Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


6. Chapter 6

"Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum's Records Updated: Further Captured Pokémon listed as: a Meowth – Male and an Ekans – Female." Beeped the female voice of the main computer system that was located at Professor Oak's Lab.

Said Professor looked up from his Pizza and sighed before muttering to himself "Really Ash; another two captures? That makes four tonight alone, even Gary hasn't registered that many already!"

Professor Oak contemplated the mystery that was Ash Ketchum … there had to be a logical explanation behind the remarkable powers that the genius possessed. Thinking back to the events of his childhood he recalled the Celebi incident as a young trainer he frowned … once upon a time he seemed to recall Ash having a yellow pokémon on his shoulder but now the image of that pokémon and the memory itself was fading or more appropriately being rewritten. The outcome of his memory was the same as they'd saved Celebi; it was just that the yellow pokémon from the original memory was gone and replaced with an image of many pokémon including Seviper; the others he was unable to envision but what struck a chord in his 'updated' memory was that Ash possessed a red coloured power that glowed as red and intimidating as his eyes.

A thought suddenly struck him and leaping up from his seat (and knocking his Pizza on to the floor) he dashed to his private library. His private library was, of course, open to Ash and he had read everything in there but the book Samuel Oak searched for was the oldest book in his vast library, coincidently it was also the only book that Ash had to re-read many times, he seemed to have an actual understanding of the words themselves. The book in question was so old that it was written in the old language of Pokélantis. A Kingdom that was deep with mystery and fear.

The Kingdom of Pokélantis was said to be so advanced that despite the simplistic and prehistoric appearance to their technology; they were even more advanced than their current modern culture. Then one day … the Kingdom was destroyed by the Legendary Pokémon, who had combined forces to do so … that was why researchers were so enamoured by their culture; why would the Legendary Pokémon team up just to destroy a Kingdom? A Kingdom that was rumoured to be at peace with all pokémon; where they all lived in harmony?

Was Ash a descendant of the rumoured to be extinct Royal Family? He knew that Ash's father, Red was an orphan but it couldn't be possible, conversely, if it was possible then it was accurate to assume that Ash and his father Red were so gifted because of that reason. The only other person in all of history that had come from the Royal Family of Pokélantis was Sir Aaron of Rota.

It was starting to make sense to Professor Oak, Red Ketchum was so talented in combat that it bordered on instinctual pre-cognition and not even Pokémon besides some of the Legendary Pokémon had that ability. Professor Oak shivered; Ash was even more talented than his father was at his age. Ash was also smarter; Red Ketchum learned by practical training whereas Ash learned by both theoretical and practical means. What did this all mean? He knew that the Royal Family possessed the ability to utilize Aura in its purest form and were considered to be chosen by Arceus himself to work as his emissaries on the physical plane.

But the Royal Family taught their vassals the art of using Aura too, hence users like Riley of Sinnoh. So was Ash from a side family or … no … wait; Ash's Aura was red … a sign of the Royal Family, the only member of the Royal Family not born to use red Aura was Sir Aaron, who still chose to learn the ways of Aura but was only able to utilize the common blue Aura. Professor Oak sagged into his chair … Red Ketchum just had to be a descendant of the Royal Family of Pokélantis and Ash just had to inherit his gifts.

Why were Ash's gifts more powerful though? Delia! Delia's family could be traced back to a tribe of people that were part of a Kingdom who were able to communicate with Pokémon, they split after the incident between their two Princes. An incident where one brother that controlled the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram fought his brother who commanded the counterpart Legendary Pokémon: Zekrom. When the destructive battle was over the surviving members of the Kingdom split into two factions: one faction, led by a cousin of the Royal Family stayed to occupy the castle and surrounding town, while the other faction, led by Delia's Ancestor, left to search for a new land to call home. It wasn't a stretch to believe that Delia's ancestors found peace in the Kanto region and settled in these lands. He'd known that Delia wasn't completely sure of her ancestor's history but she did know that they'd come from Unova around the same time as the historic event.

So that meant that Ash was the descendant of two ancient Royal Clans that directly influenced the world of Pokémon and had connections to mystical abilities; abilities that had manifested in Ash. Did the incident on Ash's seventh birthday awaken these latent abilities? If that was the case then the world would never be the same once Ash reached his majority at sixteen.

