Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


17. Chapter 16

Ash ignored the pity filled gazes of the police officers that were analysing the 'crime scene'. Instead, he watched unblinkingly as they carefully wrapped Bill's body up for transportation to Vermillion City – where the closest Police Station was located. Ash subtly shifted his gaze in Officer Jenny's direction and then to the opposite end, where the remains of Bill's device were still untouched by the Police CSI.

Ash wasted no time in silently moving over to the device – where he then knelt and gently touched the pieces of intricate machinery – probably of Bill's own design.

'You fool,' Ash thought as he lightly nudged a circuit board. 'What were you thinking getting involved with Team Rocket?'

Ash started when something wet hit the back of his hand and he slowly reached up to his equally wet cheek. Ash blinked numbly at the tears – he was crying! He hadn't cried since … since the Spearow Incident. Ash slammed his hand down in anger – all this confusion and pain had started the day that unknown Ancient Pokémon 'uploaded' the Ancient Laws into his brain. Without realising it, Ash had started releasing his Aura. Ominous, thick waves of red energy flowed from him as he reached new heights of anger. Why? Why couldn't that damned Legendary Pokémon leave him be – why him? Was it because of his unproven link to Pokélantis?

'Whatever the reasons,' Ash's mind tried to reason in an attempt to quell his fury. 'They are not going to be answered while you linger here in your emotions.'

Ash blinked; trust his subconscious to be smarter than he was. Ash breathed deep – precious oxygen that he suddenly realised he had been needing filled his lungs and he released a harsh breath. He would be damned if he let Mr. Rocket have his way, but at the same time, he couldn't deny the man's outright challenge. Ash steeled his heart and focussed his mind to a razor sharp point. If he wanted to play … then Ash would play Mr. Rocket's game.

It was only when Ash had refocussed his mind that he felt the waves of soothing energy and feelings coming from his Pokémon Team – minus Krabby, whose waves were limited to curiously reaching out.

"I am fine now," Ash spoke to alleviate their clear concerns. "Rest assured though that if we ever encounter Mr. Rocket again – we must be ready to fight and defeat him."

"Yes, of course Ash," he could hear Mismagius soothe – whilst Froslass and Combusken continued fretting over him. It brought a soft smile to Ash's face and it was almost enough for him to forget the current situation – almost.

"That means that your training will only get more intense," Ash reasoned – testing his team for their response.

"We are prepared to train as much as you deem necessary Ash," Snivy spoke in her cool tone of voice, he received a similar response from Mismagius – but it was the response by the others that he felt proud of.

"I will make you proud father," Combusken responded.

"Sounds like lots of fun," Froslass cheered.

"I am ready for anything you wish to throw at me," Krabby replied.

"Bring on your training Ash," yelled Pidgeot and Bastiodon in unison.

He never received a reply from the others but he felt their determination at the thought of his training, whilst Eevee and Cleffa could be felt practically vibrating with excitement. Their resolve and trust in their trainer soothed Ash immensely, and he sighed.

"Ash?" he heard Brock ask quietly – Ash merely raised a brow in question. Brock took it as permission to continue. "We've given our statements to the Police and Officer Jenny, and we should move on to make up for lost time."

Brock had almost drifted off into dreamland at the mention of Officer Jenny, but the cool, emotionless face of Ash stopped him in his tracks. 'Damn, Ash has reverted back to his closed off personality.'

Misty oversaw the interaction and flinched as Brock gestured to her – indicating that Ash had closed himself off to everyone again. Misty sighed but put on a supportive smile and approached the boys.

"We need to go boys," Misty spoke up in an overly happy tone. She knew that Ash had already deciphered the gesturing from Brock, and had also already seen through her happy façade, but she soldiered on and pulled on Brock's arm. "Let's go, let's go!"

"One moment please," Officer Jenny interrupted. "Ash, I know it's too soon but Bill had a valid Last Will and Testimony. I don't know why, but it specifies that only you are allowed to hear its contents. It will be officially executed once you speak to his Attorney in Saffron City."

