with a yell brought it down on his opponent. That's when something that he'd never forget happened …

The hooded trainer became a blur of speed, Samurai felt his shoulder go numb and looked down to see the other boy's right hand in a spear-like shape pressed into it. Angered, Samurai pushed his weight into his sword's swing only to have what felt like a metal pole to bat it away like it was nothing and he felt his chest armour groan as the other boy shoved him. Samurai only had moments to notice that the other boy's left hand had snaked its way onto the handle of his sword before he felt his legs give out on him and he grunted as his breath left his mouth and the air left his lungs … then pain; sheer pain registered in his mind as he saw the boy's right handed fist lodged into the soft flesh of his stomach that was uncovered by his fall.

Samurai blinked out tears while gasping for breath and managed a few breaths before his breath left him again as the missing snake pokémon emerged from behind him, he watched the pokémon flip its body before placing its bladed tail against the side of his neck; the hooded boy echoing the gesture with his own sword.

Samurai then froze as from under the hood came glowing red eyes and a fierce command of "Yield!"

Samurai then did the only thing his body could do … he pissed his pants in fear of the glowing red eyes of the hooded trainer in front of him.


Ash watched the armour clad boy freeze before he noticed the wet stain that was growing larger from his pants … seriously? The boy pissed his pants all because of simple hand to hand combat … 'well simple for me' Ash reasoned but was he that scary? Good, his mind reasoned … it was idiots like this boy that gave trainers everywhere a bad reputation.

"Name … Age … and Trainer ID Number" Ash ordered and the boy visibly started before blubbering out his details … so his trainer name was Samurai of all the … "Real Name?"

The boy started tearing up and Ash had to reign in his anger before removing the sword from the boy's neck and ordered Seviper to do the same. Seviper acknowledged his command with a hiss and removed his tail but kept an extremely close eye on the crying teenage human.

Samurai calmed down a little once the blades were removed and watched with no small amount of awe as the hooded boy found his sword's sheath and swiftly returned the blade to it with a flourish.

"Why attack me?" the boy asked with a tone that demanded honesty "Answer me"

"I thought you to be a worthy opponent" Samurai said nervously; this boy held a take no crap kind of power that compelled him to answer … this boy was like a General and he was a grunt. "I wished to test my mettle against you in a Pokémon battle."

Ash stared flatly at the sheer stupidity of the boy known as Samurai; he attacked him with a sharp blade just to challenge him to a Pokémon Battle?

"Fool" Ash muttered just loud enough for the other boy to hear him, he watched him flinch before sighing and replying while coughing said, "Very well … we shall battle; two on two. Is this clearing large enough for your pokémon?"

Samurai nodded enthusiastically and giddily stood up and over to the other side of their makeshift battlefield. He ignored the uncomfortable wetness of his pants and took a deep breath before taking out a pokéball.

Ash watched Samurai as he stood and awkwardly bounced over to his side of the field before speaking in a tone loud enough to be heard "I am Ash Ketchum … of Pallet Town."

Ash coughed as Samurai re-introduced himself with an annoying pose to accompany it. Ash rolled his eyes 'He's worse than Gary and that is saying something"

Ash gestured to the field and Samurai nodded before throwing his pokéball and with a shout of "GO PINSIR!"

Pinsir was a bipedal Pokémon with a wide, dull brown body and a large pair of gray, spiky pincers on top of its head. In its mouth were many long, flat teeth arranged horizontally. Its legs were short and thick while its arms were long and thin, and each limb ends with three grey claws. Pinsir's limbs and abdomen were divided into segments. Its eyes were simple, but appeared angry.

Ash withdrew his pokédex for the sake of scanning and registering the pokémon; after beeping it spoke with its new female voice:

[Pinsir: The Stag Beetle Pokémon: It grips prey with its pincers until the prey is torn in half. What it can't tear, it tosses far.]

Ash nodded before scrutinizing the pokémon across from him; this Pinsir was clearly male and he was well cared for … though his pincers while sharp were duller in color than they should be plus the underside seemed too soft for its usually strong body. So that meant that Samurai had not tried to tweak his pokémon food from the generic pokéchow; this was a standard issue with most trainers because, while the pokémon still got the nutrients they needed from generic food, it wasn't as effective nor was it a permanent solution to a pokémon's health and nutrition. In fact most professors tended to wait for the trainers to learn this and learn how to best care for their pokémon.

