Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


5. Chapter 5

Ash's Pokémon Team – 5 Slots out of 8 filled:

Snivy – Female – Moves: Tackle, Magical Leaf, Vine Whip, Wrap and Leaf Storm.

Seviper – Male – Moves: Wrap, Lick, Bite, Dig and Poison Tail.

Torchic – Unknown – Moves: Unknown.

Froslass – Female – Moves: Astonish, Bite, Shadow Ball, Icy Wind and Confuse Ray.

Mismagius – Female – Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Lucky Chant, Payback, Mean Look and Sucker Punch.


Ash hung up the Video Phone and sighed quietly, he turned around and stared at the door where Torchic was having surgery. Why did he not try harder to heal Torchic? Was it not the point of having Aura; to help Pokémon? Ash clenched his fists into his pants as he thought about Torchic and second-guessed himself.

Eventually Ash realised he had been brooding and standing up he headed over to the couches located to the left of the Nurse's Station. Chansey was trotting about doing her duties and seemed quite content in the process. Ash smiled despite his mood, he remembered when Chansey was a Happiny and scared of absolutely everything to do with other Pokémon; she used to cling to his legs or demand to be carried about but once he'd pick her up, she'd snuggle into his chest. Many times he'd lose himself to the many books available to him at the Lab and usually had Happiny fast asleep in his arms or lap while he read; it was one of the few happy memories he still had at the Lab as soon after, Gary started learning from his Grandfather personally as well.

Ash conceded to the fact that Gary would make an excellent Pokémon Researcher, perhaps when he was older though but right now, he was arrogant and more disgustingly; he was a bully. Leaf and Ritchie got the worst of it as Gary had learned earlier on that Ash wouldn't react to his taunts and it usually ended with Gary running scared and hiding from Ash's apathetic gaze. Ash had stepped in on many occasions to defend Leaf or Ritchie when Gary had started and Gary learned the hard way that Ash didn't tolerate Gary's attitude or his bullying.

'Come to think of it" Ash thought 'Wasn't it around then that Leaf started acting weird? I mean she always had a more serious attitude compared to the other girls in Pallet Town; but after I stepped in with the Tauros incident, she started to act differently around me … was it perhaps the nobility of the act? Doubtful, as we were too young to think of or have that sort of emotional response … but then again; girls and boys grow up far differently than boys and hormonally speaking …'

Ash was torn from his thoughts when the power for the Pokémon Centre suddenly died and Ash was instantly on alert. Closing his eyes and augmenting his sense of hearing with his Aura he could make out the sound of scratching on glass, then a curse and then finally; after a high pitched sound the roof smashed open and two pokéballs dropped through the smashed glass from the hole on the roof.

'Whoever is trying to break in obviously lacks the intelligence necessary to understand that the roof glass could not be cut through by man-made tools … clearly he, she or they then resorted to using a pokémon or a sound based explosive … perhaps a sonar or soundwave emitter? Judging from the sound I heard it's the most logical option. However; equipment like that suggests funding of a well organised group … Poachers? No; this break-in isn't clean enough for any professional poacher, so organisation then … one with the power and funding to get their hands on such tools. Conclusion: It is highly likely that this is an individual or team of little intellectual capacity using specialised equipment.'

Ash snapped his eyes open and looked on as two pokémon materialized from the pokéballs that fell through the now smashed open roof; one of the pokémon released a Smoke Screen or Smog attack to hide the movements of their trainer or trainers. Using his Aura to augment his sense of sight this time he could clearly make out the two pokémon, their trainers and a third creature with a distinct normal type pokémon life signature … curious …

{Insert Team Rocket Speech – I'm not typing it T_T}

'A talking Meowth, how odd … it's certainly not inconceivable for a pokémon to learn human speech … after all; a Chatot is able to memorise human and pokémon speech patterns and a normal type pokémon such as a Meowth would have the advantage as their voice boxes can imitate the tones of a human child' Ash pondered the unusual Pokémon before him before turning to the other two pokémon present 'Hmmm … a Koffing and an Ekans … poison types … that explains the Smoke Screen or Smog attack used as a substitute for a smoke bomb or a gas pellet.

