Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


18. Chapter 17

Ash quietly slipped into the darkened conference room. He frowned as he realised that he'd missed the first half of the conference, and then he'd therefore missed the original point of attending said conference in the first place. The Professors and those attending had switched to arguing about current events and technology.

'Better to listen and learn, then to interrupt the conference,' Ash decided. He turned to Luxray and smiled as the feline pokémon was watching everything from her place at his feet – her gaze surveying the room for any and all threats.

Ash twitched in irritation as he spied several of the assisting Junior Professors glancing at him in some sort of reverence to his contributions to the fields of Pokémon Research, so he refocussed his attention to the main presenter as he argued about the relativity of DATA obtained via questionable means … aka Team Rocket or other criminal organisations.

Ash was more than happy to drown their petty arguments out until someone stepped out of line.

"Well, Bill was always crazy," a Junior Professor spoke from the other side of the room. "So we all know why he was comfortable working with Team Rocket then, right?"

Silence permeated the room as Ash's chair scrapped ominously loudly across the floor. He then stood and eyed the man down, his Aura barely restrained by the fool that dared to speak out against his dearly departed friend. A distant thought told him to seek assistance from someone regarding his erratic Aura soon, but that was instantly squashed down as he glared at the man that was now looking decidedly uncomfortable. Luxray eyed the situation and subtly prepared to defend her trainer.

"Ah, t-the floor recognises Ash Ketchum," the main speaker coughed into his microphone.

At the mention of the scary teen's name, the room tensed. They all knew of the infamous Ash Ketchum and his breakthrough findings in the world of Pokémon Research, and they also knew that he was close to Bill.

"You sir," Ash spoke. "You do not know of what you speak. I can only assume that you are newly promoted as I do not recognise you either, but you clearly have an overtalkative senior Researcher as your head. Whether or not it was ethical for Bill to be working with Team Rocket is not the base topic of this conference, nor will I allow you to spread your false information so carelessly."

No one dared to speak, and Ash took it as a sign to continue.

"Science, ladies and gentlemen," Ash spoke clearly – glancing at each eye on him. "Science and Research is the reason we are here. We are not to dismiss the continuation of science and research purely on who discovered what. Ethically, Team Rocket and the various other criminal organizations use their research to further their own ends … but do we not also do the same? For example … your Infinite Storage System for Pokémon and items alike was designed by the criminal organization that preceded Team Rocket. The Pokémon League took that research and used it to further the lives of everyone in this room."

That started murmurs of agreement in the senior Researchers, but Ash continued. "I can assure you, sir, that if Team Rocket discovered a breakthrough in the fields of Pokémon Research, then I'd scrutinize everything that pertained to that breakthrough … but I wouldn't dismiss the information either."

"Then why did he turn to Team Rocket?" questioned the same Junior Researcher. "Why didn't he go to the Pokémon League for help?"

Ash took in a deep breath to calm himself before speaking further. "I LOATHE Team Rocket more than you can possibly comprehend, sir. Make no mistake in my meaning … what Bill did was unethical by working with them … but also ask yourselves … why didn't the Pokémon League pay more attention to its researchers? If they had paid attention, then would Bill have turned to Team Rocket in the first place?"

"I have met the supposed leader of Team Rocket," Ash finally declared – but now mostly in thought to himself … unaware that he was once again, pondering out loud. "He seems like an exceptionally intelligent man, and has a … way with words. It occurs to me that Bill may not have even been aware of just who he was working with until it was too late. Furthermore … if that is the case, then that means that there are Private Research Grants that are tied irrevocably to Team Rocket."

Nervous mutterings echoed throughout the room, and it was a soft, female voice that broke the tension.

"An excellent point, Mr Ketchum," the voice spoke. "It certainly raises questions that must be addressed via the Pokémon League, but I feel that we should return to the original point of focus with this conference."