Jenny hesitated and gently placed her hand on Ash's shoulder. "All Jenny' and Joys are here for you okay, Ash? If you ever need to talk, you know how to reach us."

Ash nodded stiffly but let a small smile flicker across in Jenny's direction – soothing the Officer's concerns. "Thank you Jenny, I promise to call should I need to."

Jenny softly squeezed Ash's shoulder, looked around for any eavesdroppers before leaning down and kissing Ash's cheek. "Good, now be safe little brother."

Brock moaned about the injustices of the world as Misty giggled at the slight pink tint to Ash's face. Before leaving the scene, Ash used his pokédex to transfer Squirtle to the Professor's Laboratory at the Water Type's behest – as the Water Type missed his 'crew.'


"Move," Ash hissed.

The Pokémon blocking his path snorted and rolled over on his back.

"I said … MOVE!" he snarled through his Aura – he was still dealing with the anger and odd feeling of loss over the death of Bill, but the large pokémon in front of him refused to listen. Said large pokémon was an exceptionally lazy, male Snorlax and had been blocking the shortest route to Vermillion City.

This Snorlax was a huge, bipedal, dark blue-green Pokémon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet. His body was composed of mostly his belly, where most of his fat reserves accumulated. His head was large, with small, pointed ears and two pointed teeth protruding from his lower jaw. He had large, hind feet with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, while his arms and five fore claws were short.

The Snorlax was rather ordinary in that it didn't stand out from the rest of his species, but the overall laziness that he radiated was incredible. 'From the evidence in front of me, he's in his 'teenage' stage of life – at a low level to boot. I estimate an 89% chance that he's only recently evolved and not by training.'

At the flash of Ash's aura, the Snorlax eyed him down, before ignoring him again and lazily trying to wave Ash off … spectacular mistake.

Ash growled and fingered one of his pokéballs … this pokémon was seriously testing his patience. 'Screw this; we've wasted enough time getting to Vermillion City as it is!'

"Come forth, Krabby," Ash commanded. Krabby materialized in front of Ash and stared at the large pokémon that was to be his foe.

"Finally, some action," Krabby slammed his pincer into the ground in anticipation. Snorlax rolled over and eyed the recent development before sniffing dismissively.

"Hear me Snorlax," Ash hissed. "You will either clear the path, or I shall battle you and catch you. I loathe simply catching Pokémon for the sake of doing so, but your disgusting behaviour leaves me with no alternative course of action. Yield and move … or face me in battle and prove yourself."

That had the Snorlax's attention for a mere moment before he once more, blew the Aura User off by grunting and rolling over. "Fine then, Krabby – at the ready."

Krabby was not happy. The training that he'd been subjected to was intense … and glorious. And now, after all that training – he finally had the chance to test the combat prowess of the Aura User. But instead of the epic battle that he wanted – he got a lazy Snorlax opponent that ignored the Aura User's fair warning.

"Oh, this guy's going down," Krabby growled angrily.

"Krabby, use Bubblebeam to test his response time and defence," Ash commanded. Krabby followed the instructions and unleashed a strong torrent of bubbles at hi foe. The powerful torrent ploughed straight into the Snorlax with incredible speed … only for both trainer and pokémon to be displeased by the one hit wonder, as Snorlax teetered for a minute before passing out.

Ash casually threw a pokéball and watched Snorlax get sucked inside. It didn't even roll more than once before the lazy creature was caught. "I apologise for the disappointing battle Krabby. Perhaps the next one will be worth it."

"I certainly hope so, Master," Krabby replied as Ash returned the irritated Water Type.

Brock and Misty gaped at the display of casual power. Snorlax possessed high defence and could handle most attacks. Ash's Krabby had knocked the Snorlax out with a single attack! The sudden realisation that the gap between their friend and themselves had only gotten larger – in terms of skill hit the ex-Gym Leaders hard – they really needed to up their game.


"Side step to your left in exactly three seconds … then retaliate with Ancient Power, Bastiodon," Ash muttered in frustration.