Using the cover of the Pokémon's, most probably Koffing's attack, Ash chanced a look at the trainers and spied that despite their confident stance, the tremors in their hands and the occasional twitching of their pressure points indicated that they weren't sure if what they were doing was a good idea … grunts then, probably grunts that weren't following orders but trying to show initiative to their superiors.

'Great … ambitious idiots' Ash deadpanned before turning his gaze back to the Koffing and Ekans he scrutinised them with a critical gaze.

'Both Koffing and Ekans are small; too small … and such a size is indicative of poor nutrition and even poorer training. Koffing isn't as rounded as it should be, its eyes are dull and its Smog attack is pitiful; Ekans is shorter and flatter than a healthy specimen of its kind and its tail, while rattling in intimidation, sounds off … both are weak but Ekans has the sharper edge of the two … flaw to exploit? Definitely! In other words … take out Ekans first and the dynamics of this battle will be turned against them'

Ash's deductions were interrupted by a fearful scream and he turned to see Misty shaking a little at the sight of the two poison types that were now partially visible due to the Koffing's woefully underpowered Smog attack.

"They want intimidation? Let's show them intimidation! Ready Seviper?" Ash communicated via the mental link.

"Absolutely, let's show these fools how it's done" Seviper replied

"When I call you out do what you did when we met" Ash instructed and once he heard Seviper acknowledge his command he initialised his plan.

Silently making his way over to Misty he deliberately poked her so that in her surprise, she would scream loudly and turn her attention to him, so once she screamed he gently held his finger to her lips and shushed her. Ignoring her blush at his proximity and probable embarrassment he gestured to the back room where he could sense Nurse Joy and Chansey beginning to utilise the Emergency Protocol that had become common place.

What most didn't know was that it had been Ash that had come up with and submit said Protocol and with Professor Oak's backing; the Pokémon League made it standard procedure in case of Pokémon thieves or heaven forbid: Team Rocket's return. Acting Champion Lance was a cautious man, so the thought of Team Rocket or a similar organization re-appearing had put him on edge and he endorsed the Emergency Protocol with his complete confidence; though if he knew a nine year old thought of it he might've questioned the policy, as far as he knew it was Professor Oak's idea.

Ash pointed to the door and gave her a pointed look that she seemed to pick up and she understood what he wanted her to do … or go in this case. Misty shook her head in fear and Ash took a pokéball off of his trainer's belt and held it in her line of sight but pointed to the door and gave her the harshest glare she had ever seen before in her life.

'I didn't imagine it; his eyes ARE glowing red' Misty thought with a fluttering feeling in her stomach … those eyes held a power that just seemed to pull her in. Ash snapped and glared even more angrily at her and after flailing under his gaze for a minute or so gave in and silently jogged to the door and turning once she arrived at her post as his silent order was clear 'Guard Nurse Joy and Chansey'


"What was that scream Jessie? It wasn't caused by us" James spoke nervously "I'm telling you there's something wrong here; we've gotten in over our heads"

"Be quiet James. Stop blubbering and Meowth; don't just stand there do something" Jessie spoke harshly.

Meowth glared at the two idiots that he'd been stuck with … he didn't even want to be in Team Rocket. These were the people he was forced to work with … and their boss only liked Persians.

Meowth came to a decision right then; ditch the idiotic duo and leave Team Rocket, maybe this time if he was lucky; he could actually escape.

Meowth was about to retort when they suddenly heard a feral growl coming from within their own Smog attack and they all shivered when they spotted a set of glowing red eyes from within the smoke. As the smoke finally cleared they saw a child with his or her head covered by a hood and glowing red eyes staring right at them or were they staring through them, into their very souls. That wasn't what scared them though; they could see an amused grin on its face and the whole image it projected stopped their feet cold and their hearts hammered in their chests; panic gripped them and it felt as if their hearts were being squeezed by a godlike presence.

