Red Eyed Master

A single unexplained incident changed Ash Ketchum's life forever. An incident that will shake the Pokémon world and bring forth a true Pokémon Master. Aura!Ash! Smart!Ash! Now Rated M - Just in case! Chapter 01 - Edited.


10. Chapter 10

It had been a week since Ash had defeated Brock Slate, the Pewter City Gym Leader thus obtaining the Boulder Badge and he was feeling rather content. Ash had yet to receive the Boulder Badge from Brock but that mattered little at the moment for Ash had spent the last seven days devouring the information available at the Pewter City Pokémon Museum, including the texts and documents that were written in the ancient scripts of Pokélantis; not that the other researchers knew that of course but there he was, studying like a person possessed and the researchers and workers were astonished that a child so young could actually read and comprehend the data that they were feeding him.

It was during this time that the researchers with Ash's assistance had identified the necessary genetic code required for bringing a Pokémon Fossil back to life; thus their prototype machine was now operational and he was excited to see if their hard work had paid off. Ash was amused to discover that the research team at the Pewter City Pokémon Museum had a previously unknown rivalry with a research team that resided and studied on Cinnabar Island. He discovered that the research team on Cinnabar Island worked exclusively private and were heavily utilized by the elusive Viridian City Gym Leader: Giovanni, for what reasons Ash couldn't discover but it intrigued him nonetheless.

So here we find Ash; walking towards the Pokémon Museum at a brisk pace, Ash had only one more section of research to study before he would've completed their entire library of knowledge.


Ash was deep in thought as he approached the side entrance to the research centre of the Pokémon Museum, he wanted to know if they would consent to using his Fossil as the final test before the Fossil Restoration Research would be submitted to the Pokémon League, along with the Acting Champion Lance. Ash had learned that Lance had obtained the DNA of an Aerodactyl in an Amber like crystal and had all but demanded that once their research had been proven to be notified so that he could bring said Pokémon back to life; if he succeeded then Lance would add an extra powerhouse to his already Championship Team. It was proven via DNA and Genetic Analysis that Pokémon from ancient times absorbed a purer form of energy than that of modern day Pokémon and Ash had theorised that the energy was none other than Aura in its purer form … if that was the case then his Aura Massage, along with its results were simulating the very process that the ancient, prehistoric Pokémon went through … at any rate; that clearly warranted an extra close observational study on the effects of his Aura Massage.

His preliminary study thesis on the subject had already been submitted to Professor Oak and had already caused an incredible stir in the Research Community thus causing the ripple effect of having his thesis becoming one of the basic principles of Prehistoric Pokémon Research, that coupled with his name being added to the Research Team's Roster had caused his thesis to become a founding element in the field.

Ash adjusted his backpack to shift the weight of the Fossil inside and proceeded to scan his hand on the security pad, once inside he would talk to the head of the research team to find out whether or not his Pokémon Fossil could be revived as the prototype's final obstacle; they did say that they needed to test it somehow … and Ash was more than happy to oblige.

Moving towards the head researcher he straightened his back and approached with confidence.

"Miss Tanaka … a word if I may?" Ash asked politely, happy not to be coughing as much today; perhaps the antibiotics in conjunction with less strenuous activity had aided his recovery …

He snapped out of his thoughts when she beamed a beautiful smile and happily nodded to him.

"Of course Ash!" she cheerfully chirped whilst gesturing to a chair next to her cluttered desk "I'll always have time for you"

Ash nodded before taking the offered seat before sighing and removing his Fossil from his backpack and placed it on her desk.

"This is a Pokémon Fossil that I have obtained and I wanted to know if you would grant me permission to use this Fossil as the final testing procedure for your machine!" he replied bluntly.

"Our machine Ash" she corrected gently "If you hadn't aided my team we would have never completed the machine's coding and with identifying the correct genetic coding either but your request is actually fortuities as our test Pokémon Fossil was recently loaned to the Shirona Research Institute in Sinnoh for their own analysis."