Bastiodon roared loudly and charged the attack in preparation. Three seconds later, his opponent's pokémon … a Raichu – harmlessly flew past the giant ancient pokémon as he stepped to the left. Bastiodon fired the Ancient Power attack point blank – causing critical damage to the Electric Mouse pokémon. Raichu crumpled to the ground as it fainted.

"Raichu is unable to battle," the referee announced in shock. "Therefore, the winner of this Gym Match is Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town."

Lt. Surge shakily handed over the Thunder Badge to Ash, but before he could speak, Ash spun and left – muttering a "Pathetic, and you dared to insult me?"

The giant of a man shivered at Ash' tone … if he had known that his opponent was Red Ketchum's son … he'd have used his League Team. But he had done the stupid thing by underestimating the boy – no man in front of him. That single battle had him re-evaluating his career.

"I need to train harder and insult trainers less," Surge muttered at the retreating form of Ash Ketchum. Ash had defeated all three of his pokémon with his Bastiodon … and in less than ten minutes. "Talk about merciless proficiency."


Brock sighed as he watched Vermillion City vanish slowly by sea. Nurse Joy had gifted Ash a ticket for the famous SS Anne Cruise liner. Upon the realisation that Ash was travelling with others – she managed to acquire another two tickets for his friends. Ash kept his promise to transfer Bastiodon to the Professor's Laboratory so that he could study the ancient pokémon.

That was not the reason for Brock's sigh though; no … he was worried about Ash. Ever since the Lighthouse Incident, Ash had been so … efficient. In everything that came afterwards … Ash's ruthless efficiency had astounded and scared the Rock Type trainer. Case in point: the Thunder Badge Gym Battle. Ash usually tested his pokémon by testing the opponent's team … but instead of doing that, Ash had decimated Lt. Surge's Pokémon Team. Ash had become colder in his demeanour too – his cough and throat was finally healed – but his silence remained. He often woke in the early morning to watch Ash train with so much intensity that Brock thought he was watching one of the Elite Four Members training.

"Hopefully, this cruise will help him calm down, eh Misty?" Brock spoke to the girl sunbathing next to him.

"I hope so," Misty groaned in relaxation. "This cruise is great, and the Pokémon Floor Event tonight looks interesting."

"Yes, I hope to see what breeding methods are being used by the other regions," Brock replied dreamily.

"Speaking of Ash," Misty prompted – cracking an eye open and looking to Brock. "Where is he exactly?"

"I think he's trying to get through to that Snorlax," Brock responded. "Or he's training his pokémon … again."

"I thought as much," Misty sighed. "Oh well, tonight should help. I saw him eyeing the poster earlier – he's considering trading Snorlax, I think."

"That would be wise," Brock commented. "As commanding as Ash can be … he's not going to get anywhere with a pokémon like Snorlax – their personalities are just too different."

Brock suddenly gasped, which earned the attention of Misty. "What's wrong Brock?"

"I-It's Ash," Brock stuttered. "H-He's outside and … and smiling!"

Misty sat up so quickly, she was surprised she didn't snap her back in two. Sure enough, there was Ash smiling at a man in a white coat. Ash must've felt their gaze and turned in their direction. He waved goodbye to the man and walked up to them. "Good morning, Brock, Misty."

"Who was that you were talking to, Ash?" Brock inquired.

"Subtle Brock, real subtle," Misty grumbled – earning her a glare from the boy.

"Oh, he's one of the Professor's associates from Saffron City," Ash informed them. "He's here to oversee a cross-regional conference. It's by invitation only, and since I'm a Junior Pokémon Professor – I automatically get an invite. There's a rumour that one of the Pokémon League Champions from another region will be in attendance via Video Phone."

Brock and Misty sighed in relief as there was a spark of excitement in Ash's eye. It had seemed like a lifetime since something other than coldness was present in his gaze. "That's great, Ash! What's the Conference about?"