Professor Oak sighed, he really couldn't blame Ash for withholding the knowledge of his gifts as he would've done the same … wait … was Ash waiting for him to figure it out himself? Samuel thought about the various mysterious events that occurred around the Pokémon Plateau involving Ash and honed in on the Tauros Incident. Ash's eyes had glowed red and he commanded them to stop with only a whisper of the word in mention. Ash had always been able to communicate with pokémon effortlessly and that was another hint … was he so blind that he missed Ash trying to tell him in his own awkward way?

He sighed once more and looked to the clock above his fireplace it was just after midnight so he turned and decided to sleep on the couch in his office; it wouldn't be the first time he'd done so … he just hoped his back would forgive him later. He'd ask Ash the next time he called.


Ash opened his eyes and turned to stare at the alarm clock on the bedside table; he watched it hit 5:45am and while sighing he shuffled to sit up in the bed. He'd like to say that he had slept well but the events leading up to his stay here weighed heavily on his mind; the Spearow incident had affected him quite a bit but Ash knew that he wasn't in complete control of the situation, it was almost like someone or something other than himself wanted to teach those tainted Spearow the error of their ways. Moping wasn't going to help him though so with a renewed determination he got up and began to stretch his muscles to loosen them up. He contemplated waking up his pokémon to train with him but decided to give them this morning off; they'd gone to bed later than him and while he didn't need a whole night's sleep they did so their bodies could adapt to the healing techniques of the modern healer aka Nurse Joy.

'Joy; perhaps I was too childish with how I handled the situation' Ash thought before his face tightened into an angry frown 'No … she accused me of deliberately harming Torchic and she should know me better than that.'

It seemed that his inner turmoil woke Mismagius who quietly floated up to his side and softly called her name.

'Ash? What are you doing up so early, I felt your negative thoughts' Mismagius spoke groggily 'Are you feeling well?'

Ash shook his head softly as he offered her a small smile.

'I'm just debating as to whether or not I overreacted to Nurse Joy's accusation' he replied quietly 'She's like a big sister to me and it really upset me when she accused me of deliberately hurting Torchic. I know that she was upset at the state Torchic was in, and in her anger, she turned on me that was when I left the Pokémon Centre and followed your call.'

Mismagius bobbed her head in a rather amusing attempt to nod but he understood from her body language that she was contemplating her answer. While she was thinking he retrieved his sneakers and his MP3 Player from beside his bed; by the time she'd thought of an answer, Ash had already changed into shorts for exercising in, put on his shoes and he'd clipped the detachable earphones onto the front of his singlet. Mismagius floated over and blocked his exit and gave him a pointed look.

'While it hurt to be accused of harming an innocent Pokémon' she began nervously before sucking in a breath and continuing 'I believe that you should show maturity and if she apologises then accept it; I'm not asking you to forget it happened, just to move on. If she's as smart as I think she is then she'll know that you've forgiven her but not forgotten the incident either'

Ash stared blankly at Mismagius but he conceded her point, logically it was better to try to mend bridges but he had trouble trusting people once they'd wronged him; Gary was an example and while he could choke him up to Gary having a temper tantrum based from feeling of inadequacy compared to the people in his life such as 'The Famous Professor Oak', 'Daisy Oak Breeder Extraordinaire' or even Ash, himself; the gifted 'Junior Professor Genius' as people were calling him.

Ash snorted, he cared little for their names or praises; despite the work he'd done with the Professor he felt that he'd done little to earn that praise and he'd rather stay logical then to give into the temptation of arrogance; at least Riley's Training showed the benefits of Meditation to ground oneself.

Snapping back to reality he smiled at Mismagius and offered her a nice walk as he'd only be jogging and light exercise followed then meditating that morning, Mismagius flipped in the air with joy and eagerly accepted his offer. Ash told her about wanting to keep his amazing pokémon hidden as to press his advantage in his ability to remain underestimated and asker for her permission to return her to her pokéball until clear from view and she instantly agreed to the simple yet logical suggestion. The simple fact that he asked for her permission just further cemented her decision to join Ash as his pokémon. Mismagius nodded and with a quiet cry of her name disappeared in a red flash into her pokéball.

Ash took off his MP3 Player and grasped his pokédex in one swift motion and after leaving a note for his pokémon that were sleeping, he used his pokédex to unlock the hidden room and left, making sure to relock it from the outside. His pokémon could still leave but no one could get in without Junior or Full Professor Status which was why he felt safe knowing that his new family was safe.

