Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


12. Chapter 12

Brock awoke from his restless sleep, he wasn't particularly excited to be in Cerulean City as it meant a less than pleasant visit to someone later in the day. Brock glanced to the clock on the bed, it was only 6:00am and he groaned; while it was perfectly fine to wake that early in Pewter City he was supposed to be enjoying his own journey with Misty and Ash.

'Ash … that boy is truly a mystery' Brock mused silently, as to not wake Misty, who slept on the other side of the wall. They'd decided to get a room that had two beds situated in their own rooms; that way they had privacy but they also had the chance to talk openly if they needed to. 'He has a way with Pokémon and people that astounds me every time we're together … but … Ash terrifies me as well, that look he had when he effortlessly incapacitated Seymour was … there was no emotion, just … nothing at all and that scares me; one so young shouldn't be able to just 'turn off' emotions so easily'

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he stood and made his way over to the window located nearby to get some fresh air, the sun was beginning to rise and Brock smiled softly … Pewter City never had a good view for the sunrise but here in Cerulean City it lit up the morning fog like it was lighting it on fire; it was truly spectacular. As he gazed at the rising sun in awe he became distracted by a quiet but unmistakable booming sound similar to a Sonic Boom attack successfully striking a target, shifting his gaze and leaning out of his window to gain a better look he was surprised and shocked to find Ash vigorously training like a man possessed. He watched transfixed as Ash fought an imaginary foe, it was a flawless dance that flowed into his deceptively fierce strikes and Brock's eyes bulged as he witnessed a swirling red energy as menacing as Ash's usually emotionless eyes encircle Ash's fist before he thrust it into the ground … it resulted in a noise that had drawn Brock's attention in the first place; a Sonic Boom.

That was when Brock choked on a breath as the ground beneath Ash's fist pulsed with a red hue before it burst apart like water parting for a ship. Brock gulped down the lump at the back of his throat and wiped the light sweat that had made its way onto his brow due to the freakish display before him … he blinked and gasped as Ash was now staring right at him, Ash tilted his head and raised a brow but roughly gestured to the area around him … Brock got the message or invitation in this case and waved a 'hold on' gesture.

Brock dressed properly and tightened his shoe laces before silently making his way downstairs to the entrance of the Pokémon Centre.


Ash was sitting patiently on a stump of a tree with his legs crossed and his eyes shut gently as Brock approached and once next to the red eyed youth he sat on a bench next to the tree stump. Ash made no gesture that signified he was aware of Brock's presence but once Brock went to speak Ash interrupted.

"You are ** probably aware by now that I am an Aura User … yes?" Ash calmly spoke as if he was completely at ease and Brock grunted in an affirmative manner.

"Yes, I had my suspicions but your display of power confirmed it" Brock responded quietly "H-How … I mean, I was told about Aura Users by my father when I apprenticed under him in Pewter City but I was under the impression that they were extinct … at least in the Kanto Region."

"Hmmm … you're partially right" Ash responded just as quietly "There are too few of us remaining but you are right … to the best of my knowledge I am the only Aura User outside of Sinnoh, ** though Rota may be home to one or two users; Rota is technically foreign soil despite being located within the Kanto Region's borders."

Ash took a deep breath and stood suddenly, startling Brock by the quick movement.

"Please … walk with me Brock" Ash asked before tilting his head at a confused Brock "You are troubled ** and breakfast isn't available at this hour … I find that the ** fresh air here in Cerulean City to be rather ** therapeutic ** not to mention conducive to a troubled mind."

Brock let out a laugh and shook his head in exasperation "Sure Ash … let's go, should we wake Misty up first?"

Ash shook his head negatively "No; I find that she isn't accustomed to waking early and I believe it is ** … important?" Ash's face took on a thoughtful expression "Yes … important to … respect? ** Yes; respect her preferences ** … after all, I can't force my habits onto her, she has the right ** to her own time … just because I wake early … doesn't mean she should."

Brock just stared at Ash in shock as he continued with a tilted head and a thoughtful expression "Besides … is this not ** what they call … male bonding?"

