Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


2. Chapter 2

Ash walked sedately towards the Professor's Lab as he simply enjoyed the peaceful morning. Pallet Town did get good weather all year round after all; it was like the town was blessed by some godlike pokémon somewhere.

Despite the townsfolk's opinion of him after the incident, they continued to smile and wave to him as he passed. After the incident, Pallet Town's populace had noticed how drastically his attitude and personality had changed and were nervous around Ash, it was like that for a while; everyone walking on eggshells around Ash until Delia and Professor Oak had had enough. Shortly after a town meeting, hosted by the professor, the town's folk relaxed more around Ash and soon they all realised that he was the same friendly child, just much less expressive and far more apathetic.

His new attitude endeared him to many of the older generation as he enjoyed drinking tea with the old farmers and learning from their experiences with handling pokémon in different ways. The women in the town behaved in the strangest ways around him now though. Often Ash would find himself on the receiving end of a fluttery eyed gaze from one of the girls his age and he didn't know what to think.

'The girls my age all looked at me like that though. Strange, is there something that causes girls to flutter their eyes in such a manner? Perhaps it's dust or salt from the sea in the air. I think I must observe girls in other locations and environments to properly gauge the difference in reactions to my presence' Ash thought to himself then mentally added 'Perhaps they find my appearance visually appealing? Surely not, I am only ten then again ...'

Ash's train of thought continued for some time until he reached the town's centre. 'This warrants further investigation at any rate' Ash snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed the waves or morning greetings from the locals.

Ash responded with polite waves or a nod of his head as he passed the few who wished him luck and, since news of his gifted abilities with pokémon had spread like a wildfire by one of the Lab's employees, the town rallied behind him and Gary since Gary was the grandson of Professor Oak.

His gaze landed on a small crowd hustled together outside the Lab's entrance, no doubt waiting for Gary to emerge with his starter pokémon. He noticed the shiny new convertible and the cheer leaders that sat in the back. Sure pokémon trainers were considered responsible and had the same rights as most adults, but a car? Gary was getting too swept up in his own inflated legend before it was that.

'He already believes himself to be a legend that doesn't exist.' Ash snorted quietly to himself.

Upon spotting his approach, the crowd parted for him with a few smiles and polite greetings.

The cheer leaders blushed and giggled incessantly between themselves as he stepped past the car, his red eyed gaze travelling over their appearance.

Ash made his way to the door and turning his attention to the lab, politely knocked. The door was opened by a half dead looking lab's assistant and he received a muted good morning from the half dead young woman before being let inside by her.

'Her appearance suggests a late night with the professor; so he must've made a breakthrough in his research then?' Ash mused failing to notice that said lab assistant was blushing under his gaze.

Ash traversed the large building with practised ease and soon found himself in the room designated for the starter pokémon.

"Ah, Ash; I'm glad you managed to arrive on time," Professor Oak started only to nervously glance at the machine that housed the starter pokémon.

'Hmm, so the professor forgot to set up a fourth pokémon for the starter selection this morning; how predictable.' Ash surmised after watching the professor squirm.

After spending so much time with the professor, he had learned the many quirks of his honorary grandfather. He must have been so caught up on his research last night that he forgot to organise the fourth pokémon.

Ash was brought out of his thoughts by the arrival of the two final pokémon trainers that were also beginning their journey. Aside from himself and Gary there was a boy named Ritchie (you all know what he looks like if not google it) and a girl named Leaf (again, google her if you don't know what she looks like).

They were both excited if Ritchie's bouncing and Leaf's sparkling eyes were any indication. Ash glanced at Gary and spied the minute twitching in his hands; so he was excited as well, nervous but excited none the less. Don't get him wrong though; Ash was excited too, he just had a better grasp on his emotions. He needed to for the sake of the incredibly potent Aura he wielded.

That was something interesting in itself. Ash had noticed that once his Aura had stabilized itself in his body it had gradually changed colour; it was now red like his eyes. It made his gaze extra intimidating that was for sure. I mean glowing red eyes when he used Aura? Please. Like that wasn't intimidating; it certainly worked on the pokémon in the lab's coral.