Ash nodded softly, he'd heard of the Shirona Research Institute as they were the primary Institute of all things ancient in Sinnoh, that and the picture of the founder was eerily similar to the blonde haired beauty in his 'vision' from the Spearow Incident … it led Ash to the conclusion that the location in which he observed the blonde haired angel was in fact; in Sinnoh and that she belonged to the Shirona Family.

Again, he found his deductions interrupted by the other member in the room.

"I will grant you permission Ash and as the Fossil belongs to you, you will be granted ownership of the Pokémon that is revived … I only ask to observe and document the entire restoration process … is that acceptable to you Ash?" she huffed her answer as her excitement became prominent.

Ash nodded his consent and followed the very happy and bouncing researcher out into the Laboratory that housed the prototype machine. 'Why do the women act like Froslass … is it a hormonal reaction to excitement I wonder … perhaps it could be a … oh; we've arrived.'

Ash approached the machine and placed his Fossil into the correct slot before activating the start-up protocol, all the while a happily buzzed researcher hovered around him.

"…Pokémon Fossil Restoration Machine: Prototype 001 now online …" beeped the machine "Scanning Pokémon Fossil … scanning … scanning … Pokémon Fossil identified as an Armour Fossil … initiating restoration procedure … 3, 2, 1 initialized." It continued beeping before the Fossil was absorbed by the machine; they watched the procedure from the allocated screen and Ash found himself awed with the results for sure enough; not 15 minutes later the machine opened with a perfect specimen of a Shieldon revealed.

Shieldon was a small, yellow, ceratopsian-like reptilian Pokémon. It had white toes and a white bump on its back. Shieldon had a dark-gray elliptical face, with a prominent white brow and a white rim on its black snout. Its facial hide was extremely hard; however, it was vulnerable when attacked from behind.

The Shieldon was sleeping at the moment but that didn't stop Ash from approaching and analysing the Pokémon before him.

'Hmm; this Shieldon is Male judging by the groove on the top of his head and he's absolutely perfect!' Ash noted happily 'He's an appropriate size for a medium levelled member of his species and there appear to be no irregularities with the results of the restoration'

Ash proceeded to gently caress the Shield Pokémon's head and pulsed his Aura softly just once … there was an immediate reaction as Shieldon awoke suddenly but instead of going on a rampage, he just stood there gazing into Ash's Aura enhanced eyes … what seemed like an eternity to the two of them the Shieldon finally moved, it slammed into Ash with a happy cry of his name.

'So the revived Pokémon behave as newborn Pokémon and imprint … interesting, I'll have to notify Professor Oak immediately' Ash pondered whilst smiling softly as he gently petted the Shieldon.

"Shieldon; I am Ash Ketchum" he spoke with Aura "I am called a trainer and I am responsible for waking you from your sleep … I assume that you wish to be the strongest of your species?"

At Shieldon's resolute nod Ash continued "Then you shall be … if you do not fear hard work and gruelling training then you shall no … you will be the strongest of your species … will you join me?"

The Shieldon was awed by the human that could speak his tongue and found himself compelled to follow this human, so he nodded and with a cry of his name stood and adopted a look of pure determination.

'My kind of Pokémon' Ash thought with pride for his new family member so he also nodded and took a pokéball that he had ready for this moment and pressed it to Shieldon's armoured head … the pokéball sucked Shieldon in and shortly after a few wiggles … the pokéball pinged a successful capture. 'All 8 Slots of my team filled now … excellent!'

Turning around, Ash looked to his onlooker who seemed to be teary eyed.

"That … that was beautiful!" she blubbered "You just looked into each other's eyes and instantly bonded … you'll be a great team Ash … just please look after Shieldon and raise it well."

"I will Miss Tanaka" he responded "I will take care of HIM as if he were my own family"

She nodded and giddily bade goodbye to Ash as she glided off to analyse the data, so Ash sighed, picked up his backpack and said his own farewells to the other team members that were just arriving before leaving the research centre.