"Impressive isn't it?" Samurai boasted

"He" was Ash's reply causing a confused frown to appear on Samurai's face Ash beat him to talk though and continued "Your Pinsir is Male not an 'it'."

"Apologies Ash Ketchum, I …" "Apologize to Pinsir … not to me"

Samurai apologized to Pinsir and the Stag Beetle Pokémon nodded in thanks to Ash before taking a stance. Ash glanced to his pokémon to best choose from them; Torchic puffed himself up and looked expectantly at Ash. He chuckled before reminding him that he was still healing and couldn't battle yet … Torchic visibly deflated and the other pokémon shared a laugh before reassuring the little chick that he still needed to be patient and heal first. Torchic nodded sadly before instantly switching personalities and became happy … soon; yes soon he'd be battling for his father. Ash smiled softly before looking at Froslass and nodded to her; she visibly perked up and happily floated over with a merry little dance when she arrived. Samurai looked confused at his choice but Ash could see that it was because he was unfamiliar with Sinnoh based Pokémon.

"Pinsir use Vicegrip" Samurai shouted with a victorious tone … idiot.

"Astonish" was Ash's calm but bored reply

Froslass disappeared from Pinsir's view before suddenly appearing right in his face startling the Beetle Pokémon and causing him to jump back and hurt himself. Samurai blinked in confusion … how did that happen? He was forced from his confusion when Ash spoke once more.

"Icy Wind" Ash spoke, his eyes narrowed in watching for any irregularities in the move; he was pleasantly surprised to see that Froslass must've practiced that move a lot because it was one of the strongest he'd seen and he had seen a few at the lab. Pinsir was immediately affected by the move and it became clear to Ash that Froslass must've been about five levels or so higher than Pinsir was.

"Grrr use Harden then use your newest move …" screamed Samurai and he posed again as he proudly proclaimed "Use Seismic Toss"

Ash just sighed as he watched the bug type charge up the field shining a little from the effect of its Harden. He could easily spot the fatigue that Pinsir was showing … he should end it before Samurai did something stupid.

"Confuse Ray" Ash responded and Froslass immediately shot a beam of ghostly power at Pinsir, since Pinsir was unable to dodge he was hit and as soon as it had, he stopped his charge and started punching the ground.

"Grrr Pinsir" Samurai shouted, his face bloated and red "Get your act together"

"Finish it with a Shadow Ball … aim for Pinsir's underbelly … just above his legs" Ash coughed in reply and with a cry of her name she floated forward quickly while charging a Shadow Ball and in the blink of an eye, Froslass had appeared in front of Pinsir and fired her Shadow Ball point blank; Poor Pinsir never stood a chance and he fainted immediately.

Samurai growled at his Pinsir before returning him and took his second pokéball off of his belt. "You may have beaten Pinsir but that was just luck; behold my ace … GO!"

Samurai tossed his pokéball into the air and what appeared had Ash starting to question the sanity of this trainer, for the pokémon in front of him was a Metapod. Ash could see that this Metapod was male. He wasn't as shiny as he was supposed to be and his color was way duller than it should be …

"Froslass … return please" Ash spoke to his energetic Ice/Ghost type pokémon "Excellent Job … I'm proud to say that your attacks were far stronger than I thought they'd be; it is clear that you trained very hard and I'm proud to be your trainer." Froslass beamed and flew straight into his face in an awkward and chilling hug, all the while chanting her name in thanks for his kind words. Ash just petted her head softly with an equally soft smile before she floated away with a blissfully happy expression on her face. Ash turned and honed in on Snivy "Your turn Snivy."

Snivy smirked coolly before making her way to the battlefield; she stopped in the appropriate place and glanced at Samurai and Metapod with a controlled look of excitement … finally a battle.

Ash didn't bother scanning Metapod as he'd already scanned and registered the common pokémon that resided in Viridian Forest, so he gestured to Samurai as it was his move first but if Ash's suspicions were correct then he wouldn't have to worry about Snivy's chances. Ash's suspicions were proven true when Samurai ordered Metapod to use Harden but nothing else.

'He hasn't taught his pokémon any other moves? Pathetic; from its shine I would estimate it being level four or five at the most' "Use Vine Whip and throw Metapod into the ground … hard"

With a cry of her name Snivy's vines whipped out and as they were much quicker than normal, immediately wrapped around her foe and she threw him into the ground as hard as she could … it was a one hit wonder and Metapod went down. Snivy huffed in disappointment, as did Ash but Samurai was utterly devastated; he kept screaming "no" over and over again before returning the Metapod quickly.