He was genuinely surprised to not find either Nurse Joy up and about but he did spot Chansey manning the Nurse's Station. When Chansey spotted Ash, she squeaked in surprise and bounced over to his side; Ash smiled softly at the Egg Pokémon and with a look of exasperation he shushed her and motioned to the door of the Pokémon Centre. Chansey recognised that Ash must've still been training every morning and gestured to the kitchen in question; Ash tilted his head but ultimately understood her thanks to his Aura: she wanted to know if he wanted breakfast.

'No thank you Chansey but perhaps when I get back if I could have some Tea?' Ash asked politely and with a pleased cry of her name in acceptance to his request she nodded and bounced off to the kitchens; Ash looked after her bouncing form with a nostalgic smile … she really did enjoy helping people but he couldn't help remember her as a shy Happiny. After a moment or so of reminiscing Ash turned on his feet and left through the double automatic doors.

Ash decided that it would be a good idea to make his way to the Viridian City Hospital to collect his antibiotics assuming Professor Oak remembered to call. Since the hospital was close to the entrance to Viridian Forest he decided it would be prudent to scout ahead and survey the terrain so with a sound plan in mind he started off his morning jog.

Ash navigated the almost empty streets of Viridian with relative ease and soon arrived at Viridian City Hospital; he approached the front desk and got the attention of the nurse in charge. The poor elderly lady jumped off of her chair in fright and locked eyes with Ash before a scowl marred her kind yet stern appearance.

"Ash Ketchum; how many times have I asked you to please announce your presence instead of giving me a heart attack" she growled, though there was no actual bite to her words. Ash just tilted his head and cocked his right eyebrow; he watched the elderly nurse sigh before asking him what was wrong. Ash pointed to his throat and with a cough every once in a while said "Professor Oak *cough* … Antibiotics … *cough*"

The elderly nurse entered business mode and grasping his arm firmly yet gently proceeded to pull him towards the familiar office of the head pharmacist. Said head pharmacist was about to fall asleep, he was so bored; the only thing that required his attention was the young and apathetic Ash Ketchum. Professor Oak had called to request some antibiotics for the enigmatic young Junior Professor and now trainer; the man shivered: if Ash was as methodical as a trainer as he had become after the incident on his birthday then he feared for the world of Pokémon; Ash Ketchum was scarily good in battle both on and off the field; he sobered up when hearing a knock at the door.

"Enter," he spoke clearly, though internally he just whined about wanting his shift to end; during his childish inner tantrum he failed to notice the stealthy approach of Ash Ketchum. His cough brought the pharmacist's attention to the child, he glanced up and accidentally made direct eye contact with the red eyed trainer; shivering once more under the intensity of the child's gaze he, himself coughed to cover his embarrassment before actually speaking to the child.

"Professor Oak contacted me earlier Ash" he spoke professionally "You need some antibiotics?"

Ash lazily nodded his head and pointing to his throat the pharmacist was able to ascertain why he needed the antibiotics in the first place. Pulling out an instrument that enabled him to scan Ash's throat he carefully yet thoroughly checked Ash's throat and voice box.

"Hmmm, looks like it's become acutely inflamed centralized around your voice box and that's what's causing your throat's discomfort" the pharmacist spoke knowing Ash knew perfectly well and had understood what he was saying. He watched the silent child nod and continued "Are you continuing your voice exercises and drinking tea to aid in soothing the strain?"

Ash once again nodded and the pharmacist typed away on his PC; adding the information to Ash's Medical File. After completing his task he pulled a script pad and wrote the prescription down and signed the script.

"I've added ten refills to this script so that you'll have enough antibiotics to cover the entire year as I'm assuming you've started your pokémon journey and don't wish to waste time correct?" he mumbled more to himself than to Ash, but nevertheless Ash nodded and offered the man a small smile. The pharmacist blinked 'Ash has never smiled at me before; perhaps Professor Oak was right in saying that a pokémon journey would be beneficial for Ash's recovery … damn now I owe the man fifty pokédollars'

Ash took the offered script and with a nod he turned and headed to the counter to place and collect the antibiotics. The young nurse manning the station smiled at Ash and went to work and it wasn't long before returning with the pack of powder capsules.