Ash flicked his gaze to the source and gasped silently as he gazed into intelligent silver eyes. Everything seemed to slow down for Ash – he knew those eyes all too well. He'd memorized the files that Professor Oak had sent him after all – he was now looking at the face of Cynthia Shirona … the guest Champion.

Little did he know, but his eyes briefly shone with Aura.


Cynthia Shirona was growing bored with the useless prattling of the researchers for their conference – a conference that she'd foolishly agreed to oversee. She ignored the sudden opening of one of the doors, but couldn't ignore the Luxray following the person who'd entered.

'Huh,' Cynthia thought. 'Must be a native of the Sinnoh region.'

Cynthia was just about to excuse herself when she heard one of the researchers – a Junior Researcher at that – broach on a very sensitive topic … the death of Bill. Cynthia had actually wanted to meet the man behind the Global Transfer Network, but lacked the free time to do so. When she moved to reprimand the Junior Researcher, she was silenced by a harsh scrapping of a chair against the floor.

"Ah, t-the floor recognises Ash Ketchum," she heard the main speaker cough into his microphone.

Cynthia perked up at the name. 'Ash Ketchum … the one that has revolutionised the researching on many topics surrounding pokémon.'

Her first impression was that he must've had a reputation from the way the others in the room were looking at him, but then she heard him speak. He raised several issues that she made a mental note about inquiring about later, but when she saw him enter what she dubbed 'thought mode', she interrupted him.

"An excellent point, Mr Ketchum," Cynthia interrupted. "It certainly raises questions that must be addressed via the Pokémon League, but I feel that we should return to the original point of focus with this conference."

Then he looked her way and she felt her heart stop for just a single moment, whilst she also lost the ability to breathe and speak … his eyes … they were exactly like those from the temple – the eyes that haunted her dreams every night since that incident.

Once she found herself able to breathe again, she moved to speak, but was interrupted by her feed to the ship suddenly disconnecting.

'Huh,' Cynthia narrowed her gaze as she re-winded her recording of the feed. She listened intently to the final moments before her gaze widened. 'An explosion!'

Cynthia instantly dialled the Pokémon League in Kanto. "This is Cynthia Shirona of the Sinnoh League … get me the Acting Champion at once!"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," the receptionist replied with an annoyed tone. "The Acting Champion is currently in a meeting, may I take a message?"

"No, I won't leave a message," Cynthia shouted – startling the rude receptionist. "Put. Me. Through."

"R-Right away, Ma'am," the receptionist stuttered.

The line went silent before Lance appeared on screen. "Oh, Cynthia – what's wrong?"

"There's been an explosion on the St. Anne!" she exclaimed. "I was cut off from the ship and heard an explosion."

"I'm sure there's nothing wrong, Cynthia," Lance replied – but was cut off by Cynthia slamming her fist down on the table beside her. She belatedly wondered why she felt so aggravated by the Acting Champion's dismissal.

"Listen here, Lance," Cynthia hissed. "I know the difference between static disconnection and an explosion – check it out, or I will call the President next."

Lance winced – of course she knew the difference. "Fine, I shall – "

Lance was cut off by a red faced G-Man. "S-Sir, the St. Anne has been attacked!"

"Goodbye, Cynthia," Lance nodded. "Get me the President NOW!"

Cynthia hummed in thought. 'Ash Ketchum … I wonder if he'll be the Challenge I seek.'

She never knew she had a slight tint of pink on her cheeks.


Ash watched the Champion of the Sinnoh Region with a critical eye. She was there, right in front of him! Before he had the chance to respond – an explosion rocked the St. Anne. The people in the room all began to panic and flee the room. Luxray hissed at several that almost hit her as they fled.

Meanwhile Ash had augmented his body with Aura and analysed the available information. 'That wasn't any explosive I've ever heard of … a Pokémon attack then – not a physical type attack and there were no prior noises to said explosion. Conclusion: it came from a powerful Psychic Type Pokémon.'