Brock started to chuckle before that changed into a laugh "I guess so Ash … I guess so."

Ash nodded, more to himself than to Brock as if he'd made a great discovery and they made their way into the City in a peaceful silence. The duo soon appeared at what appeared to be a crime scene and decided to watch as the Cerulean City Officer Jenny coordinated the various police officers and crime scene staff. Brock instantly turned into a gooey mess and blushed while sighing dreamily at her … Ash merely raised a brow and coughed to get her attention.

"Whose there?" Officer Jenny boomed out with authority "They say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime … speak criminals … SPEAK!"

"Jen … breathe" Ash countered softly.

Officer Jenny blinked and took a breath before recognising Ash … it took a few seconds to register before Jenny let out an excited squeal and pounced on the youth. Brock gaped at the scene as Ash was squashed between Officer Jenny's breasts as she rubbed her head against Ash's soft hair … Brock wasn't the only one as the various staff and officers had never seen Jenny act in such a manner.

"Oh I missed you Ashy" she exclaimed cheerfully "You should have told me you were visiting … I would have insisted on your staying at my place, it would've been nice to have the only man I truly care about over … just like you used to … ah those late nights were so much fun … you even remembered my pet name!"

Gasps and choked breaths could be heard from many of the eavesdroppers and Brock suddenly cried out in heartbreak "You and Jenny Ash? How? HOW?"

Ash tilted his head, earning another squeeze from the emotionally charged Jenny before he glanced to Brock "What are you ** talking about Brock … is it uncommon for siblings to ** spend time with each other?"

Everyone that had been eavesdropping (mainly the males) sighed in relief while Brock chuckled sheepishly "…Oh."

Jenny raised a brow and looked down to Ash, whose face was still being squashed into her chest "Whose this Ashy?"

"I really wish you'd ** refrain from using that childish nickname, I thought you'd ** grown up" Ash sighed "And this is Brock Slate … the former Pewter City Gym Leader ** and now a travelling companion … I admit to being … unaware as to our relationship though … I guess we are … friends ** right Brock?"

Brock nodded rather quickly "Of course we're friends Ash!"

Jenny giggled "Don't worry Brock … Ash doesn't comprehend emotions like we 'ordinary' people do"

"** Perhaps I would if other people weren't so … mundanely dumb." Ash retorted quickly, though he failed to realise that Jenny had baited him for that response.

"See what I mean Brock?" she giggled again, Brock just responded with a nod.

Ash frowned and decided that it was time to change the subject "What happened here Jen?"

Officer Jenny perked up instantly and explained that some expensive and experimental deep sea pumping equipment had been stolen and that the thief or thieves had gotten in and out again without tripping any alarms or alerting the guard pokémon; the only reason they discovered the break in was due to a black rose triggering the silent alarm after the heist was over.

Ash frowned once more and analysed the information given 'No alarms until after they finished stealing the items and a single black rose as the only evidence' Ash's eyes wandered to the building and its alarm based security system 'The alarm system is still active but with the Police and Crime Scene Staff everywhere, it should be deactivated or have gone off by now.' Ash shifted his piercing gaze over to the staff and spied the twitching of one of the female staff member in the centre of the crowd 'Nervous twitching of her pressure points and pupils dilated … constantly shifting her gaze and alternating said gaze between exits and the floor … accomplice? Hmmm, no judging from the shifting of her weight she appears to have a prosthetic leg, so physically incapable of assisting the perpetrator/s … technological assistant? No, her name badge identifies her as an intern and while her eyes indicate a keen intellect the wristband hidden under her work blouse shows that she volunteers regularly … threatened? A logical possibility … with all the facts the conclusion is simple.'

"The woman there in the centre." Ash pointed to her and the girl nervously shuffled forward when Jenny gestured her to do so "What did she ** threaten you with?"

The woman started and started tearing up "S-she … I-I have no idea w-what you mean."

Ash continued to stare at her and after a few minutes of quailing under his intense gaze she snapped "Okay … okay; one of the hospital staff where I had physical therapy … he and I are engaged but a teenager or young woman was forcing me to disable the alarms or … or s-she'd g-get her friends to k-kill my fiancé!"