The monster in front of them casually dropped a pokéball; just a singular pokéball … and what emerged was a Pokémon neither of them recognised … it wrapped its long body around the creature and hissed menacingly; its red eyes glowing to match the child's. Its fangs and bladed tail glinted in the combined glow they created. Meowth managed to collect himself just enough to move and dived behind one of the couches … but Jessie and James? Their minds were too clouded with fear and were paralysed by the gaze of the duo before them.

Koffing and Ekans quivered with terror at the sheer power the human child exuded; it was like facing a legendary pokémon … no it was even worse than that … it was like staring into the very eyes of Arceus himself! Both started to question their place in their trainer's plans and nervously shifted on their spots on the cold floor; they really shouldn't have destroyed the roof, it was letting the cold night air in but if they were really paying attention they'd have remembered that it was a pleasantly warm night outside.

"Poison Tail on the Koffing" was what came from the terrifying child's mouth and in the blink of an eye Koffing was out cold with a horridly deep looking slash going right across his body.

"You really shouldn't have thought this through …" came the echoed voice of the thing in front of them; it was in their heads now too? "No-one shall desecrate the sanctity of this place … the grounds of a place of healing as according to the ancient scripts is a sanctuary of peace and no combat is acceptable except in its defence."

James had pissed his pants and Jessie was beginning to hyperventilate as the Aura thickened the very air around them … they felt deprived of the ability to speak and breathe but the worst of them was really Ekans. Ekans, like every hatchling pokémon was taught the ancient laws at birth, not by their parents but by instinct the laws were just there and to break these laws was as good as forfeiting your own life … had she really become so blinded after being forcibly captured that in her trying to survive; she had forgotten the very laws that governed the way of life for both pokémon and human?

Ekans glanced at Koffing and knew that he was dead … the natural gasses that came from his core were gone and she internally wept for her comrade. They weren't friends of course; but they had helped each other when their trainers ate all the food and refused to both train and care for them. Meowth tried to help them but Jessie and James refused to listen to a talking freak of a pokémon but the food they did get was stolen from Jessie and James by Meowth; even if he got beaten for it.

Koffing was in a better place now; he was sick and dying anyway, they both were but his condition was passed the curability stage; his suffering was made worse by their trainers who refused to take them to see a healer. Ekans wanted out but without her trainer she would surely die sooner than if she stayed … what was she to do? It was then she had her answer … the child! He spoke of the old laws and was an Aura User; he could help her and Meowth! She was sure of it.

Meowth had come to the same conclusion; the twerp … no the master in front of him gave off an Aura of no forgiveness to evil doers but if both Ekans and himself were forced to do the horrible things they'd been forced to do then maybe they had a chance at freedom: a second chance!


The moment combat had begun, Ash had sensed the disease and smell of death emanating from the Koffing and instantly knew he was beyond saving. The poor thing was barely able to stay in the air so Ash decided to end its pain.

"Poison Tail on the Koffing" he said in an emotionless tone but on the inside he prayed for forgiveness from the Poison Gas Pokémon. He watched as Seviper's bladed tail effortlessly sliced through Koffing's flesh and fall to the ground dead. He inaudibly murmured some last rights that he had learnt from the downloaded ancient laws gifted to him by the unknown Legendary Pokémon. He felt a strange sensation; as if someone or something had heard them and accepted his prayers and granted the last rights.

He growled silently and felt anger bubbling within him, he struggled and eventually wrestled the feeling down as he didn't want a repeat of the Spearow Incident. He shook his head to clear it

'Time for a little psychological warfare: mind games.'

"You really shouldn't have thought this through …" Ash spoke and using his Aura to cause it to echo throughout the room and into all of their heads said; "No-one shall desecrate the sanctity of this place … the grounds of a place of healing as according to the ancient scripts is a sanctuary of peace and no combat is acceptable except in its defence."