"Luxray, we must find my companions as soon as we can," Ash informed the pokémon on his left. Luxray nodded and then followed Ash out into the crowded and panicky hallway. Ash breathed in deeply, and while ignoring the passengers, Ash pressed a palm to the wall – searching for the Aura signatures of his friends.

Unfortunately, whatever Psychic Type Pokémon that had caused the explosion was so powerful that it had unintentionally blocked his ability to sense them. Ash growled in frustration and returned a hissing Luxray to her Pokéball.

'I must find them,' Ash thought. 'Brock said that they were going to the breeder's section. Considering the external factors such as panicked passengers and blockages – congestion predictions are also a factor.'

Ash snapped his eyes to the left, where the passengers were running from, and augmented his legs with Aura as he pushed through the crowds – following his mental map and predictions. Soon, he found them huddled in a doorway – Brock protecting Misty and all their belongings from the crazed frenzy all around them.

"Brock, Misty," Ash called as he appeared behind them. "You're safe."

Brock and Misty jumped, but sent a relieved look to their friend as Brock handed Ash his pack. "Ash, thank Arceus you're safe!"

"We have little time," Ash interrupted. "Based on my calculations, this explosion is most likely an exceptionally powerful attack from a Psychic Type Pokémon. Evacuation of the passengers and pokémon is the only course of action that currently matters. Brock – imagine that these people are your brothers and sisters and keep them calm … assist the crew in making sure the passengers reach the lifeboats. Misty, join him and use your Water Type Pokémon to keep the fires that have likely started along the way under control – it will alleviate some of the more frenzied passengers – GO!"

"What about you, Ash?" Misty asked desperately.

"I shall be confronting this Psychic Type Pokémon in an attempt to stall its fury," Ash calmly stated – as if the boat was perfectly fine. "I'm the only possible candidate for this confrontation, leave now and do as I've directed – there is precious time remaining."

Misty and Brock hesitated, but Ash just pushed them into the hallway. "I said: go."

The two couldn't argue as they became caught in the flow of the passengers. Ash watched them for a moment to make sure they wouldn't get trampled, before he turned and sprinted toward the main deck's roof – where he sensed the Pokémon. Taking a deep breath, he took a second to secure his belongings and the egg, before forcing the door open. He was instantly soaked as there was an intense storm – created by the Pokémon, no doubt.

There in the centre of the Helicopter Pad was a large, floating pokémon that was covered in armoured technology. Ash could make out the purple on the pokémon's tail, but the rest was effectively covered by the strange armour.

"Cease your attack at once," Ash demanded through his Aura. "Or I shall retaliate."

The pokémon turned and from under its helmet, Ash saw its eyes glowing. "I shall not, human. My creator has ordered that I destroy this ship as a test of my power and a show of strength for his organization."

Ash channelled his Aura and brought it into the stormy night – illuminating the Helicopter Pad with his red Aura. "I said: cease your attack … at once."

The Psychic Pokémon brought its own power into the stormy night – causing a blue coloured power to assist in illuminating the platform. Ash spared a glance at the lifeboats and nodded as he saw the last of the passengers and crew – Misty and Brock included on the last boat. The survivors all watched in awe from their lifeboats as the two lights clashed and created an explosion of red, blue and then purple … the clashes grew progressively larger and started pushing the howling winds into a hurricane that surrounded the boat.

"You are strong, human," the Pokémon spoke in Ash's mind. "My master says that you'll need to be more powerful to face him in the future, but for now, you are nothing compared to your father."

Ash snarled at the comment. "Your master is Mr. Rocket of Team Rocket? And what the hell does he know of my father?"

"He does not usually go by his alias," the Pokémon commented. "He must be very interested in you, young Aura User … but you are not complete – you lack a partner. As for your father, he says that he knew him rather well, assuming the man is still alive."

