Dungeon Life - The Endless Labyrinth

A boy alone in the darkness of the dungeon. His story to escape out of his own little "egg". The story of a person's desperate struggle to survive the horrifying world that he was residing in. It begins.


2. First Encounters - Slimes

<Unknown Location - Room behind metal door>

The scenery that had waited for the boy was a landscape with hundreds of monsters known as slimes. Its colors, as well as its shape and sizes, varied from one slime to another, as if it had the same uniqueness as humans.

"!?" One of the slimes attacked the boy by converting its body into spikes.

The boy quickly evaded. 

"!?" Countless of other slimes gained awareness of the boy. They attacked the boy in the same manner that the first slime did to the boy.

The boy quickly escaped to the corner of a stone wall. It was clear to him that these slimes will be attacking him if he approaches them. He decided to rush as fast as he can to the next metal door at the end of the other direction. When he reached the end of the other side, he immediately tried to open the door. However, the door was at least twice as heavy as the previous metal door. 

"?" The boy noticed that he isn't able to return back to the first room. The door only opens in one direction.

It seems that the purpose of this room was to annihilate all of the slimes in the room for sufficient amount of experience. If he invested on his strength stats, then he would be able to open the door as easily as the first one. However, the boy didn't knew if he had the right to hunt these slimes. Although they might have attacked him first, it might be because of their natural instincts. For example, a survival instinct.

"!" The boy came up with a better plan.

He slowly approached the slimes with his right hand. The slime naturally defended itself by sending out a sharp spike against the boy. However, when the boy didn't show any resistance against their attack, even the slimes began to feel awkward and out of place about it. The boy's hand was bleeding heavily.

"!?" The boy knew that communication wouldn't work, so he will need to show it that he is not their threat by a physical means.

The slime understood that this person will not be harming them. It immediately covered the boy's right hand to stop the bleeding. It connected its mind with the boy. 

"Why didn't you kill us?" The slime asked.

The boy replied that it wasn't right for the boy to massacre hundreds of them because of his own benefit. He implied that even if they are mere slimes, it doesn't give him the right to do so. The slime slightly laughed at him.

"I will help you with your journey," The slime stated.

The hundreds of slimes in the room began to merge into one. Unlike the light color textured slimes that it once had been, the joined form of the slime had a dark blue texture that contrasted with the boy's current clothing. It soon shaped itself to have exact height, shape, and figure as the boy. It basically became his clone of sorts. 

The boy and his slime clone pushed the door together. It opened.

The two went for whatever that has been awaiting them past the door. 


<??? ???> Age: ?? Race:?? Level: 1

Health Point(HP): ???

Mana Point(MP): ???

Strength: ???

Defense: ???

Agility: ???

Endurance: ???

Magic: ??? 

Available Stat Point: 0




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