"Well done Snivy … you showed me speed, strength and precision … like Froslass, I'm honored to be your trainer."

"T-Thank you Ash" Snivy replied with a slight blush; no one had ever complimented her so genuinely before and she liked it. Samurai huffed before turning and marching stiffly over to Ash while holding some, thankfully urine-free pokédollars.

"You bested me in combat both on and off of the pokémon battlefield" he spoke "I shall train hard and best the next trainer that passes through."

Ash nodded and accepted the money, not that he needed it … Ash received high royalties from his contributions to Pokémon Research, and his savings were already maxed on his first ten accounts, all linked to his first of course but with his current account about to meet the same fate as his earlier accounts; it was safe to say that he needed no money but a Pokémon League rule must be followed so he accepted the money and put it into his wallet. Samurai bid a stiff good bye before taking his sword from Ash's hand and leaving … heading off towards the main path.

Ash turned to his pokémon and with a sigh and shake of his head, proceeded to feed his team. They enjoyed the peace that the isolated location afforded them and once they were finished he returned them all once more. Ash activated his Aura Sight and scanned the area surrounding him; he was approximately 2.5km from the estimated location of Pidgeotto and Vespiquen. Ash zipped his backpack back up and tightened the straps; it was make or break and he wasn't going to lose this opportunity, he smelled their bait and had to follow their path so following the river he proceeded to head north east towards his goal.


Ash knew he was being watched the moment he stepped into the insanely dense growth covered forest clearing, he could see the hollowed out tree and could smell the sweet pollen in the air … he had arrived at his destination.

Ash glanced to the right and left before his eyes drifted to the canopy; he slowly lifted off his backpack and carefully lowered it to the ground, he didn't need his Aura to know that Pidgeotto was already perched above him, ready to strike at a moment's notice so making any sudden movements was a very stupid idea. As protocol of an Aura User dictated he carefully dropped to a knee and bowed to the hollow tree as, judging by the extreme care of the various pokémon hiding inside it in maintaining this clearing and this tree, it was a sacred place to the pokémon of Viridian Forest.

He calmly pulsed his Aura in soothing waves around the clearing and succeeded in calming the hidden pokémon down but a buzzing noise filled his ears and it definitely wasn't Beedrill. He felt a gentle brush of his hair and could feel the approval of the hovering pokémon in front of him … that feeling was a good sign and also meant that he could raise his head.

So Ash raised his head and came face to face with an absolutely amazing specimen of a Vespiquen:

Vespiquen was a bee-like Pokémon with yellow and black striped abdomen resembling an elegant ballroom gown. Underneath the expansive abdomen were honeycomb-like cells that serve as a nest for baby Combee. However, she appeared to have a slender, more insect-like abdomen in the centermost cell, which was inconspicuous as the 'dress' usually obstructed the view of her. Vespiquen had black, skinny arms with two orange claws and flied with a pair of relatively small wings on her back. Her yellow upper body was a near perfect sphere and her waist was black and slender. A curved line on her back between her shoulders separated her thorax and waist. Vespiquen's orange face had intimidating, red eyes, oversized, yellow, protruding mandibles, and a red gem on her forehead. The top portion of her head was similar to a headpiece with yellow and black horn-like projections, resembling a hairstyle historically favored by early medieval-period queens.

This Vespiquen was different though … there were no traces of any Combee anywhere and she was also larger than the usual counterparts of her species; perhaps the environment? No, that was unlikely as there was no evidence of Combee, it meant that she hadn't taken a mate … was that the reason? No Combee meant that her body must've adapted to using the energy usually allocated to producing Combee to other areas of her body, giving her a larger appearance and a boost to her strength.

Ash didn't realize that he had been staring at the Vespiquen and her buzzing brought him back to reality but not before whispering his awe with a "Beautiful"

The Vespiquen actually stopped and glanced at the human in front of her, despite the size of this human she could feel the potency of his Aura … oh yes; she'd felt his presence the first time he'd approached the forest and used his Aura to scan the area for any worthy pokémon. His Aura caressed her own gently and she knew that if there was any trainer worthy to be hers then it was this Aura User. Both she and Pidgeotto had seen his battle with the armour clad fool that had dared to assume himself a great trainer of bug type pokémon. Vespiquen had been impressed by the keen intellect and observational skills of the human Aura User and had already decided that if he had made it to the clearing without causing any disturbances to the young pokémon that were protected by the hollow tree and then calm the young ones down then she would join the human but Pidgeotto wanted to test his skills once more in battle and with a glance and a slight nod to the human Vespiquen glided out of the way to reveal Pidgeotto in all of its glory. A glance told Ash that this Pidgeotto was Male and was rather young but definitely very strong.