Professor Oak was reviewing the thesis submitted by Ash and he once again floored by the evidence Ash had provided, as well as the controversial suggestion of the reasons why Prehistoric Pokémon were as strong as they were. It made so much sense that he couldn't believe that it took a ten year old to suggest it, a genius level ten year old; but even still …

It brought the Professor back to his own personal study into the Ketchum Family and their history, so far he'd turned over nothing of importance except for the fact that there wasn't much of anything in regards to their history … and that in itself was suspicious but he wouldn't be discouraged … he would find out how far Ash could go with his potential.

He had finally spoken to Delia about it and she was strangely tight lipped about both Red's Family's history and her own Family's history. The only comfort about not finding anything was the comment from Delia telling him that one day she'd tell him everything but it wouldn't be until Ash reached maturity.

His thoughts were interrupted by the Trainer's Records Computer as it beeped out a successful capture.

"Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum's Records Updated: Further Captured Pokémon listed as: A Shieldon – Male." Beeped the computer's female voice.

Professor Oak, who was just starting to sip some of his tea, started coughing and choking on said tea.

'A-Ash caught a … a Prehistoric Pokémon? Impossible, but then again he did assist the Research Team in Pewter City … he never mentioned a Fossil though'

His erratic thoughts suddenly calmed when a thought finally struck his head … 'And I get to study the Shieldon' it was then that he started laughing creepily in anticipation.

The rest of the Laboratory's staff decided it would be safer to stay away from the eccentric Pokémon Professor after hearing the creepy laugh coming from his office.


Brock awoke feeling rather well as he felt all was right with his life … his Father had returned and picked up on the habits of his siblings extremely quickly. Forest; the second oldest in their family was a little hesitant at first but after a little bonding with Flint was happy to spend time with the estranged Father. Flint had agreed to take Forest on as his new apprentice so as to prepare him for one day … taking over the Pewter City Gym but where did that leave him?

Brock was still feeling a little shell shocked by the situation and he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do now … he'd like to achieve his dream of being a world famous Pokémon Breeder but was now the right time to be a little selfish for once … after all; most of his life was dedicated to raising his younger brothers and sisters and without that he was just a little scared.

He was brought out of his musings by a knock at his bedroom door, so getting up and putting on a shirt he opened the door to see his Father standing there with a serious expression on his face.

"I think it's time we talked son" Flint spoke with a firm tone

Brock nodded and gestured to the edge of his bed and sat down silently as he watched his Father follow him inside and take his place on the gestured spot on the bed.

"I have observed you and this Family for some time now Brock and I think it's time to follow your dream." Flint started with that serious tone still in place.

"F-Father … I-I just can't leave my younger brothers and sisters" Brock stuttered in reply

"Son … Brock; it's time you followed your dream to become a Pokémon Breeder" Flint replied, serious tone replaced with a softer tone "If it wasn't for that child … Ash Ketchum; I'd still be wallowing in self-pity and I wouldn't have had the confidence to go to the Gym and watch the battle … speaking of which: you should probably give him the Boulder Badge … but my point is that I got the push I so desperately needed to return and become a proper Father once more; the children still remember me and still love me and that makes me happier than you could ever know but I'm here now giving you the push in the right decision and follow your dream son."

Brock remained silent for quite some time before standing suddenly and pulled on his green vest. He turned to his Father and murmured about needing to think about everything before he hastily left the room and then the house.

'That boy needs time to sort these issues out' Flint sighed softly before leaving the room to prepare breakfast for his family.

Brock decided to wander aimlessly for a while before he picked up his pace and headed towards the Pokémon Centre … maybe he could finally get Nurse Joy to go out with him …


Misty was currently seated at one of the many cafeteria tables picking at her food whilst deep in thought. After the talk and arguably the best cup of tea she'd ever tasted seven days ago she had been pensive … Ash: bless the boy had let her have the time to sort things out and for that she was grateful.

