Dungeon Life - The Endless Labyrinth

A boy alone in the darkness of the dungeon. His story to escape out of his own little "egg". The story of a person's desperate struggle to survive the horrifying world that he was residing in. It begins.


4. Second Encounters - Goblins(2)

<Unknown Location - Third Room> 

The statement regarding the King's perspective on his own citizens have greatly affected the boy. Even though his entire body was forcing him to stop, he still continued to fight for the justice that he believes in. A justice where everyone can be happy without killing anyone. 

"!?" The slime clone returned from his short journey only to find that his master have been heavily injured.

The boy asked for the slime to come to his side. The slime immediately followed order and surrounded the boy's entire body in order to move his damaged body. The temporarily support was able to give a damage absorbing and healing attribute to the boy. He slowly walked toward the King.

"Why you-!" The Goblin King immediately punched him as hard as he could. 

It did about the same damage as he have done to the boy earlier.

However, the boy walked toward him again without a sign of any damage.

"It doesn't matter how much times I have to punch you! It won't change my opinions on the citizens!" King shouted.

.......The boy stood again for the fifth time. Goblin King's damage has reduced slightly.

.....................The boy stood again for the tenth time. Goblin King's damage has reduced noticeably.

.......................................The boy stood again for the thirtieth time. Goblin King's damage has reduced heavily.

.............................................................The boy stood again for the fifth time. Goblin King couldn't punch anymore.

"Why would you go that far for a mere goblin? Don't humans get terrified on us?" The Goblin King asked the boy.

The boy explained that regardless which race you are, a life is a life.

"We were afraid. We were afraid that in a one day, a human would appear to slaughter us all. We didn't know exactly what time of day or what location it would be. Us nobles and royalties have stopped our management and we began to spend our days drinking and resting. Please forgive my previous words," Goblin King regretted.

The boy asked about what humans were, the Goblin King replied that the boy himself is one of them but different when it comes to the insides. He noted that his actions wasn't that of any ordinary humans. 

"Please take away my levels. I don't think such powers won't do any good in a peaceful world," The Goblin King offered to hand out his powers to the boy. 

"Its the only way that you are able to advance to the next floor without killing anyone."

The rest of the goblins, who were hiding during the King's fight, came to hand out their powers to the boy. The slime connected all of their bodies and sent their status without doing any harm to them.

"Good bye," The King bid farewell to the boy. The boy advances to the next room.


<??? ???> Age: ?? Race:Human(?) Level: 1

Health Point(HP): 289/300

Mana Point(MP): ???

Strength: ??? + 135

Defense: ??? +171

Agility: ??? + 120 

Endurance: ??? +300

Magic: ??? 

Available Stat Point: 0


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