The woman broke down completely and just apologised over and over again while she crumpled onto the floor. Her boss was not impressed and marched angrily over to her and shouted at her "You're fired … I never want to see your face here again. That equipment was this company's future and you destroyed that you stupid girl!"

He raised his hand to her in anger and brought it down harshly … only to be stopped by Ash's sudden grip on his arm. Ash glared at the man harsh enough for his eyes to glow and squeezed the man's wrist hard enough to cut off the blood flow, the man winced at the pain before whimpering as he looked into Ash's eyes.

"Never ** lay your hand on a woman in such a manner ** sir!" Ash hissed menacingly "Imagine if you will, if it ** was your own daughter that had been taken and threatened?"

"H-how do you know I have a …" the man was cut off by another harsh squeeze.

"It matters little … do try to comprehend ** the words that I speak." Ash interrupted harshly. "And answer me! Would you cooperate if your daughter was the ** target?"

The man started sweating and thought of his precious daughter, he looked to the terrifying child that still had his wrist in a vice grip and then to the woman before he nodded submissively "Y-Yes … I would cooperate … I-I couldn't live with myself if I didn't."

Ash pierced the man with a more intense glare before nodding, he loosened his grip momentarily to speak "** Then you don't have the right to ** pass judgement on this woman!"

Ash tightened his grip once more in anger and a dense, heavy pressure descended upon the immediate area. Ash started to breathe heavily and was about to lose control when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder and shifted his gaze to see Jenny looking on with a look he couldn't quite place … was it pride perhaps … he didn't know but he did see the pain hidden underneath her gaze.

"That's enough Ashy … I think you've made your point quite clear." She whispered soothingly, she knew what spurred his anger … when they were both younger she was abducted by her crazy neighbour and would've been sexually assaulted if Ash hadn't discovered her location, he led Police to the location but when he saw her state of dress and the blood from the beating she'd received something inside of him snapped and he almost beat the crazy man to death … no one hurt his 'family' in such a manner, after that incident Jenny had become scared of men in general and had, to her shame, even lashed out at Ash at one point but with time she overcame her fear … it was almost adorable how protectively possessive Ash had become over her; he had taken to practically dragging her around and glared at every man that even looked at her and that was why she could only ever call Ash the only man for her … even though it was as a little brother but after the incident if he saw any man raise their hand with the intent to do harm to a woman, he'd snap and get really aggressive as it brought up the bad memories.

"It's okay … he won't hurt her." She soothed again, Ash blinked as if he was in a daze before he let go of the man's wrist, the pressure left and he gulped in a deep breath before spinning and power walking away. Jenny watched him go and smiled softly as Brock moved to chase after him … it was nice to see he had made actual friends.

Jenny turned to the man that was now apologising profusely to the young woman while the woman just stared in the direction of Ash's fleeing form.


Brock managed to catch up to Ash and looked at the boy in concern, why had he done that? He wanted to ask but knew it was personal if Ash reacted in such a manner.

"Please ** don't ask for an explanation" he whispered in a tone that reminded Brock that Ash was in fact still a child of ten years.

"Okay … I won't press you but remember I'm here in case you do want to talk" Brock urged

Ash nodded and turned to the main road "Then I won't press you for your reasons of melancholy."

Brock snorted "Figures you'd still remember that but thanks; I appreciate that … Misty should be up … let's get breakfast huh?"

Ash nodded and they slowly made their way back to the Pokémon Centre.


The duo found Misty at a table in the cafeteria looking absolutely petrified by being seen by some of the local pokémon trainers as they pointed and whispered conspiringly at her. Ash, who was still slightly upset glared at them and they quickly bustled off once they spotted the harsh glare. Misty looked at him thankfully, if she was honest with herself, she was not looking forward to the upcoming 'family' reunion but with Ash there as support; she might just get through it.

They ate their breakfast reasonably quickly as they all had somewhere to be, Brock excused himself and left to take care of some personal business and Misty glanced nervously at the clock on the wall.

"W-We need to go if you want a Gym Badge and …" Misty trailed off and Ash understood her plight.

