Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


4. Chapter 4

Ash felt like he was floating. He saw his Aura swirling around him, he felt his hair blowing in all directions and he felt his eyes burn with sheer power one second, and then he felt like a passenger the next. He became light headed in his anger and despite how easy it had been to throw an Aura Master like Riley out of his head, he now felt the consciousness of another effortlessly penetrate his mind and speak through him.

Speak … ah, that's right, he was speaking all of a sudden but he found himself unable to comprehend what he was saying. Why did he feel so sluggish? Everything echoed around him, which was why he failed to coherently understand what the consciousness was saying.

Then Ash felt himself or at least his Aura, stretch over the continents that made up the pokémon world.

In Kanto, Saffron City if he wasn't mistaken, he saw a beautiful lavender haired young lady, older than him but still young resonate with both his Aura and that of the consciousness' Aura. What she was saying he couldn't make out but it scared the others there with her.


In Johto, he didn't recognise where though, he heard a Majestic bell ring soundly and felt the warm feeling of being near a campfire for some reason and he heard the massive flap of wings heading at great speeds in his body's direction.


North of Kanto, in a grand looking kingdom, Rota, his mind supplied; he saw a giant tree light up with his and the entity's Aura and he felt another two presences brush past his own. A flash of a strong and wise looking man dressed similarly to Riley entered his mind and then disappeared and while he couldn't see the other he heard it speak 'Sir Aaron?' Who was Sir Aaron? He felt like it was someone important but he couldn't recall why he was important or anything else.


In Sinnoh, he found himself stretched even further and split into two locations. One location looked like a Temple of sorts; it was full of carved statues that lined the walls and it was filled with bright Aura. Aura that radiated off of it in soothing waves, like it was trying to calm him or the entity down.

In the other location he found himself in an ancient ruin located in a town that sat at the foot of a great mountain, though again he didn't know where he was. He caught a glimpse of a terrified blonde haired beauty, who looked older than him but not too much older. She looked like she was looking at the shaking temple itself before screaming for someone else, he caught a glimpse of an older woman that bared resemblance to the first run in and gasp before he felt himself leaving. His final vision was of the blonde haired beauty turn to face his direction.


In Unova, the furthest location, in the middle of nowhere was an underground castle. Just outside the cave like entrance he spotted a green haired teenager that was looking at him, not in his direction but directly at him as if he could see him. He saw rather than heard the boy speak but he understood the last "Finally" from the boy before he disappeared into darkness.


Ash felt himself 'return' to his body and shortly after, he felt the presence of the entity's gaze. Swiftly turning around he came face to face with a set of eyes, red like his own and while they were just eyes; they held an unfathomable amount of power. The entity's eyes narrowed and he heard an echoed voice speak directly to him.

"You are now responsible for upholding the ancient laws." It spoke powerfully

'Ancient laws? What ancient laws?' Ash thought in confusion. 'I don't understand'

The entity's gaze sharpened and with a glow of them; Ash found his head filled with laws and guidelines that felt older than the very world itself. Ash felt like his head was on fire; it felt like his brain was going to melt at any second and then the pain vanished, leaving Ash with a dizzy sensation.

"You are my chosen" it spoke once more, though it was fading now "Do not fail me Ash Ketchum!"

Then Ash felt like he was floating once more before he felt the entity's consciousness leave. He felt himself retake complete control of his mind once more and he faded from his inner mind.


Ash opened his eyes and shook his head to clear his mind; he fell to his knees and vomited up whatever food was in it, his throat burned, it felt like he'd swallowed acid and he swore he saw blood in his vomit. It was then Ash smelled the smell; it was the smell of roasted flesh and with enormous trepidation, Ash lifted his gaze. Ash gagged and then vomited once more, though there was nothing left to vomit as he saw what was left of the clearing.

Spearow both alive and dead scattered the clearing. There was charred ground and burnt trees surrounding him. His heart hammered loudly in his chest and rang in his ears and he struggled to regain control of his breathing but once he had he realized he was being watched so he glanced up.

The Spearow that were alive hovered in the air around the clearing staring at him and when he finally managed to stand, their gazes turned fearful and they gave him their complete attention. They squawked a strange sound and Ash found himself able to hear them without having to actively use his Aura.