Ash was absolutely stunned by this Pidgeotto:

Pidgeotto was a raptor-like avian Pokémon. He was covered with brown feathers, and had a cream-colored face and underside. He had a crest of pinkish-red feathers on his head and black, angular markings behind his eyes. The plumage of his tail had alternating red and yellow feathers with ragged tips. His beak and legs were pink, and he had powerful, sharp talons. Pidgeotto was known to be a powerful flier capable of carrying prey several miles to his nest. He had amazing vision, which helped him locate preferred prey. Pidgeotto usually claimed a sprawling territory of more than 60km, which he'd defend fiercely but this Pidgeotto appeared to have his nest right where the hollow tree was located but the obvious difference was his size. This Pidgeotto was almost double the size of ordinary Pidgeotto and it made Ash wonder if there was something about this place that caused the irregularity in the two pokémon in front of him.

That didn't matter now though as Pidgeotto was fluffing his wings and crying out his name in challenge to him and he welcomed the challenge. Ash called out Mismagius to battle and both pokémon stared intensely at one another. Pidgeotto went first and launched a Quick Attack and while Ash knew that it wouldn't affect Mismagius, his gut told him that he should be careful, very careful around this pokémon.

"Use Sucker Punch Mismagius" Ash commanded and instantly she reacted and launched her attack and not a moment too soon as Pidgeotto had switched tactics and changed from Quick Attack to an Air Slash and Ash was excited to see that Pidgeotto did have an egg move but also that he was using his Quick Attack's speed to give extra power to his follow up attack Air Slash. Nevertheless it was good timing that the Sucker Punch hit Pidgeotto right at the switch-point of the moves so the momentum gained by Pidgeotto was lost and added to Mismagius' attack. Pidgeotto shook it off and went into a deep dive with a metallic sheen to his wings and Ash almost lost his composure … 'Steel Wing as well … this Pidgeotto is amazing!'

"Wait for it Mismagius then unleash the most powerful Psychic you've got" Ash spoke and he heard Mismagius accept the command.

Pidgeotto got closer and closer and right when he was several feet from Mismagius, her eyes shone brightly and unleashed a terrifyingly powerful Psychic Attack that blew back the ground as well as Pidgeotto. Ash saw the telltale signs of fatigue from Pidgeotto and that the Psychic Attack had done a lot of damage.

"Finish this with Mean Look followed by another Psychic" Ash requested and mere moments later she unleashed her glare only to be surprised when Pidgeotto disappeared in a flash of a Quick Attack and appeared behind her with a white streak on his beak. It was an Aerial Ace attack and Ash was getting more and more excited as the battle progressed.

"Dodge and follow up with a Shadow Ball onto the ground that was destroyed by your Psychic Attack. It'll create a makeshift smokescreen; Pidgeotto will still be able to see you but he won't see the Sucker Punch that follows."

Mismagius acknowledged the plan and fired the Shadow Ball on to the blown up soil, like Ash predicted it caused a cloud of dirt to appear between Mismagius and Pidgeotto and dashing through the cloud Mismagius surprised Pidgeotto with the Sucker Punch. Pidgeotto was down but was falling to the ground at an alarming speed.

"Quickly use Psychic to slow his descent Mismagius" Ash ordered before dashing forward and throwing a pokéball at the unconscious flying type. It worked as Pidgeotto's speed slowed drastically and Ash's aim was true; the pokéball hit Pidgeotto and the ball pinged a successful capture before the ball hit the ground. Ash smiled down at the pokéball that was now in his hand and whispered his welcome to the team.

He turned and bowed to the Vespiquen only for her to gesture to an empty pokéball on his trainer's belt. Ash stared at her, searching for any doubt before finally bowing his head and taking an empty pokéball, he gently pressed it to her head. Ash was surprised that she didn't put up any fight at all as the pokéball instantly pinged.

Ash stared at the pokéball in his hand before turning to bow at the hollow tree and swiftly turning to leave, Mismagius floating behind him.


Professor Oak was finishing his study on the talking Meowth that had been staying at the lab with the Ekans that were both caught by Ash or more like saved by the young trainer.