"Don't worry Misty" he spoke quietly "You'll be ** fine … I'll be right there with you ** if you want that is."

Misty looked grateful and nodded quickly "I-I'd appreciate that Ash!"

Ash nodded and turned back to his breakfast tea "Let me finish my tea and take my ** antibiotics and we'll leave."

Misty agreed silently and watched fondly as the boy that had found a place in her heart (as a brother) finished his tea with a pleased smile.


Brock stood in front of a modest two story house that housed the problem that he'd promised himself to address, Brock sighed deeply and slowly trudged up the stone path and up to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited nervously as he shuffled from foot to foot, the door opened and the person gasped.

"Hello there … Mother." Brock intoned in an impressively emotionless voice; she was the same as he remembered, always with the perfectly styled and in season hairstyles and the latest clothing, along with heavy makeup and gaudy jewellery.

"B-Brock? W-what are you doing outside of Pewter City? Are your siblings alright?" she asked rapidly and Brock grit his teeth.

"In case you've forgotten … those siblings of mine just happen to be your children" Brock ground out spitefully; he was immensely pleased to see his 'mother' flinch as if struck. "I'm only here to inform you that father has returned home and has retaken the mantle of Pewter City Gym Leader … and to give you these."

Brock fished out an envelope that contained official looking documents, he just wanted to get this over with so as soon as she opened the envelope and gasped he spoke again "As you can see I now have Official Pokémon League jurisdiction to inform you that you will never see my family again … you forgot the consequences that would ensue if you left without following the proper channels and since you neglected to do so and abandoned your children without any support … I am pleased to announce that aside from paying a settlement, you have no grounds to ever visit again. If you test this … test me then so help me you'll rue the day that you did so."

Brock's ex-mother gasped and wilted under his gaze "Now that my business is concluded I'm leaving; I warn you once more … do not test me!"

As Brock turned and left he paused when he heard his ex-mother sniffling … he turned and walked out of the house's front yard and never looked back at the mess that was his ex-mother.


Misty started to quiver as she and Ash approached the Cerulean City Pokémon Gym, her breathing increased and her heart was pounding furiously in her chest 'Am I really ready for this?'

She spared a glance at Ash, who was walking sedately next to her and she felt a fire start to burn in her heart 'Yes I AM ready for this … with Ash with me I won't fail!'

When they reached the counter they were surprised to see Brock waiting for them and together they approached a rather bored looking receptionist that rudely demanded tickets from them but gulped nervously upon seeing Misty; they were ushered in rather speedily after that and they got a glimpse at the end of the Water Ballet.

Brock was instantly drooling at the, in his words … 'majestic sisters' and Misty couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy at her sisters, they had everything and anything they wanted just because they could do no wrong in front of their parents. She was startled when Ash suddenly took her hand in his and gently squeezed it.

"It'll be ** fine … I promise." Ash muttered and though it was barely heard over the roaring crowd that symbolised the end of the ballet; she felt courage fill her veins … Ash really was a good friend.

"As far as I can tell ** their performance, while pleasing to the eye was rather dull … this particular story is supposed to show their water pokémon as the feature … their ** shallow performance was rather lacklustre as well … I wonder if they even realise their mistakes? Their swimming was unfeminine and not suited to their ** particular roles within the story … rather pathetic really and their ** pokémon aren't properly cared for either … see the way the Goldeen favour their front and not their **tails?"

Misty blinked and looked at the Goldeen, Ash was right … they weren't looking healthy; how dare her sisters mistreat the pokémon that she had trained. Misty was only vaguely aware that Ash had been analysing their movements and formulating strategies.

'It looks as though no new strategies are required … the hundred and one pre-planned battle plans are more than enough to defeat these horribly vain trainers.'

It was then that the three 'sensational' sisters approached, talking between themselves and praising their 'natural' abilities in the water … though that stopped when they spotted Misty. Disgustingly spiteful grins adorned their faces and they approached just a little bit quicker than before.

"Well … look at what the Meowth dragged in … I just knew it would pick up a like stray." The one named Violet spoke viciously "Are you like … finally listening to your successful family members and quitting your journey?"