'Interesting. Is this a passive reaction to channelling so much of the entity's Aura as well as my own?' Ash thought to himself, 'What was it? Human? Clearly not judging by the sheer power it exuded. Pokémon then. An immensely powerful one too, not necessarily a Psychic type either, it was clearly even more powerful than that therefore a Legendary. An old one if these 'ancient laws' are of any indication. Conclusion: An incredibly old and exceptionally powerful Legendary Pokémon possessed my body, spoke through me and downloaded these 'Ancient Laws' into my brain.'

"My lord? Please spare us further from your wrath." He heard and snapped out of his deductions.

The laws his brain now knew and understood now provided him with the answers to the situation at hand and had to once again shake his head as if clearing the haze in his mind 'That's handy, I can already formulate an appropriate answer to the situation at hand' he thought absently.

"You have nothing further to fear from me Spearow." Ash commanded through his Aura. "The guilty among you have been judged. Their fates were sealed the moment they broke the old laws. You know of what laws I speak of." Ash's eyes glowed. "Spread the word Spearow and tell the other species of pokémon what happens when they break the ancient laws. Warn them to pay heed to this warning. The laws are not to be bent or broken any longer for they will be enforced; the very world itself will no longer tolerate it."

The Spearow that weren't nesting bowed their heads in submission and immediately flew off to spread the words from the terrifyingly powerful Aura User.

Ash took a deep breath and then sighed to himself and thought 'Just what have I become… no, more accurately; what am I becoming? Am I still even human or have I become something else?' Ash's breathing sped up once more and he was swallowed up by the questions racing inside of his mind. He was stating to hyperventilate but a comforting presence calmed his body. He managed to swallow the lump in the back of his throat before he whispered something that pricked at the back of his mind and for that moment in time Ash felt like a lost child; 'I'm … I'm scared, I'm scared of what's happening to me.'

He huddled himself into a tight ball and for the first time in a long time, he cried. He cried for the dead Spearow, he cried for his mother and the professor, for help, he cried for the pokémon and most of all, he cried for himself. He just let it all out, everything that he had bottled up behind that apathetic personality that he had acquired after the incident.

If he had been paying attention, he would have felt his pokémon trying to comfort him via their mind link.


Ash finally collected himself and after slapping himself over his cheeks, shifted his red eyed gaze to the sky. The Spearow incident felt like it had gone on for an eternity but the sky showed that only 30 minutes, maybe 45 minutes had passed by from the moment his damn gut instinct told him to stop.

At the thought of his gut; his stomach churned and growled at him and he realised that he had just emptied it earlier when he'd vomited.

'I need to eat but more importantly I need to get Torchic to the Pokémon Centre as quickly as I can. While the suspended animation will keep the little one alive I should still hurry.' He nodded to himself; he had a plan now 'Viridian City here I come'

Ash broke into a jog and continued to jog until he reached the path of the route. He glanced at the nearest road marker to gauge where on the route he was and then he calculated in his head the time and distance it would take to reach Viridian City. He smiled to himself; if he hurried he'd make it to Viridian City before nightfall.

So Ash took a nice, deep breath and pulled his hood up over his head; he clipped on his detachable ear phones, he pressed the play button on his MP3 Player and then started to power walk up the route.


After a few hours had passed he spotted an orange haired girl about his own age just ahead of his current position. She was slowly walking her broken bike up the route in a daze and he sighed.

He turned off his MP3 Player, re-clipped his detachable earphones and he slowed his pace to find out if she was okay. Just because he was apathetic and uncaring on the outside didn't make him heartless or anything on the inside; he just found it difficult to express himself at times so he found it easier to lock them down and out of the way out of reflex.

"Hey, are you okay?" Ash spoke softly before lightly coughing, his throat still burned from earlier, he should have refilled his canteen at least, he'd make a note to never forget water again.

The girl visibly started and swirled around with a fury in her eyes; a fury that lost its edge once she saw that he seemed sincere; though she did blush after seeing the intensity of his gaze.

"I-I'm fine thank you" the girl stuttered and she blushed further when his eyes met hers after a sweep of her appearance to check her for injuries. (You know what misty looks like so I'm not going to type it, if not google it; though her appearance is dishevelled from the 'storm' earlier)

Ash tilted his head in question and the girl obviously took it as a sign to continue, perhaps she likes to lead a conversation.