"Now you remember to take the powder with a drink such as warm water or tea?" she asked only to giggle at the affronted look that Ash had given her 'Of course he'd remember to do that …'

Ash used his pokédex to wirelessly pay for the script and with a short but polite bow of the head, turned to leave. Ash stopped outside the automatic doors of the hospital before shifting his gaze to the entrance to Viridian Forest and nodding to himself he started jogging towards and then through the dirt path entrance.

Crouching low near the first large tree on a small hill that overlooked most of the off road path he gazed critically over the terrain. Using his Aura he zoomed in on the various tracks of pokémon and human alike and filed the information for later; though he was particularly interested in the tracks of a Pidgeotto that seemed just a little bit bigger than its usual sized brethren.

'Judging from the scratch-like grooves around the inner claw of the bird, I would estimate it to be 1.5 times larger than a normal Pidgeotto and its strong too if the track's patterns are anything to go by. The tracks indicate that it's heading towards the central part of the forest, nearest to the river that runs through the forest … interesting; that suggests a higher level of intelligence also, indicative of the possibility that one of its parents are not from the Pidgey evolutionary line and that would be a boon if it has access to an egg move that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to learn otherwise.'

Ash searched for any other tracks or life signatures; he spotted a few Pikachu tracks and he instantly turned away, searching for any other pokémon of interest. It was then that he spotted a strong claw-like pattern on a moss covered tree that did not match any species native to Kanto.

'It's definitely able to fly or hover and with the distance and shape of the scrapings of the moss I would guess bug type … definitely not native Kanto as the only bug types that should be identifiable to the Forest that can hover are Beedrill and the odd Butterfree. From the patterned groove I can only deduce that it's not native but I would have to cross out a Pokémon like Heracross or other Johto bug type either. Hmmm if I can find its life force whilst looking for that Pidgeotto I'll attempt capture … with its permission of course.'

Ash stood from his crouched position and turned to walk back to the Pokémon Centre; he'd use their gym to do some weights. So releasing Mismagius from her confines they shared a pleasant walk back to the Centre, paying close attention to not being spotted by the now waking City. Upon arriving at the Pokémon Centre's entrance Mismagius was temporarily returned to her pokéball only to be released again once in the privacy of their private room. Ash used the gym area of the room for a few (read 100) push-ups, sit-ups, crunches ... etc. etc. before having a nice hot shower and dressed in his usual travelling clothes.

By the time he'd finished all his other Pokémon were awake and ready for breakfast; especially Meowth and Ekans who looked a little better already. Ekans had a stronger shine to her eyes and Meowth's golden crest was also shiner than it had been the previous night; it only cemented Ash's theory that a good few meals and light exercise would see them ready for what he had planned for them.

"Good Morning everyone" he spoke quietly as to not startle any of them; you did NOT want startled snake pokémon and once he was sure they were all awake he continued. "It's time for breakfast, and I'm sorry that I'm only able to give you generic food but as we travel it is my hope that we'll find enough berries to help season the food; it's also a matter of analysing your movement patterns and intake so that I can devise a balanced diet that would give you the maximum absorption and benefits of the nutrients."

The pokémon looked speechlessly at Ash, Meowth and Ekans in particular as they'd never had someone care so much for their dietary needs; in fact Meowth may have started to have tears form at the corner of his eyes. Ash had noticed of course and approached the Scratch Cat Pokémon. Kneeling down in front of Meowth he started to scratch the base of his ear and watched as Meowth crumpled in pleasure from the action.

"Don't worry Meowth, Ekans" he spoke "It's clear that you both dislike battling unless necessary so I'm sending you to watch and protect my mother. I know that you can both handle this task and you'll get fed well, my mother's cooking is the best after all. She'll treat you as if you were of her own litter or den."

Both former enslaved pokémon blinked before tackling Ash in happiness, most of his other pokémon deciding to let them have their moments to let it all out; Froslass however didn't get the memo and pounced into the group hug as she thought it was and rubbed against the two emotional pokémon. It sent shivers down their spines but they appreciated the sentiment though.

After feeding his pokémon and returning them all to their pokéballs Ash took a deep breath before opening the room's door and stepping out into the central section of the Pokémon Centre; Ash didn't have to wait long before a pouting Chansey approached.