'Why did I leave home again and why did I forget something so important in the first place?' Misty questioned herself before the answer dawned on her ' I left in anger after an argument with Mum, Dad and my sisters … they wanted me to abandon my path of being a trainer because they were so successful that I didn't meet their requirements … I'm not as smart as Mum or Dad and I'm not as 'pretty' as my sisters but SO WHAT? I'm a far better battler than all of my sisters combined and I won't give up my dreams of being the world's greatest Water Pokémon Trainer!"

Now that Misty thought about it she realised that the words that she remembered from their fight she couldn't quite remember but family or not, they had no right to ask her to give up her dreams and she would prove them wrong and become the best Water Type Pokémon Trainer EVER!

With her mind made up she stood and marched out of the Pokémon Centre and headed towards the connecting Pokémon Training Grounds complete with an official sized Pokémon Battlefield. Once there she released her Pokémon team in the cool waters of the lake area, her Pokémon team consisted of a Staryu, a Starmie and a Goldeen.

Staryu was a golden-brown sea star-like Pokémon with five appendages. These appendages surround an exterior organ called the core, which was held in place by a golden ring looped around Staryu's left "leg". If any of Staryu's appendages were lost, it could grow them back with ease provided the core was still intact. The core resembled a red jewel.

Starmie was a violet sea star-like Pokémon with a gold formation on its front. Starmie's jewel core, which could glow in seven colors, had developed to resemble a cut precious stone. A second set of semi-attached arms had formed, and were able to spin 360°. It could sometimes launch itself out of the water and fly through the air for short periods and was the evolved form of Staryu.

Goldeen was a white, fish-like Pokémon with orange markings on its tail, back, and fins. It had a thin dorsal fin and long pectoral fins. Its dorsal and pectoral fins were quite strong, allowing it to maintain a steady speed of five knots while swimming upstream. Goldeen's caudal fin was admired by many for its beauty as it billows very much like a ballroom dress. Its circular eyes are blue, and it has pink lips. On its forehead is a large horn, which was discovered to be larger on the male than on the female

Upon reflecting on her team she realised that while they were great Water Types, she hadn't trained them to withstand attacks from Pokémon that possessed type attacks that were super effective against her Water Types; such as Electric and Grass type moves. She cursed to herself … how could she make such a rookie mistake? She aimed to be the best but she knew now that she fell short from the mark.

While she stewed in her thoughts she failed to notice the Pokémon hiding in the bushes on the other side of the lake.


The unknown Pokémon gazed at the orange haired girl that looked depressed and knew that she couldn't just stand there and not try to cheer her up, so the unknown Pokémon dropped into the cool waters of the lake and silently swam over to the sad girl.

She suddenly jumped out of the water and squeaked at the girl, thus scaring her in the process but it certainly worked in getting the girl to stop wallowing in her sadness.

"Wooper!" she chirped happily at the depressed girl.

The girl was shocked at the sudden appearance of the pokémon before blinking and addressed the newly identified Pokémon.


Misty was stewing in her thoughts when a blue coloured missile burst from the water and startled her and her team it tilted its head at her before crying its name.

"Wooper!" the Pokémon chirped and Misty just stared at the Pokémon in front of her before finally snapping out of her shock to address the Pokémon before her.

"A Wooper … what is it doing here in Kanto?" Misty asked herself quietly

Wooper was a mostly blue, amphibious Pokémon that resembled an upright, armless axolotl. Wooper's head was large compared to its body, and it had small, round, black eyes. It had purple, branching gills on either side of its head; the males had more branches in its gills than the females. Wooper stood on two small, round feet, and it had a large, thick tail. On its belly were dark blue curved markings.

The newly identified Wooper cried its name in annoyance and Misty realised she must've been staring at the Pokémon, so she blinked once more before replying with "I'm sorry … I didn't see you there little Wooper … do you need something?"

The Wooper shook her head in exasperation before jumping onto Misty's shoulder in a remarkable show of strength and proceeded to rub her face on Misty's cheek. Misty giggled at the action and watched the little Wooper jump back to the ground with a proud look on her face and it dawned on Misty what had drawn the Wooper to her.