"M-My name's Misty. Misty Waterflower" the girl, Misty identified herself with another stutter though she seemed to be finding her voice again rather quickly. 'Wow. He's cute and those eyes!'

"Ash Ketchum" was the swift but quiet response from the boy in front of her. He held his hand out and after a slight hesitation, she shook the outstretched hand. The boy, Ash tilted his head forward in a slight bow and Misty blushed lightly once more.

It brought a smile to her face when he gripped her hand firmly yet gently, with a small yet sincere smile; something that people rarely did once they learned of her last name. Being a daughter of the world's most famous Water Pokémon Trainers and the youngest sister of the 'Sensational Sisters' who ran the Cerulean City Gym people usually treated her delicately; like glass. It seemed that despite how capable she was, everyone in Cerulean made sure that she never had to lift a finger, and that was something that fuelled her famous temper rather quickly. It was nice to find someone that treated her like any other person and not 'just a delicate girl.'

He tilted his head once more and gestured to her bike. Misty blinked at the … cute gesture but she understood the unasked question. 'What happened to you bike?'

Misty laughed nervously and explained everything; from the storm to the raging Gyarados that had destroyed her bike with an overpowered hyper beam in a fit of fear and rage (also caused by the storm) and then finally, having to drag the bike up route one. Ash squirmed nervously during the surprisingly detailed explanation. It was technically his fault that her bike was broken even if it was the Gyarados that had charred said bike with a hyper beam.

Feeling partially responsible for her predicament he made up his mind and coughing painfully he asked "I can escort you to Viridian City if you'd like. I'm *cough* heading there myself."

Misty visibly perked up and she brightly chirped her acceptance to his offer. 'What a gentleman' she thought with a blush. Ash noticed the blush but said nothing; clearly this girl was emotional before logical; she'd likely hit him or lose her temper if he called her out on the blush. Hmmm … what were the odds she carried a weapon for self-defence?

They walked up the route in a pleasantly comfortable silence in the direction of Viridian City with Misty asking a question or two as they got closer. Surprisingly; Misty had actually noticed how Ash coughed and flinched when he spoke too much and after asking him if he was okay, to which he responded with a nod and an apathetic look, stuck to yes or no questions.

As they neared Viridian the dirt path started to make way for a proper paved path and while Misty continued to talk or point out various sights (since she discovered he was from Pallet Town, she just assumed he'd never seen any of them). They were both startled rather suddenly when a piercing cry from a Pokémon echoed through the sky. Glancing upwards they saw a large brown and golden pokémon gracefully gliding through the sky, a rainbow following it. The pokémon looked at Ash and gave a cry once more.

'Interesting, did it come here because of the disturbance earlier? Hmmm … this isn't the pokémon that controlled me earlier, that pokémon is clearly stronger than even Ho-Oh.'

Ash was dragged from his thoughts when Misty suddenly spoke.

"What is that pokémon?" Misty asked in an awed tone.

"Ho-Oh" was all Ash responded with.

Misty scowled at the short answer but it was clear to her that Ash didn't talk much. Nevertheless she cocked an eyebrow and folded her arms. Ash noticed and pulled out his Pokédex to scan the majestic bird.

Beeping it responded with:

[Ho-Oh: The Rainbow Pokémon: It's feathers are in seven colours. It is said that anyone seeing it is promised eternal happiness.]

Misty gasped and looked back to the sky she continued to stare after Ho-Oh but Ash's attention was the shiny golden feather that had floated down perfectly and landed right in his hand. Staring at it he felt a pull of some kind and thought it best to study the feather in a more controlled environment, perhaps he would be able to utilize the laboratory at the Pokémon Centre.

Soon, Misty's attention was brought back to the road and they continued on, though Ash seemed much more pensive than before but by the time Misty had gathered the courage to ask him evening was upon them but they'd made it to Viridian City.

Ash removed his hood and shook his head to loosen his hair; the action caused Misty to see what he looked like without said hood and she blushed up a storm. Strange … did he look 'attractive' to her? Curious … he filed that piece of information away for later as they proceeded to walk towards the Pokémon Centre that was located in the centre of the City.

"Halt" commanded a voice with authority "Identify yourselves at once or you'll be arrested for suspicious activities"

Ash just rolled his eyes and simply responded with an exasperated "Jenny?"