"We always knew you never had any talent at all." Lily responded and Daisy just sneered at Misty as they tore into her calling her a failure and other harsh names. What they failed to notice was Ash … he was twitching at their comments and was growing increasingly mad … sure he hadn't known Misty long but she was already a part of his makeshift family.

"Silence." Was all Ash whispered, his voice enhanced by Aura as it echoed through the empty stands.

"Like … who are you?" Daisy sneered but all three shrunk back in fear as he turned his glowing gaze upon them as he hissed "I was already having a ** bad day but now? Now I'm pissed off by you … I'm here for a Gym Badge ** I challenge you ALL for your disgraceful behaviour!"

Misty was already hurting from the hateful comments from her supposed family but when Ash snapped and challenged them for how they treated her, her heart jumped in gratitude … so this was what it was like to belong to a real family, despite not being related by blood.

The three sisters shivered violently as an indescribably unsettling pressure fell upon them and why were his eyes glowing? They gulped simultaneously before Lily got enough resolve to sneer "We … like … don't feel like battling … two trainers from this hillbilly town called Pallet Town crushed our new trainer teams so we like only have our 'championship' Pokémon on hand."

The other two sisters; Violet and Daisy nodded in agreement but started shaking as the pressure increased exponentially "That's ** perfectly fine" Ash hissed menacingly "Misty may not be ** related to me but I cannot forgive your behaviour so either battle me or …" Ash trailed off as he suddenly donned a savage grin that had Misty shivering … the last time he had that grin was when the Viridian City Pokémon Centre Incident went down.

"Or what? Daisy gulped with false bravado

"Or else submit to Misty and declare yourselves … void from further Pokémon League events." Ash responded and the three sisters shivered … declaring yourself void meant that you withdrew from the Pokémon League and as most of their 'income' came from League sponsored ballets they couldn't afford to do so.

"F-Fine … b-but be prepared to lose kid!" they shouted though Ash could hear their stuttering

"Team … power level raised to 50% efficiency." Ash informed his team and they acknowledged instantly.

"Finally!" they all shouted at once … it caused Ash to smile internally, he'd transmitted the entire encounter with the three sisters to his pokémon so they too; were pissed off.


The battlefield consisted of several floating platforms that bobbed up and down with an artificial tide system to simulate an ocean's current. Ash watched impassively as each of the sisters selected three pokémon each; as the rules dictated for League battles of even this level.

Daisy was first. "Prepare to lose kid … go Gyarados!" Ash was NOT impressed.

Gyarados was a serpentine Chinese dragon-like Pokémon. It was mostly blue, with a yellow underbelly and yellow spots along its body. It had a three-pointed, dark blue crest on its head and four white fins down its back. Its mouth was very large and gaping, bearing four canine teeth and it had one barbell on each side of its face.

[Gyarados: The Atrocious Pokémon: Once it begins to rampage, a Gyarados will burn everything down, even in a harsh storm]

Most trainers would freak out at this moment but Ash was not one of them 'Size is average as is color but this male Gyarados lacks the musculature that his species should possess … I'm rather disappointed.'

Ash's savage grin reappeared as he unclipped a Pokéball from his belt "Come Forth Pidgeotto."

Pidgeotto materialised into the air and hovered on Ash's side; he glared at the Gyarados across from him and awaited Ash's orders.

Brock volunteered to judge and picked up the official's flags "This is an Official Pokémon League battle between The Cerulean City Gym Leaders: Daisy, Lily and Violet Waterflower and the Challenger: Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town … each trainer is permitted three pokémon and only the challenger may substitute … Ready and BEGIN!"

"Gyarados use like Bite Attack!" Daisy cheered victoriously … she wasn't prepared for what would happen next.

"Quick Attack into Aerial Ace … aim for the back of Gyarados' crest approximately an inch from the head's surface."

Pidgeotto screeched his name viciously and disappeared while Daisy watched on in fear as seconds later a white streak slammed into the back of Gyarados' head … he never stood a chance and was out cold instantly.