"It's about the theorem of Pokémon Evolution pertaining to different regions," Ash replied. "Some Professors have theorised that Pokémon Evolution is the same with every region, yet I believe – and have proven that pokémon evolve differently – or at least with different conditions – in different regions and conditions."

Brock nodded in agreement, whilst Misty looked lost. "I see, you refer to Pokémon Professor Juniper's thesis on how location, condition and lifestyle of a pokémon can vary the results and timing of evolution?"

Ash blinked in shock before nodding. "Yes, I am referring to her thesis. I was unaware that you read up on her theory, Brock. Were you curious as to the Breeding Implications that it pertains to?"

Brock nodded vigorously. "Absolutely, a breeder must be well versed in anything to do with changes in a pokémon's evolutionary cycle."

Ash hummed at Brock with an unreadable expression on his face before responding. "Your passion seems to run deeper than just pokémon breeding, Brock. Were you considering becoming a Pokémon Physician?"

Brock started – that was not something that he'd ever considered before. 'Me, a Pokémon Physician – that's an interesting idea.'

Brock's silence answered Ash, and he nodded – as if he already knew the answer to Brock's internal dilemma. "I think that I shall retire, I'm tired from training and I want to be well rested for the Conference."

Misty nodded and glanced at Brock in worry – he was still unresponsive. Ash raised an eyebrow at his two companions. 'Do they even realise that they're broadcasting their attraction to each other so loudly?'

Another second of silence answered Ash. 'I'm going to say no, no they don't … and they call me romantically dense.'


Ash wandered the Trainer's Event with Misty and Brock in tow. In truth, he was hesitant about trading pokémon – especially since the trading floor was mostly random on the cruise. It meant that you put forward a pokémon into a random matchup machine – and then you'd receive any of the pokémon put forward in exchange … eggs not allowed. Ash mentally huffed. 'No, this Snorlax has to go.'

He fingered Snorlax's pokéball in his ramblings and before he could change his mind – he stepped towards the trading floor. "Sir, I would like to put this Snorlax up for the Random Exchange."

The official scanned the health of the Snorlax and beamed. "Of course sir, there are currently twenty possible options – all you need to do is place your Pokédex in the slot here …" he gestured to the main console. "And then press the button to initiate the trade sequence."

Ash ignored the looks from Misty as he did as instructed – he did hesitate for another second, before pressing the button to start the trading procedure.

"Initiating Trading Sequence," beeped the auto tonic voice of the computer. Ash watched impassively as Snorlax's pokéball was transmitted into the machine, before he closed his eyes to listen to the whirring of the machine. "Transfer complete … please use our services again."

Ash blinked, not expecting the process to be so quick. He scanned the new pokéball to verify it was occupied before he nodded to the man and left. He found a quiet lounge area and clicked the release button on the pokéball. "Come forth, pokémon."

In a flash of light, the pokémon was revealed "Lea?"

"Well, that was unexpected," Ash commented. "I was expecting a Kanto Pokémon."

"Lea, Lea?" the pokémon softly cooed, the tone depressed.

"No you're beautiful," Ash communicated via Aura. The pokémon started and then chirped its name cheerfully.

"Oh Arceus, you're so adorable!" Misty gushed. "What species are you though?"

The pokémon blushed, but it was Ash that replied. "It's a Leavanny, Misty. A dual Grass/Bug Type from Unova. Leavanny live in forests. They're a very parental pokémon and they use their cutters and the sticky silk they produce to create clothing made of leaves for small Pokémon. This beautiful specimen is Female."

Leavanny cheerfully chirped her name in response to their compliments. Misty paled at the mention of Leavanny's bug type association, but she took a deep breath and smiled nervously. "Sorry Leavanny, I'm not very good with Bug Types so please forgive any nervous behavior from me."

Leavanny smiled soothingly in response and nodded her understanding – it worked wonders on Misty's nerves and she found herself falling in love with the dual type pokémon.

