The boy with the olive skin


3. Chapter 2: James

~~As I continue to run from the girl-Emma- and towards school I have to try to stop my mind from spinning out of control. After about ten minutes of running, I have to slow to a walk, my body shakes as I remember the car that was smashed against a tree off the side of the road. The echoes of the thunder and heavy rain plays in my ears as I remember the man in the front seat of the car yelling for some one named “Emma”. Replaying the car crash in my head, I walk into the school grounds, I remember the first time I saw Emma. She was thrown against her safety belt, her eyes were closed, her dark hair was damp with blood. From where I was standing I could see her eyes opened slightly. I stumbled down the slope to crash into the side of the car, the girl inside the car started to cry as I opened the door. I get interrupted by Adam, he crashes into me, both of us not looking where we are going. Adam is just taller than me so I look up to see him puzzled. Adams jet black hair is hanging down into his brown eyes, they find mine as I try to move out of his way, he turns to look over his shoulder at a girl in the year below us. Her blonde hair is almost gold in the sunlight as she walks away, a look on his face makes me think of Emma.

“Morning Adam,” I say numbly trying to stop myself from shaking.

Adam looks at me and smiles at me as usual, I try to smile but all I can manage is a twitch on either side of my mouth. He laughs at my attempt to smile and motions to hurry to class. I nod for a moment before I turn towards my roll class, as I do I hear Adam saying good morning to some one who just arrived through the school gate. Turning slightly to see who it is a flash of dark brown hair, sharp green eyes and creamy skin meets my eyes as I am too stunned to realise who I am staring at. After a moment of a light laugh the girl tells him her name for what might seem for the hundredth time. A feeling like I am an outsider, I turn around slowly so I don’t draw their attention, Adam talks to Emma not noticing that I am silently walking to class resisting the urge to turn around and run up to her. My mind races as I hurry to make it for class, my name is just being said by the teacher when I walk into the room.

“You’re late again James,” Mrs Gates says without looking up at me.

I mumble my apologies to the teacher before she goes on with roll class, I zone out as the minutes pass and I can feel my hands and legs start to get pins and needles as I continue to think about this morning. Her hair is a lot longer than before, her eyes were scared as I gazed into them this morning. Horror spreads through my mind before I can control myself. But I can’t help but think, I almost watched her die. As roll class finishes my mind reaches hidden thoughts of Emma, I try to focus on my school work but maths seems to boring at the moment. Looking up at the clock that hangs on the wall, I count the hours until I can go home for the day.


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