'Seriously? I prefer not to underestimate my opponent but … wow … these girls are morons.' Ash thought while outwardly showing his disappointment by frowning.

Daisy attempted to cheer herself up and returned Gyarados before taking her second pokéball from her belt "Go Gyarados!"

Another Gyarados materialised in the water and Ash resisted a face palm 'Really … no versatility at all.'

"These amateur Gym Leaders are pathetic and this Gyarados is practically exactly the same as the first … while I loathe repeating tactics … Pidgeotto use the same strategy!"

The Gym battle went on exactly the same with all of the sisters … they ALL used only Gyarados' and each one was the VERY same level, as such, they were disposed of with extreme prejudice and speed. Pidgeotto was not happy; he was expecting a real challenge but was called into a tedious game of repeat and rinse against nine Gyarados in a row!

"Pitiful little girls playing Gym Leader." Pidgeotto cawed with a cry of his name "At least they provided me with the necessary experience so I can surprise Ash with this …"

Pidgeotto screeched his name fiercely before he suddenly glowed white with pulsing energy; soon his form grew and grew … Ash was mesmerised by the evolution since Pidgeotto was already roughly the same size as a small Pidgeot but he continued to grow to an astounding size; the light died and in Pidgeotto's place hovered a proud and regal looking Pidgeot.

Pidgeot was an avian Pokémon with large wings, sharp talons, and a short, hooked beak. His glossy plumage was mostly brown with cream-colored underparts and flight feathers. His head was decorated with a red and yellow crest that was nearly as long as his body. The fan-like feathers of his tail were red. His beak and legs were pink, and there were angular black markings around his eyes.

[Pidgeot: The Bird Pokémon: By flapping its wings with all its might, Pidgeot can make a gust of wind capable if bending tall trees.]

[No new moves learned]

Pidgeot was still roughly 2.5 times the size of even a large member of his species and as such, Pidgeot's appearance only intimidated the three sisters, despite the fact that the battle was over. They shakily made their way over, still weary of the large avian pokémon that had landed and towered over his trainer.

"Y-You must've cheated!" Lily exclaimed with an angry blush on her cheeks "Only a cheater brings a pokémon that size to a pokémon battle."

The other two sisters though, for a change, realised that they had been completely annihilated by a trainer that was still, technically a beginner trainer.

"Lily … stop it and shut up." Violet suddenly shouted, surprisingly everyone present "We lost … grow up and give the challenger his earned Gym Badge!"

Daisy nodded in agreement and Lily huffed like a child before taking a Cascade Badge and throwing it as hard as she could at Ash. "Take it then cheater but tell me how you beat us so easy."

Ash calmly placed the Cascade Badge into his badge case before turning to face the expectant faces of the Sensational Sisters "You are ALL disgraceful trainers, I've met Junior Students stronger than you and your pokémon. You failed to ** even utilize the basics regarding to your pokémon's species. Gyarados in water is fast … trained properly while using both speed and powerful techniques would have turned the table on many trainers. Instead you failed to realise that ** your particular Gyarados' are all identically levelled and ** show NO diversity! Take a page from Misty and train your ** Pokémon … you foolish little girls playing Gym Leader … are simply ** a disgrace to ALL trainers."

The Sensational Sisters were in tears as Ash tore into them but the final nail was when he muttered "Misty may not have your looks ** but her beauty is far more precious than yours is; her ability to befriend and raise her pokémon is far more valuable than a ** pretty face … ready to leave Misty?"

Misty gaped at Ash as he picked her sisters a part before blushing at his comment at his declaration, it felt amazing to be appreciated and Ash just gave off that aloof big brother aura that made her feel completely at ease.

"Yes Ash … I'm ready." Misty replied with a warm smile on her face

"Then let's go … coming Brock?" he intoned to the both of them "We'll ** visit the sights tomorrow and take a break; how does that sound Misty?"

Misty nodded cheerfully and Brock smiled at the duo … Ash really did defend his 'family' with all of his might and judging from his declaration he didn't hesitate." 'Siblings huh … I should call home later tonight so they can all speak to me before bed.'


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