Ash looked towards the Ekans and sensed the Meowth that was hiding behind the couch and searched their life force for any taint … there was some but it gave off a feeling of desperation … so they had been forced into evil but were not of evil … they would be granted clemency but their trainers would feel the full weight of the law.

"Young Ekans and you too Young Meowth have been granted mercy but you now owe your allegiance to me." Ash spoke directly to them "I shall overload their pokéballs so you may not fear being captured by them"

Ekans and Meowth both sighed in relief and quickly made their way to stand behind him. Once both Meowth and Ekans had made it safely he turned his complete focus onto the still frozen criminals in front of him. He got their attention when he lifted his arm and in his outstretched hand created a pulsing red ball of energy … Ekans and Meowth both instantly recognised it as an Aura Sphere and silently thanked Arceus for their chance at a new life.


Jessie and James watched with awe and terror as the demon in front of them created a glowing red ball of energy and aimed it right at them; it was then that they noticed both Meowth and Ekans stood behind the child. Using her famous temper, Jessie overcame her fear and growled at Ekans to return but when Ekans declined she lost it.

"I said return you useless pokémon" Jessie spat in anger, she failed to see Ash twitch in anger however and when she reached for Ekans' Pokéball ; she failed to see the red ball of energy flying towards her. Jessie looked up and gasped as the Aura Sphere flew straight and hit true destroying her Pokéball that was used for Ekans that was in her hand; unfortunately her hand was also destroyed in the process.

While Jessie screamed and trashed about on the floor like she had been electrocuted; James had fallen to his knees and took to begging the demon they had been confronted with for mercy. Ash's response was to power up another Aura Sphere and fling it right towards the Team Rocket duo … James defecated in his pants as it got closer and closer at an alarming speed; he clenched his eyes shut and waited for it to hit him but instead felt it pass over his head and smash into the emergency alarm located above the automatic double doors.

James touched the top of his head and felt the perfect line of singed off hair that used to be his well-maintained hairstyle and fainted; Jessie was still trashing and screaming as blood flowed freely out of her now stump of a left hand but Ash had Seviper use the flat of his tail's blade to knock her out.


Ash watched Jessie crumple to the ground and calmly walked over to where Seviper was gazing down at the fallen Koffing. He softly touched and then gently petted Seviper's head, earning him a pleased hiss.

"It's not your fault Seviper; he was in pain, he was dying!" Ash spoke softly "Surely you could smell it"

"Yes, that's not why I'm sad Ash" Seviper replied just as softly "Since bonding with you I could sense his taint and his disease but that doesn't change the fact that I killed a Pokémon today"

"You mustn't feel bad for ending his suffering Seviper" Ash responded, just a little harsher than he expected "The Ancient Laws are absolute; even if he weren't dying I would've had to end his life; his life force was already dead"

Seviper nodded, he knew his trainer was right and it was true; Koffing was a time bomb … damned if he was dying, damned if he wasn't.

"I'm proud of you Seviper, you didn't hesitate and you did what was necessary" Ash spoke with his Aura before taking Seviper's pokéball and using his real voice he simply said "Return"

Seviper returned to his pokéball for a well-deserved rest and Ash turned his gaze to the two pokémon that were standing there gaping at his casual display of power and indifference. Ash apathetically took two pokéballs off his belt and presented them to both Meowth and Ekans.

"A deal is a deal" Ash spoke emotionlessly before pausing at seeing their looks "If you're wondering about your future, never fear; my mother is all alone with only a single pokémon at home. Should you desire to never compete in Pokémon Battles then you can stay and keep her company; I only ask that should the need arise, you defend my mother. Is that acceptable?"

"Will there be food? No punishments by taking that food away?" Meowth asked on both of Ekans' and his behalf. Ash just looked at Meowth like he was crazy.

