The boy with the olive skin


5. Chapter 4: James

Adam rings me soon after school finishes and explains that his parents were fighting and he needed to stay the night, so naturally I told him that my aunt was out of town and I could have one person over when she was away. So Adam tried to tell his parents that he was going to my place for a few days, as I listen on the phone I can hear them yelling at Adam to get out of the room, guilt overcomes me as I continue to listen in silence.  

“Okay no problem,” I say talking into the phone. “I’ll get something ready to eat when you get here.”

I can hear his parents in the background as Adam packs some of his clothes into a bag. Looking at the calender on the wall I can see a circle around tomorrows date and I realise that it would be the fourth year that mans death and the same day I first saw Emma.

“Hey thanks man I owe you one,” He says before he hangs up.

I return the cordless phone to the receiver and count the seconds as I stare at my calender. The day is under lined in red pen so it’s visible, 'Emma’s fathers death.’ next to the date in the same red link reminding me of the blood that covered Emma’s face when I pulled her from the wreckage. I can still remember how she felt in my arms when I tried to calm her down, she was trembling until I let her go. A knock on my front door brings me back to the here and now, walking into the hallway I turn left to go to the front door. By the time I reach the front door I know it’s Adam at my door knocking and ringing the doorbell. As soon as I open my door Adam is smiling down at me in a friendly way, motioning for him to come inside he hands me a bag stuffed full of clothes, I lead him into the lunge room where I put his bag down next to the chair that has blankets neatly folded on top. He sits at one end of the long lunge chair to look around the room, when he takes in the image, I bring to ease my shoulder to make them relax a little. Turning around to leave a hand is on my shoulder, I turn around to face him, his brown eyes big and grateful, the red rings around his eyes only just stand out against his skin, he’s been crying.
“Thanks again for letting me crash here,” He says smiling wryly.

I pause to away.

“No problem you can stay over anytime, well when I’m home,” I say trying to lighten the mood.

“Hey why is tomorrow’s date marked?” he asks looking at the wall where my calender is hanging.

A war begins to built in my mind, thinking about what might happen if I do tell him, he’ll  just forget in an hour or so, why not? As my mind continues to wage the war against the thought, I deicide to tell him why I marked it then that would be that. Looking at Adams curious face I look back at the calender with tomorrows date marked in the red ink, from here the writing next to the date looks like a red line, not the reason I marked the date.

“It’s an anniversary of someone’s death,” I say not wanting to say anymore.

“What happened? If thats okay to ask,” He asks sadly.

“Yeah its fine, it was a car crash off the side of a highway and it was raining, I was there to help people out of the car,” I say looking at the ground just in front of my feet. “The father was already dead, but the girl and her mother were still alive so I got them out and lay them down next to the road.”

A stunned silence fills the air as I turn my gaze to my hands that are limp at my sides, silence fills the room at high speed, turning around to walk away Adam drops his hand from my shoulder.

“Do you know how old the girl is now?” he asks.

I pause to remember how Emma looks.

“I think she’s a year below us,”

I stop in the doorway to look back at Adam, he is sitting on the edge of the lunge listening to my every word and watching my every movement. When a minute passes there is still a stunned silence so I walk out of the doorway to my room, leaving Adam in the other room to think about what I said, I collapse on to my bed, not feeling hungry anymore. My mind begins to wonder to Emma and the way she reacted to seeing me a second time, for some reason the loo in her eyes bring tears to mine as I replay todays events in order.

1. Saved Emma for the second time.

2. Found out that she goes to the same school.

3. Adam might know who I was talking about.

4. I ran away from the girl I helped out of the car.

I pause on the last sentence that seems to freeze in my mind, feeling the truth of what I have thought, rolling on to my side I look at my alarm clock to check the time. 10:32PM.

“I can do this,” I say before I fall sleep.



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