"Sorry … Chansey" he murmured to the Egg Pokémon, she however turned her pout into a happy smile and handed him a nice cup of hot tea. "Thank you"

Chansey trotted off to complete her duties and Ash turned, Tea in hand and headed off to the cafeteria. He sat down and after taking the powder capsule from the top part of his backpack, snapped open the capsule into his tea and took a nice long sip. It was fortunate that the antibiotics were flavourless and odourless in Ash's opinion as it would mess up the flavour of his sacred cup of tea; and that … would be a travesty.

Once Ash had finished his tea he let out a contented sigh, which earned him an amused look from the cafeteria attendant and a giggle from Misty who thought that she'd try to scare Ash by sneaking up on him.

'Nice try … though you can't sneak up on the master of stealth' Ash thought just a little pompously before recognising the fact that his stomach growled in reminder to eat breakfast. So it was with that, that Ash stood and with a polite nod of the head to Misty, turned towards the all you can eat buffet; he was a growing boy after all. Ash piled up several plates and ignored the shocked, gaping looks he received from the attendant before making his way back to his table; where he then proceeded to eat at a respectful pace.

'For a boy he certainly has wonderful manners' Misty thought as she sat opposite him at the table 'He sure eats a lot though'

She was surprised when Ash pushed one of the plates towards her and it was with a quick glance that she noticed that all the food on the offered plate were going to be her choices from the buffet itself. Misty gaped at Ash 'How the hell did he know what I was going to choose to eat?'

Ash picked up on the look and after wiping his mouth on a napkin sighed and coughing he replied to the unasked question. "From your glances at the buffet I was able to ascertain what your choices would be. It was easy to determine your … selection that way by your body language as well. (I've decided to remove the whole coughing thing as it's a pain for both the readers and I; just imagine it as if he was coughing.)

"Y-You spoke a whole sentence!" Misty gasped but it was then she noticed the empty antibiotic capsule near his empty cup of tea. Her eyes softened before she realised "You really need medicine for your throat? I'm sorry for asking you so many questions earlier when we met, I thought it was just a cough; but you actually have a problem with your voice don't you?"

Ash blinked in surprise at her but nodded nonetheless and Misty just smiled before starting on the plate of offered food. She had almost finished when she nervously put her fork down and looked uncertainly at Ash; she kept glancing to a picture on the wall before finally gathered the courage to ask if she could join him on his journey.

"You know that I intend to travel through and stay in Viridian Forest for an undisclosed amount of time? Your fear for bug type pokémon would be a liability for you." Ash coughed before continuing after seeing her freaked out look "I'm not psychic if that's what you think … I just deduced that you were fearfully weary of bug types after your constant twitching and glanced to the Beedrill warning on the wall."

Misty gasped once more 'How did he know I was thinking he was psychic? It doesn't matter how freaky that is, he's right. As a trainer he'd need to travel and train in various environments to get the most out of his pokémon's training.'

She nervously glanced back at the poster that had a warning to be weary of the Beedrill that resided in Viridian Forest and she sighed in resignation "I understand Ash but I don't think I can handle travelling through Viridian Forest without having a meltdown so I guess this is goodbye"

Ash tilted his head, earning internal squeals from both Misty and the attendant, before pointing to a bus schedule and fixed her with a pointed look. Misty slapped her forehead … 'Of course, use the bus that protects against bug types, it goes right to Pewter City after all …'

She chuckled in embarrassment before walking off to check the times and prices; what she didn't know was that Ash had already used his pokédex to secure and pay for her ticket. So when Misty returned she was looked dismayed and seeing Ash's raised eyebrow she elaborated "There are only two seats left and they cost a lot, more than normal anyway, and I can't access my money for a week at least; by then the buses would have left."

Ash continued to give her his patented apathetic gaze before he stood rather suddenly and walked to the ticket booth. He waved his pokédex on the pre-ordered ticket pad and it printed the ticket he'd procured for Misty; then Ash simply walked back and retook his seat while sliding the ticket over to her on the table. Misty gasped and tried to return it to him claiming she couldn't accept such a gift before Ash pointed to a sign above the booth that read 'All Tickets Sold Out … No refunds allowed!' She bowed her head in thanks but was still ultimately depressed over not being able to go with the silently handsome boy.

