Teen Ghost

Sabrina hasn't been dead for a week when she finds out her twin sister Sara is getting involved with the boy that Sabrina loved.


2. Chapter Two

The next day I decide to get bold and go outside my walls. I've been dead exactly one week and I'm getting cabin fever.

I slip through the front door (literally) and glare into the blinding sun. It's a bright June morning and in just a few days my family would be going on vacation. Of course, that was before I died. School had just let out for the summer and we were all set to holiday in the Outer Banks and then I got in the crash. Now Mom and Dad just cry all the time and my sister stays on her phone with Steve. It's kind of of depressing to watch. So I'm not watching anymore...at least not today.

The outside world is weird when you're dead. I can't feel the ground beneath my feet so I kind of just float above it. The neighbors dog Charlie is out in the yard. He usually barks when he sees me but today he just gnaws on his bone. The sun is bright but I can't feel the heat on my body.

What do dead people do all day? I wonder.

I decide to head over to Steve's house. He lives just a few blocks away and maybe I'll spy on him and see what's he's doing. As I make my way to Cherry Street I decide to try something fun. I see a bright red Mustang speeding down our street and I step right in front of the thing. The driver doesn't see me and runs right through me at about 45 miles per hour. If I wasn't dead then I'm definitely dead now. For some reason I just needed confirmation. 


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