Childhood's End

Mourning the loss of innocence


2. The Poem

'Come over here lad, no need to feel sheepish' 

'Cracking toast Gromit' 

'Get off my cheese 

'Well, this is a fine how-do-you isn't this , Gromit?' 


Words from the box 

Set in the corner 

Conjure up those perfect days as a child 

Through these days of horror and terror 

We turn inwards to our memories 

When life was secure 


Days full of laughter 

Before these days of fear 

In the middle of it all, Wallace and Gromit 

The perfect duo 

'They're the wrong trousers and they've gone wrong' 

How we laughed 

Now its harsh 

The world falling apart beneath our gaze 

Hatred replaces love 

The innocent die  

Slayed by motives not understood 

So many deaths in this cruel world 

Outside childhood 

Tears spilled too many times 


'Hang in there Gromit, everything's under control' 

'You're not going to turn me into dog meat' 

'By 'eck, I thought we were all for the can then' 

'Windows are our speciality' 


Then the news 

Wallace is dead 

Tears flow  

Sobs unconsolably 

For him 

For me 

For my childhood, now gone. 

Those comforting moments 

Those carefree moments 

Thank you Wallace for all the joy 

Seems fitting you are lost in all the insanity 

Hope Gromit is OK 

Goodbye my friend 

The bounce has gone from your bungie 

I miss you 




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