Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


15. Chapter 14

The morning was a foggy one as Ash awoke at what he could only assume was 5:45am, as usual. He opened his eyes and stared into the still dark morning sky. Ash pondered their route … it was drawing nearer to a strong source of Aura that pulsed erratically. It was an ancient Aura, one of an exceptionally strong but old pokémon – which pokémon, he was uncertain of … but if his readings were of any indication, then it was at least a Dragon Type. Nevertheless, the only location close by that could draw such a pokémon's interest was Bill's Lighthouse.

Ash silently shuffled out of his sleeping bag and left the standard 'Gone to Train' note, before jogging off to a nearby clearing large enough for his team. He stopped just short of the clearing when the cleansing scent of the ocean drew his attention. Ash smiled to himself as an idea suddenly hit him.

'It's been six days since Squirtle joined the team,' he realised. 'Perhaps a break from their rigorous training is in order.'

Channelling his thoughts into Aura he addressed his team. "Team, I've decided that you all deserve a training free day, as you've all pushed yourselves far these last six days."

He was instantly assaulted by the excited cries of his team in his mind. Ash swiftly changed direction and headed towards the scent of the sea, it was a relaxing smell as it reminded the red eyed trainer of Pallet Town's morning breeze. Arriving at a surprisingly beautiful stretch of beach, Ash pulsed his Aura to map out the beach and double checking for any life signs; continued forward to the water's edge. He released his team and smiled as they spread out, acting like children as they played in the water.

Ash took in a deep breath as he sat on an outcrop of rocks. He slowly exhaled and began his meditative exercises … he didn't know how long he was there meditating, but when he next opened his eyes – drawn by a sharp something poking him –he was face to face … relatively speaking, with an irate looking Krabby, who was frothing at the mouth.

Ash tilted his head in temporary confusion, before realisation dawned on him – he was sitting on Krabby's home.

Krabby was a crab-like pokémon. Krabby had a strong outer shell protecting its small body. Its upper half was red, containing two small spikes facing upwards on the top of its head. Its lower body was light tan and doubled as its jaw with two fangs overlapping its upper body. Its hips were visible on the lower front of its body connected to its long and thin legs, featuring small, claw-like feet. The main feature of Krabby's body was its large, red pincers.

This Krabby was definitely male, the size of the spikes on his head were slightly longer than the females of their species. His pincers were larger than a female Krabby's as well.

"I apologise Krabby, if I had any forethought, I would've realised that this was a pokémon's home." Ash spoke honestly, seriously, what was with his wandering mind lately?

Krabby stopped frothing at the mouth and stared at the human Aura User. It was certainly an odd place to meet a human – Aura User or no.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of an Aura User's presence?" Krabby responded in a curious tone.

Ash laughed softly, this Krabby was breaking the mould … his species weren't usually so welcoming, and certainly weren't as intelligent.

"I am here with my team. We're in training and this beach provided a place for my team to relax. I was meditating. Do you want me to leave Krabby?" Ash replied.

Krabby's mouth frothed again in thought. The Aura User had answered him honestly; he could tell that much but his thoughts soon drifted to the mention of training. If he was an Aura User, then was he heading into battle? Aura Users only traditionally trained a team for battle. The thoughts of training soon turned to the desire for combat.

Whilst Krabby was deep in his thoughts, Ash had analysed the Krabby further. 'His body is smaller than other Krabby I've seen, but the musculature on this Krabby is absolutely incredible. He's clearly fond of battling, and since there are no other traces of Krabby on this beach, I'm led to believe that he's claimed this entire beach as his territory by right of conquest.'

Ash internally smiled. 'Oh this is perfect, Krabby like this little guy are rarer than shiny pokémon. The pokémon that break out of the normality of their kind are fascinating.'

Ash and Krabby both eyed each other seconds later, and the message was read loud and clear by the other … they were going to battle!

"I wish to battle you Krabby, in order to have you join my team," Ash spoke clearly. "I give you the choice – battle me and win, and you may go about your business. Battle me and lose, and I want you to join my team. Are my terms acceptable to you?"

"Your terms are acceptable Aura User," Krabby replied almost instantly.

Krabby began to snap his pincers together in excitement. The anticipation of a real fight threatened to overwhelm him, adrenaline coursed through Krabby's body … he was ready.

Ash had to actively fight the smirk off his face, this pokémon was a fighter and he liked the spirit that Krabby possessed. His thoughts were interrupted by an overexcited Krabby.

"Call your pokémon Aura User," Krabby demanded, his mouth bubbling with froth.

"My name is Ash Ketchum," Ash introduced himself politely. 'Bulbasaur, would you like to have your first official battle with me?'