"Were you trying to cheer me up?" Misty asked nicely and when the Wooper cried her name in the affirmative, Misty hugged the Wooper softly "Thank you Wooper but I'm fine now, I'm just trying to think of how to train my Pokémon"

She gestured to her remaining team and smiled softly "Would you like to watch Wooper?"

The Wooper nodded and watched Misty train her Pokémon to refine their Water Type attacks and make them more accurate, Wooper was awed by the way Misty commanded her Pokémon and nodded to herself … if she had to have a trainer; she would choose Misty.

Misty finished with training her Pokémon and after proud and encouraging comments to them she returned them to their pokéballs. Turning Misty noticed the Wooper still there with a fire burning in her eyes, so she walked over towards the little Water Type in concern … only to find herself slammed into the ground before the Wooper pounced and tapped one of her spare pokéballs that had rolled off of her belt; with a short ping Wooper was now a member of her team.

Misty blinked dumbly for a few moments before a smile burst onto her face and she happily bounced her way back to the Pokémon Centre.


Ash had just entered the Pokémon Centre and proceeded to walk towards Nurse Joy's Station, once there he politely greeted the kind nurse before taking all 8 of his pokéballs and passed them to Joy, who immediately took notice of the new pokéball.

"You caught another Pokémon Ash?" she asked excitedly, after all, not many Pokémon caught her honorary little brother's eye "That makes all 8 of your Slots filled now!"

Ash nodded with a soft smile, he'd been doing that a lot more frequently lately but it mattered little to him so instead of pondering his newly developing emotional tendencies he just pushed the tray of pokéballs towards her and politely asked her to check them.

"Everyone … Nurse Joy is going to check you all over for a few minutes or so; I expect you all to behave yourselves … understood?" he said to his team via Aura and he soon had an affirmative from his entire team, though both Torchic's and Shieldon's responses sounded a little forced.

Ash tilted his head slightly in thought, ignorant of the look of 'Kawaii' on Nurse Joy's face and spun around and headed towards the hidden room that he resided in temporarily, once inside he placed his backpack on the bed before leaving once more; remembering to relock the door once outside.

Walking over to the Video Phones he gracefully sat on the chair of what he had dubbed the most comfortable Video Phone chair in Pewter City before dialling the Professor; it didn't take long as he knew the Professor would have heard the automatic update from the Pokémon Trainer Records.

"Ash … how did you … when did you … Fossil Pokémon" Professor Oak stuttered out while gasping for breath; did the Professor run to the Video Phone?

:Professor … you're stuttering nonsense again:

"A-Ash do you understand what you have? A Prehistoric Pokémon is a huge responsibility and" Oak began before a deadpanned glare from Ash interrupted him.

:Professor … do you honestly believe that I would take on the responsibility of raising a Prehistoric Pokémon without doing my research? Furthermore, do you believe so little in my abilities that you would question any action on my part in regards to the raising of any Pokémon?:

Professor Oak just sighed before he decided to elaborate his points instead of digging himself further into the hole he was in.

"Ash my boy, what I meant is; are you sure that you're capable of handling a Prehistoric Pokémon, I personally know that you are capable of doing this but despite your abilities you are still only a trainer with one badge under your belt, the respect of a Prehistoric Pokémon depends on the strength of their trainers."

:I understand your point Professor Oak, really I do; but it appears as if Shieldon has imprinted on me … I was about to tell you that before you launched into a needless and useless lecture. I thought you had more faith in me and my abilities:

"I'm sorry Ash, I was just concerned for your safety that I forgot that you're far more mature than others of your age group … speaking of which your thesis on Prehistoric Pokémon was just accepted as a proven theory. It appears as though there's someone in the Shirona Research Institute that has also validated that theory and with both of your thesis' being combined into one solid thesis; it will be inducted into the Pokémon League's Official Curriculum; isn't that wonderful Ash?"