Leavanny was a thin, yellow, bipedal insectoid Pokémon. She had a broad, split leaf around her large, round head and had long antennae that ended in semicircles. Her eyes were red with no apparent sclera. Her tiny thorax was dark green, and her long abdomen was yellow and covered in a green leaf. Her hands were long and leaf-like with a "bite" taken out of each. Her upper arms were also leaf-like, but with a vein of yellow at the top. Her thin legs were yellow with dark green, thick segments around her upper legs, making them appear armored.

It was evident that the Leavanny had been well cared for, so why was it traded? Ash's question was answered by an older man that walked up to them. "I see you got Leavanny?"

"Yes, was she yours sir?" Ash asked politely.

"No, she was my daughter's pokémon," he answered with a pained smile. "See, I'm a wealthy man, and my daughter wanted a Leavanny to flaunt to her friends. She promised me that she'd raise, train and care for her – her training was woeful. She used several TMs in a poor attempt to train her, but she grew bored and moved onto other interests, like boys. That and Leavanny has a strong desire to battle."

He chuckled at the last part of his explanation as Leavanny herself, eagerly waved her arms around. "I ended up caring for Leavanny and I realized that I'm getting older. It wasn't fair to keep Leavanny sheltered when she so desperately wants to battle and see the outside world. Sadly, I couldn't find anyone back home that appreciated Leavanny. Aside from a Gym Leader in Unova, most people frown upon Leavanny as combat pokémon. They're really only seen as show pokémon … so I decided to use this cruise to find a worthy trainer. I've never seen Leavanny so happy – you're words alone ease my mind."

Ash nodded as he gazed at Leavanny. "I take my pokémon's training very seriously. I warn you Leavanny … it will be harsh."

Leavanny blinked before crying her name in exhilaration. "I won't disappoint you, Aura User. I understand your reluctance to use your Aura in front of my former trainer's father, but know that I will follow your commands and I shiver with anticipation for your training!"

Ash merely nodded and turned back to the man. "Rest assured that I shall care for Leavanny to the best of my ability, sir."

The man beamed at the declaration. "I already see your determination, young man. I leave this meeting with nothing but relief, I know you'll do as you say – I can see the honesty in your eyes."

The man turned to Leavanny and gently petted her head. "Goodbye, precious lady … behave yourself and do your best."

Leavanny softly cooed her name to the man and nodded with a determined smile. The man bowed, getting one in return, and then left without a backwards glance. Once the man had left, Ash smiled softly and petted Leavanny's head to create the Aura Bond – Leavanny instantly accepted said bond and rubbed her head into Ash's hand in response to his petting.

"I need to scan you Leavanny," Ash informed the happy dual type pokémon. "To see where you're current level is at, so that I may determine the best course of action in training you."

Leavanny serenely nodded and waited the verdict. Ash took his pokédex and scanned Leavanny – the feminine voice chiming.

[Leavanny: The Nurturing Pokémon: It keeps its eggs warm with heat from fermenting leaves. It also uses leaves to make warm wrappings for Sewaddle.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Swarm. It knows the moves: Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Aerial Ace, Energy Ball, and X-Scissor.]

"Wow, the man wasn't kidding when he said that his daughter only cared about appearances," Ash commented. "But still, with all these TM moves, it'll be easier to create strategies for you Leavanny. Are you capable of using them properly?"

"I am capable of using them with little difficulty," Leavanny replied. "Though I was never shown how to improve and refine such attacks. I have made do with practicing them by repeating the moves as many times as I could manage before exhausting myself."

"Excellent," Ash nodded. "You did well with what you had at the time; I'm pleased by your efforts in improving what you were given."

Leavanny beamed under her new trainer's praise. "Would you like to rest in your pokéball, or do you want to stay outside with me to familiarize yourself with the area?"

"I would very much like to stay out and enjoy some company," Leavanny hesitantly replied – unsure of her trainer's response.

"Very well then," Ash nodded with a soft expression. "Please be careful to not touch anything without consulting me first."