"My mother would never take away your right to eat" Ash spoke firmly and it was enough to convince them both; anywhere was better than Team Rocket! Ekans and Meowth were both caught without any struggle and once they were inside their new pokéballs Ash sighed deeply. Sirens alerted him to the fact that the Police had, in fact, responded to the Pokémon Centre's alarm and he turned to face a surprisingly calm Misty; they both stared at each other before Misty dashed forward and hugged him. Ash was startled by the gesture and was about to question her about it when he felt his shoulder getting wet; Misty was crying.

"I was scared for you" she whispered "I am so sorry for earlier … I never meant to accuse you of harming a pokémon; Nurse Joy is sorry as well!"

Ash didn't know what to say; he was still really angry at the both of them and struggled to find an appropriate response, physical contact wasn't something he was used to after all; aside from side hugs from the Professor or real hugs from his mother.

"Understood" was his apathetic response and Misty flinched, she understood that he was still justifiably angry, she'd have acted far worse if someone had accused her of deliberately hurting pokémon … that's what her mallet was for anyway.

The sirens broke the silent tension when Jenny burst through the door, Arcanine following closely behind her; Jenny spotted Ash staring at the man and woman on the floor and after wincing at their wound, recognised them. They were the duo in the wanted poster and Ash had taken them down. Jenny approached Ash and asked if he was okay to which he responded with an emotionless nod and a blank look.

There was a tremendous amount of tension once Nurse Joy had returned and she tried to get closer to Ash but he refused to acknowledge the gesture; Nurse Joy flinched as if struck and turned to Jenny with copies of the security footage. Apparently Nurse Joy had witnesses the whole fight and was scared for Ash's life; Jenny scolded Ash for the way he was treating Nurse Joy and became the victim of one of this glares before he replied with an emotionless "Yes Officer Jenny"

Jenny flinched of course and ash huffed before leaving; when Jenny asked Joy about what had happened and why Ash was treating her that way, Joy told Jenny about everything and Jenny cursed quietly to herself; she'd just scolded him for something that wasn't his fault! Arcanine whined and after a nod from Jenny, trotted off after Ash. Arcanine found him back at the lifeless clearing sitting quietly on the tree swing and Arcanine barked her name before bounding up to Ash. She began to whine and lick his cheek and after a minute or two received a tiny smile/

"Hey" he simply said before coughing harshly; he'd have to get the antibiotics early tomorrow or was that later that morning? Ash had given up at this point – he may be a genius but he was still ten and needed his sleep.

Arcanine gently butted her head against Ash's face, successfully bring his attention back to her' she barked and gestured her head in the direction of the Pokémon Centre. Ash could clearly read the look on her face and laughed a little.

"Sleep?" he asked. Arcanine barked and nodded again and so Ash managed to pull himself to his weary feet before using Arcanine as a walking aide (because he was tired) and they made their way back.

Upon arriving back he spotted Jenny and Joy but ignored them in favour of walking up to a seemingly normal wall. Ash pressed a hand to a panel and using his pokédex to sign in, he accessed the hidden specialised rooms. Once inside he locked the room so as to not be bothered and released all his pokémon; Meowth and Ekans included.

Ash fed them properly, Meowth and Ekans required four refills to fill them up but once they were fed he had a quick shower before changing into a simple set of long black pyjama pants and a singlet to sleep in. He opted to leave all the pokémon out of their pokéballs and then finally shut his eyes to sleep.


Nurse Joy sadly went about doing her nightly duties but couldn't stop thinking about Ash; she knew about his Aura, as did Jenny but after they both watched the entire battle they were both extremely worried about him and now he'd accessed the Professor Room, she'd just have to wait to try to apologise.


Misty stared up at the ceiling of her room at the Pokémon Centre; she too thinking about Ash. Every Gym Leader knew about Aura Users but they were so rare that most never met one and she'd finally met one. He was her age but so much more mature … like he had a level of knowledge and experience that surpassed her entire family. Though she couldn't stop imagining his eyes and silently handsome appearance. Turning onto her side she went to sleep blushing.

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