Ash growled loudly in exertion and brought as much Aura as he could to attack, whilst the Psychic Type Pokémon followed suit with the essence of its power. Though this time, something else happened.

When the Psychic Type Pokémon's essence clashed with the collected power of Ash's Aura – a sense of rightness hummed between them. A harmony of pure power that lifted them both from the platform as a completely purple sphere encompassed their forms.

"W-What is this?" the Psychic Pokémon felt his thoughts echo in the sphere. "I do not understand what is happening."

"A harmonic resonance?" Ash breathed in shock – his voice also echoing in the sphere. Since their combined power was limited to their physical bodies – it didn't last long and the Psychic Pokémon chuckled. "Harmonic Resonance or no – I care little for this strange phenomenon, and my creator beckons for my return … farewell Ash Ketchum."

The Psychic Pokémon vanished with a flash of teleportation, leaving Ash alone as the sphere shattered – sending the now unstable and destructive power outwards … straight into the St. Anne. The ship groaned loudly – even the people in the lifeboats could hear it. Misty and Brock watched with horror written on their faces as they knew what that sound meant.

Sure enough, mere seconds later, the groaning ship's engine exploded violently – sending shrapnel in all directions. Ash looked towards Misty and Brock and smiled sadly – Misty and Brock then knew why he stalled the pokémon … he wasn't intending to leave.

'Huh,' Ash hummed mirthlessly. 'I thought I outgrew the whole 'running in without properly thinking' thing.'

Ash's mind became a storm of ideas – any way to possibly survive his originally idiotic plan. 'Pidgeot? No the weather is too unstable for him to fly properly, and the only Water Type Pokémon that I currently have is Krabby. Perhaps a Psychic bubble? No, Mismagius is strong, but not strong enough to maintain a bubble for longer than a few minutes.'

"Wait," Ash pondered. "A mixture of the two might be enough. I have little understanding of the dynamics involved, but if I can get Mismagius to sustain a Psychic Bubble for long enough to leave this hurricane, then Pidgeot can then fly through the last of this weather."

"Mismagius, Pidgeot, come forth," Ash commanded. Once they were in front of him, he repeated his rather hasty idea.

"I can maintain a bubble for the three of us for a minute at maximum," Mismagius informed her trainer.

"I cannot fly in this weather," Pidgeot sadly commented.

Ash hummed in thought once more then blinked. "Of course. Mismagius, what about the two of us?"

"Perhaps a minute more, at longest," Mismagius instantly responded.

"Then here's the new plan," Ash spoke. "Mismagius will maintain the two of us for as long as she can, and judging from the winds and rain, it should theoretically clear the hurricane's coverage … I shall then return Mismagius at the peak moment and call you out Pidgeot. You will have to be ready to catch me … will you be able to do that?"

"Yes," Pidgeot nodded. "As long as the wind is calm enough to do so."

"Then that's a risk we shall have to take," Ash commented. "Return, Pidgeot."

Pidgeot returned to his pokéball and Ash turned to Mismagius. Mismagius nodded seriously and Ash returned it. "Go."

Ash then bolted – augmenting his exhausted body with whatever Aura he could summon to go faster – before propelling himself as far off of the platform as he could manage. Mismagius instantly projected the bubble and they held their breaths as they passed through the hurricane of wind. The power of the howling winds threw them off course, but they still passed through the wall of the hurricane. Instantly, Ash returned a worried Mismagius and free fell through the sky – gravity causing him to speed up.

Ash counted in his mind – then Ash snapped his gaze open. "Now!"

Ash spun in the air and called Pidgeot out from his pokéball. Pidgeot appeared in all his glory and dived for his trainer. The Flying Type effortlessly covered the distance between the two of them, and then overtook his trainer. Stretching his wings out wide to slow his descent, he braced for impact. Mere seconds later, Ash collided with Pidgeot – who grunted in effort to remain in flight. Ash hissed as he felt his shoulder pop out of place from his rough landing, but that beat being dead any day. Ash weakly sent out a pulse of Aura and directed Pidgeot in the direction of where he could faintly sense land. Pidgeot flew as fast as he could, and only tried to go faster as he felt his trainer pass out from exhaustion.