Leavanny nodded happily and gracefully stepped up to stand beside her friendly new trainer. Brock smiled, Ash was starting to calm down again, and Misty was teary over Ash's recovery – both were very pleased by his change in mood.

"Ash, I want to check the Breeding Section," Brock informed Ash. "I will see you tonight?"

Ash nodded, and hid his smirk as Misty excused herself to go with Brock – he turned to Leavanny and spoke. "They are unaware of their mutual attraction to each other … they'll figure it out with time. Shall we go for a walk Leavanny?"

Leavanny laughed softly at the piece of information and nodded to Ash's question – happily and gracefully walking beside the red eyed trainer.


Ash and Leavanny walked sedately through the Trainer's Event. Leavanny was simply happy to enjoy the walk with her new trainer, whilst Ash was content to view the many items on offer. He purchased a few healing items and pokéballs. There were a few acorn made balls from Johto on offer at one stall, so after an enquiry into their respective uses – at least those he wasn't familiar with – several of each were added as well – and by several – he bought at least 50 of each.

It was he was walking to the Conference that it happened. He spotted a man leaning on a glass tank with a Magikarp in it, whilst excitedly promoting the benefits of the pokémon in the tank.

Magikarp was a medium-sized fish Pokémon with large, heavy reddish-orange scales. It had large, vacant eyes and pink lips. Its pectoral and tail fins were white, but it had a stiff, three-peaked fin on its back and stomach that were both yellow. It also had long barbells. The barbells were white on a female and tan on a male – so the tan barbells indicated a Male.

It wasn't uncommon for there to be people selling pokémon – at least illegally – but those with the licenses to sell pokémon legally had to prove they could be trusted to care for their 'merchandise.'

The man successfully sold the Magikarp to the dreamy looking man, and rubbed his hands together in glee. "Now I just have the useless one to sell, and I'm done cleaning up on this cruise."

"Useless? I'll give you useless, you moron," the pokémon's voice growled from the medium sized cage hidden by a blanket.

The voice sounded female and was gruff, usually indicative of a fully evolved pokémon and Ash groaned. 'I guess I'd better check this guy's license for its validity. Hmm, just in case – I should transfer a pokémon to the lab to be sure I won't end up acquiring another pokémon … Cleffa was saying how much she missed her mother – I'll send her back.'

Ash flicked his pokédex open and processed the request – sending Cleffa back to the lab, before he approached the shady looking man. Ash slowed his pace and pretended to look at the stall next to the man's … all the while communicating silently with the pokémon via his Aura.

"Hello there," Ash spoke – hiding his smirk as he felt the pokémon start in shock of being spoken to. "Do you require assistance, is this man causing you distress – or has he caused you injury?"

"I was sold to this man by my first trainer," the pokémon sniffed – sounding very displeased. "The man has been trying to sell me for a year now, and in that time, my fighting to escape has resulted in my evolution."

"I see," Ash responded. "Do you desire freedom, or a trainer?"

There was silence for a second – the pokémon clearly in thought over the question. "I-I do not know – I have never known anything other than my captivity to this man. If you can grant my freedom, I shall gladly serve an Aura User though."

Ash could hear the desperation in the pokémon's voice and nodded mentally. "Then I shall get you your freedom; tell me … what species are you?"

"Buy me to find out," was the sing-song response. Ash chuckled at the response … another spunky pokémon – why not?

Ash cut the connection and made a show of looking at the man's stall curiously. The man perked up when he saw Ash and Leavanny, and greeted Ash rather slimily. "Greetings, my fine sir, are you seeking another rare and strong pokémon for your party?"

"Oh, are you a licensed pokémon dealer?" Ash inquired in a childish tone.

"Why, yes I am my good sir," the seller exclaimed. "And I have a rare and powerful pokémon to sell – should you have the skill to handle such a rarity!"

'Hmm, he appeals to the challenging side in people?' Ash mused. 'Clever man, most people wouldn't resist such a sell … depending on the price.'

"Oh?" he 'perked up'. "I would love to see such a pokémon!"