The now identified Jenny revealed herself from the door way of the building and her police uniform became visible to the two trainers. (You know what she looks like, if not just google it)

"Ash? Is that you Ash?" she responded with a slight gasp. Ash nodded and he immediately found himself being squeezed in a tight hug. He and Jenny had become acquainted after the incident while he was still in the hospital; she watched him when his mother needed to take a break. She was just another cadet then so to see her in a full uniform meant that she'd passed her exams; aced them if the second line on her shoulder pad was any indication.

"I missed you Ash, look at you, you've gotten bigger! Of course you have, you were only seven when we met and you look so grown up and mature. What pokémon did you start your journey with? I believe you wanted to start with a Charmander when you were younger. Oh, pokémon; Growlithe evolved into Arcanine recently. She's missed you, you know!" Ah, Jenny was rambling again; at least she hadn't changed since they'd first met.

"Jenny" was all Ash had to say, though you could make out the tiny blush on his cheeks as Misty giggled at the scene. It was like a big sister fussing over her little brother.

"Uh-uh Ash! Officer Jenny now!" she gently corrected "You must be heading towards the Pokémon Centre huh?"

Ash nodded and made to leave when he found himself being manhandled into the passenger car of her motorcycle, Misty soon followed and was dropped onto his lap. Misty was blushing and torn between being angry or silently happy. Ash was a silent cute after all. Ash raised an eyebrow at Jenny.

"You got your license." Ash stated blandly and immediately noticed the wicked gleam in his sisters' eyes gulped. He tightened his grip on Misty ever so slightly so she wouldn't fall off and ignoring the ensuing blush he simply responded with a "Shit"


While Ash looked perfectly fine upon arriving at the Pokémon Centre, Misty did not. She looked like she was going to be sick and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Ash watched her leave and silently made his way to the front desk where Nurse Joy and her Chansey were sitting. They noticed his approach and Chansey squealed her name happily before rushing up to him and giving him a strong hug, Nurse Joy following a little bit more calmly but still with a bounce in her step.

Working with the professor involved meeting Nurse Joys from all over Kanto and even some from Johto when they visited the lab and with Viridian City so close, Ash had known this Joy more than the others and like with Jenny, had a special kind of relationship; with her filling a big sister role in his life.

Chansey was actually abandoned as a Happiny near Pallet Town, and she had somehow found herself attacked by some wild Rattata near the garbage cans outside the lab. Ash had heard the scuffle and saved her from the wild pokémon before serious injury could occur. He nursed her back to health and after meeting Nurse Joy and evolving; Chansey decided that she wanted to help other pokémon too despite her encounter.

So both were extremely happy to see him again. Ash waited for the happy squeals and hugs to end before removing the heal-ball and two pokéballs from his trainer's belt. He pushed the heal-ball towards Nurse Joy and looking into her eyes simply begged with a "Help the Torchic *cough cough* please!"

Nurse Joy immediately knew it was serious and with a quick nod to Chansey left in a rush, heal-ball in hand. He glanced at Chansey and gently handed her his two remaining pokéballs.

"Can you please check my two friends here as well Chansey?" he asked her with a grimace, at least it wasn't a cough. Chansey nodded and with a call of her name left Ash in the waiting room. Chansey returned not five minutes later though and to surprise, she returned with a nice hot cup of tea for his throat.

'Wow; she remembered I need tea to soothe my throat' he thought, just a little bit touched at the gesture. "… Thank you Chansey."

She squealed her name happily once more before leaving back to the room where he assumed Nurse Joy was. Ash enjoyed the moment of silence while sipping at his tea, he was grateful for the soothing effect that it was having on his throat and he sighed in bliss: Good Tea!

"You act like an old man with that tea" Ash recognised Misty's voice. He calmly took another sip as he turned to her and raised a brow. Misty giggled and he suddenly felt like he'd just proven her statement true. He just shrugged and continued to sip at his tea, the very visage of calm.

On the inside his mind was not as calm; he was concerned about Torchic because without even knowing Torchic for long, he still considered it part of his adopted family. He hoped that Torchic understood his reasons for capturing it before asking for permission but wouldn't be surprised if Torchic was angry.