Brock held tightly to a crying Misty. The girl felt as though her family was shattered by Ash remaining on the St. Anne as it sunk into the depths of the ocean after the massive explosion. They heard a crew member shout in awe and they instantly snapped their gazes to see a figure, along with a Mismagius break through the hurricane. The Mismagius disappeared as figure free fell for an agonizing minute before a monster sized Pidgeot appeared and dived for the figure. Misty sobbed as the Pidgeot that was unmistakable Ash's Pidgeot caught the figure and flew towards the location of where the lifeboats were going … to land.

"See," Brock soothed. "Ash always has a plan."

"He is so dead." Misty snarled suddenly – scaring the crew and Brock. "When I get my hands on him … I'll make him regret not dying on that ship. He scared the hell out of us, Brock. He's like a younger brother to me, and he almost … d-died. I-I thought that I'd n-never see him a-again."

Misty broke down as her snarling slowly became more sobbing. Brock just gently whispered soft reassurances in her ear.


When Ash opened his eyes, the first thing he smelt was the sea and mud … a beach his mind supplied. 'I-I'm alive, my plan worked.'

A shadow blocked out the light of the sun and as his eyes focussed, the unmistakable form of his Pidgeot came into view.

"I'm so glad you're awake," Pidgeot sighed out. "I tried scouting the island, but it's full of strangely large pokémon."

Ash croaked out a thank you and returned his faithful Flying Type. Ash carefully sat up and instantly regretted it as his whole body protested the action. Gritting his teeth, Ash struggled to his feet and shuffled towards a tree for shade. Once there, he quickly checked his pack – being extra careful to check for damage to the egg. Thankfully, the combination of the older technology in his bag, and the incubator had kept the egg perfectly safe and unharmed.

'Thank Arceus it's safe,' Ash sighed before glancing at his shoulder. 'But first …'

Ash braced himself before slamming his shoulder into the tree – thus popping his shoulder back into place. The pain, combined with his exhaustion made him feel the desire to sleep, but since he knew little of where he was, or if he could survive the weather on the island, he decided to get to his feet and move along the beach. He didn't know how long he was walking for, but he could barely make out large objects in the distance. He suddenly stopped as he spotted a Slowpoke on a nearby stone fishing with its tail.

"Excuse me," Ash tried to communicate. "Do you know where I can find safety and medical supplies?"

The Slowpoke merely stared at Ash – unable to find the energy to answer the Aura User in front of him. Ash sighed tiredly – trust him to find a lazier than normal Slowpoke. The Slowpoke's stomach growled and Ash sighed again before finding some Pokémon food in his pack.

"Here, eat this until you catch something to eat," Ash offered the weirdly silent pokémon.

Slowpoke nodded to Ash in thanks and devoured the pokémon food far quicker than one would expect from its species. Ash bid goodbye to the Slowpoke and continued onwards to the large objects in the far distance – he never noticed the Slowpoke suddenly have a Shellder bite its tail, or see it evolve into a Slowbro … or that said newly evolved Slowbro started to follow the nice Aura User.

Ash travelled for several hours, but tired and exhausted – he had to stop. "This Island is bigger than I expected. If only I had enough energy to use my Aura to pinpoint my location."

Ash decided to rest and meditate in attempt to calm his mind and gather what Aura he could. The Slowbro watched the Aura User in thought … the Aura User was very hurt, but he still soldiered on, despite his pain. This Aura User was strong – the Slowbro decided.

