Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


3. Chapter 3

Now I won't be personally responding to reviews this chapter just because typing is painfully difficult for me right now. Sorry about that!

As I've chosen to only go up to Unova the pokédex entries will be based on the Unova descriptions.

I will say this once and once only: Ash will NOT have legendary pokémon until much later in the story. I've read a lot of Fanfics that have Ash catching legendary pokémon like they were common Pidgey and usually with Arceus setting it up for him.

As for rare pokémon … Ash will catch quite a few but they're not going to have every hidden ability or tons of powerful moves right off the bat. Ash isn't going to have his pokémon magically gifted by Arceus if you know what I mean. Most of the rare pokémon encounters will be chance and if I do decide to throw in an extremely rare pokémon in the mix for kicks then so be it!

Ash will not be paired with anyone until much later in the story. I've chosen this option simply because while Ash is far more mature than even veteran trainers; he is still only ten. I know that in the last chapter I wrote that they had the same rights as most adults but ten years old is still ten years old; hormones will fly as he gets older but not now.



Ash continued to walk sedately down route one. He stuck close to the road but also just far enough that he would encounter pokémon. Using a minute portion of his potent Aura to augment his already decent stamina, he continued with this pace for several hours. Snivy suddenly shuffled lightly on his shoulder and he stopped in the shade of a tree to glance at the small grass type.

"Are you alright Snivy?" Ash questioned his pokémon.

"Yes Ash. I'm fine just tired and a little hungry" Snivy admitted after seeing the concerned expression in her trainer's eyes.

Ash glanced up at the sun. It was high in the sky and judging by the shadow of the tree, it was somewhere around 1:00pm.

"Snivy, Seviper. We'll stop here for lunch before we continue on." Ash informed his pokémon. He could practically hear their stomachs growling at the mention of food. 'Great; pokémon that probably eat as much as I do' he sighed.

Ash released Seviper from his pokéball and began setting up for their lunch. A few sandwiches and some generic pokéchow later, they were ready to continue, Ash returned both pokémon upon their request and proceeded down the path.

Ash walked for a good hour or so when he suddenly stopped. He didn't know why he stopped but that damned gut instinct of his was screaming at him. He followed the feeling and came upon a simple clearing deeper into the grass lands of route one. Ash calmly walked into the exact centre of the clearing and took a deep breath. He slowly exhaled and let his Aura meld into the air surrounding and flowing through the clearing.

Peace that was what Ash felt at that moment. Peace that came from the gentle breeze that brushed through his hair and caressed his face. Ash removed his hood and let the breeze completely blow through his hair to cool him down. His eyes glowed red as he pushed his Aura further through the clearing and into the surrounding trees that littered the landscape. Ash was patient; he knew that he wasn't going to get an instant reaction. It was like a PC connecting to wireless internet; it had to find a signal first.

'There!" he thought as his eyes snapped open 'Due west, approximately 950 metres, a failing life force.'

Using his Aura to augment his speed; he burst out of the clearing, startling the pokémon nearby as he closed in on the dwindling life force.

'Faster,' he thought to himself '800 metres … 750 metres … I'm not moving fast enough!'

Pumping even more Aura into his legs he doubled his speed in an instant. The surrounding scenery blurred as he went even faster. He was vaguely aware that he was entering the Spearow nesting grounds and that they were squawking out battle cries before following after him but it didn't slow him down.

Finally he made it to the source. He stood in a simple looking field but it had scattered craters and a stream close by, clearly a training ground for the young Spearow. He honed in on the life force's Aura signature and followed the feeling of dread that was bubbling in his stomach. There in a small crater was a tiny orange and yellow pokémon and it wasn't moving. He rushed up to the tiny pokémon and immediately scanned it. A robotic male 'I'll have to change that later' voice beeped and spoke.

[Torchic: The Chick Pokémon: A fire burns inside, so it feels very warm to hug. It launches fireballs of 1,800 degrees F.]

'What's a Torchic doing here in the middle of nowhere or even in Kanto for that matter?' Ash questioned then chastised himself. 'That doesn't matter right now; this little one needs my help.'

Ash continued his observations as he gently pressed areas of the Chick Pokémon's body.

'It's small, far too small, so a baby then. I'd estimate only two days old, give or take a few hours. It's too skinny as well; so it's not been fed or found food since hatching.'

Using his Aura he sent out a calming wave of healing energy to the tiny chick. Ash nervously waited; it was a slow process to heal with his Aura. It was so potent that it first had to be 'converted' or 'tuned' to the type of pokémon receiving the energy before it could resonate and then assimilate with the pokémon in question. The situation was made worse when his 'radar' was breached by flying type pokémon.