His timing proved perfect as just as he'd finished with his thoughts and tea, both Nurse Joy and Chansey were returning from the surgery room. Chansey returned his Snivy and Seviper and Ash thanked her but his thoughts were on Torchic.

"Well?" Ash asked with a slight hitch in his voice "Will Torchic be okay?"

Nurse Joy looked solemn for a moment and then looked to Ash.

"How dare you Ash" Joy stated with a raised voice and a tone of disappointment "I thought you were both better and smarter than that, Torchic is in a serious condition. How could you Ash?"

"You mean you hurt your own Pokémon? You're horrible!" growled Misty, why was she upset? She didn't even know the story; neither of them did; even Chansey looked upset with him. Did they really believe in him so little? Misty he understood, they'd only just met today, but his honorary big sister?

Ash swallowed the sudden urge to growl and instead looked at Nurse Joy sternly, unconsciously his eyes began to glow slightly; she of course gasped because she suddenly knew she'd said the wrong thing and immediately felt guilty.

'Of course Ash wouldn't have done this, I should have known better.' She sighed to herself, she went to apologise but Ash swiftly stood from his seat and glared at them both, his eyes glowed a little brighter and this time he did growl.

Nurse Joy's breath hitched slightly and she reached out to touch Ash's shoulder, only for Ash to take a step back and glare harder. His glare didn't last long though as his eyes softened and his face adopted a look of hurt, it made the Nurse's heart clench with guilt.

"A-Ash … I'm sorry" she stuttered out "I-I …"

Whatever else she tried to say fell on deaf ears as Ash turned and stormed out of the Pokémon Centre, there were tears in his eyes. It was childish to storm off like that he knew it was but he needed to be away from that place. Was this the thanks he gets for risking his life to save Torchic? He growled and stormed outside just a little bit faster, he turned and spotted an old trail leading into a group of trees that probably went to a park or something … Ash didn't care, he just kept walking.

Meanwhile back inside the Pokémon Centre; Nurse Joy sobbed to herself as Misty looked on worried for the Nurse.

"What have I done? Ash wouldn't have done anything to intentionally harm a pokémon but I still accused him." She sobbed a little harder and Chansey handed her a tissue. The Pokémon Nurse thanked Chansey but her gaze never left the entrance that Ash had stormed out of "I'm so foolish to have even blamed Ash in the first place, he's like my little brother, I know he's better than that and I shouldn't have falsely accused him … but I did."

Misty started to feel guilty herself, sure she'd only known Ash since that afternoon but there was this aura around him that made her feel completely safe. He was only ever nice to her, albeit a little too quiet to be normal, but nice nonetheless.

Chansey chanted her name softly and both Nurse Joy and Misty knew she was upset too; Ash had saved her and nursed her back to health when her abusive ex-trainer abandoned her and if she hadn't fallen in love with healing pokémon with Nurse Joy then she would've stayed as Ash's pokémon; how could she ever doubt Ash?


Ash continued down the old trail and eventually came to the end of the path. It opened up into a small clearing that was void of everything accept a very old looking tree with an equally old swing tied to its largest branch right in the centre. This place was … familiar to Ash, somehow he knew this place but he'd never been here before … had he?

He cautiously walked forward but his eyes were transfixed on the tree; it looked completely dead but eerily enough it wasn't and he definitely recognised the place but he couldn't recall any memories of this location and that was strange because Ash remembered everything. Alarms were going off in the back of Ash's mind and he knew from experience to bring his Aura up in case of attack.

Ash's eyes glowed as he spread his Aura outwards a projection of the surrounding area clear in his mind and he began to search for any life. He tensed because he suddenly sensed life everywhere like what he was seeing didn't exist … Ash snapped his eyes open and pulsed his Aura in a shockwave that flooded the clearing and very slowly the image in front of him fell, like a curtain that lost its stitching.

"Reveal yourself at once" He shouted out as he glared with enough Aura that his eyes glowed brighter than ever before. His vision suddenly cleared and he picked up the life force of two pokémon. The clearing looked identical to the one before it but once the image shattered he could see the two pokémon staring oddly at him. He identified them instantly.

It was a Froslass and a Mismagius.

Froslass was a humanoid pokémon with a white body that looked like a kimono with a red obi like belt and arms that were connected to its head, the arms themselves resembled the sleeves of a kimono as well. Its eyes were blue and were surrounded by a lavender purple coloured skin and atop its head were ice-like horns.