Ash suddenly opened his eyes in shock – a very familiar Aura Signature was close by. As quickly as he could manage, Ash got to his feet and moved in the direction of the Aura Signature. As he got closer, Ash saw the mechanical pokémon and deduced that he had somehow washed up on the beach close to Pokémon Island – an amusement park built before the Team Rocket War. He heard the booming whimpers of the pokémon and did his best to speed up.

Rounding a corner into a covered cave-like area, he found the source – the Giant Dragonite from Bill's Lighthouse. A glance told Ash that the once beautiful creature was female, but she was severely injured. He carefully approached, silently begging for something to help the giant Dragonite. She spotted him and growled in warning – whatever had happened to her had made her wary of humans.

"Please be calm," Ash soothed. "I will not harm you – I just want to check to see if you can be healed."

The Dragonite watched him cautiously, but relented with a nod. "Very well Aura User, I shall allow you to approach."

Ash slowly moved closer and eyed the various wounds and hissed. 'Team Rocket didn't want her, they just wanted to dissect her for testing.'

He eyed the chunks of missing tissue and the holes drilled into her flesh to gather internal samples. Ash clenched his fists – despite the pain from his stiff shoulder. "These monsters will pay for this."

The Dragonite watched him closely, but realised that the anger she was sensing was due to her wounds and not from any ill intent.

Ash began to channel his collected Aura into Dragonite's body, but instead of healing the beautiful creature – it only soothed her pain. Ash yelled in frustration and tried again to only get the same results. He continued to try though, slowly using less and less Aura in his attempts as he grew even more exhausted. Every time he tried, he felt the Dragonite's life force dim … and he ground his teeth together. 'I'm just not strong enough!'

"Please," Ash begged. "Please … whatever you are … you forced your laws onto me to assist pokémon and man alike … so get your bloody arse into gear and help me!"

Ash didn't know why it worked, but it did and in his mind those same red eyes from his vision flashed in his mind. A moment later, Aura filled his entire body, healing his wounds, soothing his exhausted body and giving him a feeling of power. Ash wasted no time and yelled in determination as he forced that Aura into the Dragonite.

Dragonite felt new life enter her body. She could no longer feel the wounds at all, and whilst the large chunks of flesh weren't completely healed, they had healed enough for her to properly move. Dragonite stood to her impressive full height and eyed the panting Aura User.

"Y-You healed me," she exclaimed in shock. "Not completely, but enough for me to function properly."

Ash panted from the exertion but smiled. "At least I could help you. Can you tell me what happened?"

"I was taken by the ones called Team Rocket," Dragonite growled. "They hurt me … took samples and my flesh, despite my cries to stop, they did not. Then the one in the orange suit had them dump me here after releasing me from that 'Slave Ball'."

"I have been here for several moons," she continued in a pained tone. "Waiting for death to take me."

Ash hissed at the mention of Team Rocket. "What will you do now?"

Dragonite gazed wistfully at the ocean. "I wish to resume searching for my mate. I can sense that he still lives, but he is … far away from here."

"If Team Rocket knows that you survived," Ash prompted. "Then they will come after you again."

"What else am I to do then?" she growled in frustration.

"What if I caught you?" Ash asked. At the Dragonite's look of fury, he reiterated. "I don't mean to take you from your search, but if I catch you, then you need not fear being captured again by Team Rocket, since you have already been caught."

"There is wisdom in your plan," Dragonite nodded in acceptance. "Very well, catch me so that I may be free to find my mate."

Ash nodded and pulled his Pokédex out. He transferred Krabby to the Laboratory and then took out an empty pokéball. He simply pressed the ball to Dragonite's massive leg and watched her get caught with no resistance. He called her back and smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry that humans have caused you such pain," Ash bowed apologetically.

"You need not apologise, Aura User," she returned. "You will be a most honourable Aura Guardian once you master your abilities."

With that, Dragonite lumbered her way into the ocean. By this time, the sun was setting, so Ash decided to make camp for the night.

Little did he know – he was still being watched by the Slowbro, who merely nodded and then moved back into the brush.

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