The boy with the olive skin


7. Chapter 6: Christy

I wake from dreams, or really nightmares, to hear my phone’s ring tone, I get out of bed as fast as I can to stumble towards my desk where my phone lay charging. Picking up my phone I quickly read the ID of the number, I knew Emma wouldn’t be able to see to night, with the anniversary of her Fathers death so close. I reread the message and smile sadly to my phone and myself.

9:54PM Emma (BFF): Christy I know it’s late but could you ask your mum if you can come over tomorrow night? I don’t want to be alone tomorrow.

I rush out of my room, down the hallway towards my parents room to see that the light in their room is still on at this hour. I knock on their door but it slightly open so I don’t dare to knock too loud, opening the door fully I can see that my mum is still reading the book from the day before, also dads rereading this mornings paper from the third time to day. They look up when I finally clear my throat loudly, mum raises an eyebrow at me in a silent question.

“Emma wanted to know if I could go over to her place tomorrow night,” I say quickly before my words get stuck in my throat.

My parents look from me to one another and they can’t help but smile wryly at each other before looking back at me. They look at me with a look of concern but it quickly disappears after I raise an eyebrow. They both nod definitely at me but it said, “Yes but you have to talk to Marione to check if it’s okay with her,”. I smile and nod at them before running back to my own room happy for the first time since this morning. I smile when I remember Adam saying something about a thing we did together when when we were younger. When I reach my room I quickly walk over to the desk just in time to hear my ring tone going off on my desk. I leap for my phone and snatch it up in my hand as I quickly login to my phone to read the message.

9:59PM Emma (BFF): Hey you awake? what did your parents say? Can you come over tomorrow? I have something to tell you tomorrow at school.

My stomach begins to do back flips inside me as I reread the message so I don’t miss anything I have to answer.

10:01PM ME: Hey, no I’m awake, I asked mum and dad and they said I could come over but I needed to make sure it was okay with your mum. Can you give me a hint about tomorrows mystery  topic? You know I hate to live in suspense.

Before I send the message I read it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes for me to correct. I go to sit down on my bed waiting for Emma’s response to come, when the reply does come I am almost asleep again, I jump at my ring tone and stare down at my phone at the message I have been waiting for what feels like forever.
10:07PM Emma (BFF): I asked mum for you, she said its okay for you to come over tomorrow. Tomorrows topic will stay just between us. Promise?

I tense slightly thinking that Emma doesn’t normally do this kind of thing anymore not for the past three years. I guess I know why she doesn’t do it any more, I sigh making my tense muscles try to relax as I start to reply to her text message.

10:09PM Me: You know that I promise. Now why were you so bummed out to day?

As I send the text to her I can feel my stomach clench and tighten, I sigh when I stretch out on my bed enough to strain my muscles, when my phone goes off again.

10:10PM Emma (BFF): I... don’t want to say anything over the phone, can this please wait until tomorrow??? I want to talk about it at the moment.

10:11PM Me: Okay but first thing tomorrow I want to know everything!

10:13PM Emma (BFF): Could I just tell you tomorrow, I don’t feel right telling you over the phone. It was about today, and why I was late for school. I want to tell you face to face at school okay???

10:16PM Me: Okay, but first time in the morning. I have to go to bed. See you tomorrow...

10:17PM Emma (BFF): Okay see you tomorrow.

I stare at my phone for a while on to see if any more messages come through from Emma. When none come through I lie back down on my bed and stare up at the roof, when my eyes start to get heavy. Closing my eyes I can feel the weight of todays worry lift slightly, falling into a dark sleep I start to wonder if Emma would be okay during the next few days.

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