'So the Spearow finally caught up with me!' Ash knew he couldn't rush the healing process lest he risk killing the already dying baby pokémon. Using his free hand he released Seviper from its pokéball. He fumbled for his pokédex and when he finally gripped it; he pointed it at Seviper. The pokédex beeped and then spoke once more.

[Seviper: The Fang Snake Pokémon: For many generations, it has feuded with Zangoose. It whets its bladed tail on rocks for battle.]

Pressing a few extra buttons he again, pointed it at Seviper and beeping it continued.

[This Pokémon is Male. It has the ability Shed Skin and the hidden ability Infiltrator. It knows the moves: Wrap, Lick, Bite, Dig and Poison Tail.]

'Damn. No long range attacks and Snivy would be at too great a disadvantage to even consider using her.' Ash gritted his teeth and he could feel sweat trickling down the side of his face, 'Please respond. Please wake up little one. I need you to wake up so I can defend us'

As if it had heard his pleas it stirred and gave out a weak cry of its name. "Tor … chic?"

Ash sighed in relief and immediately touched the baby gently. A flash of red Aura later and he had connected with the Torchic.

"I need you to trust me little one." Ash spoke gently, it was a newborn after all "I will place you in a special device known as a heal-ball. It's a kind of pokéball. It will let you go to sleep until I'm able to get you fed and looked after. You won't even feel like you're sleeping."

"You p-promise to help me?" Torchic spoke, it sounded so vulnerable, so weak, "I was just so hungry. The Spearow; they found me and they ... I … I feel so tired" Torchic began to drift off.

"No! You mustn't go to sleep yet" Ash was panicking inside, the Torchic was fading in and out of consciousness and if the Torchic went to sleep before he captured it then it would be all over for the newborn.

So Ash did something he vowed never to do; he captured the Torchic without waiting for its permission. The heal-ball instantly 'pinged' a successful capture and Ash wasted no time in activating the suspended animation feature on the heal-ball. Heal-ball or not the newborn hadn't eaten since hatching and was hurt far greater than a heal-ball could fix. The suspended animation feature allowed for trainers who had pokémon that required immediate medical attention to be 'frozen' and no further harm would come to them. It was usually used by trainers whose pokémon were poisoned and had no antidotes on them.

For the first time since the incident Ash let an emotion affect him. Anger, pure unrestrained anger rushed through him. His Aura fed on his anger and responded erratically to the emotion. It lashed out at the surrounding environment and caused the crater that he was still standing in to expand with a crack.

"Seviper, return." Ash commanded. Seviper could feel the raw power coming off his trainer and could feel the anger coursing through Ash via the mental link. Seviper nodded with a hiss and with a flash of a red beam he returned to his pokéball.

Ash saw red and his eyes glowed brighter than they ever had before with such power that it was almost palpable. The incoming Spearow were actually smart enough to see through their famous tempers and feel the danger that radiated from the human child before them. Ash spoke using his Aura so that they could understand him, and him understand them.

"You dare harm a newborn! Have you no honour? You dare to presume yourselves above the ancient laws of pokémon?" Ash spoke with such venomous power that the Spearow flinched.

"You dare talk to us about the ancient laws human?" snarled the leader of the flock, "Aura Master or not we have a right to defend our nesting grounds from all dangers."

"From all dangers? How was a newborn chick a danger to your nesting grounds? The chick may die due to your transgressions." Ash snarled back just as angrily "You have harmed an innocent newborn! Nesting grounds or no; that is a crime to the ancient laws set in place to guide and to govern the way of all pokémon life. You know the punishment for these crimes, yes?"

Ash suddenly donned a savage grin and the Spearow became acutely aware that the ambient Aura from nature was beginning to resonate with the human Aura User in front of them. Not good!

"For your crimes and blatant disregard for the ancient laws I sentence you to the same fate in which you left the chick" Ash's voice was starting to sound like an echo that surrounded the Spearow and they knew that they were screwed. Using his Aura, ash locked on to each and every tainted Spearow. They were the guilty ones, and their leader had no chance for redemption if the taint in its life force was any indication.

At first nothing happened and the Spearow sighed in relief, but it was simply the calm before the storm. A storm was an accurate term for the sheer power that swirled through the entire clearing. A storm so powerful that even those not able to even sense Aura could feel that something wasn't right.


Some ways away, an orange haired girl sat fishing for water type pokémon when suddenly she felt cold. Something was happening and she didn't like this feeling of dread that formed in her stomach. It was so strong that she felt like she was going to puke. Apparently all of the water pokémon nearby felt the same. They began to flee in the opposite direction of the oppressive power; desperately trying to escape the fury of whatever monster was causing the disturbance in the world's Aura.

Quickly, she began packing up her equipment when she heard the terrifying roar of the pokémon that she feared most; a Gyarados was flailing around in the water and looked to be in a rage induced by fear.

