The boy with the olive skin


1. Prologue: Emma

~~Mother, and Father are fighting about where we should stop as the rain is pouring down from the heaven above to crash down against our moving car. I can still hear the heavy drops hitting the roof of the car today, and the words of their fight are lost in the sounds of heavy rain. I am staring at the window trying to zone out of the argument that is starting to get heated. The rain is so heavy that I can't see more than three meters away from our car as we travel. I can just hear my heart beat over the rain as I can feel the fear rise through my stomach. My throat is starting to tighten as the tears start to fight their way to my eyes. My Mother looks back over her shoulder to look at me, her black hair is tied back off her face so I can see her round blue eyes in the darkness as they seem to glow, I can see the love in her eyes when she looks at me. I can tell that she is sorry for me having to hear the fight between her, and Father. Looking back at her, I try to smile but the tears are now over flowing down my face leaving stains on my cheeks. My Mothers smile falters as she turns around to face the front, Father is driving but he is having trouble seeing through the heavy rain. I see his eyes look at me in the rear-view mirror to check on me.

“Emma...What’s wrong?” He asks, his eyes back on the faintly visible road.

I say nothing when I look at the windshield, the heavy rain is spearing at the glass and explodes as I watch for a moment. It’s has been raining like this all day and it hasn’t let up yet. The only reason we left the house, was to go shopping and now the rain has gotten heavier, Mother and Father have been arguing about where to stop to wait out the storm. They are both silently waiting my reply, when they don’t get one Mother turns around in her seat to look at me once more. Her eyes are full with concern and worry. My eyes can’t help but looking out my window for a moment, so I can avoid my Mothers concerned gaze.

“I just,” I start sobbing heavily. “I just don’t like the two of you fighting,” 

Looking at my Mother, I can see her eyes begin to water as she gazes lovingly at me for a moment before turning back to Father. He glances at me through the rear-view mirror to look at me, I look at the review mirror to see his green eyes are bright and worried but they hold the same loving look as my Mother. In that moment a street light turns on not far away from our car, we continue in silence for a while, waiting for the light to go over the car when the street light goes out. My Father says something about being lost to my Mother, waiting for the argument to start up again I wait in the back seat, still crying and sobbing almost as heavy as the rain pouring from the sky. A booming sound makes me scream, the sound rattles my body as I try to stop the scream from passing my numb lips. My scream makes my father stare at me in the rear-view mirror, his eyes full of concern and horror. My Mother tries to speaks to me but I can only hear the echoes of the thunder, the longer the storm rages on the more the thunder booms over head. Flashes of lightening lights the cloud in the sky, I can only close my eyes and put my hands over my ears to stop the noise from reaching me. My mother tries to turn on the radio, the music blasting but I can still hear the roaring thunder. I scream once again as the thunder is getting louder, my Mother jumps in her seat as my Father yells something as he tries to stop the car from swerving in the middle of the road. He can’t stop the car from swerving and I can hear my Mothers screams from him to go left that when our car hits a tree at high speed, the sound is louder than any thunder I have ever heard. I scream as I am pushed against my safety belt, the wind rushes out of my lungs as I try to gasp for breath. The car launches and I’m thrown harder against the safety belt and my head hits the car door as I bounce back from the force.

“Emma! Marione!” I hear my Father yell before the black dots around my vision slowly begin to eat away my sight.

Dreams of my Mothers scream, the yell of my Father plays again and again in my mind as I can feel my arms go numb. The side of my head feels warm and a liquid is running down the side of my face. My breathing is painful, when I try to open my eyes. Something about the angle my head is at makes me stir from my nightmares. The rain outside our car is still pouring heavily to the ground, lightening flashes for a moment for me to see that there is a silhouette of a person stumbling towards my side of the car. My eyes try to adjust to the gloom of the outside as I hear a crash as a body collides with the metal of the car. My aches, my arms and legs have bad pins and needles, I can barely move my head without it hurting. My bottom lip quivers as the door opens to the heavy pouring rain, the cold and heavy drops hit me waking me up. I still can't see through my blurry eyes which is probably because I am  crying again, my safety belt is removed as some one hauls my limp hurting body out of my wrecked car. A gaunt from behind me makes me open my eyes a little more when the person carries me away from my car. I can see the what happened to the car when we crashed into the tree, the person who is carrying me puts me down gently. When they lean over me, I can see that it is a boy with olive skin, wet dark hair, with bright green eyes, also very board shoulders and he’s lean, his grey shirt is stuck to his body as the rain continues to hit us, he looks just a year older than me. The rain is spilling down his face as he stares back me while I study him and I realise that my Mother and Father are still in the car. I turn my face to look at the car, I try to get to my feet but the boy puts his hands on either of my shoulders to push me down. I lie still fighting the urge to cry from the pain. The boy is staring down at me, as the tears slowly and steadily flow from the corners of my eyes the rain mixes with my salty tears.

"Mother, Father," I say weakly. "No."

The boy looks from me to the car that crashed against the tree, after a moment of thought he gets to his feet and runs quickly towards the car before stumbling down the slope. I watch through a haze of pain to see him trying to drag my Mother out of the car to where I am lying on the side of the road. I am trying to stay focus through the pain that is still clouding my thoughts. At the side of my vision I can see the black dots getting bigger and bigger as I try to move my arms and legs. The boy looks up at me from my Mother, his eyes are glowing in the gloom, I freeze where I am. The look he is giving me makes me sink back down on to the grass and not move as he drags my Mother’s body closer to me. My eyes stay on him as he goes back to the car for my Father, as I watch I can see that the boy is having trouble getting him out of the car. The tears are still streaming down the sides of my temples when thunder booms over head, I can hear my scream piecing the night as the thunder makes my mind panic. The boy runs over to me, leaving my Fathers body near the car, the boy looks down at me and frowns slightly he pick me up sightly and holds me in an embrace until I stop screaming. My stomach turns over inside me as I gaze over at my Fathers limp body, from here I can see the cuts on his face and his arms are bent at odd and terrible angles. My tears flow down my face once more before I realise that I’m wailing for my Father.

“No!” I wail into the boys shoulder.

The boy holds me closer as I continue to beg my Father to wake up and move, to tell me that everything would be alright. I know somehow that just wouldn’t be possible, that my Father is lost from me forever, that I will never be able to see him again. The arms of the boys slowly loosens, he pulls back for a second to look at me to my surprise I see that there are tears in his eyes as he stares into mine. I can feel my face crumple as I face the cruel reality of my Fathers fate. The boys blinks and I watch his tears make their way down his olive coloured cheeks to his chin. He lies me back down, as he does I can hear my Mother stirring not to far from my left but the boy has my complete attention. He leans over me to whisper something in my ear but the rain masks his voice, then he gets to his feet and starts to run up the road. His voice stays echoing in my ears as I watch him disappear in the rain.

“Emma you are safe now,”

I smile slightly before I let the pain and my tiredness over come me to make me sleep at last in the ever-lasting rain. Somehow I never was able to forget that boy, the boy that saved me and my Mother. Though I know that he would forget me, I hope I can find one day so I can thank him. But I never knew that I would see him again. 

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