Teen Ghost

Sabrina hasn't been dead for a week when she finds out her twin sister Sara is getting involved with the boy that Sabrina loved.


3. Chapter Three

I turn the corner to Cherry Street and see Steve's Civic parked in the driveway. He was so proud of that car. He'd saved up for months at his grocery store job to buy it. He kept it clean and polished and for an old car it looked like a new car.

Well, Steve's not at work today, so I slip through the front door and float up the steps to his room. The house is quiet. Nobody else seems to be home.

Steve's door is open and he's stretched out on his bed with his laptop computer. I inch closer to him hoping he'll somehow feel my presence but he doesn't flinch. So I curl up on the bed next to him to see what he's reading.

I peek at the laptop screen and see Steve is reading an article titled "How to Get Over the Death of a Loved One". Part of me (the loving part) wants to reach out and embrace him and part of me (the selfish part) wants to scream "Please don't ever get over me!" But, I just lay there beside him and remember the scent of his Cool Water aftershave.

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