"Of course Ash," came the instant reply from the Seed Pokémon, seconds later Bulbasaur was next to Ash.

Krabby tensed and the frothing around his mouth bubbled frantically.

"Aura User … no Ash Ketchum …" Krabby growled excitedly. "Let's battle!"

Ash's eyes glowed as Aura flowed freely through his body. He tensed and his gaze then narrowed as Krabby surged forward, he watched impassively as Krabby snapped his pincer open in an attempt to use Vice Grip on Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur, dodge to your left in exactly 3 seconds." Ash commanded promptly.

Bulbasaur growled his name softly and exactly 3 seconds later, in an amazing show of leg strength, Bulbasaur leapt into the air to dodge the attack. Krabby had never experienced an opponent that had dodged before, most Krabby and even that one Kingler that he'd fought before were typical in that they charged first and planned later, but this Aura User had predicted his timing perfectly!

Krabby cried out in frustration and lunged forward. This time however, instead of a Vice Grip attack, his pincer opened and unleashed a high pressure stream of bubbles that Ash recognised as a Bubblebeam attack.

Ash smirked as the attack approached Bulbasaur, who'd, landed and crouched low, ready to launch a counterstrike at a moment's notice. He didn't have to wait long for Ash's command.

"Bulbasaur, counter the Bubblebeam attack with your Leaf Storm, and then whilst he's disorientated, rush forward and trap his legs with a Leech Seed, then get in close." Ash commanded.

Bulbasaur followed his orders to the letter. When Krabby was close enough, Bulbasaur unleashed a powerful Leaf Storm at point blank range; it roared to life and rammed its way right through Krabby's attack and scored a direct hit, causing the River Crab Pokémon severe damage. Krabby tried to dodge the follow up attack, but the constricting roots from the Leech Seed prevented him from moving. Krabby felt a shadow fall over his body and looked up just in time to see Bulbasaur airborne and in a direct line of sight – Krabby would've seized the opportunity, but the Leech Seed attack had him feeling drained.

'This trainer is a true tactician,' Krabby acknowledged, before a smile made its way onto his face. 'I find his skill acceptable and I accept defeat … Ash Ketchum.'

Ash recalled Bulbasaur from using any further techniques and took out a pokéball. Tossing it at Krabby, he watched as it pinged a successful capture with little resistance. Ash wasn't a fool, he knew from the moment the battle had started, that Krabby was testing him as opposed to truly fighting him. Sure, the desire for a strong battle was there, but the River Crab Pokémon was definitely testing him and his ability to strategize.

After taking the retrieved pokéball, courtesy of Bulbasaur and his Vine Whip, Ash called Krabby outside and after receiving permission, formed an Aura Bond with the small pokémon.

"Well fought Krabby, I'm happy to have you on my team." Ash spoke first.

Krabby scrutinized Ash for a moment before nodding in acceptance to the situation.

"I cannot say for certain how I feel yet Aura User," Krabby replied. "I find myself torn. On one hand I am excited with the possibility of many struggles and battles that we will be likely to face together. Though on the other, I find myself questioning this decision … only time shall tell Ash Ketchum. I will fight for you and follow your orders, but should you prove unworthy, I expect you to release me … agreed?"

"I find that compromise acceptable Krabby," Ash responded seriously. "I will scan you now okay?"

Krabby nodded, rather pleased with Ash's response. Ash nodded in return and took out his pokédex; the female voice chimed and spoke seconds later.

[Krabby: The River Crab Pokémon: It lives in burrows dug on sandy beaches. Its pincers fully grow back if they are broken in battle.]

[This Pokémon is male. It has the ability Shell Armour. It knows the moves: Vice Grip, Leer, Harden, Bubblebeam, Mud Shot and Ancient Power.]

Ash blinked at his pokédex, and looked back to Krabby.

"Ancient Power … you have access to that move and yet you didn't use it in battle?" Ash questioned.

Krabby looked as though he was blushing and mumbled something incoherent. Ash raised an eyebrow and waited patiently for Krabby to reiterate … seconds later the embarrassed Crab Pokémon spoke again.

"I-I can't use it properly yet," Krabby sighed out. "Every time I try, it blows up in my face … literally."

"I see …" Ash replied softly. "Well, that's what I'm here for no? If you promise to train hard, then I'm sure we can help you master Ancient Power together."

Krabby bobbed enthusiastically in response … Ash was already proving himself to be a worthy trainer.


