The boy with the olive skin


4. Chapter 3: Emma

~~My thoughts of the night of the crash is now stuck in my mind as I am walking on the way from roll class to Art, I start wonder if the boy who saved me is living near my neighborhood, about what happened after he started to run for help all those years ago. My day zooms behind me and all I can think about is his eyes and his hand on my shoulder. Once I am home I realise Mother isn’t home yet, so I dig my house keys out of my pocket to unlock the front door, when I open the front door I walk to the kitchen for a glass of water and start to chock on the water. Shaking my head to get rid of the thought. Save it for tomorrow. Walking towards the stair case I look at the photos that hang on the wall as I pass by. Climbing the stairs two at a time, I walk into my bedroom to see that my journal is open on my desk with the pen sitting next to it, staring at my journal I fall backwards on to my bed. Trying to relax, before my thoughts of the boy begin to spin around in my head, I shake my head again, getting off my bed I walk over to my closet and start to get changed out of my school uniform. When I am finally dressed I walk back over to my desk where my journal lies open to the entry about the crash. Sitting down and picking up the pen, I start to wonder about what I should write about, then an idea pops into my head like magic. I quickly write the date and time on a new page and begin to write.

“14th October 2014.
The boy I wrote about in the last entry appeared to save me once again today before I got hit by a speeding idiot.”

I pause waiting for inspiration.

“Then he looked down at me, after a few tense moments he bolted across the road the street that I almost got run over on,”

I stop to sign my name to the bottom of the entry for future reference. Leaning back in my chair I look at what I have written trying to make sense of my own words, my eyes are slowly closing when I finally rest my head down on my desk, my head starting to hurt. After about ten minutes of having my head on my desk I let sleep overwhelm me. A shake of my shoulder brings me out of my struggling nightmares when I realise it’s just my Mother and not something like a skeleton trying to shake me, I gladly wake up and turn to look at her accusingly. My Mother is still dressed in her work clothes, which mean she only just got home from her office, I glance over at my alarm clock to see that it is only 8:30PM at night. I groan in annoyance and lie my head back down on my desk, wishing that I could just sleep and I would be left alone. A beep from my phone catches my attention and I have to sit up and look, I grimace as I look at all the messages that Christy has sent me within the past hour. I go through missed calls that shows my Mothers office number and look up at her to see her watching me carefully.

“Sorry I fell asleep after I finished to write in my journal,” I explain to her. “I didn’t mean for you to worry,”

“It’s all right honey, I didn’t want to stay at work for another minute anyway,” she says smiling slightly in relief.

I return her smile and turn to answer Christy’s hundred text messages.

4:31PM Christy (BFF): Girl you better answer me soon!!!

I scroll down a little.

5:23PM Christy (BFF): You were right about that guy, I had to break it off with him before we got serious. When you get this answer me back!!!

After a moment of horror for Christy I hurry to text her.

8:41PM Me: I’m sorry I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Tell me what happened!!!

Getting to my feet I walk over to the door and walk down the hallway and stairs to find Mother in the kitchen cooking Mac n’ Cheese on the stove top. The smell of the cheesy goodness wraths towards me, luring me into the room and taking my place at the table, when my phone vibrates in my pocket. When I get my phone out I read the message quickly before sending my reply.

8:44PM Christy (BFF): He got weird, and I didn’t like it. So I told him to stop or get lost. He got lost. Anyway why were you so distracted in Art today? You were almost drooling everywhere you were so out of it.

A fight begins to break out in my mind as I think about telling her about what happened this morning with the boy with olive skin. When my mind turns to thoughts of him my skin begins to tingle as I can still feel the touch of his hand on my shoulder. My mind is quickly thinking of what to say, when I type the message to Christy my reply sounds really girly, well girlier than normal.

8:49PM Me: I met someone on the way to school. It was the guy who saved me four years ago, and he saved me again today by stopping me from crossing the road just before a car hit me. :)

I turn my attention to the now cooked Mac N’ Cheesy goodness that is now sitting in front of me in a bowl. As I breathe in the cheesy smell I can tell that my mouth is watering and I look like I haven’t eaten for weeks. I can‘t help it, I love Mac N’ Cheese. Mother and I use to see a song every time she made it in the kitchen, we don’t sing the song anymore but in my mind I say the words silently. Every spoonful of the Mac N’ Cheese was like dying and going to heaven, Mother is watching me from her position in front of the oven and I can tell that she is waiting for me to finish my dinner so we can talk. I’m disappointed when I scraped out the last of it out of my bowl and pop it into my mouth. I watch as Mother grabs the bowl and puts it into the sink to be washed up tomorrow. She turns around to face me once more, she holds out her arms towards me waiting for a hug, I get out of my chair and step into her arms without hesitation. After about two minutes of hugging each other tightly, we pull always and turn towards the lunge room where we sit to talk, or in some cases, watch TV until we fall asleep. We both sit on the double recliner and kick back to relax our tired muscles.

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