Dungeon Life - The Endless Labyrinth

A boy alone in the darkness of the dungeon. His story to escape out of his own little "egg". The story of a person's desperate struggle to survive the horrifying world that he was residing in. It begins.


3. Second Encounters - Goblins

<Unknown Location - Third Room>

What had awaited for the boy and his slime clone was a room filled with hundreds of goblins. However, unlike the previous rooms, where stone walls have shaped the area, this room was basically a cave-like ecosystem where the goblins are the only inhabitants of the room. 

"!?" The armored goblins raised their spears against the boy. 

In the middle of goblin's threat, he noticed that only the armored goblins seems to be well feed compared to the skinny limbs of majority of the goblins. It was clear to boy that their was severe inequality in this environment.

"!" The boy came up with a clever idea.

With a short conversation with the slime clone, the two of them were easily captured by the soldier goblins. They were soon transported to the large goblin who seems to be the in the highest position. Basically the King.

"Who are you?" The King Goblin spoke.

The boy explained that he came from a room and he doesn't know who he is. Goblin King becomes quite for a moment and glances toward his servant with a killing intent. It seems that they were discussing about the two's disposal. The boy wanted to figure out one thing.

"Give the nobles 8:2 of the available food," The Goblin King ordered.

The boy asked the slime clone to loosen the tied rope. The slime immediately took the rope out of the boy. 

"!?" The Goblin King was surprised by their escape. He immediately grabbed his metal spear for a battle.

The slime almost attacked the Goblin King until the boy stopped him. The boy wanted to make sure that there is better way without killing him to achieve the same result. He asked the slime to take away the metal spear away from him. The slime immediately shaped its form to take the control of the Goblin King's hand and it took the spear as far as possible.

"What is the point of this?" The Goblin King asked. His fat, yet tall, muscular body intimidated the boy.

However, the boy was able to tell one thing to Goblin King directly. He stated that the citizen goblins are suffering because of his tendency to put the nobles in higher priority than the citizens, who are the majorities. He asked if Goblin King has ever seen the skinny arms of those who worked for him.

"!?" The Goblin King is angered by his words. He immediately punched the boy with all of his might. The boy is knocked back to the nearby wall where the debris and mountains of dusts came before his tattered body.

"Why would I have to worry over them?" Goblin King stated boldly.

"They are just filthy creatures." 


<??? ???> Age: ?? Race:?? Level: 1

Health Point(HP): 15/100

Mana Point(MP): ???

Strength: ???

Defense: ???

Agility: ???

Endurance: ???

Magic: ??? 

Available Stat Point: 0


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