'So she does find me physically attractive; how … curious, I've never taken much stock into my appearance but I must have done something right … the pheromones I can smell suggests attraction on her part but not of a sexual nature … more of an attempt to gain a companion. It would grant me the ability to analyse her battle strategy and that of her sisters as it's clearly obvious that she would have picked up her basic style from her family.'

"We could meet in Pewter City and travel together after that" Ash coughed in conversation and judging from the beaming smile he got from the orange haired girl he'd said the right thing.

"That sounds great Ash." She enthusiastically chirped "I'll stay and train at the Pokémon Centre there while you travel through Viridian Forest!"

Ash mentally sighed 'I wonder if this is a good idea … pre-emptive analysis and reconnaissance is helpful though and while I have formulated many strategies against any member of her family … I might have to compete against Misty at some point … Data comes first; travelling alone until Pewter City also means that I can hide my choice in Pokémon until the Gym Battle … I suppose sacrifices must be made and this is one of them.'


Nurse Joy went to bed earlier than normal the previous night and left Chansey to manage the station for the morning shift; she couldn't stop thinking about Ash and what she'd accused him of yesterday, and then it had to be made worse by Jenny's scolding. Ash didn't trust easily and when he truly cared for people, despite his apathetic nature anyway; he would sacrifice anything to help them. So much so in fact that Ash became very possessive of the people he had dubbed 'family'. So when she accused him of deliberately causing harm to Torchic she had undoubtedly caused Ash untold amounts of pain and despite his seemingly emotionless personality he was quite easy to 'damage'.

That was why she now stood in her shower feeling the warm water soothe her aching body from her tossing and turning in her sleep; if you'd call it that, she barely slept at all and it was evident from the dark bags underneath her eyes.

Sighing, she turned the water off and reached for her towel to dry herself off. Putting on her trademark nurse's outfit and tying off the bow on the apron, she left her room to start the day's tasks. Most of her tasks were completed swiftly as there weren't that many in the first place; Viridian City only got truly busy as the Pokémon League drew closer.

She stood at her station and watched the various trainers walk to and fro, talking to their friends, laughing with their pokémon and it brought a small smile to her face though it quickly turned to a look of guilt as her heart clenched as though squeezed. Chansey approached and cheerfully greeted Nurse Joy before standing by her side at the Nurse's Station.

Joy was lost in thought for quite some time with Chansey looking on with sadness for her friend; but her thoughts were interrupted by a voice and a cough that she knew only too well.

"Big Sister?"


Ash could see that Nurse Joy was at her station as he approached and while he was hoping that it would still be just Chansey there; he needed to enquire as to Torchic's condition. He slowed his approach as to prolong the encounter with his sister figure. He could easily tell that she hadn't slept well and a small part of his mind wanted her to suffer for what she said to him but the much larger, logical side thought that to prolong this torture was wrong so he decided to follow Mismagius's advice: Forgive her but show her he'd never forget.

So with just a small amount of trepidation he approached the counter and spoke softly with a cough "Big Sister?"

At once he could see her eyes begin to mist over and tears formed; he did feel guilty for how he reacted to the situation but he also felt justified in his anger; nevertheless he wasn't there to punish her further, he was here for Torchic.

"How is Torchic?" he asked quietly

Nurse Joy hung her head a little; so he hadn't come for her.

"Torchic is resting now" she replied with a sob "The surgery went well but because he was a newborn it will be quite some time before he's able to train or live on its own; the problem is he won't let anyone close to him."

Ash nodded softly and gesturing to the door asked "May I?" Nurse Joy nodded and followed him to the door.

Once there she opened it and they both entered in silence. Ash used his Aura to see into the dark room and spied Torchic on a bed in the far corner; ignoring Nurse Joy's frantic whisperings of warning Ash gracefully walked through the room, dodging the various debris that littered the room itself. Ash had finally made it to the Torchic and he gently raised his hand and ignoring Nurse Joy's gasp, placed it on Torchic's head; he started to rub and scratch what he knew was a pressure point that eased tension in the little guy's evolutionary line.


Torchic looked up and saw the glowing red eyes of the nice Aura Master that had rescued him from the Spearow but when he next opened his eyes it was to a strange room where a nice looking lady was healing him but he was scared … he wanted his saviour, he wanted his red eyed father. Torchic had lost his temper when the nice lady talked about his father as if he was the one that hurt him so Torchic let her know his displeasure at having his father insulted. His new father was strong and he just knew somehow that his father had taught those nasty Spearow a lesson and punished them; he didn't know how but he felt the power of his anger.