Breakfast was a quiet affair, but by no means was it uncomfortably so. Brock and Misty had seen fit to up their game when it came to training their pokémon. Each member of the makeshift group was deep in thought when the foggy weather started to thicken. Ash narrowed his eyes, but didn't comment as he finished his tea – the anomaly was approaching faster than he predicted. Ash frowned; his ability to stay calm and collected was becoming far more difficult of late. The whole thing started with the Spearow Incident, and since then, he could feel his Aura getting stronger, and there was nothing he could do but expend copious amounts of Aura to stop it building up in his body.

He'd theorised that it had something to do with Aura Guardians and their Aura Partners. For each and every controlled Aura Guardian, there was a partner to accompany them. He sighed in frustration – so he needed an Aura Partner … the answer was so simple yet so infuriating.

'That explains Riley's comment to me after I 'acquired' his knowledge on Aura.' Ash pondered.


In Sinnoh, on Iron Island, a certain Aura Guardian sneezed violently, thus ruining his meditation. Sighing, Riley stood and glanced to the horizon … Lucario had been gone for weeks and it left him feeling deeply concerned about the fate of the world, should they not be able to find a partner strong enough for Ash Ketchum.

He slowly trudged to a pool of fresh water and splashed his face.

"Where are you Lucario … where are you my friend?" Riley whispered to himself.


Lucario huffed tiredly. He'd made it to the Hidden Aura Temple but only bad news met him there. It seemed that the sliver of Ash's Aura that they'd felt was too potent for any of the Aura Pokémon, both trained or newborn. The only news of importance that he'd managed to discern, was that while Ash's power was too potent for them, there was a chance that an Aura Pokémon, any that had hatched near the Tree of Beginning had the potential to handle such a strain.

It was this news that had him rushing towards his second destination: the Kingdom of Rota.

There was something that bothered Lucario though … the only Aura Pokémon hatched near the Tree of Beginning that could possibly match the level of potency of Ash's Aura was Sir Aaron's Aura Partner, Lucario. The pokémon had vanished without a trace however, and though they could feel his lingering Aura around the Kingdom of Rota, it was like he was there, but he still wasn't. Though, even more alarming still was the revelation that one so powerful with Aura, might not be able to bond with an Aura Partner Pokémon, and if that was true then only an exceptionally powerful Psychic Type Pokémon might handle the strain. Contrary to popular belief, Aura in its purest form was simply energy, and energy wasn't simply keyed to a particular pokémon type. So the myth and common belief that only Fighting Type Pokémon could use Aura was misinterpreted over time. Any Pokémon Type with the right level of power could use Aura. Evidence was there to support this; the strength of a Prehistoric Pokémon compared to one from this Era was a prime example. Prehistoric Pokémon took into their bodies Aura in its purest form, hence their amazing power. The only truth to the common belief was that Fighting Types and Psychic Types had a greater chance of bonding, because they each used Aura in different ways. Fighting Types used the physical side to Aura, whilst their Psychic Type counterparts used the mental side of Aura.

Lucario digressed though as he came to a stop. He could see the Kingdom of Rota now, he was close to finding out if a partner could be found for the chosen one. Taking a deep breath, he centred his own Aura before running onward to the Castle.

One thing was certain.

If they couldn't find a Fighting Type to bond with Ash … then they'd need an extremely powerful Psychic Type to do so … the problem was that the only Psychic Type capable would be the Legendary Mew.


Deep within a hidden research facility, a life force extended its power to see the outside world. It saw the despair, the anger and the abuse from pokémon and towards pokémon and it snarled mentally. How dare the ones called Trainers treat pokémon in such a manner? Was this why it had been forcibly woken?

All it could remember was peace, as it slumbered and then a great rage filled power blanketed the world as it knew. Then it was awake and alert – it had to be a sign. If it hadn't awoken at that moment it may have never learned the truth of its origins. The trainer that reeked of evil and smelled of earth had promised it training to control the raging power that boosted its own so well … the problem was that the power was growing.

And now it could feel that the growing power was going to cross paths with it soon. It briefly sent an extension of its power towards the growing power to try and make out the creature but it couldn't discern anything … that was troubling … it was powerful and it could see into any creature's mind.

So from deep within a hidden research facility, it watched the world and waited.


Ash felt a presence wash over him and a cold shiver went down his spine. Instantly he was alert, standing suddenly and letting out an incredible burst of Aura into his surroundings. The sudden act startled Brock and Misty, and they stared worriedly at him as he frantically searched the nearby area. Pidgey and Spearow cried out in fear of the pulse of Aura and the Rattata and Nidoran in the nearby bushes hurriedly fled.

It was so unlike the calm and collected Ash that they knew. Even when he'd lost his temper, he was never this unnerved. So to see Ash unleashing burst after burst of Aura to search the area, in such a frantic manner was a scary sight.

