The boy with the olive skin


6. Chapter 5: Adam

Before I can relax, before my mind can start on thoughts of Christy, it tries to think of anyone I know who has only a mother as family. Who has been in a car crash and surivied, someone who might be a year younger than us, someone I might know. Instantly my mind becomes clears and Christy comes to mind and for the first time, I have to shake my thoughts of her out of my mind. Which for me, is harder than it sounds.

“Who else do I know thats a year younger than me,” I ask softly.

Kicking my mind into overdrive my thoughts are becoming hazy a sleep creeps nearer and nearer by the minute. Long dark hair comes into my mind when I stare into the darkness around the room, green eyes, sharp and piecing stare at me from the depths of my mind as I try to remember the name of the girl. The only other name I been trying to remember for the past four years, didn’t  James say that the car crash happened four years ago? Who moved to this neighbor hood around four years ago? I sigh in frustration as I try to remember the girls name, maybe I’ll ask Christy tomorrow. Deep from the depths of my mind a song begins to play through my mind as I remember the song she use to sing, the song was special to Christy because it would remind her of a simpler time.

“The stars are bright,
They shine the light on those who were lost,
Please shine the light upon me,
Help me to believe in hope,
Sing to me as long for peace.”

I try to focus on the words of the song, sometimes when I am lone I say the words of the song aloud to see how the words sounds, hope and peace churn through me as I say the words aloud. Looking up at the calender hanging on the wall I see that there is a red line next to the date which is marked. Getting to my feet I walk over to the calender to get a closer look at tomorrows date. Looking back to when James was talking about the girl he saved, the look of sadness and hope played through his features as I try to remember the details of the moment. Staring at the words on the calender my mind starts to flip over and over as the moments pass through the stunned silence. The words in red link seem to be the only think I can look at, not being able to tear my eyes away I try to take in the words.

“Emma Father’s death”

As I stare at the words my brain slowly kicks itself into gear as my eyes are almost impossible to tear away from the letters, the color of blood against the pale material. Dread trickles in my mind like ice water, waking me up slightly before making my heart start to race as I realise what this means to James. Emma, it couldn’t mean the Emma that is Christy’s friend does it and if it does then what could this mean for Christy. Not to mention that James sounds like he’s in love with someone he hasn’t even talked to, yet.
“I hope it isn’t the Emma I think it means then Christy might not know about her own friends father,” I say softly to myself.

Fighting the urge to run into James’ room I walk back to the lunge chair before I fall over from the shock of the discovery. Sitting down on the edge of the lunge I stretch out my legs until my muscles are straining with effort, lying back on the lunge chair I stretch the rest of my muscles out until each and everyone of them strain against the pressure. More and more thoughts of Christy begin to flood into my mind as I try to shake them out of my mind long enough to think of a plan for tomorrow to talk to Emma as soon as possible without James knowing. Without another thought I fall sleep with thoughts of Christy singing. 


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