Professor Oak nervously stepped forward and gulped.

"As there are only three pokémon available," he stated nervously, especially when he noticed Ash's gaze directly on him "One of you will need to wait until I can organize a suitable replacement pokémon."

The four children looked at each other, well three did; Ash's gaze never left Professor Oak. It unnerved the man. Ash had the strange feeling that he should be the one to wait, call it a gut instinct, but Ash took a step back and nodded to the professor. Professor Oak sighed in relief, Gary smirked triumphantly, and Leaf and Ritchie both gave him looks of gratitude, though Leaf sported a small blush.

Coughing the Professor continued. "Ahem. So, there are the three standard Kanto starters in these three pokéballs, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander; Ladies first."

Leaf stepped forward and picked Bulbasaur and upon releasing the grass type from its pokéball, squealed at its cuteness. Bulbasaur seemed pleased with its new trainer and they left soon after with Leaf sending a parting glance at Ash.

Gary stepped forward and with an overdramatic flick of his hair took Squirtle's pokéball and released the turtle like pokémon. It assessed Gary and with a haughty cry of its name nodded in approval. Great, a pokémon that acted like Gary. Ash rolled his eyes at the sight.

Ritchie sighed in relief, so he wanted the Charmander? Interesting, very interesting.

Ritchie released the fire type and it happily trotted over to his side. He ended giving his Charmander the name 'Zippo', seriously? He named a fire type after a lighter? Cliché much? Ritchie left with a happy bounce in his step and the professor looked sheepishly back at Ash.

"I'm sorry my boy" he started "You know how I get once I start on my research. I know it's no excuse but I have no starter pokémon available at all."

Ash raised an eyebrow and tilted his head in question.

"Not to worry though Ash. I'll make a few calls to the other professors and see if they have any left."

Ash nodded his consent and sat down in the waiting room. He prepared himself some tea from the connecting kitchen and proceeded to sip his tea while waiting for the professor to return. While he waited, Professor Oak was frantically calling the other regional professors. He put them all on a conference video call and waited for them to pick up. It took a few minutes but they all answered.

The aforementioned regional professors were identified as Professor Elm of Johto, Professor Birch of Hoenn, Professor Rowan of Sinnoh, and finally Professor Juniper of Unova.

"What a pleasant surprise Samuel." Professor Rowan started.

"Yes, indeed" was the reply from Professor Elm.

"Oh my Samuel, you look younger every time I see you." Professor Juniper said in a sultry tone.

"Yes well, cough, thank you Professor Juniper" Oak said nervously though he was sporting a small blush.

"Wow. Still kicking eh Oak?" Questioned Professor Birch with a grin.

Oak sighed and explained the situation to the other professors. They all looked thoughtful and after a few minutes of discussion, Professors Rowan and Elm both gave an apologetic look but had no pokémon available to help with his request. They both left the call soon after, turning their attentions to regional issues.

"Well … I might have one pokémon that he could use as a starter but he's a little grumpy." Said Birch with a chuckle.

"I have one as well, but she hasn't responded well to other trainers." Juniper also replied with a sigh.

"Great. I'll take one!" Oak was happy 'Yes; I won't disappoint Ash.'

"I have an idea Samuel." Started Juniper and when she had both their attentions "What if he took both?"

Oak and Birch looked at her in shock.

"Well, I certainly don't have a problem with it but why?" asked Birch.

"Well he's going to have Junior Professor Status right? It enables him to carry eight pokémon, remember?" Juniper stated in lecture mode.

"Ah, I get it," Birch responded "Get him used to foreign pokémon whilst still giving him the ability to have a full team of whatever pokémon he catches on his journey."

Oak thought about it for a moment, it was true. The Pokémon League was giving Ash Junior Professor Status due to his unknowing contribution to Pokémon research. The more he thought about it the more it made sense.