"It's a mystery pokémon, sir," the seller continued. "That means … for the modest price of 1000 Pokédollars – you can own it for yourself!"

"So I can't see 'it' first?" he appeared saddened. 'Ugh, make this guy shut his mouth, and it's 'she' you moron.'

"Unfortunately," the man simpered. "But I will offer a return policy – you just need to find me again before the cruise makes port to do so."

'Which means, he'll disappear,' Ash mentally scoffed, before he continued in his act. "Then, I'll take 'it'!"

The man looked like Christmas had come early by Ash's declaration and fished out a pokéball from the top of the cage. He returned the pokémon and all but snatched the money from Ash's outstretched hand. He used an official machine to register the pokémon to Ash's Trainer ID, and then quickly handed over the pokéball, before he started to pack up his things.

"Excellent, excellent," the man crowed. "A pleasure to do business with you good sir, you have a great cruise now."

Ash blinked as the man fled quicker than expected. "Hmm, he really was desperate to sell this pokémon."

He switched his gaze to the pokéball and sighed – how did he always end up in these situations? He looked to Leavanny – who looked positively repulsed by the man that they'd encountered. "Let's say hello to this 'rare and powerful' pokémon, hmm?"

Leavanny responded with an airy smile and nodded. Ash pressed the release button and watched as the pokémon materialized from the pokéball's confines.

"Interesting, a Luxray," Ash identified the pokémon.

Luxray was a quadrupedal Pokémon resembling a fully-grown lion. While its face, hind legs, torso, and the back of its front legs were blue, much of its body was covered with shaggy, black fur. The fur was longer around the shoulders and the base of the tail, and formed a mane on its head. The mane was larger on the male than on the female. It had yellow eyes with red sclera, a blunt muzzle, and rounded ears with yellow insides. There were three yellow, half rings on the back of each foreleg. While its long, thin tail was tipped with a yellow four-pointed star.

"Hmm, your mane is shorter, so you're female then. You're quite the distance away from home … or were you bred?" Ash asked.

Luxray blinked at the change in light before responding. "I was caught as an infant, my mother and father was out hunting after I hatched."

"I see," Ash replied. "Since you are away from Sinnoh, I would recommend that you stay somewhere safe until I can get you to your home region … should you desire to return home, at least."

Luxray looked stunned at the Aura User that had saved her from her caged fate. She pondered her options before shaking her head negatively. "No, you saved me and I would be honoured to serve an Aura User."

Ash hummed and nodded. "As you wish Luxray, you may remain in my party if you want."

Luxray's head nodded quickly. "Yes! No more pokéballs for a while … please!"

Ash chuckled and nodded. He turned to Leavanny and apologised to her. "There is a one pokémon outside their pokéball policy on this cruise, Leavanny. I apologise, but I must return you. I promise to let you out as soon as I can though."

Leavanny nodded in understanding and after introducing herself to Luxray – she then bade goodbye and was returned to her pokéball. "Now then, I should scan you to see your training level."

[Luxray: The Gleam Eyes Pokémon: It can see clearly through walls to track down its prey and seek its lost young.]

[This Pokémon is Female. It has the ability Intimidate. It has the moves: Bite, Spark, Swift, Shock Wave, and Thunderbolt.]

"Very impressive," Ash commented to the pokémon in front of him. Said pokémon blushed under Ash's praise and puffed her chest in pride.

"T-Thank you Aura User," Luxray responded. "I have done my utmost to train when I could, so that I could try to escape."

Ash nodded as he glanced at a nearby clock – he sighed as he saw the time. "You'll have to come with me to a Conference now Luxray. I'm running late as it is … can you endure an hour sitting beside a chair?"

"That's a luxury, trainer," Luxray deadpanned.

"You may address me as Ash," Ash interrupted. "And I'm thankful … we need to go right now – follow me."

Ash quickly, but carefully created an aura bond with Luxray, before he turned and walked quickly to a nearby elevator - Luxray following along behind him. 'I wonder who the surprise League Champion will be.'

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