So here he was making sure that the pink haired lady learned not to mess with him or his father.

The door suddenly opened and he watched in awe as his father with the glowing red eyes gracefully made his way through the mess of the room and to his side. He watched his father lift his hand and then gently placed it on his head and rubbed; Torchic had never felt so good before, his father was scratching just the right spot on his head.


Ash watched the little Torchic in amusement as Torchic began to rub his head into his hand with deep affection … so the Torchic imprinted onto him then. As a newborn they were vulnerable to who hatched them as the bond was permanent once they'd imprinted on their Trainer. Starter Pokémon were taught during the hatching process that their first Trainers were the ones that would look after them after being chosen so that was why the Starter Pokémon found it difficult to let go of their usually unwavering loyalty to their Trainer.

This Torchic had imprinted on him as not only the first human it had been in contact with but also due to the fact that he'd saved and bonded with the little guy using Aura. Ash frowned momentarily at the bond, usually it wasn't considered appropriate to bond with one so young but for Torchic to have been healed by Ash's Aura it was necessary; he was sorry that he'd caught Torchic without permission but it was clear that permission wouldn't be an issue. Conversely it would be harmful to Torchic to leave him now as the bond was formed and it was definitely stronger than he could've imagined.

Ash looked to Nurse Joy with a flat expression and it was clear to her what it meant; I told you so. There was no way that Torchic would be close to Ash should he have been the one to injure him in the first place; let alone being as close as he was to Ash right now. It was clear to Joy that it was Ash's way of rubbing salt into a wound but he didn't gloat or rub the truth in her face about it; Ash just pointed out the truth and moved on and this was Ash pointing out the truth to her. Joy nodded and tears started to form in her eyes, she took a step forward towards Ash but Torchic sensed her approach and assumed a defensive stance. Joy had seen that stance before of course so she prepared for an Ember attack only to have Ash calm the Chick Pokémon down with another head rub and a soft but firm chastisement in the form of a stern "No!"

Torchic looked up at Ash in confusion before Ash offered him a smile and answered his unasked question "She may have been wrong about blaming me for your condition but she was also the one who healed you no?"

Torchic nodded in agreement and turned to Nurse Joy with an apologetic expression, an expression that earned him an internal squeal of cute from Nurse Joy and a pleased smile to Ash; Torchic puffed up his chest in pride, he'd pleased his father. It was then that Ash turned to Nurse Joy with a pensive look on his face and with a nod in her direction he gently picked up Torchic, who promptly snuggled into his chest, and turned to leave.

"Wait Ash!" Joy grabbed his arm and spoke desperately "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry for accusing you of something as deplorable as abusing pokémon. I should've thought things through but I was angry and I shouldn't of taken it out on you … I-I'm just so sorry Ash … please forgive me; I can't bear you being angry with me … p-please"

Ash internally sighed, he never wanted to make her beg like this, he would have been happy with a simple "I'm Sorry" but with his honorary big sister sounding so … desperate like this his anger melt away. Ash was sure he'd never forget the reason this started but he couldn't keep this up and hurting his big sister was like hurting himself so with a big external sigh he turned and hugged her mumbling his acceptance to her apology.

Nurse Joy felt so elated, her little brother in all but blood accepted her apology, he wasn't angry with her anymore. She felt so light now and all the accumulated stress of the day was lifted off of her shoulders. Joy returned the hug and squeezed him gently as to be mindful of the young Torchic who had fallen asleep in his trainer's arms.


Leaving the dark recovery room Ash, Nurse Joy and an adorable sleeping little ball of fluff called Torchic walked back into the main area of the Pokémon Centre; Nurse Joy had a cheerful bounce in her step and Chansey, who'd spotted them both was happy to see that all was well again. Ash started coughing but managed to muffle it enough as to not wake the newborn up; Nurse Joy asked Chansey for some water and she saluted before bustling off to complete her task. Ash waved Joy off before pointing to the Video Phones that were attached to a Pokéball Transporter. Nurse Joy nodded with a smile and told him that she'd send Chansey over when she returned; nodding in reply Ash walked over to the Video Phones and dialled Professor Oak's Lab.