"Very well" he replied "If that is a unanimous decision I will make it happen. I'm curious though. What type of pokémon are they? Are they regional starters?"

"Mine is" replied Juniper with a wink.

"Mine isn't" responded Birch and after a sigh continued. "It's a difficult pokémon to train, and he is a rather grumpy pokémon but for some reason I feel compelled to offer him to Ash."

After exchanging the pokémon and some pleasantries, the other Professors signed off and Oak made his way back to Ash. Meanwhile Ash was getting bored. There was no point in reading any of the books as he'd already done so and could retype the book word for word if need be. He spotted movement from down the hall and stood up as Oak entered the room.

"Ash my boy" Oak started cheerfully "I have to inform you of a few things before I show you the pokémon you'll receive today."

When Ash nodded he continued.

"Well, for quite some time now, I've been sending off your reports as research under your name" he began "And the research you've helped me with was submitted under both our names."

Ash blinked. 'Really? How curious, why me of all trainers? What are the pros and cons I wonder?'

"What that means is that the Pokémon League has decided to grant you Junior Professor Status." Oak stated proudly "That status grants you a National Pokédex instead of a Standard Pokédex and the carry limit is increased to eight pokémon. Of course you'll still be limited to a six team limit for official league approved events but other than that you may use all eight on the road!"

'Well now, isn't that interesting?' he contemplated quietly

He tilted his head for a moment then, with a rare smile replied "Thank you Professor. *cough* I promise to make you proud." It was soft but Oak heard it all the same and beamed at Ash.

"Now I managed to acquire two pokémon for you and they're all yours, treat them well." Oak said as he handed over both pokéballs and a grey pokédex programmed with his bio data. Ash looked at the pokéballs for a moment before opening the first. In a flash of light a small green snake like pokémon with a creamy underside and a three pronged leaf attached to its tail stood before him. It was slender and appeared to be a rather calm and collected pokémon … perfect.

"Snivy?" questioned the pokémon before its own red eyes met Ash's red eyes. Both pokémon and trainer stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime before Snivy smiled and nodded to Ash in submission. She seemed most pleased with her new trainer.

"Snivy, return" Ash responded and with a red beam and a flash, Snivy disappeared back to the pokéball. Ash glanced at the professor with a smile "She's perfect."

"Well, open the other Ash." Oak replied enthusiastically, he didn't know what pokémon they were either, he'd forgotten to ask. 'I always ask about types first not species.'

Ash tossed the second pokéball and in a flash a much larger snake like pokémon stood before them. It was mostly black in colour with purple and yellow scale marks on its body. It had a yellow and purple head, with deadly looking twin fangs and ominous red eyes. Its look was completed with a blade like tail.

"Seviper!" It hissed loudly, attempting to intimidate the two humans. What it didn't count on though was seeing Ash's red eyes meeting his own, or for those red eye's to glow all of a sudden. It could feel a pull to this human and realised that he had finally found a worthy trainer.

"Will you obey me Seviper?" Ash asked softly. Seviper nodded his head with a pleased look on his face. It slithered over and wrapped his body around Ash's and rubbed his head on the top of Ash's head.

'What a scary sight' Oak thought. And he was right. Ash with his hooded red eyed gaze and small content smile with a tough looking Seviper draped over his shoulders looking rather intimidating was a sight that sent a cold chill down his spine. He would never forget the pleased look on Ash's face.

"Thank you Seviper, return for now" Ash responded. Seviper hissed his name once more before returning to his pokéball in a flash of red.

"They are perfect professor." Ash spoke with a small smile "Please thank the other professors for me."

"I will Ash. I'll be rooting for you and my grandson on your journeys. Arceus knows Gary needs to be humbled a little, but we both know he has talent" Oak responded with a sigh. Ash nodded in agreement and with a soft goodbye and a small sideways hug Ash left the lab.