Once they were deemed safe and healthy they'd be moved to Delia's Home and transferred into her care. Delia was beside herself with joy upon meeting the two pokémon and after only an hour with the loving mother, both Meowth and Ekans were sure that they'd rather die than let her be harmed. Meowth had startled everyone when he spoke and Professor Oak had finally noticed how special he was … he simply talked to Meowth and in return listened to Meowth. They had developed a bond and Meowth finally understood that he'd finally found what he'd always wanted: a home.

Ekans was the same, she'd endured her time as a Team Rocket slave and reveled in the warm feeling of a full stomach and a warm place to sleep; the simple fact that these things came with an unconditional love from a mother like figure like Delia made her feel even warmer. She had met Mr. Mime once and despite his constant ramblings of his clearly unwavering devotion to Ash and his mother she found him to be pleasant company once they got to talking about their lives before being saved by Ash.

Professor Oak was proof reading his report when the Trainer's Record's Computer sprang to life:

"Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum's Records Updated: Further Captured Pokémon listed as: a Pidgeotto – Male and a Vespiquen – Female." beeped the female voice of the main computer system.

Oak just stared at the computer in awe … a Pidgeotto he could expect but a Vespiquen? They were exceedingly rare and to find one in the wild was nothing short of a miracle. The Pokémon Professor sighed and with a chuckle whispered to himself "Only you Ash … only you"


Ash found a decently protected are with visible access to a water supply and decided that this was where he and his pokémon would train; so he set up his special tent and then released his pokémon. With a flash all seven of his pokémon materialized before him and was promptly bowled over in a chilling hug from Froslass and a nuzzling Torchic; he chuckled quietly before properly introducing his team to their newest additions.

Ash approached both and gestured to his hands then his heart and then finally his head and both Pidgeotto and Vespiquen got the unasked question: May I touch you to form an Aura bond? Both nodded and in a flash of red Aura they found themselves connected with the young Aura User and the rest of the Aura User's team.

"Everybody please welcome the newest member of our little makeshift family" Ash spoke using Aura; the pokémon all huddled together to welcome them and they found that while big, Pidgeotto was a softie on the inside and Vespiquen acted like a mother to each of them.

"We shall be training here for another two weeks before moving on to Pewter City, where we shall take our first step to being an unbeatable team and where I shall take my first steps to being a Pokémon Master." Ash spoke passionately and the others couldn't help being fired up with him. "Now let's scan our newest family members."

Ash pulled out his pokédex and aimed it at Torchic who cutely tilted his head in question but soon understood once hearing the voice of the pokédex ring out clearly:

[Torchic: The Chick Pokémon: A fire burns inside, so it feels very warm to hug. It launches fireballs of 1,800 degrees F.]

[This Pokémon is Male. It has the ability Blaze and the hidden ability Speed Boost. It knows the moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, and Ember. It possesses the egg move: Crush Claw. Note that this egg move is unusable until evolution.]

Ash looked down to the little chick that had puffed out his chest in pride and he chuckled … "Just remember that you won't be training until I can find no lingering injury that could hinder you."

Torchic deflated and gave the mental impression of a pouting child … chuckling again he pointed it at Pidgeotto.

[Pidgeotto: The Bird Pokémon: It flies over its wide territory in search of prey, downing it with its highly developed claws.]

[This Pokémon is Male. It has the ability Keen Eye and the hidden ability Big Pecks. It knows the moves: Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Air Slash and Gust.]

Ash whistled in awe of Pidgeotto and smiled before commenting on the great versatility that he could possess if he learnt more obscure techniques and Pidgeotto nodded, he was pleased that his new trainer was serious about training his pokémon. Vespiquen buzzed and Ash nodded with a chuckle at her impatience.

[Vespiquen: The Beehive Pokémon: It releases various pheromones to make the grubs in its body do its bidding while fighting foes.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Pressure and the hidden ability Unnerve. It knows the moves: Bug Bite, Gust, Poison Sting, Fury Cutter, Pursuit and X-Scissor.]

Ash rubbed Vespiquen's head on her gem and she buzzed in joy at the nice feeling. "I'm proud of all of you but know that my training will be grueling and not easy to complete if you pass the first level then you move up and so on and so forth but I will push you and at times I may seem harsh or cold but that is my training; are you prepared?"

The Pokémon just stared at him with slight hesitation as a slight shiver went down their spine, were they ready for that kind of training? Yes; yes they were, they knew that Ash would push them to be the best but not break them … so with a resounding cry of their names they nodded, resolve clearly shining in their eyes.

"Good … we start tomorrow" Ash responded before a look of pride appeared on his face "Tomorrow!"

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