Mismagius on the other hand was a purple, classic looking ghost-like Pokémon. It had a round head with tufts resembling a witch's hat. The tips of its tufts were paler than most of the body. It had a thin, red mouth that kind of looked like a "W." Mismagius had a long neck with a round lump midway down. Three, red spheres surrounded the upper portion of Mismagius's body. There were extensions on the sides of its lower body that gave Mismagius the appearance of wearing some kind of witch's cloak.

They were just floating there staring at him before they both pokémon glanced at the other and then pounced on him. At first Ash was about to push them off of him using his aura but then he heard them.

"You came! You came back for us" they squealed in unison. Ash blinked and then raised an eyebrow at them in question. The pokémon shared another glance but Mismagius floated forward and touched his forehead. Instantly Ash was assaulted by images and memories of playing with a Misdreavus and a Snorunt when he first visited Viridian City as his first assistant job for the Professor. He'd sensed their Aura and found the clearing which led him to discovering them both playing by the swing.

Ash had been training his Aura at the time and was eager to learn the bonding process so that he could communicate with pokémon so after visiting the clearing every day to get them used to his presence he finally had their curiosity peaked and they allowed him to touch them as they could sense his inability to speak to them.

It was slow at first and Ash had tried and failed to 'sync' properly to either of their minds but what he didn't know at the time was Misdreavus was seeing his mind. She watched his ups and downs and decided she liked this human Aura Trainee. They continued to play with the human child and let him attempt to use his ability to try to speak with them and after five days Ash managed the link. However what Ash didn't realise was that he had bonded with them like he had with Snivy and Seviper but that meant that they had chosen him to be their trainer. Then Ash remembered; his mind wasn't able to handle the strain and had seized up, causing the bond to go into a kind of 'sleep mode' and Misdreavus had been forced to lock them away lest the bond destroy the Ash's mind.

Now that Ash's mind could handle it, she unlocked them and waited. Froslass wasn't as patient and proceeded to float over and happily rub her head against his in delight. Ash's mind assimilated the forgotten memories and his eyes widened.

"S-Snorunt? Misdreavus?" he whispered before coughing. His coughing alarmed the two pokémon and they hovered closer to him in concern. He coughed some more but smiled to them once he was done.

"I remember you now" he whispered, using Aura this time "I am so sorry I left you both"

Ash hung his head in shame but the two ghost pokémon shook their heads.

"You promised to return before I had to seal your memories or your mind could've shut down under the stress" Mismagius responded gently "I felt you the moment you re-entered the city and I called you here Ash"

"Yes Ash, we've trained hard and even found evolution stones to evolve so that we could be useful when you came back!" Froslass chirped brightly while Mismagius nodded in agreement, albeit calmer than her icy counterpart.

"We're still friends right Mismagius, Froslass?" Ash asked with a nervous smile "You could still be the very same as before and I would be honoured to call you my pokémon but never forget we were friends and now that I remember you both I want to ask your forgiveness and hope that we can still be friends"

Ash waited for their refusal as he was still feeling depressed from earlier but he suddenly felt the strange sensation of being lifted off the ground. He opened his eyes and to his dismay and denial yelped. Mismagius had used Psychic on him and Froslass was … wait, where was Froslass?

He was suddenly dropped and by the time he looked up he was shocked to see two pokéballs fall gently into his lap. Ash blinked and then slowly released the pokémon from their balls. Mismagius and Froslass materialized in front of him and he was promptly glomped by Froslass while Mismagius appeared to be shaking her head in exasperation.

"Now you can't leave us again." Froslass declared happily

"Yes, we are bonded and therefore your pokémon" Mismagius agreed.

Ash tilted his head in confusion then smiled a smile that hadn't been seen by anyone other than his mother. His Aura began radiating that warmth and both pokémon basked in it … wait warmth!

"How have you survived Froslass?" Ash asked "Isn't the climate here too warm for you?"

"There's an ice-cream factory close by and we hide there" Froslass shrugged. "It's cold enough for me."

"Yes, and I swear that all that ice-cream has infected you with a permanent sugar high" Mismagius responded flatly. Ash got the impression that Froslass was always this happy and for once he found it a refreshing change.

