Close as Strangers.

(About the story in Chapter 1)


2. One

XxChaper 1xX

Alayna walks around, waiting for first bell, frowning. She would text Michael, but 4 years ago he changed his number, and his Instagram and twitter are nowhere to be found. She sighs and thinks "he probably forgot about me anyway. I used to be ‘girly tomboy’ now i'm unrecognizable with this long hair, fringe bangs and all black clothes + glasses. Oh well.  She takes out her schedule. And speaks in her head, “ A period;Wellness (health and gym combined) . B period; Chemistry A. C period; Geometry B.  D period; Journalism 1A. E period; Music. F period; LUNCH!!!! G period; sociology and H Period;  study. Not bad. Other than me not knowing anybody.’’ Near her, Michael leans against a wall, chatting with Luke, Calum and Ashton.

“Ugh I fucking hate school…” He groans. Alayna takes out her headphones, leans against a wall. She puts her headphones in, and she then blares Faithless (i am) by Hotel Books. She closes her eyes, feelinging the cool breeze and warm sun on her skin. Bus Duty is always outside, which she very much fancies.

“Hey. You're new right? I'm Michael. Faithless?” Michael goes up to her, asking the simple question.  Alayna doesn't hear him, she's blocking out the world with her high music. Michael taps her shoulder. ‘’ Hello?!’’Alayna  takes out one headphone, her eyes still closed.

“ Yes?”

“Are you new here? I'm Michael.” Alayna pauses her Music.

“ Yes I am new. I'm Al- .” Alayna pauses, she wants to be someone new. And she wants her old life behind her. “ I'm Tallulah.” In away she didn't lie, that's her middle name.

“ Well nice to meet you. Is that Faithless? That album is amazing.” Michael asks Alayna, pointing to her phone.

“ Yeah It is. I really do like him. Hotel Books, Cam anyway” She smiles, knowing she found someone that likes the same singer as her.  

“ Great band. True. I hate waiting out here… I'm so fucking pale…” Michael says as if he was talking to his best friend. Alayna pauses her speech.

“ Yeah… Uhm I should go to class. Ill see you later I guess.” She moves away from the wall, a little creeped by how friendly he’s being.

“Where is your first class? I'm going to Wellness first.” He says, putting his hands in his pockets. Alayna looks at her schedule.

“ 208, Wellness with Mr. Leavis.’’ She huffs out, not wanting to even be in school.

“That is exactly where I am going. Could I join you to walk there?” Michael smiles at her, picking up his bag from the ground and swinging it over his shoulders.

“ Oh cool.” She says unaware what to say, she doesn’t normally talk to guys..or anyone for that matter. “Uhm sure. I don’t even know where to go so... “ She trails off, looking at her phone, for the time and then going on Instagram.

“ Awesome. I will escort you. Could I put my number in?” Michael says, grabbing for her phone.

“ Why? I don’t really know you, so sorry no.” She pulls her hand away. You see she would, but she genuinely doesn’t wanna get cyber bullied again, not that he would do that, he seems nice.

“ Oh… I was gonna text you to see if you wanted to hang out with some of my friends, they are really cool.” Michael says looking down, then aimlessly around. Alayna shakes her head.

“ If i get to know you, I have trust issues so. Yeah.” She says bluntly, not wanting to give TOO much information away, she just met the guy.

“Oh ok… “ Michael rubs the back of his neck. Alayna scrolls through Instagram, liking pictures of guitars, the first bell rings.

“Hmm fun fact about me. I play guitar. I have uh… hold on… four guitars.” Michael says, trying to engage in yet, another, conversation.

“ Fun fact about me I have a guitar shoppe. I've been here for a good month, moving and all, I just finished unpacking and i opened a guitar shoppe next to my house to get money.” Alayna says, following the topic of his.

“ Really? That is so cool. I'll have to check it out sometime.” Michael smiles, impressed in a way. Alayna smiles.

“ Yeah, they are like limited edition, I guess.  I have one for 30k signed and used by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.” She's trying not to brag, but she does have that.

“ Oh my god that is awesome! How'd you score that?!” He yells ecstatic, being a huge fan of Green Day.


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