The girl managed to dodge its thrashing but her poor bike got hit by an overpowered hyper beam; the Gyarados then dived under water and fled with the other pokémon.


In Sinnoh, Riley and Lucario were meditating on Iron Island when the felt the pulse of the world's Aura shift.

"Lucario, it's coming from Kanto. The boy is in pain. The world's Aura is in disarray. Something has broken the ancient laws. The world is angry." Riley spoke in a desperate tone to Lucario.

"Yes Master. I feel it also; the child with blindingly potent Aura is actually acting like a beacon" Lucario responded. Lucario's ears slowly rose as he concentrated. It was then they heard the chime.

The chime was like the invisible voice of the world's Aura. When Arceus created the ancient laws that governed pokémon and human alike; he gave the world an echo of his will. The world would balance itself like yin and yang. And its voice was called the chime. Like the kind that were used by the ancient priests and maidens that protected Arceus' Temples and the Shrines. (Japanese temple chimes)

"Master, the child is actually resonating with the world's Aura!" Lucario exclaimed in fear. Riley knew what that meant, as did Lucario. Riley clenched his fists and scrunched his eyes shut.

"The chosen one has awakened!" It was a simple statement but it held all the importance of the world in its words. "Lucario, you know what you must do. The chosen one must be in control of his Aura lest the world burn to Ash." (Yep! I went there!)

"I understand Master." Lucario stated seriously "I shall dispatch a message to the Kingdom in Rota and the Hidden Aura Temple in Sinnoh. A companion must be selected for the chosen one at once. He has remarkable control of his Aura but it must be bonded with another's to be at harmony with the world."

"I agree with you Lucario" Riley replied in a deadly serious tone. Lucario nodded and turning on his heels, ran as fast as he could in the direction of the hidden temple. "Make haste my friend"

At that exact moment, in various locations around the world a phenomenon was occurring.


In Kanto, in Saffron City, the Gym Leader Sabrina suddenly gripped her head and screamed out in pain at the top of her lungs in front of her father and students. Since she never showed emotion to anyone it was a scary sight for everyone present. Her eyes glowed with psychic power before suddenly glowing red and she spoke in a trance like voice "My Chosen now walks among you. The Ancient Laws will no longer be broken or ignored. Such is the will of the world; such is the will of Arceus!"

Sabrina felt the presence of a boy in her mind but she then collapsed. She wouldn't awaken for a further seven days. The other psychics had felt the resonance but were not strong enough to channel that much power. So in a room located in the back of Saffron Gym, Sabrina and her psychic pokémon remained while her father despaired.


In Johto, the people in Ecruteak City were enjoying a peaceful morning when all of a sudden the old burned down bell tower or tin tower glowed and the ancient bell that no longer worked suddenly rang out loudly to the world.

Morty, the city's Gym Leader and member of one of the two original families to communicate with Ho-Oh ran out of his gym as he felt the disturbance shortly before the first ring of the bell. He spied movement and saw the Kimono Sisters, members of the other family staring in horror and sheer terror. A chill went down his spine. Something has happened; the world felt angry, it felt different all of a sudden.


North of Kanto, in the peaceful Kingdom of Rota, Queen Ilene was eating breakfast when the very earth began to quake. Fearing the worst, she rushed to the balcony only to see the Tree of Beginning glow so bright that it seemed brighter than the sun itself and she gasped in fear. Meanwhile, in the depths of the Royal Vault; a certain person's staff resonated with the tree's pulse and a consciousness that slept within the staff's crystal finally awoke from its slumber from deep within it.

'Sir Aaron?' it asked.


In Sinnoh, in a little town located at the base of Mount Coronet called Celestic Town, a blonde haired girl named Cynthia Shirona who had recently returned home to visit her grandmother and take a break from training screamed out in terror as the ruins she had visited to feel at peace suddenly shook and the ancient scripts on the stone walls glowed an angry red colour. She cried out for help and someone ran up behind her but she didn't know who as she was suddenly mesmerized by a feeling that coursed through her body and she felt like she was being watched by an entity not from Sinnoh and turned to face the feeling before it suddenly vanished; and for a strange split-second moment, she thought she saw red eyes staring right back at her.


In another location in Sinnoh, the Hidden Aura Temple to be precise, the statues suddenly glowed red and the world's chime echoed an eerie tune constantly through the hallowed walls of the temple. In desperation to soothe the World's Aura every pokémon there pulsed their Aura to heal the erratic nature of it.


In Unova, a certain green haired teenager glanced towards the sky "It begins at last" he said with a smile and a creepy chuckle "Finally!"

He walked back towards the hidden underground castle and disappeared into the inky darkness.

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