:Who? Who was the other person to lodge their theory Professor? That's the second time in less than 12 hours that the Shirona Research Institute has been mentioned:

The Pokémon Professor was startled by the speed that Ash responded as well as the level of intensity in Ash's gaze and stuttered out a name that would change both Ash's and the World's future.

"Cynthia Shirona" he stuttered out quickly

It was just a name but it resonated with Ash and he just knew that it was the girl from his 'vision' … so now he had a name to match the beautiful face … a true smile appeared on his face … and he couldn't deny the sudden surge of adrenaline that pulsed through him as he thought of the challenge that this Cynthia Shirona could provide. He didn't feel his heart rate increasing or the fact that the intensity of his gaze had increased tenfold … the ecstasy that pulsed through him was something foreign to him but he didn't deny the feeling … FINALLY someone that he could truly call a rival or adversary had appeared and she would prove a worthy opponent indeed!

Meanwhile Professor Oak's breathing had also increased; he'd never seen Ash respond to anything in such a manner … whoever this Cynthia Shirona was, then he anticipated an event of epic proportions occurring should the two of them meet and he wasn't sure if it would end goodly or badly. Of course he'd heard of the prodigy by name only, Cynthia Shirona was essentially a female Ash without the Aura and it suddenly dawned on the old Professor what Ash had suddenly found: A worthy opponent.

It caused the old Professor to shiver … what a battle would take place upon their meeting.

"A-Ash … are you okay? Speak to me Ash!" Professor Oak asked with a slight hitch in his raised voice; it was his raised voice that attracted the attention of Misty, who had just entered and Brock who also entered shortly after Misty did. "All I said was her name Ash, that's all … I don't understand what's got you so bothered."

"Professor … please forward me any and all data and research that has been submitted by this Cynthia Shirona as well as any other information about her be it relative or not … her pokémon or status will suffice as an extra factor of the information I require!"

Professor Oak was in shock … he'd never heard Ash speak so much and with so much … emotion before, not to mention that much with his voice box as damaged as it was; honestly it both scared and brought hope to his old bones but Ash's gaze was now bearing down on him.

"U-Understood Ash" Professor Oak finally replied "I'll get right on it … I'll have the information sent to the Cerulean City Pokémon Centre, you can obtain it there."

:Thank you Professor … you have no idea how much this means to me:

Professor Oak watched as Ash went to hang up and couldn't resist a final barb "And imagine what your Mother would think? Finally interested in a girl eh Ash?"

And with that he hung up and Ash was left staring at the screen in shock … what was that last comment all about? He knew that he didn't have to call his Mother as when they'd talked throughout the seven days of research, he explained that it would be better to talk at the Mt Moon Pokémon Centre before he would be unable to call for at least two days and she agreed with him.

Ash turned around and came face to face with Brock, Misty and Chansey as she was there to hand his Pokémon back to him, he accepted them back with a thank you and requested some tea if it wasn't too much trouble … of course Chansey was only happy to oblige and bounded off to the kitchen area.

"Perhaps both of you could stop staring at me and join me for tea?" Ash replied with a cough 'Damn and it was getting better too'

Brock and Misty agreed and soon found themselves in the lounge area of the Pokémon Centre; so leaning back into his chair and putting his hands together as he glanced between the two Ash started.

"So … how can I help you both? Judging from your body language and your twitching you need me for something yes?" Ash started and perked up as Chansey had returned with the tea "Thank you Chansey, your assistance is most appreciated."

Chansey squeaked happily before trotting off to complete her various other tasks.

"Well firstly I wanted to officially give you your earned Boulder Badge and prize money" Brock replied as he took an envelope and a badge out of his pocket slid them across the table between them "I also wanted to thank you for helping my family with my father … so thank you."

"It wasn't particularly difficult to deal with your father Mr. Slate so there is no need to thank me" he replied nonchalantly "If anything, I must thank your father for the rock he sold me … it contained a Fossil that I have recently had revived."