The number rang for a little longer than normal but Oak still managed to answer it just in time … 'Hair in a mess, holding his back and is clearly flustered … and judging by the approximate length of time taken to answer the phone …'

Ash activated the keyboard function once more and typed his conclusion.

:You slept on the couch in your office again didn't you?: it was accompanied with a deadpanned look from Ash.

"Yes … well; last night was rather illuminating for me Ash" Oak began before adopting a triumphantly smug look "You didn't tell me that you could use Aura Ash"

Ash blinked :Really? You mean you just figured it out? I gave you enough clues:

Professor Oak face-palmed himself before coughing to cover his embarrassment; he considered asking if Ash knew about his ancestry but thought it'd be best to wait until much later and after talking to Delia.

"So what did you call for Ash, I didn't forget to call the hospital last night did I?"

:No Professor, you remembered to call and on a related note I believe that the pharmacist is still scared of me … anyway I called to transfer two of my pokémon to you:

"Why would you want to do that Ash?" Oak asked perplexed by Ash's request.

:Honestly, I rescued them from negligent trainers, who I might add will never be training again:

"I see … and these two wouldn't happen to be a Meowth and an Ekans would they?"

:Ah! So you remembered to turn the Trainer's Records Computer on then? Nevertheless the two pokémon I'm sending need to be looked after so I want you to give them to Mum for company and protection:

The Pokémon Professor smiled at Ash in pride "I'm glad that you're thinking of your mother even now Ash … I …" he faulted in his speech when he caught the bored and narrow gaze of Ash.

:Professor I need to send them to you at once, I'm leaving for Pewter soon:

"Certainly Ash I'm ready on this end" :And I on this end:

They both transferred the Pokémon and once Oak had received them the pokéballs snapped open to look at Ash through the screen.

"Hey what gives Ash? I thought you said you were giving us to your mother; whose this old geezer?" Meowth spoke with Ekans nodding in agreement, both were oblivious to Oak's shaking shoulders.

:Professor Oak will check you over for any health issues and then introduce you to my mother to take home: Ash replied with a bit of amusement clearly shining in his eyes.

"Oh; that makes sense … bye Ash!" Meowth responded and pressed the button to hang up

Ash blinked at the abrupt end to the phone call before shrugging and dialling his mother's phone number; it was picked up with barely a ring by Delia who looked like she had been waiting for his call.

"Oh Ashy you called" Delia gushed and spotting Ash's minor blush she giggled "So what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

:Mum, I caught you two pokémon for around the house for company:

Delia squealed like a school girl and bounced in excitement "What did you catch for me Ash?"

:A Meowth that can talk and an Ekans, both are in need for a home filled with love and good food:

"Well our home has both in spades Ashy … thank you, thank you, thank you sweetie!"

They both shared little nothings before Delia noticed an orange and yellow ball of fluff in Ash's free arm and cradled against his chest.

"What's that Ash?" Delia asked before seeing realization dawn on Ash's face.

:Oh this is Torchic … my first pokémon capture, he's exhausted and sleeping right now: Ash held the Chick Pokémon up so that she could see him but softly enough to let the little guy stay asleep.

Delia cooed over the image of the pokémon before turning that cooing to Ash with a response of Ash growing up and how it was great practise for her grandchildren … Ash blushed bright red and she just laughed before bidding goodbye and hanging up.

Ash grumbled under his breath and heard some giggling both human and pokémon alike. Ash turned to see both Nurse Joy and Chansey laughing at his predicament and Ash just grumbled further; he shot them a glare but the adorable looking Torchic negated any edge to his glare.


Ash and Misty had just finished restocking their supplies and were waiting for the bus at the terminal. When the bus was ready Misty bid goodbye and thanked him once more for the ticket and soon left on the bus; he discovered that the bus route was new and actually took them the long way to Pewter which would give him more time with his pokémon … perfect! A grin made its way onto his face and turning to entrance to Viridian Forest.

He smirked 'Mysterious bug type … Pidgeotto … here I come'

Ash re-adjusted his backpack and gripped the still sleeping form of Torchic a little bit tighter so as to not drop the little guy … how he slept after Misty's squealing he'd never know but he had and seemed quite content in Ash's arms. Mentally checking everything over he started walking to leave Viridian City and enter Viridian Forest.

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