Once Ash had left the building he was surprised to find a small gathering of people from the town, mostly the farmers offering him pleasant smiles. They were there to wish him luck and see him off and after their warm wishes and good lucks they left to go back to their farms. Delia hugged him firmly and whispered her reminders, such as 'Remember to change your underwear' and 'Don't forget to wash behind your ears' to him.

Ash sighed into the hug; despite his apathetic countenance he enjoyed hugging his mother. Yes, he wasn't ashamed to admit that he was a mama's boy, after all; she was his whole world, his steady rock against the storm. They'd only gotten closer after the incident. Ash produced a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his mother's tears away.

"I promise to call and write often and I'll catch you a pokémon or two for around the house." Ash spoke quietly and after a cough continued "I know you'll be lonely with just Mr Mime at home."

Delia's eyes softened and nodded with a small smile. Trust Ash to consider finding her a pokémon to keep her company more important to him than catching pokémon to train for his journey. "So what pokémon did you get Ashy?"

She spied the slight blush at her affectionate nickname and giggled to herself. Ash brought both pokéballs out and with a toss and a "Come forth" the two pokémon materialised before them.

Snivy looked around and upon spotting Delia smiled and extended a vine to shake hands. Delia giggled and with a smile shook Snivy's vine. She glanced back to Ash and froze with a chill going down her spine. There was her Ash with a creepy snake like pokémon wrapped around him. After an introduction to Seviper she nervously gulped.

After all; Seviper was a scary looking pokémon and while it was amusing to see that it liked to wrap itself around her son's body it was an intimidating sight to behold. She knew that her little Ash could send a chill down anyone's back with a gaze but add that Seviper into the picture? An even colder chill coursed down her spine.

Seviper hissed in greeting but knew not to extend his tail. He settled for letting Delia rub his head instead.

After a few extra moments between mother and son, she bid farewell to Ash, with the threat of eternal grounding should he not call. Ash nodded quicker than normal and she knew he got the message. After a final hug she left. Ash adjusted his backpack and turned to his pokémon.

"Once we settle for lunch I'll scan you both and devise a training schedule for you." Both pokémon nodded and Ash continued "Do either of you want to *cough* stay out with me?"

Snivy nodded but Seviper declined. He wanted to sleep. Ash nodded but before he returned Seviper, he gently placed a hand on each of the pokémon's heads and in a flash of red Aura connected them to his mind.

"That felt strange" spoke a feminine voice "Strange but nice. It was relaxing"

"You're telling me." Replied a masculine voice "It made me feel warm inside"

"You'll get used to it eventually" the voice of their trainer spoke. Snivy and Seviper whipped their heads around to face Ash, their shock was evident.

"You're an Aura Master?" spoke Seviper "Everything makes sense now. The pull I felt was your Aura resonating with mine. You are definitely worthy of being my trainer!"

Snivy just continued to stare at Ash for a moment longer before snapping out of it once Ash raised a brow.

"Is there something wrong Snivy?" Ash asked gently, crouching down in front of the grass type.

"You … You're an Aura user" she spoke in a shaky voice "We all thought human Aura Users were extinct!"

"Not extinct Snivy," Ash continued to speak softly, patiently waiting for her to calm down "There's another user that I'm aware of, but I'm sure there's others."

Snivy calmed herself and Ash gently hugged the grass type.

"I initiated a mind link between us" Ash spoke softly "It means that even if you are in your pokéballs or even at the lab if I ever rotate my future pokémon, you'll always be a thought away from me. If you're scared, lonely or just want to talk; I'm here, okay!"

Snivy and Seviper both nodded and they shared a moment between trainer and pokémon. Once they'd all settled down, Ash returned Seviper and gently placed Snivy on his shoulder.

"Let's depart" Ash spoke to his pokémon. They both enthusiastically responded with a resounding "YES" and Ash made his way to route one. With a fleeting glance at his home, Ash picked up his pace with a determined expression.

"Kanto … here I come!" he whispered "I hope you're ready!"


And that's it for this chapter. As you can tell it's going to be an AU but it will still follow canon, just loosely is all.

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