"There are two other pokémon that I want you to meet, well three but one is a newborn in a critical condition" Ash spoke the final piece quietly

"Yes, the Spearow were flying around warning every pokémon for kilometres and their description of you fitted you to a tee." Mismagius huffed "But that's how we knew you were coming so I'm glad."

Ash smiled softly; perhaps this would work out in the end, now if only Torchic would get better. He shook those thoughts away for now and took two pokéballs off his belt, with a toss and a 'come forth' both Snivy and Seviper appeared before them.

Snivy and Seviper were instantly alert; they had felt the pain of their trainer earlier and wanted to help but ultimately couldn't. They spotted both ghost types and prepared for battle before Ash coughed and eased the tension.

"Snivy, Seviper; meet Froslass and Mismagius, our two newest teammates." Ash spoke.

Both Snivy and Seviper eased out of their battle stances and greeted the two newcomers openly with cries of their names.

"Nice to meet you both" Snivy nodded coolly in greeting, something that pleased Mismagius and amused Froslass.

"She's so serious; just like you Mismagius" Froslass giggled; Snivy and Mismagius both sighed but nodded in mutual respect.

"Yes, a pleasure to make your acquaintance" Seviper responded with a hiss.

Both ghost type pokémon nodded and properly introduced themselves in return before all four glanced at Ash who had been playing with his pokédex with a peaceful smile adorning his face. He noticed them staring and lifted the pokédex announcing victoriously that he had fixed it and was going to scan them now, something that both confused and delighted the pokémon.

Ash activated the pokédex and it came to life, though this time it responded with an English sounding woman's voice instead of the male robotic default voice (Imagine Specialist Traynor's Voice from Mass Effect 3) Ash seemed most pleased with the change as he was used to the voice from the lab's diagnostic equipment.

"I've already scanned you Seviper so I'll skip you okay?" Ash asked and after a nod from the Snake Fang Pokémon, he continued.

Pointing the pokédex at Snivy the new voice programmed pokédex came out.

[Snivy: The Grass Snake Pokémon: It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Overgrow and the hidden ability Contrary. It knows the moves: Tackle, Magical Leaf, Vine Whip, Wrap and Leaf Tornado.]

Ash smiled and congratulated Snivy before continuing.

[Froslass: The Snow Land Pokémon: It freezes prey by blowing its -58 degree F. breath. It is said to then secretly display its prey.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Snow Cloak and the hidden ability Cursed Body. It knows the moves: Astonish, Bite, Shadow Ball, Icy Wind and Confuse Ray.]

Seviper and Snivy looked at Froslass nervously; this hyperactive ghost type would 'display its prey'? Froslass just floated up and down like she was bouncing excitedly and once Ash praised her she beamed and bounced some more. Finally it was Mismagius's turn

[Mismagius: The Magical Pokémon: Its cry sounds like an incantation. It is said the cry may rarely be imbued with happiness-giving power.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Levitate. It knows the moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Lucky Chant, Payback, Mean Look and Sucker Punch.]

The other pokémon looked speechless, even Froslass wasn't bouncing about; Mismagius was powerful and probably the strongest pokémon on Ash's team. Even Seviper acknowledged her strength as greater and Ash … Ash was smiling with a delighted look in his eyes.

"This is great, you all have such diverse moves and with some training we'll take the Pokémon League by storm!" he announced passionately; his pokémon agreeing excitedly.

"Ash … where is the young Torchic? Is it safe?" Seviper enquired

"Torchic is being looked after by a specialist called Nurse Joy and despite her accusing me of purposefully hurting Torchic, she's the best" Ash replied "Speaking of which; I should go back and check on Torchic anyway."

His pokémon seemed very displeased with the thought of their trainer being unjustly accused but conceded to Ash's point about her abilities in Pokémon medicine. Ash returned them all to their pokéballs and trudged back up the path back to the Pokémon Centre.

He walked through the double automatic doors to see the entrance hall empty, he noticed the surgery light on and knew that Joy must've been operating on Torchic. Chansey spotted him but paused in her step. Ash knew he couldn't stay mad at Chansey so he smiled and petted her pink head. She squeaked in delight before bustling off to do her job. Ash's gaze was drawn to the video phones and made his way over; he made a promise to his mother, and he'd rather die than break that promise.