Ash felt the presence leave the area and he relaxed. Whatever it was, it was incredibly powerful – not as powerful as the unknown Legendary from that day, but powerful enough to stretch its consciousness across the continent – and that spelt trouble. He could somehow sense that the day would come where they would cross paths – how he knew, he couldn't figure out, but he could somehow feel that it was approaching quickly … it was only a matter of time.

"A-Ash, a-are you okay?" Misty asked quietly.

The question snapped him out of his thoughts and glanced towards the orange haired girl. He saw her flinch at his gaze and realised that he was still channelling absurd amounts of Aura into the immediate area.

Breathing deeply and calming his Aura was surprisingly easy that time … but why? The only logical conclusion that Ash could come to was the powerful entity that he'd just been brushed by – had somehow calmed his erratic Aura.

Ash's eyes widened briefly, 'If it could calm my Aura so easily without an Aura Bond … then what would happen if we bonded?'

For the first time in a long time, Ash was facing an unknown that he didn't know how to proceed with. For the longest time, Ash had been able to deduce an answer so quickly, but now with a blank, all he could do was stare at Misty – at a complete loss on what to do … and it scared him.

Misty looked to Brock in concern and he nodded back to her, something was very wrong if Ash was so unresponsive. Misty moved to approach him and tentatively reached out – she was surprised when she was able to hug him without him even reacting, it was practically impossible to touch the usually emotionless youth.

Ash's eyes refocused and he tensed when he felt himself being hugged; he could instantly tell that it was Misty that was hugging him, as her perfume was quite distinct. Ash sneezed and quickly broke free from her grasp, perfume was fine, but due to his incredible senses due to his Aura, he couldn't be in direct contact with the fragrances. He could tolerate them in battle, or if he needed to think, but they never failed to give him migraines.

Misty blinked at the speed in which Ash had escaped her grip, but the single moment of silence after that turned into laughter. Brock was beside himself, it wasn't every day you could catch Ash being involved in such a scene, but it was the look on Ash's face that got him laughing. Likewise, Misty was in a similar state – seeing Ash react like that was hilarious.

Ash stared at them for a moment longer before a smile broke out on his face as well. It wasn't the most dignified way of being forced back to reality but it was rather humorous. Once they'd all calmed down, they set their attentions to cleaning up their camping site and moving on. They'd travelled on the main route for several hours when Ash paused yet again and stared into the sky. Narrowing his eyes, he gazed at the clouds and checked the breeze that had picked up, and turned into a strong wind.

"It will rain soon," Ash simply stated, even managing not to cough for once. It seemed that the double dosage of the antibiotics was working wonders. "The coming storm will bear down upon us within the next hour … we should find shelter soon. Fortunately I have an acquaintance, of sorts, nearby but …"

As Ash trailed of Brock and Misty nervously glanced to each other before prompting him to continue.

"But what Ash, what's wrong with your acquaintance?" Misty enquired softly.

"I'm afraid that he's become rather … eccentric of late," Ash supplied honestly. "His advancements in the fields of Pokémon Transportation and Isolation have been remarkable to say the least, but … because of his incredible knowledge in the field, he's become affected by the more … feral pokémon that he's isolated. Remember, if you will, that some pokémon that are called to be stored and isolated are done so because of desperation, and that some pokémon actually understand what that isolation means."

It was Brock that frowned this time, before he asked the question on both his, and Misty's tongue, "What do you mean … they understand? Understand what Ash?"

Ash sighed and coughed before answering, "Pokémon that are isolated are put to sleep to do so – in other words, they are forced to be put down before their bodies are contained or destroyed."

The revelation caused Brock to feel queasy, and Misty failed to control her stomach, as she emptied breakfast into a nearby bush. Feral Pokémon often went on rampages, and the Feral Pokémon that couldn't be rehabilitated were contained/isolated or put down … it wasn't a pretty truth to the Pokémon League Laws, but it was necessary to protect the masses.

The concept brought a spark to Ash's mind … it was worth researching the ramifications of this law … could a Feral Pokémon be quelled by a force of Aura? A calming method perhaps … interesting thought. The sky's rumbling brought Ash back to reality.

"We have to move," Ash reminded them.

"Lead the way Ash," Brock replied. "You know where we are better than my maps can provide."

Ash nodded and pointed towards a rather creepy looking side path that led towards the nearby cliffs. Misty gulped … she hated ghosts and creepy things just as much as Bug Type Pokémon.

"Say Ash," Brock spoke suddenly.

"Yes Brock?" Ash responded.

"You never said who your acquaintance was … who is he?" Brock asked.

"Oh, forgive me," Ash replied. "His name is Bill; he invented the Pokémon Storage Network."

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