Brock and Misty gasped and Brock suddenly had a gleam appear in his eyes.

"Really?" he asked excitedly "What Pokémon is it and have you already established a dietary plan?"

Ash raised an eyebrow and Brock sheepishly rubbed his head and he calmed down before Ash responded "The Pokémon that was revived is a Shieldon that is Male, I have bonded with him but until I have observed him in battle I shall stick to the basic nutritional plan with providing enough nutrients and sustenance while adjusting his dietary plan over time … do remember that a Prehistoric Pokémon's diet is far different than a Pokémon that has adapted to the current world."

Brock nodded sagely and Ash continued.

"It appears that my observations of you are correct Mr. Slate" Ash paused to cough before continuing "You are far happier raising than battling your Pokémon."

Brock just huffed, though the smile on his face was genuine "Seriously Ash … may I call you Ash?"

At Ash's nod he continued "Then please call me Brock but what are you … psychic or something?"

Misty snorted softly before giggling and Ash raised his eyebrow once more, Brock looked to Misty in confusion "What? Did I say something funny?"

"Oh no Brock … it's just Ash here has the uncanny ability to know what's going on with everyone but no; he's not psychic." Misty replied with another soft giggle.

Brock turned to Ash, who was sipping at his tea with a contented smile and uttered something that even Ash wouldn't have thought to be asked … "Prove it"

Misty's giggling stopped and whipped her head to Brock shaking her head as if the gesture said don't ask … meanwhile Ash had just blinked and taken another sip of his tea before speaking "Are you positive?"

Brock nodded firmly and watched as Ash gestured to any of the random trainers waiting in the Pokémon Centre, Brock understood and picked a random young but pretty girl fidgeting with her skirt waiting at the Nurse's Station … Ash sipped his tea once more before sighing and placed his tea on the small table.

"Very well" he gazed at the girl for less than 30 seconds before speaking towards a smug looking Brock "The young girl is actually a boy that is crossdressing … the shoulder length is disproportionate to the stitching of the clothing, indicative of stretching on a frame not designed for the clothes … such as a boy's body and the size of the subject's hips are not wide enough to belong to the age displayed by the subject. The fidgeting suggests that this is the first time the subject has gone into public dressed as a girl but does so often in private if the level of skill in doing the makeup is of any indication … that or the subject hasn't dressed in such a short skirt before though I am inclined to believe the former conclusion on the point. Furthermore the subject displays familiarity with the current surroundings, that suggests that the subject is from Pewter City and has no inclination of unease with the locations of any sections in this Pokémon Centre and my last point in conclusion … is that why, with the established factor of familiarity does the subject reach the door to the male side of the toilet/bathroom area before changing to the female side? Case in point the subject is male and is ingrained with the unconscious tendency to go for pre-programmed responses such as using the male toilet/bathroom section."

Brock had turned and sure enough, the 'girl' had reached for the male section before switching quickly to the female side whilst glancing every which way to see if anyone had spotted the gesture.

"Observation complete" Ash simply spoke with a slight cough before he turned his attention back to his cooling tea. Misty sighed and Brock gaped at Ash. There was no way he could get that much information from 30 seconds of observation but then the memories of his battle echoed through his mind and he remembered how Ash had his Snivy attack a groove that shouldn't have been noticeable unless right in front of his Geodude at exactly the right angle. Ash was eerily good and it caused Brock to shiver.

"I trust that you wish to continue to travel with me Misty despite the fact that I must compete in Cerulean City to obtain the Cascade Badge?" Ash coughed out and Misty nodded softly though slightly hesitantly.

"Y-Yes Ash … I need to face my hurdle head on" Misty replied quietly, though she beamed a smile at Ash once he nodded with a proud smile.

"And you Brock?" he spoke whilst glancing at Brock over the tip of his cup "Do you desire to journey with our merry little band?"

Brock didn't know why but that single question broke through all of his doubts and for some reason he couldn't quite fathom he smiled before he replied …

"Yes … I will join you Ash Ketchum"

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