He inputted the memorized number and waited for the connection, almost instantly the screen came to life and the first image was of his mother's smiling face; he spied the tears and smiled softly.

"I promised to call every day didn't I?" Ash said softly and even managed to hold the cough in.

"Yes you did, didn't you Ashy" she replied just as softly with a gentle expression, though when she spied his grimace holding back the cough she touched the screen, Ash mirrored the action and they just smiled at each other. "You'd best call Samuel Ash, I'm sure he's waiting for you to call."

Ash nodded and with teary eyes on both sides of the screen, he hung up. He dialled the Professor's number and like earlier; was picked up instantly.

"Ash my boy! I'm glad you called" Oak responded happily before it turned to a desperate look "Please tell me you caught a pokémon before you arrived at Viridian City, please"

Ash blinked 'Clear signs of desperation, pupil's dilated, and hair a mess with papers strewn throughout the room … I thought as much'

Ash activated the keyboard function and Oak instantly understood that ash must've been in pain so he waited.

:You lost your cool and made a bet with Gary didn't you Professor?: Ash typed with a flat glare. Oak became flustered under Ash's gaze "How did you … never mind I'm not falling for your abnormal mind tricks again."

Ash smirked and raised an eyebrow causing the Professor to huff before acknowledging Ash's point. Ash sighed exhaustedly and typed a reply.

:Yes, I did, in fact catch a pokémon … an incredibly rare one at that or more accurately I have caught three new pokémon; one before Viridian and two while here:

Professor Oak's eyes widened and he started to get giddy "Well Ash? What are they?"

Ash contemplated not telling him but he knew the professor could access his Trainer Record and find out for himself anyway so what was the harm of co-operating?

:A newborn Torchic just off of Route One; it wandered into the Spearow nesting grounds:

Oak winced, that wasn't good "Are you okay Ash?" he asked in concern

:I'm fine though I injured my throat on the way here:

"I see; I'll make a call to Viridian City Hospital and grant permission for some antibiotics just in case, you can pick them up in the morning"

:Thank you Professor: Ash did smile at the Professor after his response and Oak beamed at him

"My pleasure Ash" he chirped before turning serious "You mentioned two others after arriving at Viridian?"

:Yes; I caught some old friends that I must admit to forgetting about, though not by my own choice: Ash sighed here before typing :The two pokémon are a Froslass and a Mismagius … I knew them when they were their pre-evolved forms Snorunt and Misdreavus:

Oak gaped at Ash and activated Ash's Trainer Records to verify and he slumped back into his chair.

"Amazing Ash, just astonishing if you pardon the Ghost type pun" Oak chuckled to himself but coughed to regain some dignity after Ash's deadpanned version of his apathetic look.

:Stick to poetry and Pokémon Research Professor:

Oak laughed nervously but after seeing Ash's serious expression, he sobered up quickly

"What is it Ash?" Oak asked in 'business mode'

:I have obtained a scanned record of Ho-Oh and have one of its feathers:

Professor Oak imitated a Magikarp gasping for breath before finally composing himself and responding.

"You're certain ash?" he asked, the Professor was dead serious so Ash hooked up his pokédex and uploaded the data to the Professor's private terminal. Oak combed through the data and eventually started to bounce in his chair.

'Odd; that reminds me of Froslass' Ash mused to himself

"Physical proof" demanded the Professor so Ash carefully withdrew the feather from his handkerchief and allowed the Video Phone's PC scanner scan the feather before lifting it to show the Professor for visual confirmation.

"This is a serious breakthrough Ash; you mustn't tell or show anyone; am I clear?"

:Crystal Professor:

"Good work Ash I …" the Professor was cut off from further talks when the Lab's doorbell rang and Oak looked nervously to Ash.

:What would Daisy think Professor if I was to inform her that your back to eating junk food, you're supposed to be on a diet no?:

Professor Oak gulped nervously before he noticed the slight twitch of Ash's shoulders. 'Did Ash just make a joke? This pokémon journey was a great idea'

:Your secret is safe with me Professor:

Oak sighed in relief before bidding Ash goodbye but just before the call ended Oak noticed a final message from Ash.

:For now anyway:

Oak shivered before muttering "That boy is scary"

The doorbell rang again and he rushed off to get his pizza.

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