Dungeon Life - The Endless Labyrinth

A boy alone in the darkness of the dungeon. His story to escape out of his own little "egg". The story of a person's desperate struggle to survive the horrifying world that he was residing in. It begins.


5. Third Encounters - Hob Goblins

<Unknown Location - Fourth Room>

The boy opened the heavy metal with the support of the Goblin King's strength stats. What had appeared in front of the boy and his slime clone was another vast area of land similar to the previous one but with hob goblins as a main inhabitants. Unlike goblins, where only the king and small minorities could speak properly, most of the hob goblins seems to be able to communicate using a proper language. 

A considerably large village can be seen in this room. Its inhabitants are at least five hundred people. 

"!?" The boy noticed that the area was more technologically advanced than that of the previous rooms.

"!!" The boy's head was in severe pain as he began to remember a bit of his previous memories. 


"Your name is ----- -------!" A familiar voice spoke in a gentle tone.

The owner of that voice patted the boy in the head.

"Please do your best!" 

<End of Flashback>

"!?" The slime, who noticed that the boy was in pain, covered the boy's forehead with its liquid-like body. 

"!?" The boy noticed that the slime was able to shape shift and change its textures at its will. 

The boy formally asked the slime to shape shift into a form of a cloth. The slime immediately covered over the boy's cloth and shaped itself to a navy jacket with a white soft fur on the neck portion. 

"A human?" A hob goblin with casual white cloth spoke to the boy.

"?" The boy wandered what would happen to him because of his status as a human.

"Its nice to meet you, I am 231-514!" 231-514 introduced himself.

"?" The boy wondered why the hob goblin's name is a number.

"Its because a lower monsters like us are named after what generation we were born(514th Generation) and the date of birth(231th Child). I am basically 231th Child of 514th Generation," 231-541 explained himself.

"?" The boy asked why it was named after a number, not a proper name.

"Only the royalties and maybe heroes of war are able to get a proper name. We monsters gain our abilities depending on the person that we receive it from and what the name itself is," 231-541 explained.

"..." The boy silently nodded after the newly found information. 


<----- -------> Age: ?? Race:Human(?) Level: 1

Health Point(HP): 299/300

Mana Point(MP): ???

Strength: ??? + 135

Defense: ??? +171

Agility: ??? + 120 

Endurance: ??? + 300

Magic: ??? 

Available Stat Point: 0

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